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maxitobonito commented on a post in r/books
maxitobonito 3 points

I finished reading it about a month ago and loved it. The way the book describes the ordeal all the characters go through is fantastic, and terrifying, it really draws you into each of the characters to the point that being killed by the the Terror feels almost like a blessing.

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maxitobonito 5 points

Tengo bastante experiencia en el tema. Mi consejo: elegí un lugar que te guste y sentante en la barra (como sugirieron ya un par), pedite algo y esperá a ver qué pasa. Si no pasa nada, volvé otro día y repetí. Mientras tanto, andá calando a la gente que va y qué onda tiene. Hablar con el barman, si el boliche está con mucha gente, mejor no, el tipo, o la mina, va a estar hasta las tetas de laburo y les vas a romper las bolas. Por eso, quizás, si podés, lo mejor es ir cuando no hay demasiada gente, en especial porque el personal está más tranquilo con más ganas y tiempo de charlar con alguien, y te empieza a conocer la cara, lo cual ayuda mucho.

GuyGoma 13 points

100% de acuerdo, peeeeeero, hace falta cierto tacto para saber cuando arrimar el bochin

maxitobonito 7 points

Tengo bastante experiencia en eso. Depende mucho del lugar y de la gente que va, claro, pero en reglas generales, hay que saber escuchar la conversación y meter bocado en el momento justo.

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maxitobonito 8 points

I'm an atheist but I think the figure of Czechia is heavily distorted. My wife, for instance, doesn't subscribe to any religion, but she believes in some sort of higher power, and in reincarnation, but in the census she checked 'atheist' because it was the option that most closely defined her beliefs. And I know a few other people like her, too.

s3rila 3 points

would you say the 2010 eurobarometer census is a better representation ?

maxitobonito 2 points

That looks more accurate in my experience

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maxitobonito commented on a post in r/TrueReddit
maxitobonito 2 points

I believe you can say the same about the average population of most countries. People are simply too dumb to think rationally and critically and they will spread whatever bullshit it is that confirms their views regardless of how ridiculous it is, let alone the sources. Just look at your average political campaign.

maxitobonito commented on a post in r/skeptic
antillus 0 points

I meant keep an eye on them and arrest them for every little infraction no matter how small. If they can do it to black people I'm sure they can do it with these nutjobs. These people are harassing greaving families, I have no moral qualms if they were to have constantly slashed tires, broken windows and people just making their every waking moment a nightmare.

maxitobonito 13 points

How could that possibly work? Harassment by the police would only make them believe legitimised, and may even turn them into martirs in the eyes of some "the Deep State wants to shut us up! The don't want us to tell the truth!" That's how it would work.

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Sludgehammer 47 points

Tests revealed the cream contained 32 percent sulfur and 27 percent mercury. The powder contained 36 percent mercury, 20 percent copper and 3.8 percent sulfur.

Holy crap.

maxitobonito 22 points

But it's all natural and organic, and gluten-free. It can't be bad

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maxitobonito 2 points

El tío de mi vieja era mecánico en el Graf Spee y después de la batalla del Rio de la Plata se quedó en Argentina. Tenía un álbum con fotos espectaculares de barco navegando en mar gruesa, un par de situaciones de combate, la batalla final y el funeral del capitán, si mal no me acuerdo, en el cementerio alemán de Chacarita.

maxitobonito commented on a post in r/conspiratard
instabiili -12 points

Why is it a good thing? I support free speech and YouTube is a public platform, nobody should be banned from there for having an opinion. What if your opinion is next? I'm not Alex fanboy, I'd rather see him hung from the balls.

maxitobonito 10 points

YouTube's contents policy has no effect on Jones's right to continue spreading his bullshit through other channels or platforms. Will a YouTube ban affect his income? Yes, for sure. But that is beyond the scope of the 1st amendment or any similar law.

_Dilligent 2 points

Why does the content need to be released through youtube? I mean Im know they have advertisers in place, but alex seems plenty famous enough to line up advertisers himself and release/stream his own content?

maxitobonito 5 points

YouTube is has a much broader reach than than Jones's website. If you follow similar channels or watch enough of similar videos, it is likely that Jones will pop-up among the recommended videos, drawing further traffic, basically for free.

maxitobonito commented on a post in r/czech
maxitobonito 26 points

I'm not so sure about those Karlovarské knedlíky. I love them, mind you, but their sauce absorption performance is way too low of that sauce. You need proper houskové knedlíky, and at least five of them to make it a good svíčkova in my books. The sauce looks neat, though.

maxitobonito commented on a post in r/beer
fcn_fan -1 points

This reads a little too much like “if a brewery sells itself to a large brewery, don’t drink the beer anymore”

What if I like the beer?

The US craft beer industry cannot stand on its own without consolidation. If you’re not getting bought by InBev you have to buy each other to achieve the economies of scale that make this feasible.

I try to compare this to the breweries in upper Franconia in Germany (largest brewery density in the world) and those breweries are family owned for generations and distribute almost only locally. They own the land they sit on, own the land they grow hops on and have the water rights . They sustain because they have a tiny amount of expenses but also a tiny amount of income that allows them to live.

That’s just not feasible for upstarts in the US.

maxitobonito 9 points

There are a couple of things to bear in mind with your comparison with Franconia. Those breweries you mention by the most will have no more than three or four of beers available at any given time, at least on tap, and they are all classic styles. There's hardly any innovation, and their market seems to be fine with it. Their consumers mostly drink them on tap, by the half litre and will stay with the same beer the entire session.

That is a very different beer culture to the American Craft Beer scene, which is always after the latest fad. Or is it? I live in Central Europe, but I bet that in the US there are lots of microbreweries that, specifics notwithstanding, follow a pretty similar model as their Franconian counterparts, but they never get mentioned in blogs, magazines, social media, etc. because Brown or Cream Ales, or whatever it is that those breweries make, aren't cool or trendy. Provided they are well managed, those breweries aren't in jeopardy, it's those that have placed all their bets in making it big who are.

maxitobonito commented on a post in r/argentina
maxitobonito 5 points

La publicidad del Renault 18. Esa sí que es una masa.

Alakdae 5 points

Por qué intentaban vender un auto claramente urbano mostrándotelo como si lo fueras a usar para un Dakar?

maxitobonito 5 points

Qué se yo. Era la década de 1980, a lo mejor haía mucha merca en el ambiente publicitario. Pero el aviso igual es lindo.

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maxitobonito 1 point

I loved "The Picture of Dorian Gray", "Frankenstein", "Dracula", and "The Turn of the Screw". I found some parts of "Moby Dick" mindbendingly boring, mostly those that describe whales, while others were fascinating. And "Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za světové války" (The Good Soldier Švejk) remains one of my favourite books.

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