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A lo mejor estoy diciendo boludeces, pero me parece que en un sistema federal, las provincias deberían ser los entes de recaudación del grueso de los impuestos, dejando el IVA o quizás algunos impuestos internos, como un impuestos federales recaudados por el Estado para financiar lo que no depende de las provincias. Claro, eso expondría mucho más a los gobiernos provinciales, a nadie se anima a eso.

Siempre creí que la base del sistema federal argentino incluye que las provincias son más que una "unión europea argentina" o "estados unidos de américa argentina" que constituyen al país, entonces las economías de las provincias que andan mejor ayudan a sostener a las que no les va tan bien, y que eso llevó a la creación de la "coparticipación".

El abuso de ese sistema lleva a, como decís, se cubran los desmanejos de los gobiernos provinciales, y yo tampoco quiero eso. Y el sistema, tal y como está graficado, evidentemente es excesivamente complejo (por ser un grupo de códigos que se fueron apilando hasta ser ineficientes, o a propósito para ocultar desvíos; en otras palabras es un bug o es un feature)

Pero llevarlo al otro extremo y eliminar la redistribución federal de casi todo impuesto nos llevaría más en dirección de no ser un país, sino un grupo de estados entre los que hay libre tránsito y comercio.

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Sí, tenés razón. La idea del sistema en sí no es mala, lo que está mal es, bueno, ya lo podemos ver en el gráfico.

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All of their keyboard taps and mouse clicks will have a 2% chance of failing

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Back in the 1990s, in the Windows 3.11 era, with a colleague we switched the keyboard settings of a superior's computer to German. It drove him absolutely bonkers! I can attest, yours is a pretty evil curse.

You shall never be able to trust a fart again.

¡That's not the route of Devítka! It doesn't go past U Malého Glena and it doesn't approach the National Theatre from that side.

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I’ve used the IDOS app for so long that I’m losing my muscle memory for tram routes... but I still got a grind when I saw JJ Murphys. Ain’t no 9 route!

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It's a mix of the routes of at least three lines 9, 17 (or 18) and 22 (12 or 20).

I can’t believe no one has said this yet. I hate how I’m almost every single video, the guy pulls out and jerks off until he cums. Why the fuck don’t the girls finish him off? I’ve had a decent amount of sex in my life and only probably 1 time have I jerked myself off onto someone.

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This. Especially when you see the girl looking like an idiot with her mouth open waiting for the tool to finally shoot..

Because there is a lot of science that can be so fickle. A study will come out saying butter is fine to eat in moderation. A few years later they discover that it's actually horrible for your health. The cycle repeats a few times. People don't know what to believe. If they can't give us a definitive answer on simple things, why would anyone believe them on the huge issues?

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Original Poster10 points · 8 days ago

I think that might be more due to poor reporting than the science.

Hostomice, Únětice, Benedikt (the brand of the microberwery in the Břevnov monastery, they have their own taproom in the monastery grounds), Albrecht, Raven, Clock, Gambrinus 12°, especially the unfiltered version (ignore the haters, in good hands, Gambáč can be better than the stuff from many a Craft Pivovar). Just wander about town and walk into any pub that serves a beer you've never heard of, better if they don't have too many taps.

I'll drink to that!

Seriously, though. Was this the case of a good intention that got hijacked by corporate interests or Art. 11 and 13 were the plan all along?

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Como cuales? Yo solo me acuerdo que las empresas que pertenecian al estado estaban manejadas para el orto. Ej: Entel, que tardaban meses o años en instalarte el telefono; YPF, la unica petrolera en el mundo que en esa epoca daba perdidas principalmente porque todos los organismos del estado sacaban el combustible "gratis" de YPF sin poner un mango.

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Alfonsín quiso privatizar Entel (me acuerdo que en algún momento haste hubieron avisos en la tele de Telefónica de España) y había planes de privatizar otras empresas estatales. Esto en el último par de años de su mandato, cuando tenía minoría en el congreso y los peronchos no le dejaron hacer nada. Claro, después fueron ellos los que privatizaron todo.

There doesn't have to be a single payer system. Where I live, Czechia, there are about half a dozen health insurance companies. They operate basically like non-for-profit orgs. and the state is represented in their supervisory boards and boards of directors. The money they get from their clients (after covering the companies' costs) must be use to provide health care. All of them must provide a basic standard of health care set by law and then they can offer whatever they want on top of that.The prices of procedures, prescription drugs, etc. are set by an independent commission in a way that will allow private providers to make a reasonable profit, while keeping costs to a reasonable level.

Everybody pays a flat rate from their income (I can't remember now what's the %). If you're employed, you employee deducts it, if you're self-employed, you pay it every month as you would any other bill. And the government covers the fees for children, students and retired people.

The system is not perfect, for sure (the main issues are lack of manpower and corruption), but a visit to the ER, a pregnancy or even a treatment for a serious disease will not by itself bankrupt you.

The problems that trouble detractors are the unintended consequences such as might result from creating new species that have not evolved in nature. These might be things such as superweeds or organisms that have no natural enemies.

This part makes very little sense. Basically, everything that we grow for food, etc. is a species that has not evolved in nature, but the result of some form of genetic engineering or another, from selective breeding to GMOs,

The method has been in use for a couple of decades already and so far none of the apocalyptic scenarios the detractors have been warning about have happened,

GMOs are another tool in agriculture. Like with every other tool, unintended consequences can be prevented with responsible use, which sometimes doesn't happen, but the technology can't be blamed for that.

Lots of Americans claim to not know what it means. Flying the slave owning traitors flag and call it ", patriotic"

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That's something you can say about Bob, from Montgomery Al. But about Miloš, from Řevničov, CZ? I'm not so sure.

That was my point actually. A lot of people here don't know what it is (or claim not to.) Here we know better. The damned war was about slavery and they are flying a traitor's flag.

Not only is it a traitor flag, but it's not even the right traitor's flag. The actual Confederate flag looks rather different. Lots of white space.

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But if the school in the video isn't in the US, or even in an English speaking country, your being upset about the confederate flag in it is kind of pointless, don't you think?

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DVDs. Not all physical media, just DVDs. Figured that with Blu-ray becoming easily affordable within the last few years, and the increase in quality of TVs, that nobody would be buying them.

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It is not surprising, really.

DVDs were a massive hit because, once they became affordable, many people were willing to replace their collection of video cassette with a new medium that was significantly better; same as it happened with cassettes and CDs.

When Blue-ray came out, DVDs were still a fairly new thing for a lot of people, who were never willing to replace their collection because the disks and the players were really expensive. By the time the players and disks became somewhat affordable, a lot of people had ditched physical media altogether. Yeah, BR may have a better image quality and what-not, but the truth is: most people don't care, they want to see films or TV series because of the stories and not admire every detail in the cinematography.

3 points · 15 days ago · edited 15 days ago

Not only that, I don't think you can physically wear out a disc (besides scratches), like you could with VHS. Watch a tape too much? Looks like shit now, get used to it. Blu Rays are supposed to be more scratch resistant, but that's about it. And people who take care of their collection won't notice, anyway.

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Yeah. DVD was a massive improvement over video tape in many aspects (the size is another one that comes to mind, or the fact that a DVD player won't chew up the disk). Blue-ray, in comparison, didn't.

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Světlé Výčepní and Světlý Ležák.

I live in Czechia and I'm really glad domestic breweries are now making all sorts of styles (plust the imports we're getting), and I enjoy most of them, but those two staples are the ones I drink the most, by far, never getting tired or bored, and I would happily spend a whole evening drinking the same Desítka, Jedenáctka or Dvanáckta by the half-litre without feeling I'm missing anything, because, well, I won't be paying too much attention to the beer if I'm in good company.

As I've said in another thread about Peterson, he does the same thing I've seen quite a few ignorance mongers do: they share some bullshit (often ridiculous) on their websites or social media saying "I think this is interesting" or something to that effect. If someone calls them out they will claim that they don't quite agree with said bullshit, but that we should consider other points of view. They know what they're doing, of course, testing the waters, see the reaction of their followers to know how much bullshit they can get away with. It's really insidious.


Acá tienen la posta:

PD: Downvoteado por esparcir fake news.

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La foto original ya es bastante copada, al pedo truc(h)arla, la verdad.

Original Poster2 points · 19 days ago

They said they needed name, age, and where I worked so they could check my background, and that seemed kinda sketchy.

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Well, I guess the Illuminati do need to do some background checks.

5 points · 20 days ago · edited 19 days ago

The problem with him is nailing him down on stuff can immediately get you into the weeds. He says he retweets and quotes stuff/links to articles he doesn't always agree with. So the first two aren't apparently him denying climate (he may be) rather than just irresponsibly presenting bullshit without comment.

On the third one, I don't know what he thinks about the basic facts of climate change (like that the greenhouse effect and AGW are real) to quite know how bad what he's saying is.

That's my biggest problem with him is that in a lot of places he doesn't venture out of his field and talk about others in ways that are meaningful to anyone. I watched his discussion with Matt Dilahunty where Matt tried to settle JP's position on God. He said a lot of things but managed to never actually answer the question. I suspect on climate change he doesn't care to have an especially knowledgeable position.

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That's something I've seen a few ignorance mongers do: they share some bullshit (often ridiculous) on their websites or social media saying "I think this is interesting" or something to that effect. If someone calls them out they will claim that they don't quite agree with said bullshit, but that we should consider other points of view. They know what they're doing, of course, testing the waters, see the reaction of their followers to know how much bullshit they can get away with. It's really insidious.

1 point · 19 days ago · edited 19 days ago

I don't think I can say he's a climate change denier (so far), but he is at least an enabler.

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That's the thing with the ignorance mongers I mention. They don't necessarily believe the bullshit they share, but some of their followers might (whether already or afterwards) and they are looking for their reaction.

15 points · 20 days ago · edited 20 days ago

me gusta! sumaria,

  • ENTRE LES MURS (francesa, sobre como los estudiantes se rebelan ante profesores)
  • MA VIE EN ROSE (francesa, como un niño quiere ser niña. en un momento se pone densa, pero es interesante ver la posicion de los padres)
  • KOLJA (checa, sobre como un tipo adopta un nene ruso. es un poco complicado sacarle algunas fichas. ejemplo: el ejercito rojo estaba en praga y el nene ve una bandera dice KRASNE (rojo en ruso, hermoso en checo) y el tipo le dice 'que tiene esto de hermoso?'
  • LIDICE (checa, sobre el intento fallido de asesinato de Heidrich en la WW2)
  • QUIEN MATO A LA LLAMITA BLANCA (boliviana, la vi hace mucho y no me acuerdo, la pongo para rellenar. me acuerdo que usaban mucho un recurso- para pasar el rato)
  • TEMPORADA DE PATOS (mexicana)
  • PISO COMPARTIDO (franco-española)
  • UN CRIMEN FERPECTO (española)
  • PELISKY (checa)
  • MACHUCA (chilena, sobre la dictadura)
  • BAD BOY BUBBY (australiana)

por ahora esas; espero les gusten!

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Nota sobre Lidice. No es sobre el intento fallido de asesinato de Heidrich (que tuvo éxito, en realidad, Heidrich murió más tarde por las heridas que sufrió), sino de las consecuencias que el atentado tuvo sobre la localidad de Lidice, que los Nazis quemaron en venganza. Vivo no muy lejos de la localidad, el monumento a las víctimas es bastante heavy.

3.0k points · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

The subtitles are bullshit. The North Korean news, surprisingly doesn’t mention the leader as much as the subtitle does.

Edit: Lmao why am I getting downvoted. I am actually a NATIVE KOREAN.

Edit 2: This is the transcript of the first part.

세상 사람들은 세계의 평화와 인류의 미래에 있어서 거대한 역사적 의의를 가지는 뜻 깊은 이 날을 맞이할 수 있었습니다. People all around the world could see this day which has enormous historical significance to world peace and the future of mankind.

I think that'll be enough to prove my authenticity

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That somehow makes Fox News look even worse.

My farts. Everybody will disagree, but they're wrong.

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