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maxitobonito 14 points

Most people I know simply round up the bill, often to the nearest 10, depending on how happy you are and where you are. With an increasing number of places now taking credit/debit cards, it has become a bit more complicated, and it varies from place to place. At some, the terminals will prompt you to tell the server how much you want to tip (a fixed amount or 5% or 10%), at others, you can tell the staff to round up the bill as you'd do paying cash, but both are becoming increasingly rare as owners want to avoid taxes on that income, in such cases, you give/leave some change to the staff equaling 5-10%, if you feel like it.

Koolnu 2 points

No. No reward nor punishment. Usually the material life was somewhat the one and only. Try to live as well as possible. Because the punishment awaited you already in this life, or affected your tribe/ offsprings. This is very strong in Korean shamanism for instance.

maxitobonito 1 point

Makes sense. In a small community, where most people are somehow related, the worst thing that could happen to you if you broke the rules was to get kicked out, right?

nikoelnutto 9 points

I'm diving in. Pro-brewer, owner, manager here in Michigan.

I really want my business to buzz with the type of atmosphere described in the article. I crave it. But I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME not think about our alcohol laws here in the states. How can my guests have more than 2.5 beers and still get home. Doesn't matter if they live 4 blocks, 4 miles, or 40 miles away- they HAVE to get home and the police will DESTROY their lives if they caught "drunk" driving.

So, instead of settling into a night of drinking (and not thinking about the beer, perhaps), my customers fill there time with slowly enjoying a few varieties. Varieties which they are forced to care deeply about because, hey, if you're out for a long, social dinner, you gotta make 16oz last 45 minutes.

Maybe its not the driving laws. If not, how do the guests described in the article get home? Are they all walking from nearby dense residential? Are they ALL hailing taxis, uber, lyft? It wouldn't matter in my town where they WILL arrest you for walking home drunk. They WILL arrest you for smoking outside the pub drunk.

What can I do? Someone give me some insight, please!

maxitobonito 11 points

The piece comes from the author's experience at a pub in Prague. I live in Prague and I know exactly what he's talking about and I do love that what I call "beer minimalism" is still a thing here; I also love that there is an ever growing number of bars with a much wider choice. But there are times when all I want is to go a pub where order a beer with only one word (if not with a hand sign), knowing full well what I'm going to get (the half litre mugs the article speaks about) and then stick to that same beer for as long as I'm sitting there, without even having to order the next mug, sometimes - it materialises in front of you, sometimes even before you've finished the one you're drinking. Needless to say, we're speaking about session beers here - Pilsner Urquell is 4.4% ABV. I can knock down six or eight half litre mugs and get back home without any hassle; which brings me to your question. The answer is pretty simple: public transport. Czechia has a zero-tolerance law regarding drinking and driving, but, in a town like Prague, that's hardly a problem. After you're done drinking, you can hop on a tram, the metro or a bus or, if you prefer, a taxi or an Uber or similar services. There are even a couple of taxi services that will drive you home in your own car! You'll pay extra, of course (there's another driver in an another car), but it'll be cheaper than getting a new asshole ripped by the cops if they get you.

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doggola 17 points

If you ask me Europeans should band together and reestablish the Roman Empire. Whores and Whine for everyone! It would be much more fun for everyone involved.

maxitobonito 9 points

Whores and Whine for everyone!

I'm all for the whores, the whining, though, I'd rather leave that to the alt-right.

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hemenex 5 points

43 % for Zeman? Now I am really worried for the second round.

maxitobonito 11 points

I dunno. With the exception of Hannig, whom I see a Zeman2 (but it doesn't matter because he's got fuck-all votes) , all the rest are pretty much anti-Zeman.

The question is whether the so far 58% of the people who've voted those candidates have an anyone-but-Zeman mentality and will bother to cast their vote in the second round.

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joaqqquin 2 points

Siempre me resultó interesante pensar cómo influye el Internet en los gustos de cada uno, y en qué magnitud.

maxitobonito 4 points

Puede que esté diciendo boludeces, pero, en términos generales, no lo veo diferente a cualquier otro medio. La mayor diferencia para mí es la facilidad y comodidad que internet te da para encontrar cosas. Tengo 46 y cuando quería sacudir el mono cuando era pendejo tenía que recurrir a revistas, la tele o la imaginación. Hoy, desde la comodidad de mi home office, descargo un torrent de Met-Art, FemJoy y listo el pollo.

marian5567 1 point

Met Art!! Nooo que recuerdos.... Pensé que no existían más

maxitobonito 2 points

Sigue existiendo y la empresa ahora tiene: Erotic Beauty, Rylsky Art, Eternal Desire, Stunning 18, Domai, The Life Erotic, Sex Art, VivThomas y varios más que no me acuerdo. Todos con muy buena calidad de producción. Los primeros cinco son como Met-Art, softcore. TLE se inclina más al fetiche, en Sex Art hay ya más porno, VivThomas es lesbian y soft core y en los demás hay un poco de todo.

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maxitobonito 6 points

Wouldn't the same apply to pretty much everyone with compulsive behaviour?

maxitobonito commented on a post in r/Prague
maxitobonito 6 points

They refused to do it because they were afraid of terrorist attacks? That must be one of the most half-assed excused I've seen.

Terrorist: I will blow up the 10:17 22 going to Bilá Hora and it's already 10:18. Where is it? If only I knew, I'd wait for it. Bugger! It's cold, I'm going home.

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Eslapole 1 point

It seems that all people who voted for remaining as Czechoslovakia moved to the czech republic

maxitobonito 4 points

Nobody voted to remain or leave anywhere. The decision was made by politicians.

Eslapole 3 points

are you serious? I have always thought that you made a referendum lol

maxitobonito 6 points
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