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The earth is rotating.

The earth is also revolving.

The sun itself is revolving around the galaxy.

The galaxy is pushing through the universe.

Stick out your finger. Now imagine time is paused, and imagine a red dot was created at the tip of your finger, marking that "precise" point in all of the universe.

Unpause time.

Pause it again one second later.

That point in space is thouands of miles away now, and you'll never pass through it again.

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Since I am young and get paid by the hour, I use that to calculate whether or not I should buy something.

Say, some new gadget I want is $20.00. I get paid about $7.25 an hour, so that new gadget would cost me roughly 3 hours to earn. Am I really willing to work that much for this thing I'll use for maybe 20 minutes? The answer is usually no. This has saved me money more times than I can count.

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Before arriving for my first year in law school everyone was assigned to read "Picking Cotton", a memoir about a man named Ronald Cotton who was falsely accused of rape.

So I show up to school and meet my roommate, an older man who happens to be black. Wanting to break the ice I ask "how'd you like Picking Cotton"? He just stared at me sternly for a few seconds and continues unpacking.

Apparently not everyone was assigned to read it after all.

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the Tulip mania in the Netherlands

Tulip bulbs were traded for extraordinary high prices. A rare tulip bulb would cost around 2500 florins when the yearly income of a skilled labourer was 250 florins a year.

Eventually the bubble burst and many people lost their money.

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