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merkabaInMotion commented on a post in r/politics
Flashman_H 1,564 points

Hey man, did you see how I roasted those third world countries? Pretty sick comment huh

merkabaInMotion 28 points

I was thinking, should I say it? And then I just said it and believe me, my people loved it. They were all thinking it and I just was the one to- you know I was down at Maralago and a good friend of mine, really terrific guy- very smart, he says to me, he says we need to stop letting these brown people into our beautiful nation, and you know, I agree with him. We've got to whitewash this land once and for all

DeportSebastianGorka 1,428 points

He was right about it playing well with the base, which is why he didn’t deny it at first.

Where he miscalculated was how strong the backlash would be from everyone else, which is why, after seeing the reaction going into day 2, he changed course.

He must really think his base is full of fucking morons stupid enough to believe him and unable to see through his strategy, and in a way, he’s not wrong. I’m just surprised they’re not insulted by it. Like, he’s clearly playing you for fools and you’re too busy guzzling his nuts to care. What does that make you?

merkabaInMotion 15 points

Nut guzzlers

Blue_Wombat_57 3 points

Unless you operate a moderately complex company/sole proprietorship, TurboTax or HRBlock Online are the way to go.

They ask you the relevant questions and you answer and fill in the numbers from the forms you received.

How did you make money in 2017? W2? 1099? Self-employed?

merkabaInMotion 1 point

I'll be getting my W2 next week

merkabaInMotion commented on a post in r/EarthPorn
merkabaInMotion 1 point

Was this taken from Mt. Sefton?

HeatherKathryn 23 points

Been travelling New Zealand the past two months and am now currently in Mount Cook area. Most beautiful place I've been so far

merkabaInMotion 8 points

Yesss! Mueller Hut is a must!

merkabaInMotion commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
3rd-and-Witten 9 points

Yeah, I don't want Tiki Torches to take on Nazi affiliation. I still need to rid my party area of the most deadly animal on the planet. So can we stop linking the two? Please?

merkabaInMotion 2 points

Fair enough. I agree, it would be a shame for tiki torches to go out like that.

peckerino 197 points

Also liberal, admittedly I came in with my pitchfork out... but you’re absolutely right. Thanks.

puts pitchfork away

merkabaInMotion 66 points

At least it wasn't a tiki torch

merkabaInMotion commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
fuckyoubarry 2 points

granny shifting, not double clutching like you should

merkabaInMotion 2 points

"It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning."

high_side 36 points

Nice try, Equifax.

merkabaInMotion 2 points

Spot on

merkabaInMotion commented on a post in r/technology
Hardomzel 3 points

A wall across the border is still harmful though bc it severely damages the ecosystem by blocking migration patterns

merkabaInMotion 2 points

It's refreshing to hear someone taking into consideration the ecological consequences of these things and respecting the web of life that we are all embedded in.

merkabaInMotion commented on a post in r/Durango
airplaneairplane 3 points

Oxboe to 29th st./muscle beach. Did it yesterday and was perfect.

merkabaInMotion 1 point

Where exactly is oxbow?

merkabaInMotion 1 point

If you put in just above 32nd, you can float to Schneider park or even Santa Rita, but there is a couple mellow rapids. 32nd to Schneider Park is about a 45 min float.. You can probably put in a few miles north of town too but idk where you would park..

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