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xchr0n0x 0 points

Good question, why are most exchanges 3000 for BCH and Gdax/Coinbase is 3100.

They are usually not that far apart.

midiguy25 2 points

Are the prices that Coinbase and GDAX showing the buy or sell prices?

I can't see what they are willing to buy back at and they don't give you any fees for taking the coins out of their network.

It also says that they may add miners fees.

chasingpackets 2 points

+1 just be aware the the $ value you see is not USD, its USDT.

midiguy25 5 points

What is USDT?

[deleted] 1 point


midiguy25 1 point

What Exchange can I do that on?


[deleted] 1 point


midiguy25 1 point


Ok I see, I will have to purchase BTC from somewhere and then go to an exchange and convert my BTC into BCH.

I am based in the UK so I will need to find somewhere.

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