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I strongly believe in the team, and pretty sure they will deliver on time :) I guess the set up guide will follow together with the masternode announcement.


Hi guys,

a friend of mine has launched an online shop for sprayed crypto art, here is an example of one of his works:

There is a promo code "OPENING-BLOCK42" to get 15% off.

br mike

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hey guys,

is there any possibility to buy some tangrams?

br mike

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Not anymore, the remaining Tangram (65%) will be distributed via faucet slated to start the end of this month :D

Update: mainnet now in December

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Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago


You can't currently buy Tangram. You will have the opportunity to get Tangram as soon as the faucet goes live. Don't hesitate to read the FAQ if you have further questions I think it's pretty complete! I hope that helps :)

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Whats the name of the restaurant?

I will visit it when I am in Piran the next week :)

I found it and it is called 'pirat' :) Nice Restaurant someone should try when visiting Piran :)

Awesome! now it is important that the swap process goes smooth :)


C-Rep (Community Representative) is a representative unit of Community and a unit that comprises ICON Republic governance at the same time. It has the right to vote on transaction verifications and its governance in ICON Republic.


Only the node representatives that have highly contributed to ICON Network above a certain level are qualified as C-Reps. A node representative’s contribution to ICON Network is scored by IISS (ICON Incentives Scoring System), the AI (Artificial Intelligence) based scoring system of ICON.

Is there any detailed information about C-Reps?

br mike


hey sub-ies,

is there an updated roadmap somewhere?

when is version 0.5 planned?

br mike


Btw. is there a link which has some info about the partnership with ARK. I could not find anything.

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my personal long term goal with AE is 100k satoshi, I hope we can reach that by 2018 :) short term (mainnet launch) I hope we can crack 25k satoshis

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Yes I think thats easily possible! Then the market cap will still be below 100mio :)


Hi guys, I do receive the error "The reason was: phone number not verified." when trying to order a TenX credit card. Can anyone help me?

br mike

2 points · 12 months ago

Hey Mike. This is a known bug in iOS v0.3 and below. It will be fixed in v0.4 which is due to hit the app store this weekend. In the meantime you can use the webapp at to get around the issue.

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Original Poster1 point · 12 months ago

Thanks for the fast response! it worked with the webapp :)

Hi, is there a chance to receive some ITZ for starting a MN?

my address would be: 17tB6wXrs7zTD7pcXbhfjEVaJeMLuGFE6K

br mike

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