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There are several factors that help a post go viral (i.e. title quality, user, time of day, source etc.) and a lot of times cool/important information slips through the cracks.

The best way I know how cool or important information that has'nt gotten any attention can have a chance to go viral is if it is reposted. Especially if it is breaking news.

This is why I am fine with the current rules which have already been mulled over many times in the past.

I’m reasonably ok with current rules.

A minor suggestion - what about changing Rule 13 to drop it from 6 months to 1 month that people have to put the date in title? Having it clear that the story was from over a month ago may slow down any karma whoring but allow missed stories?

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I am okay with this change but we have to remember to let the OP know they can repost the submission with the date in the title.

The new reddit allows to easily add a removal reason where we can include some verbage on how the OP can repost the submission with the correct requirements.

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