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mind_bomber 1 point

Can blockchain technology help with creation/administration of a Universal Basic Income?

IBMBlockchain 1 point

Great question, we'll be spacing out your questions as you've asked multiple, but will try our best to make sure all get answered

mind_bomber 1 point


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OliverSparrow 5 points

SubReddit's are like bower bird's mating grounds. Glittery things are laid out in the hope of attracting a mate. It's a pity that the moderators of this particular subReddit don't take a more structured approach in order to correct this.

This guidance note is particularly worrying (and symptomatic) of this. It sees the future entirely in terms of technology, plus a few vague arm-waves. It speaks only to a fantasy future that resembles a 1950s concept city, all smiling pedestrians and gleaming buildings. The alternative put forward is a populist nonsense which ignores the majority of the world and focuses only on how the disadvantaged of the rich world will be preyed upon by the usual suspects of American populism - corporations, rich people, probably Canadians.

There is nothing here about the key drivers of the future, which consist chiefly of demographics and education, the institutions and trends in politics and social change, the engine drivers of economics, regulation and commerce. But no: "vertical farming" is it. The lack of insight into the emerging economies is stunning, yet think what has happened with China between 1995 (when it was seen as a quaint, backward place) and today. There are 1.2 bn in China. The other emerging economies together make about 2.5-3 bn. Nothing is said about these, except by the solar panel lobby. There is ten times as much said about Australia (pop 24-odd million) than India, with its 1,2 bn. There is nothing here about coherent alternatives, different ways in which the world might develop.

mind_bomber 1 point

I encourage you to spread this message.

Turil 1 point

The problem is that you're encouraging people to look at mainstream media sources, which is not where the best information comes from. The best information comes from individuals who no one in the mainstream bothers to talk to. Those who are actually just doing the work, in all fields, to improve life in some way, creating, exploring, and sharing new and interesting and useful ideas and materials.

Removing ALL lists of recommended (and accepted) sources is the way to get the best quality stuff. Will there be low quality stuff too? Of course. But there is now. (Mvea's incessant middling spammy stuff about "the robots are coming for your job, here's what you can do!" silliness, for example.)

Also, the real role of a moderator, in the professional field (as opposed to random internet forums run by random folks) is to help guide discussion by asking deep questions that inspire even deeper exploration of a topic. Listen to the magnifiscent Radio Lab guys, especially Robert Krulwich, to get an idea of how to lead a good discussion forum.

mind_bomber 1 point

The problem is that you're encouraging people to look at mainstream media sources,

This post is not intended to encourage people to look at mainstream media sources. In fact, I would think it encourages the exact opposite.

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mvea 1 point

Looks good to me! Maybe copy and paste into the wiki as well with a link in the sidebar so that when we unsticky the post it’s still a reference.

mind_bomber 1 point

We can also make a more comprehensive list of futurist on twitter (or in general) and also websites to add to the wiki.

abrownn 3 points

We could share our auto-flair list of keywords for people to use as topics for Google notifications. We already make our Source Quality list visible, that list in addition to our keywords should be a good start.

mind_bomber 1 point

'Can also use this keyword list to search #hastags on various social media platforms (facebook, tumblr, google+) and around the web.

mind_bomber 2 points

Can also download a news aggregator app like flipboard and choose news from futurology related topics like A.i., genetic engineering, quantum computing

exoendo 1 point

sounds fun. is this open to all mods? I'd love to jump in, but there might be way more ... qualified people than me? I am a great speculator though :)

mind_bomber 1 point

If we do it, it should be open to all mods.

Sirisian 5 points

You can think of it like a company. Some of the best companies don't have a face. When people hate the company/subreddit, they hate the company/subreddit, not the CEO or the moderators or PR people. It's like what spez did wrong by putting a face on Reddit and now people target him rather than the concept of Reddit. I've seen moderators first hand in gaming communities become the target of harassment and essentially have to lay low for a while.

Think of any of the largest subreddits. Do you know the names of the moderators? I don't, and that's ideal. When we moderate and remove things people generally view us as distanced and simply applying the rules. We aren't associated with any policy or ideology and we're not pro anything to them.

mind_bomber 1 point

Great insight. Thanks!

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