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Original Poster-7 points · 5 days ago

Charts have verifiable metrics, sorry they don't fit the narrative propagated by BCH's marketeers.

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You are a verifiable deuce.

I have always found Cramer an enjoyable show to watch and his advice is typically sound, but far from bullet-proof. His thoughts regarding crypto are encouraging to me in times like these. I count this article and his comments a good thing for the community.

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Lol, “sound”? Jim bear sterns is fine Cramer?

Report the article as unsourced. If you can find traditionally recognized sources that will carry more weight than randoms.

moYouKnow commented on

Only 5k? If history repeats prices as low as 1k-2k are probable.

Well if we're going by history, the 2014 bullrun led to roughly $1,000 being the top and it dipped all the way back down to I think $250 over the bear months. Well BTC's bullrun top was around $20k, so a quarter of that would be $5k.

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Check again, rock bottom after the 2013/2014 bull market was ~$150 in first half of January 2015 and the top on that bull run was closer to $1,200

Original Poster3 points · 8 days ago

Flash memory is rated for 100K+ Write cycles so why only 5-8 times?

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EEPROM isn’t the same as nand flash but if you look up the part numbers the data sheet will tell you the expected write cycles.

I’m confused by your coffee shop comment. If people are using btc to survive when bad government tanks a currency it probably means they will be buying food with it. The whole coffee shop usefulness argument has always been about the ability to do small transactions. Feeding yourself is a similar category of transaction to coffee, small. It’s just short hand for I use it every day for common transactions. Usage is king.

Original Poster2 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

They're different use cases. I don't think that transactions are a first-class citizen on the roadmap. You can solve transaction scaling issues in a multitude of ways, and the most efficient aren't on chain. Storing value is a first-class citizen, though. The transaction issue falls into the category of "nice problems to have." Right now, Bitcoin serves people best if their currency is at risk of dropping to almost no value over weeks, months or years. If they need to buy something there's low probability that their plan is to use Bitcoin. Being able to make a transaction for a local good or service is a nice-to-have feature that's practical after adoption but nearly irrelevant before. It's not a chicken-and-the-egg scenario. Bitcoin didn't solve the credit card transaction problem. It solved the immutability problem.

That said, the transaction issues have been solved but vendor adoption remains. I'm guessing vendors will be focused on affordability and price stability.

This is something that's deeply understood by people who have lost their life savings two or three times over because of finance policies enacted by their government.

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1 point · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

If I'm a retiree that lives off savings in a region where out of control inflation is a reality and I decide exchanging all my savings for Bitcoin is the way I want to protect myself how do I buy the essentials? Either I'm exchanging BTC directly for food or I have to convert to the local high inflation fiat first then go get food with that. Because the local fiat is not stable I'm only going to want to convert what I'll need to survive for a short period perhaps not more than a week's worth of spending money. So if I need $50 to feed myself and pay the utilities each week and the BTC transaction fee is $10 as it has been for extended periods in the recent past I'm losing %20 of my savings to transaction fees. Whether you think people are using it as a medium of exchange directly or not the transaction fee issue is still a problem for people protecting themselves from inflation. I just don't see how a competing crypto doesn't come along if that situation persists and usurps BTC as the SOV and MOE.

It's kind of funny that the articles graphic shows a pie chart of mining power that shows what looks like a very diverse and decentralized mining landscape. It's more decentralized than it has ever been certainly more than it was 4 years ago. Yet this trope about "mining centralization" being an eminent existential threat continues to be pushed by these folks who's goal seems to be to seize complete control of Bitcoin Core for themselves.

Yeah, this guy looks in the long term getting ETH sub 1 dollar but "sure" he is shilling lmao...these guys live and die by their reputation he doesn't have to look 6-12months out like most people he can sit on his hands.

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He is fishing for dumb rich people who might want to put their money into a crypto fund.

Beatnik Barber Shop in Mt. Vernon.

$3,700 isn't even enough for a retainer for a lawyer let alone enough to sustain a lawsuit.

It’s an dumb way to get publicity.

Well it's organized by core trolls, did you expect intelligence from the trolls?

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He himself is a troll. If you convert his user name to ascii is spells, "ai".

5 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

For people not familiar with job titles in the banking industry Vice President sounds prestigious but it really isn't. It wouldn't surprise me if 50% of the employees at a bank have the job title of VP. VP in the banking industry is the equivalent of "Senior Software Engineer" in the technology sector. Almost anyone who has 5 years of experience with have that title.

That is to say someone being a moron and attaining the title of "VP" at a bank are not logically inconsistent.

The guy's self written biography blurb on imdb says that he was a Risk Analyst at Bear's Sterns and then jumped to JP Morgan after Bears Sterns failed int he financial crisis of 2008. Given that he says he was in the banking industry for ~10 years having a title of VP would be totally consistent for someone of average abilities.

As much shit as the scramble junkies get, they're making more efforts to occupy those vacant homes than the government is.

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21 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Headline is misleading the city has bulldozed thousands of vacants but they are being created at an equally brisk pace.

Not writing down the seed is a really really dumb move.

Original Poster15 points · 1 month ago

Having read his posts from 2015, I think he was genuine.

and this was instrumental in Roger giving him moderator status on here as a balance.

But something happened. he changed overnight, he put it down to reading the LN paper I think.

But this was already covered in one of his quotes where he acknowledged LN would still need bigger blocks.

Certainly something drastic happened for such an about face.

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Maybe he sold his account and retired after the BTC price sky rocketed.

No ac never really bothered me since school is predominantly in winter months. I wouldn’t let it affect your choice.

He makes his living by doing paid speaking engagements and producing content. He doesn't do himself any favors by taking sides on an issue that will upset a sizable segment of his target audience.

Lol I’m laughing so hard right now anyone who bought this because they thought they were sticking one to bitmain got trolled haaaaaard

Until the cost of producing a block is greater than or equal to the value of the Bitcoin received from that block for the average miner.

it works fine for large transactions, and what bad is there in riding the craze if it nets you a huge profit?

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Because if you buy a small amount and and it only works for large amounts in the future you will be screwed

no. i only know this video. but if you point me to any theory im willing to research it as i like to verify and dont trust everything someone says. even if he might talk 50% BS it still means 50% are correct just with high error rate. you need to filter valid information from false data

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Who cares? Only thing that matters is user adoption if the users come price will follow. On the topic of telegram groups I'd stay clear of those things they are generally nothing more than pump and dump scams where some group of insiders are playing on peoples greed and ignorance.

right... take a look at

even doge does more tx than BCH

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What does some penny coin have to do with Bitcoin Cash adoption?

looking forward to trading that dead cat bounce when it all comes down.

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Dead cat already bounced.

His change of heart is ironic. Doesn't mean we should listen to any of his advice or suggestions though. In other words welcome to Bitcoin Cash but he can never be a thought leader or some one with any kind of position in the BCH community.

If they're any sense left they'll lose their jobs in November.

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People always assume it is not their reps fault it’s always the other guy.

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