Cryptocurrency slowly starting to recover? by [deleted] in BitcoinBeginners

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No, much more down to come we will see bitcoin 2000 before 20000.

Reminder: Bitcoin Core difficulty will increase by 9.27% in 40 hrs. This has been accumulating rapidly, how long can it continue? by tralxz in btc

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Until the cost of producing a block is greater than or equal to the value of the Bitcoin received from that block for the average miner.

Sold everything at $7000, bought back at $10000... by WoosterChops in btc

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Because if you buy a small amount and and it only works for large amounts in the future you will be screwed

S7 psu connection melted. How can I remove safely? by lobbylobbylobby in BitcoinMining

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Voltage doesn’t cause wire over heating Current measured in Amps is what causes over heating.

Op is using 6 pin connectors that only have 2 of the 6 positions populated that is the issue.

Bitcoin Cash has been rising faster than Bitcoin by adrenaline4210 in btc

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What does some penny coin have to do with Bitcoin Cash adoption?

Bitcoin Cash has been rising faster than Bitcoin by adrenaline4210 in btc

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Who cares? Only thing that matters is user adoption if the users come price will follow. On the topic of telegram groups I'd stay clear of those things they are generally nothing more than pump and dump scams where some group of insiders are playing on peoples greed and ignorance.

Cobra secretly loves BCH, but not ready to publicly admit it. by hunk_quark in btc

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His change of heart is ironic. Doesn't mean we should listen to any of his advice or suggestions though. In other words welcome to Bitcoin Cash but he can never be a thought leader or some one with any kind of position in the BCH community.

Blockstream is falling apart - Greg Maxwell resigns - Blockstream takes down team page in a hurry to reorg team - Adam Back must be worried by increaseblocks in btc

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"I resigned from Blockstream last November."

Wow, he resigned in Nov. and didn't publicly announce it until now. If this wasn't fall out from his involvement in that hacking incident then it is the worlds biggest coincidence.

Its a yearly dip! Dont freak out. HODL and reap the profits. by [deleted] in BitcoinMining

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You left off 2014, 2014 is more like what is happening now than others.

Will ZRX someday be worth $100? $1000? by [deleted] in zrxtrader

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Probably not. ZRX 10,000 would be roughly the same as Bitcoin $480,000. People think Bitcoin's ultimate value is in the six figures. ZRX, a utility token, is not more valuable than a world wide currency token.

Recommendation for Hampden Rentals? by IN_YOUR_FACE_SMACK in baltimore

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Search on padmapper.com the aggregate all listings onto a map really nice.

$668 George gets desperate.... #GTFO 😂 by Egon_1 in btc

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Is he really soliciting donations I mean the guy must be pretty wealthy on top of running one of the longer running presumably successful companies in crypto. Why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is instead of soliciting donations from others for his scheme.

China to block cryptocurrency platforms that allow centralized trading: Bloomberg by moYouKnow in 0xProject

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Good news for ZRX, they won't be banning decentralized trading only centralized.

BEWARE LARGE CRYPTO SELLERS: Coinbase (GDAX) is holding $1.14 million of my money hostage, and now I'm going to get tax penalties because of it. by Fragsworth in CryptoCurrency

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I just Googled it and it looks like CA follows the same rules as the federal government. 100% of prior years taxes unless you made over 150k in the prior year and then 110% of prior years taxes.


BEWARE LARGE CRYPTO SELLERS: Coinbase (GDAX) is holding $1.14 million of my money hostage, and now I'm going to get tax penalties because of it. by Fragsworth in CryptoCurrency

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Not as bad as you think there are 3 so-called safe haven ways to avoid federal penalties. In your case make sure to simply pay at least 100%* of what you paid last year and you will have until April to pay the actual amount you owe w/o penalty.


As for what rules apply for CA state taxes can’t help with that but generally there are ways to ask for exceptions when circumstances beyond your control prevent timely payment.

*Note: if your income last year (AGI) was more than 150k then you need to pay 110% of your prior years tax to avoid penalty.

Is Jimmy Song beginning to realize that Bitcoin Cash is the Real Bitcoin? by phreak_it in btc

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He was never really a troll for core like some. He took a pretty neutral approach though initially his personal opinion was probably pro Core.