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19 points · 2 days ago

You should report that to bird chargers aren’t supposed to be doing that. Also scooters are all taken offline for charging by ~9pm each day so don’t count on them to get around late night. They start to be available again at 4 am and should all be out by 7am

Original Poster12 points · 2 days ago

Yeah, I texted the Bird folks through the app and said "whoever is about to charge 8 bikes gathered at X/Y Street" is telling customers to fuck off.

There's a hard time deadline? Huh, I hadn't realized. It's 11pm now and there are several fully-charged Lime bikes not far from me, but indeed I see zero Birds.

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The 9pm time is a Bird thing. Not sure what lime’s policy is.

10 points · 9 days ago

Why does everyone in the crypto industry always seem to be attending conferences in tropical locations or on luxury cruises?

3 points · 9 days ago

Why should they make conferences in ugly locations and mediocre cruises?

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The larger point is that they seem to be attending a lot of so called conferences. I'm questioning the value of these events when they seem to be so frequent and serve little purpose. More power to them if that is how they want to spend their time and money but I don't view news of these constant conferences as positive when looking at the overall development and long term success of crypto. Certainly doesn't deserve top billing on this forum.

What does them being damaged have to do with it?

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You can't release the Segway style Birds if the computer is dead.

The Segway ones are like that. I kept plugging and unplugging the charger every hour or so and eventually it turned on and took a charge which allowed me to release it as normal. Otherwise yeah, you have to email help as the other have said. You might also be able to cancel the task and leave it outside for someone else to deal with but then you won't get paid of that one.

When I go to release birds if I try to do it too fast after opening the app it tells me I'm not with 32 feet of the nest location. I wonder if you open the app and quickly scan a bird for capture before the GPS re-locks if that would cause them to think you had moved the bird and were a ways a way from where you actually were.

Depends on the city but they often pay a yearly fee to the city plus a per scooter fee each day.

1 point · 18 days ago · edited 18 days ago

Google it and you'll find rent in Baltimore is not going down and that people are dumping large amounts of money in development that isn't being rented.

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As with most issues, you can easily find articles that go either way on the issue.

That's why you need to actually do some critical thinking. Unsurprisingly, the people whose job it is to promote growth, and the people who stand to profit from it, say things are great. Everyone else is more skeptical.

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Doesn't really matter it is private companies and individuals taking the risk market forces will sort it out. Either the demand is there and the city benefits from population growth or demand is soft and rents come down for everyone because of increased supply. It's what you call a win win. Unless you are concerned that rich developers aren't going to be able to pay their yaht costs off the profits. Construction jobs are jobs and at the end of the day if they need to lower their rents the people win. The only people this really hurts are slum lords. No one is going to advertise their apartment development "crappy apartments for poor people", it's just not appealing even if it is true.

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Used to work all the time. Not so anymore.

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In dozens of times trying it has worked exactly once for me.

could you send me the link to that gadget

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This is the one I use. You want to measure the Kilowatt Hours (KWH). I found it consumed a bit under 0.5 kwh to charge a bird from zero and the electric company in my area charges about 10 cent per kwh so that is less than 5 cents per charge.

Charge to 100% Swap and go to sleep when you wake up swap the chargers back to the originals and let them charge while you take the others out then come back. usually the last few percent will get topped off in ~30 minutes or so.

These scooters should survive any rain.

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Their FAQ says specifically not to hose them off because they are not water proof. So while they maybe water resistant I'm sure a heavy enough rain could do damage.

moYouKnow commented on

My guess is that they realized they had way too many chargers in a bunch of cities, seeing as I can't get started in mine. Probably thinning the herd so they can make some more money.

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Having more chargers than they needs helps drive their chagrining costs lower by making sure scooters get scooped up and charged quickly. Having too few chargers makes it more likely that they will end up paying more than $5 per charge

3 points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

Except damaged Birds in this city don't get fixed very often. I keep picking up the same ones over and over.

Not to mention this isn't a safety issue. If someone got in a crash, the wires extending a little farther out of the neck would be the least of their worries. But the grommets are actually there to prevent water and foreign object intrusion.

Lastly, this guy has also asked to mark damaged for things like a marred sticker. He's just looking for work. I can appreciate that, but that will impact my work since there's now less Birds to be ridden. Riders are perfectly safe riding a Bird with a missing grommet or ripped sticker.

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Mechanics are paid by the hour and work a 40 hour week according to the bird faq.

This is a Forbes contributor, which is akin to a blogger using Forbes as a platform, not Forbes itself.

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Yes, to elaborate if it was written by Forbes itself the by line would say, "Staff Writer". Not that having contributors taking about BCH isn't good because in the past there have been Forbes "contributors" spreading Core BS but just something to keep in mind.

Original Poster-5 points · 3 months ago

Charts have verifiable metrics, sorry they don't fit the narrative propagated by BCH's marketeers.

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You are a verifiable deuce.

I have always found Cramer an enjoyable show to watch and his advice is typically sound, but far from bullet-proof. His thoughts regarding crypto are encouraging to me in times like these. I count this article and his comments a good thing for the community.

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Lol, “sound”? Jim bear sterns is fine Cramer?

Report the article as unsourced. If you can find traditionally recognized sources that will carry more weight than randoms.

moYouKnow commented on

Only 5k? If history repeats prices as low as 1k-2k are probable.

Well if we're going by history, the 2014 bullrun led to roughly $1,000 being the top and it dipped all the way back down to I think $250 over the bear months. Well BTC's bullrun top was around $20k, so a quarter of that would be $5k.

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Check again, rock bottom after the 2013/2014 bull market was ~$150 in first half of January 2015 and the top on that bull run was closer to $1,200

Original Poster3 points · 3 months ago

Flash memory is rated for 100K+ Write cycles so why only 5-8 times?

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EEPROM isn’t the same as nand flash but if you look up the part numbers the data sheet will tell you the expected write cycles.

I’m confused by your coffee shop comment. If people are using btc to survive when bad government tanks a currency it probably means they will be buying food with it. The whole coffee shop usefulness argument has always been about the ability to do small transactions. Feeding yourself is a similar category of transaction to coffee, small. It’s just short hand for I use it every day for common transactions. Usage is king.

Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

They're different use cases. I don't think that transactions are a first-class citizen on the roadmap. You can solve transaction scaling issues in a multitude of ways, and the most efficient aren't on chain. Storing value is a first-class citizen, though. The transaction issue falls into the category of "nice problems to have." Right now, Bitcoin serves people best if their currency is at risk of dropping to almost no value over weeks, months or years. If they need to buy something there's low probability that their plan is to use Bitcoin. Being able to make a transaction for a local good or service is a nice-to-have feature that's practical after adoption but nearly irrelevant before. It's not a chicken-and-the-egg scenario. Bitcoin didn't solve the credit card transaction problem. It solved the immutability problem.

That said, the transaction issues have been solved but vendor adoption remains. I'm guessing vendors will be focused on affordability and price stability.

This is something that's deeply understood by people who have lost their life savings two or three times over because of finance policies enacted by their government.

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1 point · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

If I'm a retiree that lives off savings in a region where out of control inflation is a reality and I decide exchanging all my savings for Bitcoin is the way I want to protect myself how do I buy the essentials? Either I'm exchanging BTC directly for food or I have to convert to the local high inflation fiat first then go get food with that. Because the local fiat is not stable I'm only going to want to convert what I'll need to survive for a short period perhaps not more than a week's worth of spending money. So if I need $50 to feed myself and pay the utilities each week and the BTC transaction fee is $10 as it has been for extended periods in the recent past I'm losing %20 of my savings to transaction fees. Whether you think people are using it as a medium of exchange directly or not the transaction fee issue is still a problem for people protecting themselves from inflation. I just don't see how a competing crypto doesn't come along if that situation persists and usurps BTC as the SOV and MOE.

It's kind of funny that the articles graphic shows a pie chart of mining power that shows what looks like a very diverse and decentralized mining landscape. It's more decentralized than it has ever been certainly more than it was 4 years ago. Yet this trope about "mining centralization" being an eminent existential threat continues to be pushed by these folks who's goal seems to be to seize complete control of Bitcoin Core for themselves.

Yeah, this guy looks in the long term getting ETH sub 1 dollar but "sure" he is shilling lmao...these guys live and die by their reputation he doesn't have to look 6-12months out like most people he can sit on his hands.

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He is fishing for dumb rich people who might want to put their money into a crypto fund.

Beatnik Barber Shop in Mt. Vernon.

$3,700 isn't even enough for a retainer for a lawyer let alone enough to sustain a lawsuit.

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