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RemindMe! 3 Days

Kinda starting to feel sorry for the Tapplock team - They are truly getting continously fucked hahhahah


Hello All,

Firstly let me apologize if this is a stupid question but here we go:

I have tried installing Kali Linux on Hyper-V desktop after hours of pissing around to get it too install, However the graphics performance is soooo bad.


CPU:I7 7770k @ 4.9GHz

GPU: GTX 1070 8GB


I have tried normal Kali installation and the Hyper-V specific Vm's from Kali but both are the same - Is there anything I can do to get Kali to run like native?

It's driving me mad

You can try to enable remotefx on this VM so it will use a 'slice' of your gpu.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

I have added a RemoteFX adapter with 1024mb , but still the same? is there config I have to do on the Kali end?


Hello All,

I am looking for some help as I am trying to run Kali Linux inside Virtualbox.

Host Specs:

CPU:I7 7770k @ 4.9GHz

GPU: GTX 1070 8GB


I have assigned the VM 4 Cores & 8GB ram but it is still slow? I.e taking 15 seconds to load firefox, overall input laggy, terminals crashing etc?

Any help would be great.

13 points · 11 days ago

Rebuild the server.

Disable RDP from the Internet - If you need to have it open set a firewall rule to only allow RDP from your company's external IP.

Oh and also, Off-site replication...

I thought getting my CCNA was good at 19!

Good on you.


Hello All,

I have recently finished my CCNA R&S and wanting to start my Security+ - I currently work as a Network Support Engineer but don't get too touch much security stuff, hence why I am looking to go for the Security+ which could possibly get my foot in the door of a Entry Level Cyber Role in the near Future.

I am ideally looking for recommendations for learning resources, books, eLearning etc?

If anyone knows of a website like such where I can pay a small monthly subscription for amazing content like network lessons that would be great.

Any help would be appreciated.

Daryl Gibson’s get certified get ahead security+ book. I’m using it and it’s great. I bought the premium package too and am starting to go through that. I also have my CCNA and will say the sec+ will probably be a breeze after getting the CCNA

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago · edited 13 days ago

Noticed the Daryl Gibson book on Amazon I believe - I am a huge fan of using books & reading materials to learn all things IT but certainly not in paperform...

Can I pick up the Daryl Gibson book in pdf form?

Also what's your thoughts on the official Comptia Study guide available through there website?

Finally, what do you mean premium package? Any chance of a link?


Hello All,

I am seeking some advice as I am currently thinking about applying to Cyber Security @ GCU in Glasgow.

I have achieved some qualifications through my workplace/apprenticeship that I believe will qualify me for entry in Year 3.

I am however nervous as I have never been to uni and have no idea what to expect, how lessonss are delivered, how many days should I expect to attend?

I literally have no idea about uni classes and the different types.

Any help would be great

89 points · 18 days ago

"Unfortunately I received a virtual kick in the nether regions from my black boxed nemesis" - Hahahahahahahahah he deserves a new PC for that line alone

If anyone's wondering what detail they're missing they were almost certainly munching on disco biscuits.

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Tenner Beans


Hello All,

Let me start with some background knowledge - I am currently 19 years old working as an IT Support Engineer following completion of a 2 Year Apprenticeship as a Network/Support Engineer for a small MSP in the UK.

I recently completed my ICND2 allowing me to obtain my CCNA, I am thinking about starting my CCNP Journey but not sure if it is too soon as my job role is far from being cisco oriented - The only time I touch cisco kit at my job is configuring switches with a couple of VLANs at the very most, In terms of routers we only really use Drayteks and never ciscos...

My day to day role is primarily End User Support / Server Support

Despite the lack of work based experience I am still passionate about networking & lab as much as possible in GNS3 and soon to be on my physical kit when it finally arrives...

My question for all you CCNP's / CCNP in Progress is should I wait til I am working on a strong cisco environment before I persue the CCNP?

Am I too young to be thinking about becoming a CCNP?

Or... Am I overthinking and should just get started?

Any help / advice would be great :)


I’m in the same boat. 25 years old. Canada. Small msp doing support/admin stuff, not a lot of networking except when new equipements.

Pass my icnd2 two months ago. Wait a month before starting to study again. Now, almost finish reading the ocg book for switch. Will start the fondation book with taking note. Feel pretty confident about switch a lot of topic are really a like ccna. Planning to do the exam in 2-3 month.

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Original Poster1 point · 19 days ago

Any reason you are choosing to do Switch over Route first? - I have heard from numerous CCNP that it is recommened to take Route first as some Route topics sync up with Switch.

1 point · 21 days ago

Well, if you feel ready for it you should try it. Make sure you understand that this is going to be one hell of a ride. The exams are some of the worst pain in the ass that you can experience.

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Original Poster2 points · 21 days ago

Renewed my membership today - About to start some of the ROUTE topics this evening.

So it beings I guess...

I'm thinking of picking up the INE Workbooks for labs, Can anyone vouch for them?

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Hello All,

I recently disabled the Windows Hyper-V feature to allow VirtualBox to utilize VT-X (I use VirtualBox for GNS3 VM) - However since I have removed the Windows Feature I cannot get VirtualBox to run AT ALL.

This is the error message I get;

Failed to acquire the VirtualBox COM object.

The application will now terminate.

Completely failed to instantiate CLSID_VirtualBox: CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE.

Result Code: CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE (0x80080005)Component: VirtualBoxClientWrapInterface: IVirtualBoxClient {d2937a8e-cb8d-4382-90ba-b7da78a74573}

I have tried reinstalling VirtualBox & Rebooting etc but still having no luck :/

Anyone got any suggestions?

Try launching VB as an admin user - could be a permissions problem.

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Original Poster1 point · 20 days ago

Still the same, I am running as a Local Admin...

Be careful with the sims; When I sat my ICND1 exam I hit 'Next' to view the next sim question but it took me away from the sim all together.

You have to make sure you cycle through the sim questions via the tabs at the top...

Hope this makes sense and good luck!


Hello All,

I am currently playing around with some Layer 3 Switches & HSRP + InterVlan Routing, I currently have one L3 switch handling all of the InterVlan routing but I am looking to configure HSRP so in the case one switch goes down the other will take the active status as well as taking over the InterVlan routing role?

This is the topology I am playing with;

I am aware of how to configure InterVlan routing & HSRP separately but not quite sure how to combine them, I figured if I created the SVI's on both switches with the same IP's it would not allow it?

Any help would be great.

Original Poster2 points · 22 days ago

Got it working

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I subscribed to a cloud service that is using Eve-ng. I think it's brilliant. I used Packet Tracer to study for CCNA. Eve is fairly similar and with the right images it supports all the services needed to study to complete the Switch exam.

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What is said cloud service?

Just requested permission.


Finally I am CCNA, Passed on Friday with 864.

I passed ICND1 last year and finally got round to sitting my ICND2 these year - I think I will be taking a break until CCNP until I get a chance to work in a cisco environment.

Main Resources:

  • Boson Practice Tests
    • Highly recommened these, without these I would of definetly failed - The questions are not word for word the same but they certainly help.
    • In my eyes the best possible resource anyone can have for ICND1 or 2, the way everything is described and illustrated is very good. Definetly worth the money.

Final thing! I'm thinking of buying some physical kit to practice on regular to retain my knowledge (I mainly used packet tracer & GNS3 for ICND2) - Does anyone have any recommendations for kit?


I have my ICND2 tomorrow at 1:30pm - Any last minute tips?

Unfortunately, there's no good way to know until you go in to take the exam and see all the exact questions that the braindump has.

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Hey @BosonMichael - Just wanted to let you know that I've been using BosonNetSim for my ICND2 Prep but there is a really weird bug where you can't enable SNMP or access lists inside custom labs...

I thought it was maybe me at wrong but was able to mirror the exact config successfully in Packet Tracer.

Try disable IPv6 - I had something like this recently and that resolved it


Hello All,

My months of revision are coming to an end and I am finally sitting my ICND2 next Friday - I am very excited for it as I have been aiming for CCNA for the best part of 2 years now.

I am feeling fairly confident for the labs section as well as 
*  LAN Switching
*  Routing Technologies
*  WAN Tech

However I am still feeling kinda rusty on Infrastructure Maintenance and Services & Really wondering this will kick my whole exam (Primarily SNMP, IP SLA & SDN stuff...)

I have mainly been using as my primary resource (Btw that website is unbelievably good... Highly recommend it)

I picked up the Boson questions today which are going well but really I am looking for some final resources to help me out on the above mentioned weaknesses.

Any help would be great!!


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