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modulemodule commented on a post in r/IKEA
jmhannz 1 point

It's now the 12th, I contacted them on the 2nd and was offered a refund. I still have not received and no one from the Stoughton store has contacted me nor can I get in touch with anyone there, nor can anyone that works for IKEA's 888 number, what should I do to get my money back?...

modulemodule 1 point

How did this pan out for you?

jmhannz 1 point

After 4 weeks they contacted me and refunded me back to my credit card. Was complete bs.

modulemodule 1 point

That's awful. I made a $1000+ purchase online a few days ago and am now reading so many horror stories. I'm expecting to have my own hellish story and to have to file a charge back with my credit card...

modulemodule commented on a post in r/Pizza
modulemodule 18 points

How about cooking temp/time/oven setup? Can't get my crust that dark before the cheese starts to brown.

sirchickenbane 7 points

Oven gets up to about 500f. i have a baking steel and half way through cooking i flip on the top broiler to get that crust

modulemodule 1 point


modulemodule commented on a post in r/Breadit
gordonkelliher 11 points

They sell a baking steel that doubles as a griddle when you flip it over.

modulemodule 5 points

Dang, as someone who started making their own bread out of frugality, that price hurts!

modulemodule commented on a post in r/Frugal
modulemodule 2 points

I used to go on bike rides with my family, Marlboro had the 'miles' on the side of the pack that you could redeem for Marlboro swag. We ended up with luggage, a dart board, jean jackets...good times.

modulemodule commented on a post in r/Iota
modulemodule 19 points

I gave up getting my iota to show up in my wallet, I see them in the snapshots from way back when and they're safe.

Any idea if Trinity wallet will have my balance show up properly?

ypp192 1 point

So, you are saying you've had no access to your iota since the last snapshot? I thought regenerating addresses from the same seed would bring back the balance. I've been considering moving all my iota out of the exchange, but am still hesitant for fear of stories like yours...

modulemodule 1 point

Correct. About 1/3 showed up. I've generated over 250 addresses, I should have only had to do less than 40. 250 addresses takes a lot of time so I stopped.

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modulemodule commented on a post in r/beerporn
lskennedy 1 point

God, I hope you actually do the vert! I've been saying I will do mine after I get next years for a while...currently have 2007-2017 :|

modulemodule 1 point

Recently did 07-17, bottles came from different people. You could definitely tell which had been aged properly. 07 was perfect. 08 was metallic.

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