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Just wanted to share the news!

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It is best value, but we also think that's what makes a great college. You can check out our methodology here:

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Yes! But that's earnings from stock options -- not his actual salary. Hock Tan is the highest-paid public CEO in America due to his $103.2 million salary.

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Hey! Yes, kind of. We're the editorial team at MONEY magazine. The username was available!

Here's a math song for you

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Hey! Yes, it's partially because of its proximity to DC. Here's our methodology.

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Keep your head up! And if you need some help navigating this difficult time, here’s a guide.

You've got this.

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There’s a lot of confusion around this hack, so we dug deeper into the story. Here’s what we found:

  1. The hack is the 4th-largest breach in cryptocurrency history
  2. NiceHash's head of marketing said the hacker likely wasn't in Europe
  3. Hackers probably won’t be able to use the stolen Bitcoin
  4. Some think it could be an inside job

As the story develops, we’ll continue to update.

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Appreciate the reminder!

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Hi! You can see how we chose the winners here.

But to answer your question, yes! We took into account 170,000 data points and diversity played a huge role in our selection process.

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wasn't planning on it! we tend to stay away from slideshows for this reason 😂

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Fair... and that's a good thing to note. Especially when it comes to produce. Thanks for mentioning it!

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hahaha yes. if we use your recipe, we'd most likely embed the comment

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we could and did! but we thought it would be fun to collaborate with you all since you're kind of the experts.

and of course we'll credit your recommendations :)

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i. love. budget bytes. dragon noodles is one of the first recipes i made from her site and it's still a go to

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will check out! thank you!

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I originally thought of this as a long list... with comment embeds and links out to these recipes...

But do you have an example of how you'd like this formatted? I don't want to steal these recipes and put them on our site... but I can certainly try to incorporate the aspects that you find most useful.

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thanks for pointing this out... i actually assumed it was Manhattan prices 😬


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