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10 points · 3 days ago

Your freinds an idiot

A loop is a thought, action, or both, that just feels... Incomplete. You know that feeling you get when you're sober where you lose track of what you're saying mid-sentence? How you feel incomplet like something is missing? Your number one priority is to try and remember what you were trying to say, right? So you rack your brain for a bit to try and get back on track.

That feeling of incompleteness is the feeling you get during a loop. You get lost in trying to accomplish something, whether it's a thought or action, and all that matters in existence is trying to complete that feeling.

Where this becomes a problem for some people is when they start looping in fear. It only gets worse the more they think about it. And the more they think about it the harder it is to get out. I've never experienced this, simply because I don't feel fear during acid trips. I don't ever put myself in a position to fear anything.

To ELI5, ever seen Alice in Wonderland? How she just keeps chasing the white rabbit and never gets anywhere? That's a loop.

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2 points · 4 days ago

Easier way to describe it is this: This is a thought loop thinking pattern that I had once.

“Okay so I’ll wait a bit, then I’ll go shops, get a drink, then I’ll go home. Wait no, my parents will know I’m high! I’ll just have to go wait a bit, then I’ll go shops, then I’ll get a drink then I’ll go home. Wait shit, my parents will know I’m on acid. Guess I’ll have to wait a bit, I know! I’ll go shops, then I’ll get a drink, then I’ll go home. Wait, no, I can’t my parents will know”

That’s basically how they go, they feed into each other


So basically me and my freind have noticed these hallucinations at night for months after a music festival where I used a pill two days in a row, and during that month I ate a lot of 2CB and Cid.

But he hallucinations usually go like this: I’ll see a person standing somewhere as I turn round and I’ll get spooked and when I look at it properly it’s just a bush. I see this all the time, policemen sometimes etc. Also I have noticed that when I smoke weed I get a lot of “static”? In the dark it looks like an old camera without enough light.

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?


Was just searching MDMA hallucinations and came across this post even though it's pretty old... after music festivals where I bang loads of MDMA I always have mad lucid dreams that start within a minute of closing my eyes. Hearing the music from the festival really loud and having an interactive dream behind my eyelids.

Also on the comedown this one time I saw someone tapping my window all night, realised it was just a trick of the light in the morning but I thought it was a hand

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Original Poster1 point · 12 days ago

Crazy isn’t it, weird thing to explain. Someone out there with something similar to me ayy 🙏

I take half a xan and I’m out like a light for 13 hours

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Like a light?

Weed is a lackluster wit high potential for a bad trip.

Meth is kind of boring

That's all

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You haven’t got tolerance to weed that is why. I used to be like that

2 points · 17 days ago

Almost bled out on xanax without even noticing

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2 points · 17 days ago

Crazy, what happened?

16 points · 17 days ago

Drank 375 ml of vodka and about 3-4 bars (2mg each). Long story short I was barred out and decided to clean my bong, I smashed the bong against the wall and it shattered in my hand, slicing my thumb to the bone. I was shooting blood everywhere, didn't even notice the cut and legit decided to make a pizza so there was a massive blood trail from the freezer to the oven lol anyways I left the pizza I made on my carpet and then went to bed with the open wound, I woke up to a bed SOAKED in blood, I was very pale, dizzy and very tired. Called my mom and she took me to the hospital, 8 stitches

there was so much blood dude there was some on the ceiling lmao, I quit xans after that and no longer have any feeling in my thumb.

Xans man..

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That’s ducking crazy. I can’t imagine the scene of that going down.

-3 points · 18 days ago

Lots of weed


I’m 18 years old, I got into drugs at 16 and so far have used very many different substances. I have tried all the classic psychedelics and some RC’s. I have tried speed, cocaine and other stims. I have used MDMA safely, leaving long breaks in between use and I have used other benzos.

But nothing comes close anymore, to chilling out in the evening with your mates, smoking weed and chatting. Weed is the nicest most sweet substance. I can rarely be bothered anymore to trip, take XTC, benzos etc. Because why, when I have just as enjoyable night while stoned. When you smoke every day, weed is different. I used to not enjoy it, now it’s all I really enjoy. It’s not as harmful as my old habits too which is good, although I feel it has taken a toll on my mental health. I am more stupid and I can’t remember much anymore, but, I love it.


Do you have cannabis? It really helps with the nausea

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2 points · 19 days ago

For some. For me weed makes nausea 10x worse. I can’t get the initial pull into my lungs without throwing up. And I’m a daily smoker and have been for a long time

-2 points · 26 days ago


If you’re fucking around you know it and you’re playing crazy cause tripping and weed would only make u this kind of crazy if you got some pcp or whatnot in your weed ,,, what I’m saying is fuck all that sketchy shit CALL THE POLICE NOW (coming from someone who hates the cops) you don’t want to get hacked or kidnapped by these crazy mfs who will fuck you’re life up find something you don’t want them to find and then extort you etc.

Look, if it’s the feds, specifically a DEA drug task force/ or the FBI - they would typically be doing surveillance in a white van . If you live in the hood you know what a white van pulled up on your block is.

You should not take a chance here if you’re truely being stalked,

There are bad people in this world who will ruin your life.


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8 points · 26 days ago

Idiot. You could ruin this guys life by making stupid suggestions like that. OP don’t do this keep lowkey just in case but it seems as if CO poisoning. If not other benzo related psychosis just lay off drugs a bit and follow others advice

12 points · 28 days ago

Remember NO ONE IN HUMAN HISTORY has died from weed. You will be fine my dude, ride it out


So. Acid and me realise 200ug. Everything humans do is subtle. We interact through subtlety.

If you don’t like someone, most of the time u will be subtle about it and drop little hints that they’re annoying. If you fancy a girl you won’t straight away tell her you have to be subtle and flirt, with little clues until u think there’s a chance she’s into you know. If you want people to know your good at something you won’t tell them straight up all the time or you could seem arrogant.

When we kiss someone we don’t ask. We drop subtle clues and hope that the clues are dropped to u so u can kiss them. When you think someone is bad at singing you tell them that they’re good or don’t rlly say much but you don’t rlly call someone shit.

Change. Change comes from when someone breaks the subtlety. If someone gets mad and finally snaps, or gives up and finally asks the girl out etc. That’s when change happens. Change doesn’t occur from being lowkey. You must cause change. I’m not sure why it’s so embedded in human culture to be subtle. I can understand in situations where you would like to be polite. But a lot of the time it’s not about being polite, and I can’t work out why humans aren’t upfront and why sometimes people can be too upfront.

I’m on acid forgive my ramble

Actually it seems to only apply to people that you care about or if you care about what they think of you. Which makes sense actually


This world truly never ceases to amaze me. Story takes place two days ago right after I smoked lots of weed, so I was baked asf in the sun on a hot day. And it starts like this:

Me and 4 freinds are our smoking weed waiting for the 6th to arrive. As she comes over, a little 13 year old boy pipes up to her, so I walk over to go help her and as I get up he runs off (I’m 18 btw). He runs to his freinds probably about 15-20 of them standing around clearly laughing pointing at us. My two freinds (I’ll call them weird names so u can remember them) H and C shout “Oi we are adults, stop standing around laughing at us trying to pipe up, if your gonna come over then do it”. They ran away.

After they leave Anna said she saw one calling someone, but I didn’t rlly pay attention to this and it brushed over me. Hour later me, H and C go to get more weed. As we leave to walk down the hill, we see three people with hoodies walking towards us, in a way that you know, somethings gonna happen.

“WHAT! What u sayin to my yutes!” The three lads at the front move towards us as we move towards then until I notice about 10-16 more people behind them also coming. After I see this I look to my left and the guy pulls a butterfly knife and dips my freind in his thigh. When I look back in front of me there’s a guy with his hand behind his back about to dig his knife into me, so I turn as fast as I can and run. Sprinting full speed I scream at my freinds on the top of the hill to run and I can hear the couple people behind me chasing me. C and M walk away and hide in a bush. But me and A run, because for some reason two of the people were specifically chasing us. They pointed at us and chased us further than everyone else, I ran until my legs were pretty jellied so I got into the wooded area and one of the chasers followed. I was just waiting behind a tree and I can head this unfit little cunt gasping for air.

Firstly, get paced u unfit little rodent. Secondly thank fuck me and A got away. But then I realise that I left my bag. Back with the people that chased us, when I went back after a bit to check my freinds had left and my car and bag had gone. I asked someone for his phone called my freind met up with them found out H had his jaw obliterated by a couple people kicking him in the face when he was down.

Crazy fucking world man, some people are fucked in the head truly, when this 13 year old is old enough to be an adult. I’m gonna best the living fuck out of him and his dumb pussy mates. I guarantee you he told the people a ridiculous story which led to the stabbing. Crazy crazy, day.

TL;DR 13 year old beefed me and my mates. We told him and his mates to fuck off. He leaves, hour later we get jumped by 20 people. Freind gets stabbed in the leg and his jaw gets broken in 3 places. My car gets stolen and I now have opp in London lol

0 points · 1 month ago

OP is a bitch and got fucked up and lost respect, so he should run and hide

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

Oh yh next time some yutes show up. Lemme make sure to wait for my turn to get stabbed and stomped by 4x people we had

3 points · 1 month ago

lul nibba got fragged tbh

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago


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Yeah, probably because cannabis doesn't really carry the capacity to kill you.

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6 points · 1 month ago

Or because his cannabinoid receptors are abused from the spice and he has super high tolerance

Comment deleted1 month ago
2 points · 1 month ago

Same fam

Going to Innovation in the Dam in Nov? I've never done acid at a DnB rave but I've done it twice (house music) at ~50ug and I had a great time and found the headspace very manageable. Also did a bit of ket.

So if you can handle your LSD I'd say go for it. Though as another user mentioned, I find the crowd a lot more aggro at jump up raves.

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Ay me too lool

Alpha tango, We got a puker, over.

3 points · 1 month ago

Sausage it more, pack the top more and the bottom and middle a bit less. And it’ll look better, try to tuck a bit tighter but that will come with experience. Also this is a personal opinion but I think that twisting the end of the joint looks weird, I prefer to fold it or burn it off

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

What exactly does it mean to ”sausage it more”?

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2 points · 1 month ago

When the weed is in the joint and it’s not rolled yet. You grip the paper with your strong hand holding the paper above the roach and the other hand above the weed at the beginning of the roach. Roll your fingers up and down and it’ll squish the weed down into a sausage shape, move your weaker hand up towards the head of the joint while squashing the weed down into a cylinder shape and then tuck it. Tuck just below the head rather than at the head itself as I find it easier to tuck and you can stoke down the joint afterwards to pack it out.

2 points · 1 month ago

I used to hate smoking weed. I had to try to like it, when u smoke have about 6 pulls per joint because low tolerance. You will enjoy it much more, eventually you’ll be able to smoke more when tolerance builds. Once u have tolerance it’s like a different drug, more relaxing and calming rather than being paranoia inducing with racing thoughts. The munchies don’t hit as hard anymore tho :(

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Maybe it is the alcohol, I don't remember everything but I think i got too confident with both because of the coke. Does that sounds logic?

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Yeh sounds logic

People exaggerate. I tried Xanax. Since trying them I’ve done them four times on special occasions in the last year and a bit. They’re not all they’re hyped up to be by music artists etc. But they’re a nice buzz, especially when paired with weed. 1-1.5mg is perfect begginer dose to really feel the Xanax but you will get caught if your at home etc.

500ug acid, not well.

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Hehe me too

Oh my god. OD indeed. Hopefully, you got your life together. Just out of curiosity. Did you experience any psychadelic effects or did you just blackout immediately?

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I’m interested in this story, glad your okay man

montymm commented on

You probably have a stupidly high tolerance to think that is a fun time dose. That’s a true psychonaught dose that I don’t think I would be able ever venture into. Way too intense

If you don't have any plugs for anything try dxm. Dex is the only otc drug worth fucking with and mixing it with dph is even better.

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3 points · 1 month ago

Seriously reccomend this man. DXM is so much fucking better than DPH

3 points · 1 month ago

Fuck man, I dread a trip like this. Crazy how takin a beautiful substance like LSD can sometimes lead to the worst trauma so bad you wouldn’t be able to experience it in real life

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