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Notes in Spanish is a good padcast for all levels. You can start from beginner, intermediate and all the way up to advanced. Very similar to CoffebreakSpanish.

Youtube has tons of Spanish language videos, just find things you are interested in and most will have either English or Spanish subtitles. Captionpop isn't bad either. They have videos in Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles at the same time.

It can be done by bus. You can also use blablacar especially in Andalucia between the major cities. They are often cheaper than the bus.

As for other destinations, Cordoba is worth a visit, especially the Mezquita there. Huelva is not much in terms of tourism, but it is the gastronomic capital of Spain, so lots of good food. Cadiz is a cool city, considered the oldest in Europe, that also has a beach. Ronda is a cool day trip. We Love Spain does a day tour from Sevilla to Ronda. Those are just a few ideas for trips around Sevilla.

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I particularly hate time travel as a plot line. I actually have a ready made argument for its dismissal.

Where did they multiply the matter? Seriously. Let's say you go back fifteen minutes and you meet yourself. Where did the matter in you come from? The matter you are made of isn't simply going to bounce back and forth between the two of you. And if you go back into the ancient past or distant future the problem is no better. The matter you are made of has to be somewhere else when you arrive at that time.

Matter conservation exclusion of time travel.

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I watched a recent movie where the person who went back in time was not truly in the same timeline as the one he came from, but he enters a different alternate or parallel dimension. His body would always rot away for some reason (I forgot why). The name is a mystery to me at the moment. Not the best movie, but an interesting concept.

CTRL + F When you are looking for a specific word in your web browser or pdf document or just about anything else, this will find it immeadiately.


Hi everyone,

I am curious about the potential job markets in South America, specifically Chile, Peru, Ecuador or Colombia. I have two years of TEFL experience in China and Spain teaching all ages along with a 120 Hour TEFL course. I just want to gauge what to expect in South America which I am considering as my next TEFL opportunity. I have read the country FAQ's which I found quite lacking, but I know South America is not nearly as popular for TEFL opportunities as Asia and parts of Europe. I just want a general idea of what to expect. Also, I am American in case that is an issue.

What are the average salaries in any of the countries listed? (I am aware many are quite low, but most of the information I find online is a few years old) Best time to apply? (I have heard March is a good time to apply because the begining of the school year, but was wondering if September or October would be an issue) Visa costs? Overall quality of life in each or any of the countries? Any experiences or reccomendations you wish to share?

I will thank all in advance to those are willing to answer any of these questions for me and any other advice you are willing to give.


This morning I had a ride on a horse carriage. Long story but I was just curious if anyone has interesting rides in the past.


La Vie En Rose or anything by Edith Piaf.
It's old and a bit corny, but I thing her music timeless.

Also some great Spanish and Basque bands.

La Pegatina Ska - P

Also, some Icelandic Sigur Ros

Heart surgery. Even weeks after the surgery , laughing felt like my chest was going to rip right back open. Even in the hospital it was the impossible to get comfortable and since it was chronic I just had to lay there and take it. Morphine was temporary and only made me not care for a little while. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

Salads - My mom would put too much salad dressing on it, which I never liked whatever dressings she used.

Cucumber - same thing

Olives- My dad would always put olives on his sandwhiches with some type of oil I never liked. Turns out I liked the olives, just not the oil.

Strong chesses - My mom only ate "American" cheese slices. Rarely anything else. She always told me other cheeses will make here sick.

Rice - My mother would put butter and sugar in it. Why?!

Spicy food - Never had much variety of spices in my house until I moved out.

Avocados and mangos - Parents never ate it, so I thought they were bad until I tried them myself.

Chicken Cacciatore - My grandmother would just put chicken in a bowl and canned tomato sauce. I have always hated tomatoes, but I once ate this dish in a restaurant and was surprised that it was actually good. I still kind of get quesy reading the words.

TL;DR Parents have bland taste buds

Having lived here for a year and seeing a photo of this place about once a month on this sub, I feel like I missed out on sooooo much karma. Though, my camera skills are no where near as good as many of the people on here. Oh well. Good pic!

Currently teach in Seville through the auxiliaries program and part time in an academy. Overall very easy and laid back, especially in the Colegio through the auxiliaries program. The academy is usually Cambridge exam prep, which is easy once you get into the rhythm of the materials.

I make enough to live well, i don't save much because I try to travel one or two times a month and there is always a party somewhere on the weekends. I eat out a couple times a week as well.

Additionally I only work Monday to Thursday, so 3 day weekends and low hours. It's a comfortable life.

Warning, as an American it is hard to get a visa unless you are in the aux program. Usually academies hire Teachers from the U.K. I got lucky with my academy but there are also plenty of private lessons available in the city.

What kind of education background did you have before you got into the auxiliaries program?

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Just a bachelors in anything really. I'm not even sure if it's required. It's not very competitive and it's first come first serve when the application process starts. The application process of 2018-19 is open now if you are thinking about it the next school year though.

I'm in a 2 qb league and my two starters haven't been elite all year. Keenum was great until this week and Garapolo during the playoffs. I still haven't won yet but those two deserve a shoutout for getting me this far

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I was just in Yangshuo - Guilin, nearish to Xingping. LOTS of tourism. Huge amounts of development aswell. China does not fuck around when it comes to development. They just close off an entire part of wherever a new town is being built and pack in so many resources and people and build a whole town from the ground up. It's incredible to see.

In Yangshuo in particular, there are a lot of outdoors activities. Climbing / hiking / abseiling. It's all very popular, and it's good to see lots of Chinese businesses springing up around it. The people are very friendly, and the city was actually very clean (800,000 people I think). No pollution, no rubbish on the street, np sewerage smell.

10/10 would recommend.

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Uhhhhh.... Yangshuo is only about 300,000 people in the entire county, so not like a big city in Guilin. Sorry for nitpicking but that number was just so far off. You are not wrong about the development part, but Yangshuo still feels more like a town and not a sprawling metropolis in my opinion. The way you made it sound confused me.

Source: lived there for a year

In my 2 QB League I started with Eli, Bradford and Sieman. After week 1 I looked like I got steals in Bradford and Sieman. Then injuries or poor qb play happened. Picked up Keenum after Bradford went down and now I have Garapolo. Luckily I hit on all my first 5 draft picks: Julio (dissapointing, yes, but still reliable), Gurley, Fournette, Jeffrey, Golden.

I always have to leave a comment when someone posts a picture of Guangxi.

Yangshuo and Xingping are also good places to visit especially if you like rock climbing.

Context: A guy I know donated his kidney to his brother.

Insult by another friend: You're just the son they use as the organ donor for the son they actually love!

Fred McFeely Rogers from Mr Rogers Neighborhood.

My entire childhood would be brought into question. Imagine one of the most geniune people on the planet turn out to be a serial rapist or pedophile.

That would be worse than the Bill Cosby and Jimmy Savile combined.

46 from Tate and Ebron. I hope for 10 from Ebron and 36 from Tate. It's possible, right? Right?!

I have heard good things about Xiamen, worth checking out.

As for my experience, I lived in Yangshuo, Guilin and I had an amazing experience there. I do not know if it was even in the Tier system, but it was a huge resort town with lots of tourists and a pretty good size expat community given the size of the town. I recommend just looking at a few pictures on google to get an idea of why it is such a huge draw for people from all over the world. The pay is lower than any of the cities or most other places in China, but I was still able to save anywhere from 300-500 USD per month. I also had a free apartment included that was like a 5 minute walk to my school or a 1 minute scooter ride.

The lifestyle is very laid back. Lots of rock climbing in the area if you are into that. Lots of backpackers come through as well. The night life is nothing like a big city due to the size, but the weekends are plenty of fun. I was able to walk in any bar and find at least two or three people I know. Once you get involved in the Expat community, you eventually meet most all of the expats in the town. The English level is not too bad in most places due to the heavy tourism industry there. I really can't complain much about the place, I had the time of my life. Haha

I know you said pollution was a factor, but if you go to any city in China you will have days of heavy pollution. Where I lived, most days were fine, but it does rain a lot due to monsoon season. I know you said you wanted more cosmopolitan, but I found most big cities in China pretty disgusting in regards to the pollution especially during the winter. You just need to know what you are willing to handle. The more South or West in China, usually less pollution, but the big cities are still an issue in my opinion. I loved where I was and would not go anywhere else if I ever went back to live there again. One of the most breath-taking places I have ever seen.

Good luck. 好运

I see a lot of similarities to my surgery in the comments, but my surgery story may add a few interesting details.

When I was about 13, I needed to have heart surgery to replace an artificial valve in my heart that was put in when I was an infant. I have had 3 previous heart surgeries before, so this was treated as something routine that just needed to be done eventually.

After asking me a handful of questions to make sure I am in a relatively stable condition, they take me to the operating room, inject an IV and I am already getting a bit drowsy. Then, once they put the anesthesia "mask" on and ask for me to count backward from a hundred. I remember that then waking up in a completely different room. Others mentioned they felt a little groggy, but I remember waking up and not being able to even move my eyelids or any part of my body at all. I do not remember how long this lasted, but it was such a strange feeling to be completely unable to move anything while completely awake. I believe it was due to the length of time I was under anesthesia, around 6 or 7 hours, I think. Yours may not last as long, but I haven't heard anyone mention this sensation right after waking from surgery.

Additionally, I had a breathing tube in me, which did the breathing for me while I was asleep. I had to train myself to purposefully breath without help from the machine. This took some time to adjust. After they took the breathing tube out, I was so weak, I could barely talk, so I resorted to using hand gestures for the next few hours. The morphine kicked in and I fell back asleep shortly after that. After the first day, things went smoothly from there apart from having five or six residents and nurses help remove a chest tube, which was more funny than painful.

After a few days in the hospital, I was sent home. Although, I could not walk very fast or comfortably for a few days, due to being told to stay in bed for 4 straight days and having semi-serious open heart surgery.

TL;DR Heart Surgery kind of sucks

There was a woman who would regularly have orgies or sex parties about once or twice a month. She would invite people from work all the time. I was invited once, but said I had plans. I worked in a distribution center, so not the greatest looking people in the world.

Also at the same place, there was a manager who was convicted of distributing child pornography. They gave a leave of absence so he can serve his prison time and let him come back after he served his time. I always got a bad vibe from that guy.

I'm glad I don't work there anymore.

This was not me, but a fiend of a friend went to "interview" at a restaurant to be a server. They said she could work that night to see if she could cut it. After one night of "interviewing" they never called her back. They were probably short staffed and needed someone for the night. Real shady if you ask me.

A few interesting facts about this place.

If you are lucky, you may see someone rockclimbing it around the whole thing. Literally they are hanging from the top of the arch by just their tip of their toes and fingers. Kind of cool.

If you get a chance to walk up it, there is a small path at the top of the tourist trail that will let you walk to the top of the arch. It is slighly hidden with thick brush, but you can see a small dirt path diverging from the trail. A slighly better view in my opinion.


This movie is just boring in my opinion. Why does he want to be a gangster? Just because. Why does Michelle Pfieffer's character marry him? Just because. No explanation or any type of exposition that made me care about anyone in the movie. Why should I feel bad about his sister dying when there was no character development in the movie.

Al Pacino may be a good actor, but here he is just mumbling his words with almost no range other than angry or more angry. The final scene where everyone is going after him is memorable, but the most famous line is mumbled as well. I even think the movies that parody this scene are better than his delivery.

On top of everything, every wannabe gangster has misinterpreted the message of the movie. When I see a poster in my old high school friend's room, I understand why they never left their hometown.

Conclusion: Just a dumb, boring movie.

Oh god. I lived here for a year. One of the most breath-taking places on the planet. What you don't realize is that these types of mountains go for miles and theres hundreads if not thousands of them. Some of the best rock-climbing in the world. I could walk about 5-10 minutes and find a place to rock climb whenever I wanted. Halong Bay in Vietnam looks very similar, but Yangshuo has a special place in my heart. The pollution does not effect this place nearly as much as most places in China. Worth a visit.

Could you expand on your wonderful experiences in Yangshuo? Favourite eateries, activities, best rock climbing location?

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For rock climbing, Swiss Cheese, The Egg, Wine Bottle, White Mountain, and Chicken Cave if you are more experienced. Baby Frog is good for beginners or the less experienced. As for other activities, bike rides or scooter rides are fun through the country side. There are some "beaches" nearby. They are not really beaches just decent spots to go swimming in the Spring and Summer. You can rent a scooter at The DMZ bar near West Street if you want to travel further into the countryside, which is definitely worth it.

For food, Chun-ji is the big restaurant all Chinese people love. Personally, I prefer Cloud 9 near the begining of West Street for Chinese food, which also has a cooking class if you are into that. If you like Indian food, go to Gangas, its the best food in Yangshuo. If you are looking for western comforts, Minority, The Lounge, and The Brew are good spots. Recently, they opened a knockoff KFC which I think is better than the KFC in town.

For nightlife, The Rusty Bolt is the climbers bar if you want to meet all the climbers in town. Most people usually start their night here. If you just want to chill out a bit, The Lounge is cool for having a beer and hanging out. They have events almost every night, like poker, open-mic, trivia, etc. If you just want to forget how you got home last night, go to Bad Panda or The DMZ. Bad Panda has the famous 10 shot challenge where you get a free tshirt if you finish ten shots before a song ends. The DMZ is a North Korean themed bar that also serves as a travel agency for North Korean tours. Kaya bar is an ok reggae bar. Monkey Jane is a decent party hostel/bar with the Snake Challenge but a little small.

I think that covers most of it.

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