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mistysquyres 1 point

That’s why our country is in bad shape because of that type of attitude!!!!

moonocean 1 point

Our country is in bad shape because of people like Hillary Clinton who are allowed to openly practice voodo!

FirstTimerSC2 -1 points

Burning is a metaphore for hell.

moonocean 3 points

Because a 2000 year old book told you so!

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moonocean commented on a post in r/movies
moonocean -4 points

I guess you've never seen any horror movie ever...this jump scare is pretty generic

VexonCross 7 points

The point is that it isn't a horror movie, and horror movies have gotten incredibly lazy by just blaring loud noises and throwing something creepy-looking onto the screen suddenly.

This one's great because it goes completely against character for Bilbo from everything we've seen of him up until that point and it only reinforces what we know about the Ring as a dangerous artifact. The fact that you can scare an audience by reaffirming a plot point in an unexpected flash of screen time is what makes it good. There's not a single horror movie jump scare I can think of that is as effective at telling a story as this scene is.

moonocean -2 points

Have you ever seen the American version of the ring?

moonocean commented on a post in r/movies
moonocean 189 points

Nice to see A Quiet Place doing well. Good for John, the horror genre, and paramount.

moonocean commented on a post in r/howtonotgiveafuck
itswhatsername 10 points

Shave the side of your head? I've heard that helps

moonocean 38 points

Shaved my head (I'm a guy)

itswhatsername 0 points

You're so brave! Send pic

moonocean 24 points

please tell me that this post and all your comments are satirical

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LeMortSaisitLeVif 10 points

Damn, Marxism debunked

moonocean -11 points

just pointing out the hypocrisy

LeMortSaisitLeVif 6 points

It's hypocritical how? No, please, how does using technology mean we can't critique things? I really, really don't see how using a phone somehow invalidates what I have to say

moonocean -3 points

Yea how it is hypocritical? care to explain yourself OP?

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OB1-knob 2 points

Save your time and don't click on this piece of trash. It's just a Conservative Letter-To-The-Editor shitpiece saying "UBI is stupid 'cuz Commies and Jesus".

Fuck OP for being a POS

moonocean -3 points

Apparently I can't share an alternate viewpoint....looks like a liberal snowflake got triggered!

moonocean commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCool
K10RumbleRumble 3 points

She really was. Not one person has a bad memory about her. The couple people left that have known her since she was 16-18 anyways. Married to my pap for 62 years, raised 4 kids by herself while my pap was driving truck to provide for his family. She never judged anyone by anything other than the kind of person they were at heart, and didn't judge a family member about anything. She took care of everyone, and anyone she could. She was my first friend, and I wish everyone could have a grandmother like her.

moonocean 4 points

Wow, that's quite heartwarming. Everyone deserves a good grandmother.

moonocean 1 point

She looks like she was an amazing person! Thanks for sharing

moonocean commented on a post in r/boxoffice
moonocean 36 points

Stupid article, how is a film like red sparrow an “event” movie? Also, Pacific Rim 2 and Ready player one haven’t even been released...but somehow the writer of this article knows that black panther will ultimately take away from their respective grosses.It’s certainly possible, but we should at least wait until those films come out.

Finally, should we really consider it “terrifying” that a culturally relevant, high quality, marvel superhero movie is making more than some mediocre video game adaptation that no one really cares about? It’s pretty obvious why black panther is doing so well...especially considering it’s going up against mostly mediocre/bad movies that aren’t connecting with audiences to the same extent of black panther.

More clickbait trash from Forbes.

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