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moonocean commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
VymI 2 points

Wow, that went...intense very quickly.

edit - oh, I see what you're doing

moonocean 1 point


VymI 1 point

Do you or do you not have stairs in your house?

moonocean 1 point

I had them replaced with elevators

Cudders33 13 points

Congrats and if you are the husband, good job on the gun fingers you are toting. Be careful with them though. They can take out an eye if you aren't being mindful. If you are the bride, congrats on having a husband with powerful gun fingers. He will be able to protect you from bears and other scary wild life. I hope the two of you have a very happy life together and I wish the two of you the best.

moonocean 6 points

I'm actually the photographer...

edit: I'm the husband!

[deleted] 2 points


moonocean 1 point


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moonocean commented on a post in r/worldnews
seewolfmdk 3 points

There are many factors involved in this, such as the situation. If you're in a business meeting with Germans, we usually don't beat around the bush and exchange pleasantries. In public, we are like the Scandinavian stereotype: We don't talk to strangers if it can be avoided. Regarding getting to know Germans: There may be a higher "barrier" to get into their circle of friends.

moonocean 1 point

found the german

PurplePeopleProctor 9 points

Really? How so?

moonocean -8 points

Very rude, uninviting. I realize that stating an opinion like this goes against the hive mind, but whatever.

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moonocean commented on a post in r/worldnews
--AJ-- 13 points

Utterly fucking ashamed to be an American. Fuck you Donnie, and fuck your entire administration. Fuck your supporters too.

What a bunch of disgraces.

moonocean -2 points

Yea! posting a comment on reddit! That'll show 'em!

--AJ-- -1 points

Shut it.

moonocean 2 points

Sorry, I’m literally immune to reddit comments. Try again, and be better.

WednesdayLG 2 points

No Elon Musk thinks that fun is an important part of a major company once the company is a safe place to work.

moonocean -3 points

Not sure why reddit acts like musk is the savior of humanity

pobody 7 points

OP thinks a reasonable internal memo is a good opportunity to shit on a CEO.

Musk addressed all the major concerns, one by one, without smoke and mirrors, so piss off.

moonocean -7 points

The Musk shills are out in full force today!

moonocean -10 points

Edit: wow! thanks for the feedback guys! my dad is recovering nicely, for any of those wondering! I'll keep you posted!

VerySuperGenius 57 points
moonocean -12 points

He posed for this particular photo. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

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