Netflix is reportedly working on a news show to rival '60 Minutes' by helpmeredditimbored in television

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Didn’t HBO already do this and he delivered an unwatchable cartoon pilot? Either way, I don’t care what he makes or who he makes it for. I just need him back in my life.

Trump looking at adding impeachment lawyer to White House team by narbz in politics

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That just what he paid to keep her quiet. I’m sure the invoice for the creepy sex was so much more.

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg called before grand jury, says he will refuse to go by RidleyScotch in politics

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I hate to be grim but he sounds like a man who is afraid for his life or is preparing to take his own. I cannot believe what I just saw.

The Parka Kings - Radio Song by Freeball_Friday in Ska

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Mark from Skolars/Telegraph here. Please tell me you still have this tape? I have never seen a tape of this show and I remember the entire night being bat shit crazy. So much fun.

Fried Vermicelli by Scaulbylausis in blackmagicfuckery

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Old guy coming here to second this! It was a truly awesome show and at a young age it taught me a lot about the importance of not only knowing where your food comes from, but also how to respect nature/ingredients, your elders and laid a foundation for basic cooking skills even to a child. If I could hug and thank him I would. I still reference those episodes all the time.

Howard Dean: I think Devin Nunes is going to jail eventually by r1ckj0526 in politics

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I came here to say this. I think it is just a matter of time before we learn that he had his own little side deal going on with the Russians.

Telegraph (The Skolars) - Should've Stayed Home Tonight by rebelbaserec in Ska

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We put most releases up on our bandcamp site for free download if anyone wants to go back and revisit any of it.


Did you have side effects under Prednisone by brobeusswagrid in Asthma

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Ditto this and add some bloating if it is an extended burst. The irritability really is the worst part.

Our family dog by Crowley-57 in aww

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I thought this was a Norman Rockwell painting at first glance.

Music lovers of Reddit, what is the one song that made you feel so much? by toby1canoby in AskReddit

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“I Want You” by Elvis Costello. A chilling and brutal yet beautiful song. You feel every word.

What podcasts do you listen to? by DedicatedLurker88 in AskReddit

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“Beautiful Anonymous” is fantastic. “Improv4humans” for a good laugh.

Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies aged 46 by vernazza in europe

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What a wonderful woman. We owe her so much thanks. Rest peacefully.

Always has that leg kicked up. Is this a pug thing? Lol. by p3nnydr3adful in pugs

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Not an expert by any means: but I have always been told that one paw up while sitting is a sign of insecurity or indecision.

Built a 15' x 22' mini ramp in my indoor pool by Swiftmania in skateboarding

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This is super sick and something most of us only dream about. But, I gotta ask... how loud is this ramp? It’s gotta be an echo chamber, right?

Reddit, how do you subtly fuck with your coworkers? by zappy487 in AskReddit

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When we have free donuts in the office I make it a special point to take a chocolate one into the only bathroom and give a quick smear on the toilet seat. Maybe some finger prints on the toilet paper roll. Then I’ll rip off a chunk and throw it in the toilet and wait a few minutes for it to break down a little. I then sneak back to my office and wait for the screams.

I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. No one has ever figured it out.

Mike Park comes back to Korea for two shows with The Bruce Lee Band by [deleted] in Ska

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Lynette Knackstedt died in 2006. I can’t see it happening without her.

Chinese Vegetable Cleavers? by InsaneLordChaos in AskCulinary

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America’s Test Kitchen just did a review/comparison. The winner was $40 from Amazon. I bought it immediately out of curiosity and it is now my favorite knife.