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mrilly commented on a post in r/nba
JeffKaplanIsDaddy 336 points

last year kyrie

this year Jimmy


mrilly 228 points

You're forgetting about Kawhi

JeffKaplanIsDaddy 164 points

Kawhi was a year in the making but Butler and Kyrie's issues came out during the summer

mrilly 14 points

Kawhi demanded a trade this summer and Butler and Kyrie apparently were unhappy for awhile as well

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mrilly commented on a post in r/nba
NickDerpkins 327 points

Idk why this isn’t catching on like a top post page

This is an emotional post from a HOF player saying their career has one last year.

Idk how y’all feel about wade but growing up halfway between Miami and Orlando, I chose the magic as my fandom which is cool and all but every morning in high school at the time we would talk about D Wade and Howard. What they were doing and the impact they had and games the night before. Even my first period teachers (if they were young enough in the case) would take 10 minutes out of the day to talk about the game(s) the night before cause them two.

Then Lebron came to town and that shit blew the fuck up

Respect to D Wade, I’ll miss you being in the league

mrilly 148 points

YouTube vid + 10 minutes long. If it was an IG vid and 40 seconds this would catch like wildfire

mrilly commented on a post in r/nba
themiddlestHaHa 4 points

Curry is just as big of face as LeBron is right now.

If you ask someone who doesn't know anything about basketball, those the two guys you gonna hear every time

mrilly 4 points

Disagree. I've met so many older people who know about LeBron and Jordan and even Shaq and Kobe but have no clue about Curry. Curry is a part of a stacked team so he's never been considered "The Man" even as part of his own team, and he and keeps confined to the basketball world.

mrilly commented on a post in r/nba
salmon10 132 points

Remember his 30 point 1st quarter

mrilly 15 points

Fuck Kyrie for keeping him from breaking the record. A minute and a half to go, Love has 34, and you refuse to pass him the ball? Dumb as hell

mrilly commented on a post in r/nba
TheLeBrontoRaptors 166 points

LeBron told the media Draymond called him the B word. He clearly doesn't follow that rule himself.

mrilly 1 point
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