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jimbuie211 3 points

Bro 2004 was good, but if you watched raw since the beginning and you lived thru 97,98,99 2000, 01,02,03 and you watch 04 you would say man this ain’t as good as what I watched a few years ago!

Its like kids today who watch mtv and in a few years will say mtv sucks because it’s not what it was when they used to watch.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 2 points

Right. Nostalgia.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd commented on a post in r/jobs
ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 1 point

They should offer you an amount before you accept it. Finding it odd that you received an acceptance without compensation indicators also.

JesseWarChild 0 points

It's not a big time job or anything. The posting stated $15-$20/hr & 40hrs/wk. I'll wait until after memorial day to reach out asking for an official offer letter. Thanks for your input!

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 1 point

Yeah that notice for compensation alone sounds sketchy. But check it out.

Hey_Girl_Send_Nudes_ -3 points

Maybe take a peak for yourself instead of expecting someone else to do it? It was probably edited for the DVD release and those are what’s being uploaded to the network.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 3 points

Lmfao it’s a fucking question because no I didn’t see it but maybe I had missed it.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd commented on a post in r/jobs
ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 1 point

They aren’t required. You could be subject to random drug testing based on the company but usually they’d tell you about it beforehand. It’s a safer bet to be clean regardless. Plus if you are working fucked up then it can reflect negatively on you as an overall performer.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd commented on a post in r/SquaredCircle
Cocoapebbles58 79 points

Ah, but are you a BROKEN German?


ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 1 point

Knew this was coming. Not disappointed.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 166 points

He sounds like he is speaking broken German. That was the most interesting thing ever. There was still a story being told if you paid attention. Fucking fascinating.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd commented on a post in r/jobs
ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 2 points

I hate that. I’ve gotten that from actual companies not even startups. I don’t know if that is a new thing but the only thing you can do once you finish asking your prepared questions is to say “my questions were answered through the conversation with __ but if any more arise I will let you know”. Or you could ask for next steps in the interview process or ask how the interview process is going so far in terms of narrowing down candidates for the role. You are applying for an internship though so I think your chances at getting the role are a lot higher than a full time position. Companies tend to keep asking that if they feel the conversation is over. They would only ask once at the end to make sure that you do have questions but asking over again like that is just repetitive. Those situations are weird and you answered just fine and if they thought differently then the position is not for you where you deserve better.

OneDogeToRuleThemAll 1 point

Do you get sick more frequently than before you lived with him?

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 2 points

Noo fortunately because I wash my hands a lot plus we have a maid.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd commented on a post in r/jobs
ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 1 point

I had a very similar situation in my first job where my supervisor made joking antisemitic comments to me on a daily basis about how Jews are cheap, that’s such a Jewish thing to do, etc. I raised the issue to the owner and he was like “ehh that’s just Kevin; I honestly would fire him because he’s a POS but he’s all I’ve got for now to do what I need here”. Kevin made other highly outdated and inappropriate comments to me on a regular basis about women, Muslims, used the word “retarded” as if it were air, etc.

Bring it up with management if possible. Otherwise ignore it and just do your job so you can build time on your resume.

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd commented on a post in r/jobs
ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 11 points

Why are you so happy in this post? Lol.

papajo_r 10 points

because laying down assuming the fetal position and start crying nonstop wont be very much helpful :P

ms13ytppwdpwweasdfdd 1 point

Good point 😂😜.

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