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munkin commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
stonegiant4 20 points

As someone who recently started playing pubg I agree. The most frustrating part is playing your first 30 games and only getting into a fight that wasn't a one sided "got shot by God knows who" about half the time.

It's frustrating to have like 5 hours played and only like 5 minutes of combat to practice with the weapons. I just wish pubg had an arcade mode to get used to how the weapons/controls behave and feel.

munkin 1 point

I was where you are 4 months ago when I started. It's really hard at first, but once you start the grasp the game its SO FUN to see yourself improve.

I would really advocate playing duos or squads, you generally get a lot more practice in those modes than solo. For short range practice don't be afraid to empty part or all of a clip if ammo allows and you are isolated into a wall and try to figure out the spray patterns and what you can get away with.

munkin commented on a post in r/paradisofestival
munkin 4 points

Don't camp in district 9 if you value sleep

newbie4eva 7 points

We don’t need party poopers in GA camping. It’s not impossible to sleep, unless your a pansy. It’s called earplugs

munkin 2 points

Why do you think GA has had the nickname of District 9? Because its so well organized and you can sleep there? Its a FACT that its far easier to sleep anywhere else period. I would wager that District 9 is the most challenging place to sleep in the entire state during Paradiso.

Its fine if you want to party your ass off in GA, but my tip is the truth full stop. Your post is just stupid man, if you don't want "party poopers" then why would you advocate against my advice that encourages said "party poopers" to camp somewhere else.

This may shock you, but you can actually camp in premier/gold/terrace and party in GA while still having the option of sleeping without a rogue sound system 20 ft away playing until 5am.

munkin commented on a post in r/nba
ThisIsMy5thAcc 62 points

Raptors too

munkin 3 points

Sonic fans are on board as well. KD is pretty much the last Sonic I can cheer for.

TriceratopsArentReal 32 points

You’re saying this is a warriors/rockets thread. No two teams hate the thunder more lol

munkin 0 points


munkin commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
Dr_Findro 8 points

Dammit, I remembered that one of the grips was trash, but I thought it was the thumb grip. I used so many lightweight grips yesterday.

munkin 2 points

Thumb is prolly the best imo, especially on the SMGs. Quick ADS is pretty damn important

munkin commented on a post in r/KronosWoW
munkin 2 points

It's essentially bis all game for tanks, so most will just give them to tanks in case their MT quits. Not having TF is a huge deal, especially on horde.

fuckfuck9001 1 point

Why is it a bigger deal on horde vs alliance?

munkin 4 points

due to the lack of blessing of salvation, and the fact that many horde guilds don't run a ton of shaman which is their only way to get threat reduction via totem. So alliance has a reliable 30% threat reduction on their entire raid, while horde gets a 20% reduction totem just in groups that have a shaman that isn't dropping windfury instead. Both are air totems so you have to choose 1, and windfury is stronger.

munkin commented on a post in r/nfl
VaJordanNc 34 points

Charlotte and by extension the Carolinas are a top 10 market in the NFL and that is only going to improve. We should be fine, but you never know.

I am really worried about him wanting a new stadium. Ours is perfect where it is.

munkin 1 point

YOU NEVER KNOW! True words to live by.

WastedFrog 85 points

Nobody would move the team. You'd basically be moving into a worse market no matter where you go and making a giant gap in the market where you just left. it just doesn't make sense. There isn't anywhere in the country with as big a market and no competition.

Besides, JR is a NC man through and through. I'd be shocked if he sold the team to anyone who would even think about moving them.

munkin 1 point

Tell that to OKC. Don't ever accept that its a given, you need to fight for your team.

munkin commented on a post in r/KronosWoW
vaarsuv1us 7 points

they did kill him 1 minute faster though, so its a mystery why they were behind, they should have been able to kill everything faster? Maybe getting the douses was the key?

munkin 5 points

VG wiped to Rag with no wipe protection, and that cost em the race.

munkin commented on a post in r/wowservers
munkin 1 point

Lol its going to be like this with every single raid launch on kronos. Kronos had fairly good working raids and decided they wanted to redo a bunch of stuff, so you guys get to experience the Kronos growing pains all over again. Let me tell you it was painful, its horrible they are putting players through that again.

munkin commented on a post in r/wowservers
DrearyYew 3 points

Affliction is the weakest of the 3 specs until ToC when you can get enough haste to hit caps. Destro is the strongest until then, but falls off pretty quick because it hits both Crit and Haste caps really fast.

munkin 1 point

Eh, not in my experience. Our meters are top 3 affliction, #4 is our demo, and we have the 2nd fastest PW on server.

vycras 1 point

Which guild is that with the server's 2nd fastest patchwerk ?

munkin 1 point

Group Therapy, we are 4 secs off the fastest time as of a week ago.

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munkin commented on a post in r/wowservers
Truth_is_PAIN 19 points

The amount of people gleefully rubbing their hands together in anticipation of Gummy's failure on this subreddit is downright disturbing.

I don't even play there and probably never will but it's sickening the levels of spite on display. The site is down for a few hours and suddenly "it's all over!! I TOLD YOU SO!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

I knew this place was a toxic cesspool sometimes but fuck me.

munkin 0 points

Don't worry, I'm sure Gummy has a plan for everything ;). Are you really surprised we don't want a server run by a proven scumbag to succeed? Less than a year ago he screwed over ~20k people and lied about it. He screwed over people years ago as well. So here's a guy with a proven track record of screwing people over, and you are "disturbed" people want that to fail?

Bhagort22 3 points

screwed over people by not having time to manage the server while a student screwed over people by not providing a free service to them on their terms and instead provided it 6 months later


munkin 1 point

the truth hurts doesn't it?

munkin commented on a post in r/aves
ReflexEight 1 point

I much prefer this venue over Red Rocks. It can actually start to be called a festival now.

munkin 3 points

Yeah, now its festival number 78 that's held in a parking lot, instead of being at arguably the best outdoor amphitheater in the USA. For everyone that doesn't live in the area, this is a HUGE downgrade. Let me know how many people are willing to drive ~20h to a god damn parking lot festival. Worse acoustics, ugly, hotter due to the pavement absorbing heat, but sure its actually a festival now. lol

ReflexEight 4 points

I mean, I live in CO and the only thing Red Rocks has going for it is the view. Did you go last year to GDF? The music was obviously louder by a large margin, they had multiple stages with good lighting and the DJs not playing mainstage actually had a crowd, they had carnival rides, better food, dressed up actors walking around, easier to move rather than being stuck at one spot. I much prefer the parking lot over Red Rocks for that event.

munkin 1 point

That's the thing man, pretty much every single state has AT LEAST one, if not multiple festivals that are in parking lots. The locals may very well enjoy and prefer the parking lot festival, but that's only because you have constant access to shows at Red Rocks. There's nothing unique about GDF anymore, its just festival #78 in a parking lot.

I'll give my personal example. I'm going down to CO that weekend for my buddies bachelor party. The very same buddy that first even heard about GDF, and advocated for us to drive down to Red Rocks in 2010 to see Deadmau5, Rusko, and a bunch of other great acts that year. Half his bachelor party was at that 2010 festival. When the group heard that GDF was the same weekend as the bachelor party, people were initially very pumped and we added GDF as an option for at least one of the evenings, especially since the bachelor is a HUGE Deadmau5 fan (he made his own Mau5 head from scratch and managed to get it signed at a Seattle show).

As soon as we figured out that GDF was being held at a parking lot, all the interest died instantly despite the lineup being strong for our tastes.

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munkin commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
CrockImposter -1 points

Why should poor people pay a higher percentage of their incomes? Why do you support regressive, anti-poor taxes? Do you hate poor people?

Because the wealthier person had more monetary flexibility, while the poor person is more constrained. Poor people pay a higher tax rate than rich people do in Seattle. Yet, for poor person, there is high marginal utility of every dollar spent, they have less money for basic needs. Rich people have less marginal utility of their dollars, and have more excess money.

munkin 1 point

Do you hate poor people?

iWorkoutBefore4am 0 points

Eesh. To how people have view points such as yours is disturbing. The system is working fine. Don’t be upset that it isn’t working for you specifically.

munkin 1 point


munkin commented on a post in r/wowservers
ssjgdx 0 points

Ohh 3,9k online on Angrathar. Is that number real? Is Sunwell pay to win server?

munkin 1 point

Angrathar hit a new peak of 5.5k on Saturday. The things you can pay for are x4 exp, heirlooms, vanity mounts, bigger bags, and some pets and stuff. Check out their "store" and see if any of that comes off as Pay to Win for you.

munkin commented on a post in r/wowservers
bjj_stu -7 points

I mean, if we want to talk of exploits then Nost/Ely was the pinnacle. I don't know what it's like now but last I paid attention (a few months ago) they didn't even have a working anti-cheat. You could speed hack, wall climb and teleport to pretty high levels without it being detected.

The Kronos instance reset was fixed years ago, pre-Nost invasion. I was on the server at the time and never knew about it. A couple guilds definitely abused it. Lets not pretend that Nost doesn't have it's own little bugs and exploits.

I've done months of Kronos Naxx and never had the problem with video settings. My computer is 7 years old as well. It may be a problem with certain video drivers. I also think it's a bullshit excuse that some use when they die in a voidzone or stand in Blizzard on Sapph.

munkin 7 points

Lol no. I was part of the nost invasion, and they fixed the instance reset exploit in September of 2016. Nost Closed on April 11th. Pretty much every single Ironfoe on that server was farmed using that method. Why do you think arcane crystals were 10g a piece? DM E tunnel miners using the exploit. That wasn't even the worst way they abused it.

You didn't need to install any 3rd party programs to do that, it was just in the game. I didn't even need to get told how to instance reset, I did it by accident when farming NR gear from Mara. I tried to force a teleport to the entrance which worked on Nost, and instead it left me at the same spot (next to the elemental boss) and had reset the entire instance.

Force logging worked for even longer, they sorta fixed it when naxx released.

You want me to list everything Kronos mega screwed up? I literally kept a word document detailing all the crap that went wrong. I'm sure you know all about the scripting problems that Nost/Anathema had since you so sure that Kronos was better. How about you tell me some things Nost screwed up, and ill list what Kronos screwed up, and we see who runs outta content first.

Nost/Anathema had a lot of their own issues, but to say that Kronos is better is blatantly untrue.

bjj_stu 1 point

10g Arcane Crystals? I don't know about alliance but on Horde they always hovered between 20 and 30g for as long as I can remember. Every Ironfoe, huh? No. I know at least 3 guys who farmed legit. Probably every Vanguard one was dodgy though, since they exploit everything. Do you have the bug report for when they fixed it?

Don't really want to be here all night debating but, dude, no-anti cheat for almost the entire life of the server. Nothing beats that. That's a licence to do anything.

Kronos fucked a lot of things up no doubt. Naxx was shit when they released it. Bug fixes from ptr weren't applied to the server on Naxx release for some bizarre reason. Saph and KT were a fucking mess. That's one of the frustrating things with Kronos. They wait until everyone is pissed to bother fixing a problem. Like, if it was that easy to fix then what was stopping you before?

munkin 3 points

Look and im not saying Kronos isn't fun. A lot of my favorite WoW memories were made on Kronos, and Nost/Anathema certain had it's share of issues. But to jump into your reply.

"Pretty Much every single Ironfoe" doesn't mean "Every Ironfoe". I can personally say that the majority of ironfoes on alliance were farmed using this method. I know Risen did it, I know Rag Monday did it, and I know VG did it. Not everyone in those guilds knew about it, but I know for a fact that people in those guilds used that method. Maybe the exploit wasn't used much on Horde, I didn't have a horde char on that server and can't speak towards it.

As for the bug report, they didn't exactly advertise that this exploit existed. I don't think they ever directly referenced it in any bug report or any GM statement. I can just promise you that September was when it was fixed, because I had guildies that were using it up until they fixed the exploit. Most of them were banned at that same point, but that didn't stop the hundreds of arcane crystals, and 10s of thousands of gold being generated from vendors from entering the economy. All of them didn't even have all their accounts banned, just the ones that directly used the exploit.

As for the lack of anti cheat, that doesn't mean that those ppl weren't found and weren't punished. I didn't personally see anyone abusing that, and due to the obvious nature of that kind of exploit those things were caught and dealt with for the most part. You really think of the 10k players there, that those exploits were widely abused yet no one caught em? You would be instant news if you had footage of that. It certainly happened, but on a very limited basis that was caught.

Look, I'm not even saying that Nost/Anathema was really full on better than Kronos, both had a lot of issues in their infancy, and both continue to have issues to this day. Both are more than playable, and a joy to experience despite their flaws. I would personally give the edge to Nost/Anathema, but I arguably had more fun on Kronos just due to the community I had there.

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munkin commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
MakeTheWordCum -2 points

So... digging shit pits is the solution?

There are many many factors that go into this. Yes, many of these people suffer from addictions, mental illness, etc etc. Breaking it down to "kick out the junkies!" is so missing the issue.

munkin 5 points

And your solution is to just continue shitting wherever? Digging shit pits is a big improvement over the current situation.

TheElSean 48 points

And keep your Trashy RV off my fucking street. I’m sorry, it feels a little nimby-ish, but for fuck sake, they just dump trash out front. God knows when the meth cooking will go south and blow the RV up.

munkin 25 points

And that's a big part of it. Would people care if the RV people didn't leave trash and didn't increase the crime in their areas? I think the vast majority of residents here would be perfectly ok with RV dwellers if they just didn't dump a ton of trash, and didn't cause higher crime.

munkin commented on a post in r/AskReddit
cypherspaceagain 5,371 points

I saw it in the cinema with no particular expectations and I nearly died laughing. It is outstanding. I was massively enjoying it, and then the bit that convinced me, instantly, that it was the best Disney film I'd ever seen, was

"Wait... how did you get here before us?"

"Aha... wait, Kronk, how did we?"

Kronk pulls down map, complete with lightning strike

"You got me. By all accounts it doesn't make sense."

munkin 3 points

I read that in Kronks voice

munkin commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
smerfylicious 99 points

Leave it to our radical leftist council to kill our economic momentum in the name of throwing more money into the pot of "homelessness"...

We already throw away $60 million a year to it and it does nothing, because there's no accountability. Let's double that and get the same results!

munkin 60 points

And when the rest of the city tries to force accountability from homeless services, the city council circumvents that for their pet organizations. Corruption plain and simple

munkin commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
minicoop33 3 points

I have never understood why people drop hospital. The loot is okay if there’s only a couple of you but everytime the plane flies near George a bunch of people go there. The duplexes in George have less people and more loot IMO.

munkin 1 point


munkin commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
Ansible32 -2 points

The bigger problem with locating camps far from population centers, is that the long-term goal is getting people set up with legal work and permanent housing they can afford. Permanent housing is cheap far from population centers, but work is practically nonexistent.

munkin 19 points

Are you daft? Seattle costs a fortune, the average commute here has to be 35-40mins each way by now. Mine is 40mins each way, and somehow im supposed to be concerned that these homeless people might have to do THE SAME COMMUTE AS 70% OF THE CITY? Man what an overwhelming problem.

munkin commented on a post in r/wowservers
fabulousprizes 3 points

Depends what stage of vanilla you're talking about. Up to BWL Hunters are fine. After that they get surpassed by pretty much every other pure dps class.

munkin -1 points

Uh maybe if you are in a sub par guild hunters are fine. The problem with hunters is they scale for shit with world buffs because the bulk of the AP from them is melee only.

WileXane 1 point

any decent rogue/fury warrior will shit on any hunter in mc/bwl with proper gears, they are competitive at the beginning but nowhere near as good as pure dps class.

munkin 1 point

Yup, apparently the truth hurts these poor huntards. Feel free to look up the dps records of hunters on a MC server and they get blown the hell out by pretty much every class due to wbuffs.

munkin commented on a post in r/aves
lukumi 2 points

I was getting so much entertainment from reading the comments on their posts shortly after the WTF incident, like even their posts about new songs or upcoming tour stops were just getting wrecked. The thing I don't get, which I've mentioned before, is that they are only a mid-tier act and there are so many other similar artists that could fill their spot. I know people love that one tove lo remix or whatever, but it's not like they're a top-tier, one of a kind act. Even before that WTF incident, I never heard anybody say HS was their favorite artist, or even close. Why book them.

munkin 1 point

Their agent deserves a raise, that person earns their paycheck.

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