Woman complains that her Boyfriend smells like fish. by legit_truth in cringe

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There's way more to her teeth than just not going to the dentist. That's decades of drug abuse, probably meth. The dentist is important but teeth don't end up looking like that without some serious abuse.

My wife and I have officially been together for one Tomb Raider reboot. (17 years) by wert52 in pics

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I miss the proper tickets they used to give you, now they're just plain old receipts and they don't last long.

Hypnotherapist, 28, accused of having sex with 14-year-old boy by jimmyolsenblues in news

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Weird how it's always described as "sex" when it involves an underage boy and a woman and never statutory rape, why is that?

Russia will shoot down US missiles fired at Syria and retaliate against launch sites, says ambassador by tremble_and_despair in worldnews

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Also lucky enough Switzerland is one of the only places to have enough fallout shelters for the entire population and then some.

Russia is jamming American drones in Syria, officials say by SnoodleBooper in news

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I've lost the bleeps, I've lost the sweeps and I've lost the creeps

I just found out about stage 9, so far the experience has been awesome and this is my favourite screenshot so far by mushroomwig in stage9

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Thanks! I wish I had a beast machine though, I sacrificed soo many frames to bump everything up to max. Having an ultrawide monitor really adds to the cinematic feel of it though.

People who were once extras in TV shows or movies, what do you "talk about" when you're in the background "talking"? by KlyonneSpencer in AskReddit

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Not an extra but usually in scenes where people are talking in the background they're not actually talking at all but miming so there's no unwanted audio. It's easier to add in background noise in post rather than taking it out if you don't like it.

What, like the Wilhelm Scream, completely ruins your immersion in a TV programme or film? by Gingersnapandabrew in AskReddit

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People hanging up the phone without saying bye, I always imagine the character on the other end going "hello? hello!? son of a bitch just hung up on me, who does that?"

I mean, it’s going for a good price at least? by A-RATAY in sadcringe

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For a second there I thought the shadow belonged to somebody wearing a top hat and I was really confused

Have you been made fun of coz you were or are being too frugal? by moonstoofar in Frugal

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Not even close, the way the story was going I was picturing the phone was going to be something like a galaxy i7500, but an iPhone 5?! Who would laugh at that? That's crazy.

Me & My Small Katamari collection by Banshee667 in PS3

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Wow, I had no idea there were that many Katamari games! I just played the one of the PS2 a few weeks back, I'll have to grab the other ones too.