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muszka9 commented on a post in r/soccer
Seifer574 69 points

Boring James Milner should re brand himself as Boring Philippe Coutinho

muszka9 16 points

Especially when it now turned out that Milner meme game is top notch.

muszka9 commented on a post in r/soccer
HUGE_HOG 628 points

That 3rd goal where Kaka absolutely destroys Gerrard and plays an inch-perfect pass to Crespo who then chips the keeper is my all-time favourite goal against Liverpool

muszka9 56 points

I'm sorry but nothing can beat a goal by a beach ball as my all-time favourite goal against us!

do_you_smoke_paul 149 points

Favorite?! I was fucking fuming, I'm basically massacring my keyboard right now typing this i'm still so fucking pissed off by it. I've never trusted a beach ball since, the trecherous inflatable cunts.

muszka9 18 points

After all the rage has passed you gotta realise how ridiculous that goal was. Utter bollocks.

muszka9 commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
a5ph 130 points

That's a very long and exhausting drive. I wish him safe and well.

muszka9 54 points

30 hours of driving. That is dedication. I did a 5 hour drive this summer to Berlin to see us play for the first time but this is next level.

muszka9 commented on a post in r/killingfloor
MiuiKy 3 points

You tell me.. When I prestige my Firebug I was constantly aiming at the ground to do Ground Fire just to be remembered I only get that skill at Lv10..

And there's something I didn't knew.. It's just 30%+EXP ONCE?! I thought it would keep stacking +30% each time I prestige.. I mean, it would make more sense since you'll be reseting yourself back to Lv0 everytime, at least make it easier, geesh.. But then again, there isn't ANY incentive right now to prestige past one since there isn't any rewards yet so I'll just keep the Prestige 1 Lv25 in all perks until they do something about it (And I hope they stack the +30%EXP boost too..)

muszka9 3 points

So it isn't +30% on prestige lvl 1, +60% on lvl 2. +90 on lvl 3 etc.? That is so fucking shit, I'm gonna lvl my favourite class to prestige 1 and be done with it.

muszka9 commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
gerardmpatience 27 points

Why has this become a thing lately?

Someone did this down 1 the other day

ranked has gotten very annoying these past few months

muszka9 13 points

It happens sometimes even on Champ 2 level. Yesterday I played vs party of 2 + 1 random, 2 guys went for boost and the one who went for kick off was too slow for my wave dash kick off so I scored. They forfeited with the score 1-0 and 1 second of play...

muszka9 commented on a post in r/soccer
Gungerz 77 points

That's a really solid squad. Koulibaly and Sane is a fantastic defensive partnership, That midfield with Gueye and Kouyate among others is incredibly strong and athletic and then their attackers are great too. Definitely a chance for them to get out of the groups at least.

muszka9 18 points

I'm from Poland and if we're gonna choke like on every major tournament in the last 20 years except last Euro than I can see Senegal pipping us to 2nd place in the group.

muszka9 commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
kooltr 21 points

Too soon

muszka9 5 points

But we have to plan it in advance to notify police so they can keep the place safe for everyone. They can't just call in the next morning saying there will parade in 2 hours hope you guys have enough police force to send it on the streets.

muszka9 commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
1993ishi 8 points

I cannot handle the heart break if we lose.

muszka9 3 points

I made a 500 euro bet on Real to win. That way if we lose I will be fucking depressed but ar least I'll get some money out of it.

annist0910 1 point

Im going to cry for you (and in general) if we lose in a shootout :(

muszka9 2 points

It was a bet who will be a CL champion so draw and shoutouts doesn't matter.

Cierex96 1 point

But are champ players elite? Maybe like a finite number not based on ranks. Like top 1% of players in a playlist for rewards or something like that? Idk what percentage distribution champ is but I think champ 2 is like 1.something% in 3s so maybe not that just a thought

muszka9 1 point
XaajR 2 points

Diamond 1 player getting the same rewards as Champion 3 player just doesn't seem right as there is a gulf in skill difference between those two.

After your change i can say the following: Diamond 3 player not getting the same reward as Champion 1 player just doesn't seem right as there isnt a lot of skill difference between those two...

muszka9 1 point

But it's been like this for 7 seasons...

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muszka9 commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
WoodChuckGaming 160 points

lmao like they haven’t been backing him by alllowing funds for vvd and baby Keith and bidding for Lemar

muszka9 67 points

Don't forget breaking transfer record for Salah and signing Ox for 35 mln. They backed him all the way in the last year.

x77aca77x 172 points

When haven't they backed him?

muszka9 113 points

Yup, breaking the transfer record 3 times in half a year, what are they thinking!

muszka9 commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
w1nstar -1 points

Don't try to complain about something on reddit. You're likely going to be scolded for beign a kid.

muszka9 4 points

To be fair the last time we complained we got normal banners too instead of only dragons. So it does make a difference if we do it in a civilized manner.

ClutterButter 9 points

I like the logic behind the banner designs. It feels very Call Of Duty esque, in regards to the next prestige being more ‘detailed’. I am a fan of having colors different than the ranks, but I just feel the designs are underwhelming themselves. Other than that Goal explosions are just atrocious imo.

muszka9 3 points

It's a nice idea but without one more addition it's a failure. I'm talking of course about customized colours which would make those banners a passable reward.

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muszka9 commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
BurritoCon 29 points

I hit champ this season, but if these rewards are indicate of what's to come in future seasons.. it isn't really worth the grind.

muszka9 16 points

I got 6/12 wins last season and missed those sweet wheels. This season I got to Champ 2 and I'm getting a gold banner that looks much worse that a lot of other banners out there and I can't even customize the colour of it. This gotta be the worst reward ever.

muszka9 commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Spugine 299 points

I can see why people who got to champion might be upset now, not sure how I feel about the change.

I was hoping that the goal explosions would show the highest achieved rank but they seem really really rushed with the shared tiers and looking like worse atomizers.

muszka9 2 points

Champion ranks should have their own goal explosions as those are the elite (top2%) players of RL. Would it really be that hard to make the ball purple with f.e. white particiles? I think it would satisfy most champ players because really the same reward for Diamond 1 and Grand Chamipon players leaves a bad taste.

muszka9 commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Malularah 12 points

I hit Champ I this season as well. I'm a bit disappointed as well. I'll just keep chugging and getting better at Rocket League because at the end of the day I play to get better and have fun.

muszka9 3 points

Champion+ players are elite of RL, would it be that hard to make the ball purple with some white particles?

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