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muzau commented on a post in r/trees
muzau 52 points

Full time job normal social life and reasonable financial situation, I smoke on my way to the office and pretty much the rest of the day once I get off.

It's a lot different than when I was a freshman in college and just wanted to be stoned all day and not do anything.

Whether or not it's a bad idea really depends on the motivation behind it and its impact on your settings/surroundings.

edit: grammar

FutureLaDiDaDiDa 3 points

does nobody call you out about smelling loud as shit once you get to the office

also are you driving high lol that's not good

muzau 2 points

I usually take pretty good care not to. Beyond that I'll usually hit a bowl once or twice on the way there/back but that's not nearly stoned in an incapacitating sense

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muzau commented on a post in r/oddlysatisfying
graememacfarlane 3 points

My question is: if you turned the light off, would you notice a period of time between when the light goes out and when it gets dark? How bout if all surfaces had perfect reflection? I really want someone to make something that would just keep the light going or something

muzau 1 point

The bulb would be emitting a constant amount of light kind of like a billion different laser pointers in whatever direction. If you cut off the source the light is gone as it hasn't actually been stored anywhere just simply reflected like when you see yourself in a mirror then shut off the light. If you could see faster than the speed of light you would see each photon ray dissapearing in a kind of "delay" but you can't so effectively no.

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muzau 1 point

Theres a fine line between being extremely atheist and being a dick. If he's telling you your wrong for your belief he's just a dick. If you have a problem with him being an atheist and he's not making any noise about it you may just need to find a new roommate.

muzau commented on a post in r/Christianity
muzau 1 point

It may be worth noting that the definition of the world holy isn't fully accepted as "Sacred or Christ-like". In several traditions is is understand as "Set apart from" and could be an indication of christ like actions being symptomatically "set apart from" normalcy.

Genuine happiness and a decent moral character seem to go hand in hand already.

muzau commented on a post in r/islam
muzau 1 point

No. just. NO

Here are the current accepted numbers for the measurements of the scientifically accepted size of the universe.

Diameter‎: ‎8.8×1026 m (28.5 Gpc or 93 Gly)
Volume‎: ‎4×1080 m3 Mass (ordinary matter)‎: ‎1053 kg
Age‎: ‎13.799±0.021 billion years

in your measurement, the diamater (or distance to Allah) is ~1.6 x 1026 and then you quickly state that the matter that travels to 1.5x1026 becomes visually lost but that doesn't mean that it isn't still travelling much further. So much further in fact, that the distance to the edge of the known universe is 5.8x the distance that you're doing all these calculations around.

Math is cool, theology is even cooler, don't dilude your mind with delusions of grandeur my friend.

There's a not a passage in the Qur'an that implicitly defines the base number you're making all these calculations on. The articles that attempt to justify that number are absolutely as laden in pseudo science.

muzau commented on a post in r/pics
muzau -2 points

This is fantastic, glad you could be a part if it.

Just don't be one of the BSA moms that tries to teach boys how to be boys. It doesn't work, lol.

muzau 1 point

Downvote that all you want, personal experience here, never said she'd be like that.

You can't act like a Mother can teach every lesson a father or father figure can or act like a father can teach all the same lessons in the way and context that a Mother or mother figure could.

muzau commented on a post in r/islam
syclum -1 points

Never knew I could be banned for asking a non-provocative question

muzau 2 points

what is effectively "could i marry a six year old if I wanted" definitely falls under the category of provocative lol.

syclum 1 point

Then the action of Muhammad marrying a six year old is provocative in the first place?

muzau 1 point

I'm going to say several thousand years of changes in paradigm sort of provide a platform on which you know that's wrong in the context of the world we live in.

There is no atmosphere in this modern world where people believe that a person could do that for a legitmate and genuinely loving reason. That may not have been the case then.

muzau commented on a post in r/Christianity
sunwukong155 -5 points

That's not all it says, in the same verse it commands us not to mutilate our flesh. That's what a tattoo is.

muzau 11 points

I mean but it's not.. it's safe and extremely regulated. we're not talking about prison shank tattoos here.


I saw someone mention this a few days ago in competitive. u/archiearcher. I like his idea, and I guess it's your idea too so nice! Hopefully they do this instead of kill the card.

Inb4 Shudderwok becomes a 7 mana 2/5.

muzau 1 point

I'm still recovering from the emotional issues caused by Corridor Creeper.

muzau commented on a post in r/Christianity
muzau 19 points

The attack was 3 specific strikes aimed at locations potentially related to the manufacturing of chemical weapons. They didn't just carpet bomb Syria or anything.

[deleted] -5 points


muzau 8 points

As far as even Syrian state television reports only three strikes were made and were carefully planned to avoid civilian casualties. This was also a direct symptom of the u.s. Attempting to mitigate some of the backlash from the Kremlin.

That being said I abhor the idea of needing to bomb an idea into someone's mind so it's not like I'm pro-this, but over dramaticizing everything that goes on over there is in spirit what got us all here in the first place.

muzau commented on a post in r/islam
sirploxdrake -5 points

It is because there were no american muslim who voted for Trump. The rich gulf princes are not american so they can only fund, not vote.

muzau 4 points

Maybe you should try watching something other than Fox news.

muzau commented on a post in r/pics
CapnDiddlez 1 point

Scha-wing! Your wife is a babe!!! What a beautiful couple! I wish many more happy, healthy years to come

muzau -1 points

Literally wtf is this comment

CapnDiddlez 1 point

A compliment that includes a movie quote. If you don’t know Wayne’s World then you have no viable input here

muzau 0 points

40 something confirmed

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OutdoorInker 2 points

Can only really speak to where I live (Portland, Oregon).

The area is ridiculously pot friendly. The dispensaries are extremely nice and helpful. Having spent almost 20 years hiding from the law, it’s still so odd to openly walk into an establishment, ask questions, get awesome answers, leave with fancy containers of all manner of pot related product, GET A RECIEPT! (This will always blow my mind away), and walk out the door with out a worry in the world. Edibles to oils to topicals to leaf. It’s all there. If you can make the move, Portland is a very friendly and viable location.

Edit: anywhere you move to is going to have other drug issues. Just be smart about the crowd you walk with. Meth and Molly (hmmm...we seem to like our “M” drugs. Haha) are very prevalent but you really have to go looking for it. From my experience, it’s not something that finds you here in Portland.

muzau 1 point

So this is exactly the atmosphere I'm looking for, what areas around Portland are affordable for someone not looking to spend $1,000 a month but still not the bottom shelf of housing?

oatmeal1977 3 points

Are you asking for nice areas in any legal state? That’s a pretty broad request.

If you’re in a legal state, you can live wherever you want and enjoy cannabis. Most dispensaries are professional and welcoming.

muzau 1 point

More or less, I know it's a broad request but the people with the best Insight are going to be people with a similar situation and income level. I'm not looking for the perfect place, just some places to narrow down the search.

Basically I don't want to pay 1k/mo for rent.

muzau commented on a post in r/islam
muzau 10 points

Be safe please, but don't walk around in fear either. No sane person is going to see this and think it's not batshit crazy. He's not really a terrorist just an idiot.

It's really not the lack of an invitation preventing me or most other people from coming out and beating strangers.

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