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Agreed, it's really loud if you don't have noise isolating earphones. Reducing the noise level by a bit might reduce stress levels in passengers, but probably not by much.

mxzbzz 0 points

Well the external benefit could be much more: more people would be more likely to take mrt, less noise pollution for neighbourhoods - which is the exact problem they are facing now.

ErichvonderSchatz -2 points

It was one of the many cost cutting measurements made during the purchase of rolling material but also the tracks.

mxzbzz 2 points

I don't know why people downvotes this comment, but they are violating reddit etiquette. Yes it is definitely plausible since there are times when the government wanted to save money for other stuff.

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How does this bot even work?

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1. Not religious, however the Church of England is community based enough that I still visit my church from time to time.

2. I live in a village in Hertfordshire, so just outside or London. I go to school in a nearby town where I'm about to do my GCSEs (the big exams you take when you're about 16). I speak English and a little bit of Spanish through school, but I've always been tempted with Welsh.

3. I'm not in a position to give my opinion on that. However, the Northern Irish Assembly needs reform, because as the two main parties hate each other (one being republican and one being unionist) and as neither have a majority no coalition can be made and therefore no working government.

4. Good, however I want Britain to have an alternative vote system (ie. ranking rather than definitive voting). We had a referendum on it but it didn't pass.

5. If you're not far away! Are you looking at any particular unis at the moment?

mxzbzz 1 point

I am aiming for either Cambridge or Oxford, it will be quite a distance from London I presume, but not that far if you drive:)

mxzbzz 1 point
  1. Are you religious, if so which religion?

  2. Who are you (economic background, ideology, where you stay, what is your native tongue?)?

  3. Should Ireland unite? After all, it's the brits that took it from them.

  4. What do you think of democracy?

  5. If I am able to get in a university in UK, would you like to meet up?

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