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mxzbzz commented on a post in r/casualiama
mxzbzz 1 point

Do you travel to Russia or China on occasions?

novaKappa 2 points

Although taking a train to Russia is extremely cheap (I think $80-$90) I actually haven't left to any neighboring countries yet... I have plans to go see the World Cup in Russia later this year though!

mxzbzz 1 point

Wow nice, maybe I should take the trans Siberian railway then

NuftiMcDuffin 2 points

I think you meant m/s, not km/s? Because 11000 km/s would be insanely fast.

In space, there is no air, so rockets don't ever slow down. That means that they keep accelerating until their fuel tanks are empty. In addition to that, rockets usually have 2, 3 or more stages: Once the fuel of a stage runs out, they dump the empty fuel tanks and heavy engines and light the next one. For example, the falcon 9 has a first stage to lift it off the ground and bring it to the edge of space. This one then returns to the ground, and the second stage then lights up to bring it to orbital velocity - so the rocket doesn't just fall back to earth. The second stage also goes back to earth, and the third stage then brings the payload to where it needs to go.

This allows them to reach greater speed than they could with just a single stage.

Edit: I just noticed that the Falcon 9 doesn't have a third stage, it can get the job done with just two.

mxzbzz 1 point

Oops, typo it should be 11km/s for the escape velocity

mxzbzz commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Rizpagius 2 points

Hey thanks man I'd invite you to my Party but I got no clue where you live! But hey if you find yourself in Austria give me a call!

mxzbzz 1 point

Ah, I live in Singapore

Rizpagius 2 points

I love Singapore!

mxzbzz 1 point

Oh, thank you

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