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I think we'd be immune because of our advanced immune systems. The thing about time travel is, though, because of our immune systems always adapting, if you go forwards in time, you die. If you go backwards, you kill everything else.

ix_Omega 3 points

that is not really true. our immune systems are more specialized than advanced, they're tuned to be good against the pathogens we have to deal with now. the diseases then would be mostly harmless to us, but because they're not evolved to target humans as opposed to being less evolved overall.

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JessieBear116 2 points

"Frankly my dear, I just dont give a damn."

mydadthecircusclown 1 point

Corpse Bride?

JessieBear116 1 point

It's the ending to Gone With The Wind

mydadthecircusclown 1 point

Oh. :(

mydadthecircusclown commented on a post in r/AskReddit
mydadthecircusclown 1 point

the power to make babies stop crying lmao


Well, you do have that power, technically. It's up to YOU to use that power or not.

mydadthecircusclown 1 point

guns are not allowed in public without a concealed carrying permit

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mydadthecircusclown 7 points

nobody questioned this

UghYetAnotherAccount 2 points

You sure about that? Someone literally just posted further down saying the poor are living off the taxes of the rich.

mydadthecircusclown 1 point

Yeah but if the rich werem't such capitalists then the poor would have more money, resulting in a more balanced economy with less taxes and less chances of an economic crash.

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