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No-one told my sister how wrapper up the baby needs to be. Wool vest, hat, booties. So many woolen layers even in mid summer. I had to do missions for her to buy warm newborn clothes

I feel terrible for the people who have to live their lives with chronic pain like that. That just fucking sucks. It makes sense in the sense of developing tolerance to the meds and needing more, so you have to go without sometimes, but still.

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I have severe arthritis at 24 and have had it for 10 years. I've been on and off codeine phosphate for 3 years. Luckily I'm not an addictive person and would just go without between prescriptions to make sure I didn't develop a tolerance or addiction. Chronic pain is fucking awful

My dad self diagnosed himself for Polymyalgia. It's an annoying diagnoses that is done through elimination.

Is there a story behind this?

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I've always been obsessed with dinosaurs

Well it's very pretty

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Thank you!!! It means so much when others like my tattoos :)

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I've had severe arthritis in every joint since I was 14. I've been having a fuckload of chronic pain especially from my back. I went to physio and he saw from a 3 year old xray that I have mild scoliosis. That's the first I've heard of having it.

My major joints like hips, knees, shoulders, have all been the worst with flare ups. My hips have been quite bad over the past few years and at a previous physio they found I walked with a dip on one side.

I'm wondering if there's a connection with my arthritis and the scoliosis, if it will have been getting worse and if that could be a factor in my gradually increasing back pain over the past few years.

I haven't managed to reach my rheumatologist about it yet but I'm going in on Thursday for my infusion so I'll talk to my rheumatology nurse then.

Thanks :)


If you have a Spondyloarthropathy then yes your spine could be involved as well

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My 'official' diagnoses is Severe Juvenile Onset Idiopathic Polyarticular Arthritis

He must be really good at making beds

Can’t wait to see these guys again in October!

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I've never seen them live and I need to!

Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

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That's awesome

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Like even just the top half like how it is on the tee?

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True, true... I'll need to talk to my artist about it

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As you should! A lot of makeup has waxes in it.

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I use heaps of hemp seed oil - it's the best

Hey me too!

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Oh man when I first started using it sooo much crap came out of my skin, I love hemp seed oil

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