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Coming soon was a boon to really getting it down and subnetting on the fly. If there is a portion you're weak on, you can set it to drill on that topic and it will provide tutorials on how to solve as well. And it's free.

Also, have the chart of bit numbers, host values, and subnet masks down. It will make subnetting much much easier. Good luck!

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Thanks to u/pjgreenwald for the correction.


Background: I work in an environment where the last deployment of office was through the .exe setup and imaging the rest of the inventory with that install. As of late I've become interested in leveraging GPO to do an office365 deployment for about 500 machines win7 enterprise. Some have pro and most have standard. This must be uninstalled for our o365 to work correctly I've been told.

I've been researching some powershell scripts for program removal, but when it comes to office they don't get the job done (although it worked great for others), I'm still pretty new at this to fully understand why. So next I was curious to try by deploying an Office 2010 msi package via GPO to one test machine. I don't believe the package deployed and chances are that there permissions in the root folder stopping where its located in a subfolder on a network share.

Am I wasting my time with this method even if I have a correct configuration? Would the msi work better in a root directory with the proper permissions applied, also do I need to define "authenticated user" in the security for the msi package location?

If this is too much, I'm sorry in advance, there are too few of us in our company and the alternative is to do each machine one by one, which would be a bummer.

Many thanks for taking the time to read and please share any advice you may have and I'm also willing to elaborate further on details if need be.

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That kinder joy is okay apparently.

Hey, mynamegoezhere, just a quick heads-up:
apparantly is actually spelled apparently. You can remember it by -ent not -ant.
Have a nice day!

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Good bot.

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For practice I recommend this,

I kept drilling with this until I could answer these without fail. They are more concept based, so if you get it wrong it will link to a tutorial based on the concept. All these together will make one a subnetting master. Good luck and just keep on trying until you get that "ah-ha" moment. Then keep going until you can do it in your sleep.

We use a windows distribution, but with vmware horizon you could make it so that it runs on startup perhaps. Configure vmware horizon view client so that it will autoconnect to your server.

If you have an admin account for the host os level, then make a guest/user account so that it will login automatically and the horizon view client will prompt your user for credentials only once to get to thier vm.

Hope this helps.


Using nx2k going to nx2k

Were trying to monitor a port and when we use the rspan config examples we get a prompt that the destination cannot be a fex port. Problem is its part of a data center and all switches are part of fex and the only ports open that aren't part of the fabric are fiber ports and we dont have nics that term fiber. Cant span on the same switch either due to fiber terminations as well. Can anyone share some insight as to how some can rspan and were having this much trouble? Any suggestions will help.

Solved. Used the copper sfp as mentioned in comments. Without that we were pretty hosed. Thanks for the input and being an awesome community.

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Sure, but that is still all fiber ports.

No sfp ports that you can pop a GLC-T into?

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We finally located a GLC-T to port mirror to. We are monitoring the port as stated above. Thanks for the response too.

House of Leaves- Its a story about a guy telling the story of an older man and the essay he wrote. Not any ordinary essay either, this thing is a beast and you get to go through it with the main character and see how the old man wrote it, eventually slipping away into madness. Its one that leaves you guessing the whole way through. Read it on a 3 day bus trip, made it feel like it was only 1 day. 10/10 will and have read again.


And I didn't use Boson. Could I have, maybe? Would I have passed it in a shorter amount of time? The answer is probably.

All things aside, I didn't have any background in networking, just interest in how it all works. So a year ago I started with Wikipedia articles about logic gates, binary, OSI model and all that good stuff. Didn't do me any good but realize how out of my depth I was.

So this summer I used my savings and took time off working and used ITUonline for ICND1. It was my first look at training videos and I had gone through 10 or so and thought, "I got this."

It was CBT nuggets that brought it all together though and that really is the "magic" for my journey thusfar. It got me to where I needed more technical info. That's when the Cert Guide by Lammle came into my life and finally we end with Exam Cram ICND1 100-105.

I took a little break after September because of starting a new job in IT. But since I acquired both books aforementioned I was studying hard for each topic both texts cover. Through all of this I was using GNS3 and later pacet tracer (I was able to use live equipment, so I could see what worked past PT as well).

All that said, PT with CBT Nuggets and Odom's study guide was the best formula looking back. Everything added up in its own way, but for anyone reading looking for inspiration, those are my "reccomendations". I know everyone says know your shit, and it sounds cliche after a while, but they aren't kidding. You need to know your shit, and be decisive in answering.

Tl;dr Know your knowledge. Believe in yourself. Stay calm.



Yep, a practice exam is NOT a necessity. You can absolutely pass without one. But it's like building a house without nails - it's possible, but much more difficult.

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Truthfully, I wasn't aware of what boson offered until a couple weeks ago. I'm considering using it for the icnd2 prep.

Unregistered VM's

Session Timeout issues

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Session timeout issues seconded

Deleted VMs from a pool to free up some licenses. Discovered after a 24 hour period that the VMs were still deleting. We had to use adam db to manually delete them. Now when we try to create desktopo clones in any pool the vsphere client does not show any new machines. This all worked fine until we capped our licenses.

Well Basch is level 90 too in that case

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Yes he is. But spoilers.

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Replied to another thread about that. There's one where he gets his revenge.

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There's a funny screencap in the IZJS Ultimania where Reks beats Gabranth in Trial Mode. I couldn't read the text completely, but I think there's a part in it that said something like "revenge is sweet."

edit: oh, and there's another screencap with Reks in the "Congratulations" screen. As you may expect, he does nothing.

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I was just thinking how funny this was and with the strong mode. Just started it and I was like why can't Reks defend himself?

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