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Gen425 6 points

I bought a $11 25' hdmi cable and put the dock right by the couch. I sit close enough to plug my headphones in, and I can undock my switch without getting up (or unplugging the headphones) when I need to give up the tv. 😊

myswiftlemon 2 points

This sounds like a good solution for me, I’ll just have to make sure the cord is tucked away so my cats can’t get up to any shenanigans haha. Thanks for the help!

jstcpal 4 points

you just need a usb device that communicates with your headphones - note that not all wireless headphones are supported, and there is no official list from Nintendo

myswiftlemon 2 points

Ah ok I’ll have to look into that

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myswiftlemon commented on a post in r/food
MrStupidDooDooDumb 12 points

Am i crazy or does the mayo in Holland and Belgium have more flavor to it than in America. Like yea I wouldn’t understand either if they dipped their shit in American miracle whip. But real mayo w some savory umami bite to it is a game changer.

myswiftlemon 6 points

Dutch mayonnaise is a thing, I just forget what it’s called. Definitely a different flavour than American mayo

Edit: was thinking of frietsaus

and_ahalf 11 points

Personally I love Get Together. Windenburg is probably my favorite town and I love the nightclub venues. I use clubs all the time - I have a fitness club to bring all my non-played sims to the gym to work out, I have a gardening club so all my friends will come to my house and bug-spray my garden for me, I have a 'cleanup' club where everyone comes over to clean and repair things - it's honestly one of my favorite mechanics. I find myself using the CAS and build mode stuff a lot too.

myswiftlemon 2 points

Do you find that the club mechanic drastically changes the existing gameplay or does it simply add to what’s already there?

and_ahalf 5 points

I find it mostly adds to and refines what's already there - it's not a huge revolutionary change in gameplay like City Living or even something like restaurants, but it does give you much finer control over non-played sims' behavior. I use it mostly as a quality of life thing - like, you can invite your friends to the gym and tell the group "work out together" and half of them will wave and yell bc they can't all get on the same treadmill, or you can make them a club and set 'work out' as an activity and they'll autonomously find their own machine or go play basketball or whatever.

myswiftlemon 3 points

Ok, sounds fun. thanks for letting me hear your thoughts!

myswiftlemon commented on a post in r/MakeupAddiction
myswiftlemon 9 points

I really like this! The cc I would give is that although your blending between all the colours is nice, the edges look a bit harsh and “blocky”. I think that if you didn’t take the shadow quite as high up on the eyelid and then blended all the colours up and out it would look more flattering

myswiftlemon commented on a post in r/muacirclejerk
excelzombie 8 points

Grant us eyes Anastasia. Grant us eyes...

myswiftlemon 2 points

Plant eyes on our brains, to cleanse our beastly idiocy!

myswiftlemon 16 points

Products used:

Nyx micro brow pencil in ash brown Colourpop clear brow gel

Colourpop pressed shadows in sandbar (pink), tiki (yellow), 143 (purple) Colourpop supernova shadow in lucky penny

Makeup forever smoky extravagant mascara

Colourpop super shock highlighter in monster

Overall I’m SO impressed with the quality of these especially for the price, although I will say that lucky penny isn’t working great for me in the way I used it- it was pretty patchy and kind of clumped together, I think that using it over a smaller area would work much better.

Beautyho 6 points

I really like 143. I like it better than my viseart purple. Agree with u on their supernova shadows performance. I got some when they launched last year and was disappointed. I can’t put them all over my eye lids without having fallouts or flakiness or crepey eyelids. It’s better when not apply directly from the doe foot applicator-like with finger for example, but that’s just too much fuss and not what I expected with a liquid shadow.

myswiftlemon 3 points

Might have to try applying with my finger then. I agree it’s a bit of a hassle but the colour is so pretty it’s worth it haha

myswiftlemon commented on a post in r/muacirclejerk
myswiftlemon 21 points

Srs I agree that other subs need to be jerked... maybe separate subreddits could be opened for it though? I’m open to doing it here but it would also make sense to have separate places to keep it organized, idk

theodore_boozevelt 19 points

Srs I thought about that but then I realized that'd be a lot of subs and I wouldn't necessarily want a ton of new subs I'd have to follow... maybe we could keep it all on this sub and just add a tag for like [NMUCJ] (non-makeup circle jerk) or [OBJ] (other beauty jerk). That way you'd still have this one big sub and would have all our normal mua jerk posts, but you could add in any other beauty jerk post if you want.

myswiftlemon 9 points

Srs ok yeah good point, tags would help keep this place organized too. I’d just worry about here being over saturated with jerks from other subs and mua circlejerking not being the focus, although I’m not sure how much of a concern that would end up being

SplashColours9 0 points

Simple and beautiful❤️

myswiftlemon 1 point

Thank you!

myswiftlemon 5 points


Primed with UD naked skin concealer in fair neutral, set with maybelline fit me powder in 05

Eyebrows are Nyx micro brow pencil in ash brown, as well as their gel in ash brown

Eyeshadows used are tarte toasted palette shades s’more, cozy and fireside, modern renaissance shade warm taupe, and UD heavy metals shade twisted (this is the shade I used to do the liner, I put down a base of white eyeliner first then layered the gold over it)

White liner by Nyx

Inner corner and browbone highlight are some of the shades from the physicians formula shimmer strips

Mascara is too faced better than sex

Lashes are kiss lashes in graceful

If anyone’s interested... I started a makeup insta to post stuff like this, you can follow me if you’d like @katieamua_

myswiftlemon commented on a post in r/MakeupAddiction
myswiftlemon 41 points

I really like it especially for a first attempt, you picked really good colours to use together. What jumped out at me is that it just needs some more blending, the lines are all very harsh and if you took the time to soften the outer lines/blend a bit more into the centre of the lid, I think it would come out even better

little_pickle7 6 points

Thank you!! And you mean blend the outside of my eye more as well as the transition between the center and outer color?? I will try that for next time!!

myswiftlemon 11 points

Yes sorry I should have been more clear, I mean that the outside of the eye needs blending, I wouldn’t touch the transition too too much because it can become too blended and not look like a halo eye anymore

myswiftlemon commented on a post in r/thesims
Jeepardy 1 point

Finally fixed it, I had to go through and redownload my expansions. After that it solved it self.

myswiftlemon 1 point

Good to hear!

myswiftlemon 1 point

I’m not on ps4 (on Mac) but yesterday I got this exact same message and noticed the game was trying to tell me I no longer had any of the expansions I had purchased... I recovered old saves, opened them and got the same message, so it wasn’t necessarily a save issue. I was able to fix it by literally just restarting the game, not sure if it would work for you on console but it’s worth giving it a try if you haven’t yet

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