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mythicshield commented on a post in r/waltonchain
mythicshield 19 points

I sold like 5% of my walton earlier just to take some cream of the top and reinvest to low cryptos. I now have the opposite of FOMO... Regret, shouldn't have sold anything :(

_B4M 3 points

at least it was only 5%?

mythicshield 1 point

Hopefully staking and mining will make me whole again.

mythicshield commented on a post in r/Everex
ripcurldog 0 points

Why do you post such garbage while openly admitting that you do not understand the company (at all). I mean, your comment above straight out yells 'i'm clueless', followed by 'so this coin must be worth nothing'.

mythicshield 0 points

Everex has been a shit token since day 1 when it went to half ico price for over a month. Only reason for the price hike is because the rising tide raised all cryptos.

mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
cabrego 1 point

Yeah the nice part is the tax deferment, I'm about to roll over from a previous job so I'm exploring options.

mythicshield 1 point

Did you ever find information on this. I too would like to invest in a crypto IRA but don't know of any reputable ones.

mythicshield commented on a post in r/ethtrader
rrofaeil 2 points
mythicshield 2 points

Thanks dude, this helped tremendously!!!

rrofaeil 2 points

Anytime, thank you for the thread ! A confirmation for Fox is also in the video.

mythicshield 2 points

Thanks, I signed up for updates to this one as well. Hopefully it goes live soon. You da real MVP!

mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
satoshib07 2 points

joined their whitlist. I am just a micro fish but I should get my spot I guess.

mythicshield 1 point

How did you join the whitelist? I didnt see it anywhere.

0xooo 2 points

Exactly this. When was the last time we heard about VTC/ARK/FCT?

mythicshield 1 point

Hahaha ARK and VTC good luck! Ark is being outdone by icx, aion, wanchain to name a few. VTC has been obliterated by raiblocks and skycoin.

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mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
pskgiid 16 points

I told once to a friend to buy iota @ $0.3, he didn't listen, another time I told him to buy XRB @ fucking $0.08, no he didn't bought, literally 3 days ago when XRB were @ 12$ I told him to buy, FOR FUCK'S SAKE he didn't bought, (I'm not English)

mythicshield 1 point

Quick tell me what to buy

mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
jaydilla211 1 point

INT is my pick. Chinese IoT.

mythicshield 1 point


jrei19 26 points

I'm sitting on IOTA right now, but I've been considering moving out and into XRB or ICX... Not sure if I should pull the trigger or sit

mythicshield 1 point

Im depressed about iota, thought i bought the dip 2 weeks and it continues bleeding.

mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Upvote_cat_stuff 33 points

Do people not understand the concept of total market cap?

mythicshield 13 points

I have to explain this to literally EVERYONE

mythicshield commented on a post in r/ethtrader
siacoinbro 3 points

WePower vs Beetoken?

mythicshield 2 points

WePower is closed.

siacoinbro 2 points

You can be whitelisted after KYC no?

mythicshield 1 point

If you find out a way, please let me know :)

sam_ve 1 point

have a look at bitconnect, they were up 400%+ yesterday, seems like a solid project, you'll get your original ETH back in no time!

mythicshield 0 points

bitconnect is higher on coinmarketcap than tenx, what does that tell you einstein?

s7rukk 0 points

i hope all these get-rich-quick jerks sell their PAY-token and leave this community. Nobody forces them to hold the tokens.

mythicshield 2 points

You seem to not know anything about investing. No one has gotten rich off tenx except tenx with their token sale. Held this coin for 6 months and my eth ratio has been obliterated.

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mythicshield commented on a post in r/TenX
cryptojedi88 1 point

Cmmon dude, dont try to invent the wheel and imagine things.

24 hour Pay volume is almost 16 million USD. How many Pay would you buy so you would not be able to sell your holding if you wanted? 17 million?

mythicshield 1 point

Terrible example, even bitconnect tokens are more valuable than pay. People think it still has value, it doesnt.

salzwasserschmeckt 4 points

The downvotes mean, that you didn't read the Whitepaper at all.

"Subsequently, PAY token holders will receive an incentive of 0.5% of the entire payment volume on the TenX payment platform initially on a monthly basis."

This of course is not true anymore (SEC, security, yadda yadda), but your post suggests, that there never was a "utility" planned or intended. Instead of paying out those 0.5%, the team now plans to change the reward structure to make sure it is compatible with the SEC rules.

So the next time before you create a thread, make sure you read the whitepaper and use the search function.

mythicshield 5 points

Why should anyone read the whitepaper if Julian said its been invalidated?

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mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
sru4ka 2 points

what do you mean by icx mints more ?

mythicshield 1 point

ICX is a DPOS like ARK, LISK and RISE where you vote for a delegate and get a 10% (average) dividend paid out in more ICX coins. This on a schedule that pays out weekly or monthly. This is way better than getting GAS from NEO since GAS historically sells for half of what NEO does, so for every 2 GAS you get the value of one NEO. With ICON, 1 ICX = 1 ICX, plus ICX compounds so the rate you mint coins increases every time you mint new coins.

Example you have 1000 ICX at 10% will be 1100 ICX, well now 10% of that is 1210, etc...

GAS doesn't compound...

utkevdawg 0 points

Trying to decide if I want to get into ENG, ICX, ZRX or OMG during this dip or throw more at VEN, XML or REQ. Probably can make one move. Two at most. Looking long term. Thoughts?

mythicshield 1 point

ICX all the way, it is the only platform token of those mentioned. Working product, pays dividends, and? Ill launch in a week. Omg is vaporware. Enigma is legit but still doesnt have a product. ZRX is a utility coin for decentralized exchanges, those dont do well in bear market.

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