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mythicshield commented on a post in r/waltonchain
ifudgems 0 points

It is now up to 5 blocks that are showing being mined to my address. Could you take a look at this and tell me if you see anything awry?

The last 5 blocks all show they were mined to my wallet address, but even with 25 connections on the wallet and it fully synced, none of those are showing in the wallet

mythicshield 1 point

Thats a lot of mined blocks in a shprt amount of time. What kinda of setup are you running?

aswalsto 7 points

We could be headed back into a bull market guys. Kinda bummed if we are. Wish I had more time to accumulate at low prices.

mythicshield 6 points

Same, i have fiat on the side. Not sure if i should go in now or wait for a dip.

mythicshield commented on a post in r/WaltonchainMining
msaik 4 points

Which GPU? Even 1080 Ti is like 0.5 blocks / day at current difficulty.

mythicshield 2 points

I was getting a block a day mining with 3 cpus and just added a 1080 ti and havent gotten anything in over 24 hours. Its getting too competitive! Hope they reduce the difficulty for MNs.

mythicshield commented on a post in r/gpumining
windowsfrozenshut 2 points

I'm talking about you... let me show you.

One of those people who expect to mine with the level of hardware that would normally earn like 15 cents a day and complain about not making big money mining Walton.

mythicshield 0 points

Who is Walton?

ForgotMyPass4Times 1 point

Certainly not you, mate!

mythicshield 1 point


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mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
the_chilean 3 points

Gambling is heavily regulated. Lottery tickets cost less than a dollar.

mythicshield 6 points

So do a lot of coins.

mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
lordy37 0 points

lol this is good but what an ancient monkey religion

mythicshield 2 points

All are monkey religions

vice96 0 points

Your mother is a monkey

mythicshield 1 point


mythicshield commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Harjukurnuttaja 22 points

Is it me or is WAN overshilled everywhere right now?

This hot filipina reading a script not written by her is not convincing me tho. The current cap is over 600m, much higher than many good projects like HPB, GNT, REQ, ARK, WTC to name a few I a m familiar with. Could someone explain why this is justified or just overpriced?

mythicshield 7 points

This will be shilled, pumped and dumped. That's when I'll buy. Wont be buying people's current shill.

raym123 2 points

i thought gmn where getting seperate mining pool.with decreased difficulty ore am i wrong??

mythicshield 1 point

They have not mentioned anything about the decrease difficulty or the seniority. Amount of money to be competitive mining.

bananajamonyourclam 3 points

Craiglist. With proof of purchase receipt from Jan 1st 2018. Yes, it was used, but I was allowed to fully test before purchase and its only 3 months old so warranty will cover the rest.

mythicshield 2 points

Thank you for the information. I am inexperienced when it comes to GPU Mining and don't want to make a costly Financial mistake. Even though I do have a master node it has come with great cost as I can't really afford anything else right now. So even buying one GPU will need an explanation to my wife who frowns on my crypto investing Hobbies.

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mythicshield commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Crono180 6 points

I agree. I was hitting multiple blocks daily last week amd then all of a sudden not a single block in the last 60hrs. Will likely turn my hashes elsewhere if I still don't find a block in the next 24hrs.

mythicshield 1 point

Same, averaging a block a day now nothing after 3 days...

mythicshield commented on a post in r/WaltonchainMining
kaito1000 5 points

You’re obviously not used to mining and expected rewards from it. Walton right now is still the best paying mining coin there is, by far.

mythicshield 3 points

Whole point of a GMN is for the mining benefits. They removed seniority and lower difficulty so there is no way I am going to be able to compete with heavy duty miners. I'm going to lose so there is no point to holding a GMN.

kaito1000 0 points

Then buy more hash power. You’ll making alot of stupid financial descisions based on 1 week but i’m not going to argue if you want to sell go for it. Every other gmn holder will cheer.

mythicshield 0 points

I've made up my mind on selling during the next bull run. ;)

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mythicshield commented on a post in r/WaltonchainMining
kaito1000 3 points

Hindsight is killer. We could all be billionaires if we could predict the future. I’m not sure what your point is?

mythicshield 2 points

My point is that I hanged on for the passive mining income. I quickly see that without the previously promised GMN benefits I wont be able to compete. Been mining for a week and the payouts are getting smaller and smaller as centralization and big money start to dominate the space. Basically I dont see a point to holding a GMN for a source of real passive income.

kaito1000 -2 points

Weak hands etc etc..

mythicshield 2 points

whatever makes you feel good

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mythicshield commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Tinseltopia 4 points

Mining difficulty has grown massively, from 30000.00MH roughly yesterday to 51088.29MH right now. Crazy. Also block reward has increased to 3 per block. I'm not a MN holder

mythicshield 2 points

Its really depressing. I was finding a block a day running 2 CPUs averaging 200k power. Now im running 3 CPUS and a 1050 TI and average about 400k and havent mined a thing in 2 days. I dont know if I should even try buying a gpu rig since i feel it will be outdated in a few months...

mythicshield commented on a post in r/WaltonchainMining
moon0517 1 point

No, but there is another way to solve the issue. Before you do miner.start() you need to do miner.setEtherbase('yourwalletaddress') This tells it what address to mine to. It has worked everytime for me. Hope this helps.

mythicshield 2 points

I will try this today, thanks!

mythicshield 1 point

Did you ever fin a solution no to this? I too dont have my original .json file.

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