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n8wynk commented on a post in r/lifehacks
[deleted] 450 points

Or get an actual kit that replaces the now-abraded outmost surface with UV-curing resin..?

Like how you’re supposed to do it?

The kits come with gloves, sandpaper, alcohol towelettes and a spray can of resin sealant that fills in the microscopic abrasions you just littered the headlight housing with.

Might look smooth now but when that surface starts decaying it’s gonna go right back to being foggy and faster than you imagined. It does look good, but it is not going to last unless you seal the surface

n8wynk -14 points

That "new" picture is B.S. Anybody with a brain knows that. It's faded and old.

yamichi 8 points

Hard time reading, huh

n8wynk 1 point

Every day. Hard being stupid.

n8wynk commented on a post in r/r4r
timid_ 0 points

Hey there, let's chat! I am a 28 year old white male from USA, moved to Hawaii 2 years ago to live off-grid in the jungle and eat delicious tropical fruit and live closer to nature. Passionate about sustainability, playing guitar (Spanish classical guitar at the moment), electronic music (I produce and dj), video games (not too much anymore), role-playing (ok, I'm kind of a nerd), and all things beautiful and creative in the world.

Very not into destructive behavior, disharmony, and people who repeat the same mistakes over and over but never learn. I'm looking for new friends, but I am also single. Generally I am attracted to women who are somewhat bossy and know what they want and how to ask for it. I really enjoy providing service to the people I care about.

n8wynk 3 points

Off the grid online?

timid_ 2 points

Yes, off grid. We get all of our water and electric from nature, not city. We are out in the jungle. Internet comes from cell phone towers, which are not physically connected to our property in any way, shape, or form. Admittedly it is almost as slow as dialup, but oh well. Living in paradise comes with it's costs.

n8wynk 1 point

I thought u/nandibear posted this. Just saying, I don't care about what you do if you have ZERO to do with an argument or have any real facts. But glad you're "off grid" and on Reddit.

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n8wynk 8 points

Yes - every single person in CO snowboards and smokes weed while making home-brew beer, while also hugging trees and snorting granola. Smh

reidhardy 480 points

Worked at Toyota for a few years. This common and I found out why. They think that the green handled fuel pump must be the right one for their eco friendly green car. No joke, had a customer give this to me as her reason.

n8wynk 10 points

That's exactly why I thought it happened! I figured "green" car - "green" handle.

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