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I don't like this very much you guys

Hmmm...I’m a tad worried gents 🤔

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This feels like deja vu all over again

Nah he just looked like a stupid old cracker trying to run some tired old 20th century con.

President Trump has had multiple public affairs, he's been out fucking porn stars with a pregnant wife at home. He appreciates pussy. No big deal. Nobody gives a damn about all that old-fashioned shit about faithfulness and honesty.

Putting that kind of face on the GOP - some stupid old man with a southern accent drawling on about morality - doesn't do us any favors.

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Username gives away the troll buddy

No troll here pal. Username hasn't exactly aged well since Jared seems to be kept in a deep dark hole somewhere lately. But the principle stands. He's my guy. He's the future. Without him and the data op, President Trump would still be stuck doing embarrassing licensing deals and reality television.

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haaaaahahahaha, yep TROLL

Here is the video.. For those saying he only said Ohr gave him docs... He flat out says Mr Ohr provided info that included what everyone is calling the dossier.

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Yeah when I heard that I did a double take. Ohr was working with Steele.

No. Thinking of Ed Schultz. I don’t recognize him, but thought he just left a tv show? Thought it was one of the posts on GA.

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Oh yes, Ed Schultz. Liberal radio talk show guy. Scumbag.

NOT AT ALL! Save your criticism for a bathroom rant. This is a very inappropriate comment. Shame on you. Ed Schultz was a revered journalist. STFU! GIT! You are the scumbag!

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Not in my experience...interacted with Ed several times on a professional level and he was always a dick. Everyone I know who knew him personally says the same. And they all use the word scumbag to describe him.

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Cano wouldn't have had that.

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I feel like 99% of second baseman don't get that

And that's the new best play of the year

Bye bye Cano

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Cano at 1B makes a lot of sense.

Dee Gordon.

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Sweet Deezus.

7 points · 11 days ago

bases loaded no outs and mariners not scoring. name a more iconic duo

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Mariners and missing the playoffs


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We did it!


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Don't send the normies to the infinity Chan, please I beg you

I don't really care one way or the other, but look at it this way... This board is all about visibility for newbies. It's like seeing other people wearing your team's jersey. It's fun, makes you feel like part of a team. Where we go one we go all.

I say let em stay. Plenty of lulls between drops to have some fun in between.

And probably Ted Cruz

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I think Cruz got a good social media manager after the election because he went from zero to shitposting in about two weeks.

More thumbs up gifs

Jesus Goldy... lightyears are a measure of distance not time

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I might be dumb but isn't it a measure of both

Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until you're ready to bring the hate.


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The correct answer

"Who is Qanon?"

They either know or don't. If they don't know, they'll ask who?

I'll say "something on the web, thousands of people discussing who it is."

  • supposed to be a White House leak Trump can't stop. (hehe)
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just gotta get them interested enough to do even a little digging on their own

When arianna was conservative? I member

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I don't think she was conservative at the time, he wanted to help make a website that would expose the true leftist ideals, so we could see who they really are. I'd say he succeeded.

If you look at the Q posts from a few months ago, sorry, I am in transit and on my cell so I cannot link or find the post, you can see the hints that Q provides regarding Maggie Nixon. I saw where she recently had a Go Fund Me page for funding to go to Thailand. She is a young adult now and is dealing with severe depression and, I think, she was hurting herself. I’ll find the link after work tonight and post it unless someone else has the time to get to it before my day ends! It seems like a very sad story...

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Just Nicasio better have a short fucking leash today.

who's closing up shop today?

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