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natsdorf 17 points

more info: It's a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Here's an album of images including a before/after shot and a news article: Please note I am just the giffer/poster. Not the person who did all the work. Don't want to dox anyone so please refer to article for further info. :)

Edit: Forgot to mention the grandson did all the work himself including..."metalwork and restored the whole frame, interior body and underbody, built one off custom exhaust, rewired the whole car front to back with brand new up to date wiring and fuse panel, and full Rockford stereo, added vintage air AC, converted the car to rack and pinion steering, power disc brakes, added sway bars for handling, and all tubular front suspension and then built a healthy 358 SBC on his back patio, with Fitech fuel injection, nice comp-cam and aluminum heads. Soundproofed the interior before installing all new custom interior, restored the trunk area, added some sick custom billet wheels (18x7 front and 20x9 rear), and slammed the car down on the ground with five inches of drop in the front and four in the rear. He replaced every nut and bolt with new, and added all the billet interior accessory’s custom steering wheel, to match the wheels on the car, and added all new chrome front to back and dash restoration." more info and pics on IG: cambo_built :)

tnick771 2,257 points

Let's shove a camera in an old, fragile man's face while he's experiencing one of the worst things he may have ever experienced and post it for everybody to see. (not blaming you OP, but seriously).

natsdorf 1,541 points

I agree with your sentiment that this seems invasive, disrespectful even but I also think sometimes moments like this getting documented reveals something about the human condition. I see this man and I feel his grief and feel an empathy and I am relieved his sweet cat is there with him. I know we cannot compare one man's pain to another but I understand something about it, it makes me feel something about my own humanity, about tragedy. Life has tremendous sadness in it, I wish it didn't. I don't want anyone to hurt this way but this exists and there is something fragile and real documented here. By not viewing this, it won't make this man's pain and grief any less but seeing it makes me feel for my fellow man and maybe that's why it is documented, so that we see the tragedy that is inherently a part of life. I don't know, I don't know if any of that made any sense. I just wanted to say what it evoked in me. :/

Drummerdude17 -23 points

If you want to reveal something about the human condition, serve those who are suffering.

Don't take videos of them.

natsdorf 4 points

Agree that those suffering should be given aid BUT I think in some cases, not saying necessarily in this story, part of service is raising awareness and showing suffering to the world.

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mbok_jamu 458 points

Wait, are these the same cats as these one?

Now I know why that guy looks pissed off.

natsdorf 270 points

They are! I put both gifs on Imgur b/c I couldn't decide which one I liked more. I thought this 'steal' one fit in this subreddit and glad someone posted the other one over on reddit as well. Good eye spotting the similarities . :D

Hanlons-Razor-2018 1 point

Is that a brown Burmese, OP?

natsdorf 1 point

I'm not sure, unfortunately, the source dooboo_cat on IG doesn't indicate the breeds of the cats on the page or on any of their posts. :/

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ell20 819 points

My old cat (lived to be 22) near the end of her life was like that. She had gotten to know the staff there so well she stopped complaining when we took her and she would nuzzle the staff.

It made the final visit (when an aggressive tumor grew in her jaw) much easier for her, and till this day I am super glad about the staff having taken such good care of her to make her feel at home even in her final moments.

natsdorf 252 points

Thank you for sharing this story, it's nice to hear about animals not associating vet visits with fear. It sounds like your cat had a long, comfortable life and was well-loved. I am comforted knowing that even when saying goodbye, she was surrounded by those that she loved and trusted. :)

ROotT 115 points

My loveable goofball loves the vet too. And the kennel when we go on vacation. And the groomer. She just loves everything.

Edit: here she is

natsdorf 45 points

What a sweet face! I am sure she is loved by the vet, the kennel staff, and the groomer as well. Impossible not to love that face. :)

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