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Alkanyseus_Zelar 12 points

Reading stuff out loud.

navix11 3 points

Or talking out loud! I get so conscious of my voice. It's like my brain tells me to stop.

ReturnOfFakeMan 357 points

Blowing up the balloons. It's not as easy as it looks.

navix11 266 points

Dude, and part on tying the knot. It takes me so much time that the air seeps out and I'm left with this shit of a ballsack balloon.

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StopEatingMyFries 2 points

I made the shitty decision to leave one retail job I was making good money at because I got fed up with dealing with certain people.

I ended up at another one making much less money, but I just got a new position there that is going to give me training and license me on a forklift. Forklift operators at the warehouses and factories in my area get paid a lot. And the warehouse I applied at once told me with my work history the only thing that stopped them from hiring me over the other guy they interviewed was he already had a forklist license while I would have needed to be trained and certified. Once I get certified and when they're hiring again, I stand a much better chance of getting the job.

navix11 1 point

That played out good, all the best! :)

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navix11 2 points

Tell the girl I have a crush on about my feelings. We have been paired quite often in labs/assignments and she is this really amazing and nice person. She has a boyfriend and they make a really cool couple. Her friend circle is disjoint to mine, things wouldn't be great that way too. I just don't want to create a mess, everything is so beautiful for her. Guess, there's nothing to do then.

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