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It’s actually very rare to have someone “snipe” your discoveries. It’s a big galaxy out there!

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Yeah, I'm sittin on discovery data that's gotta be close to a year and half old by now (I don't go back to monkey space often), and I'm not too worried about it.

That is a lot of crds

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It's not as much as you'd think... An Anaconda is still a pipedream to me. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford one, let alone one that's upgraded like it should be, let alone have the rebuy to fly.

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I dont think I'm exaggerating when I say I slid 100 feet. It think it could have been more. I remember this sequence: 0) front end wobbling and thinking there was no way I could keep it upright 1) over the handle bars 2)pads blown off the hands 2) face/helmet hits 3) flip 4) sliding - with full feature film memory of watching the bike along slide with me throwing sparks 5) picking body sites that hurt like fuck when they wore through to the pavement and moving to different site 6) remembering a promise I made to myself 'always slide out on your wallet - always slide out on your wallet*' 7) then actively having the thought, saying: "fuck this, I'm going to live" and 8) arching my back to slide out on helmet and shoes.

* one time a guy told me a story of wiping out at an intersection and sliding out on his wallet - made a mental note to do that if I needed it.

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It's crazy how adrenaline makes you hyper-aware and time slows way down

always slide out on your wallet

But what does that mean though?

When you're sliding on pavement, try to position your body in such a way that the asphalt eats your wallet and doesn't wear straight through your bottoms and chew your ass.

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Ah. Makes sense now

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I wonder how fast they can get it off if someone play-doh's (or just breads) his air inlet.

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They still have hands.

if it was a shark.

Like...if it was just a video of a shark? I'm not sure what your 'it' is referring to. I mean, there are tons of videos on Youtube that feature just sharks.

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There are fishies in the bowls...

I only have intolerance against pork and have the same symptoms someone who is lactose intolerance would have after drinking milk shake. Not pleasant for me or my surrounding and yet people still try to sneak pork in my food. Or at least my asshole brother in law still tries but I know how pork looks and tastes like, not like I don't like it or something but I also don't want to have cramps after eating and produce toxic gas that could probably be considered a weapon by this point. I still eat a very small amount of pork every couple of days but veggie meals are my go to when I eat at a restaurant to make sure I get something my body can actually digest properly.

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I still eat a very small amount of pork every couple of days

Why? I have friends that are like that... "Oh ma-pftth-n, I just had s-frtpthf-o much Chip-FARPPTH-otle. I feel like ppuurtg I'm gonna die. Last week it was so b-guuuurglilili-ad"...

So then don't eat Chipotle!

I’m sorry. Wish I could help.

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Hey, you're only 1 Andrew. Don't beat yourself up.

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I love the news. Our news morning show is on from 4am until noon. I'm there for the whole thing. Lol

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Damn! I thought our 4:30 to 10 morning show was long...

Lol! Ours was 5am-9am ten years ago and they've pushed it a little more each year. 😂

Couple more years & it will segue right into the evening news!

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If you store them on the mast it's self lighting won't destroy them at all and if they go off for some reason it won't hurt your ship

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Found out the hard way that’s not true :(

That would be hunting.

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Hunting implies they had to go find them and hunt them down against the other crew’s will. They conned ‘em.

Let’s make one! r/GifsOfAsianPeopleThatWereWrittenForEntertainment?

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That’s pretty confusing... i think r/GTAMTATBRIBUFISTIFBPBNOAKFS (gifs that Asians made that appear to be real initially but upon further inspection seem to in fact be premeditated, but no one actually knows for sure) is a little more straight forward. Kinda rolls off the tongue too.

Good idea, Mr. Peanut Butter.

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Mr. Peanut Butter


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Oh, I know - I'm a parent of two, I totally get it

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Love your user name. Man, we ain’t found shit!

if you're about the wafers, neccoguy - you're a dying bread! Keep buying those bad boys!

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Don’t remind me! D’:

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I heard a lot of people took issues with the repetition? Either way I'd like to check it out. It looks fun

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While that’s true, most of those people are those that have already put several hundred hours into the game and hit the level cap sooner than Rare expected. Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft got a little impatient with development and pushed Rare into an early release. No one will argue that the game is overflowing with tons of “content” quite yet, (depending on the way you define that word in the context of video games), but they have had a very steady stream of free content updates (that add things like new cosmetics, changes to gameplay and mechanics, new areas of the map, new enemies, new equipment, etc) since launch, with the biggest one to date just a few days away. They plan on continuing this stream of content updates for at least the next 2 years.

But most of those complaints are from people jumping on a bandwagon, echoing what they heard from some all-hating YouTuber, or that simply can’t be bothered to actually take the time to learn what kind of game they’re buying. That last group was so large in fact, that they actually got Rare to go back on one of the game’s core selling points. Rare stated from the beginning that every sail you see will be a real crew. I love this idea. Upon release though many people started to let their assumptions show, and the main one was “Why aren’t there AI ships? There should be AI ships!”. One of their other key selling points though was that I would be the community that truly shapes the game, so they listened to both sides of the community and came up with a compromise of AI ships that only spawn in certain areas at certain times, and you basically have to go out of your way to engage them. This gave the naysayers their AI ships while still basically keeping their promise that all ships are real crews. They’ve been beyond transparent about all of this (aside from admitting Microsoft made them do anything) and continue to maintain some of the best communication with the community I’ve ever seen in any industry.

I could seriously go on and on and on about this game if you’re at all interested, I’d be more than happy to continue, but I’ll leave you with this... all games are repetitive, it’s all about how you perceive that repetition, and whether you enjoy that gameplay. I love the Fallout series, but I get burned out pretty quick and hardly ever finish them. I think NV was the exception. The Witcher 3? I gave an earnest effort and was still over it quite quickly. Was over all the Mass Effects even quicker. But Sea of Thieves is different. In such a good way. The player interaction is the real spice of this game.

You can try it for two weeks free with the trial for Game Pass. Instead of using open crews, I recommend using the LFG or the community Discord to find an experienced crew to sail with. Scratch that. Do open first. It’s how the game was first supposed to work by default, and still provides the most unique experiences. Before getting frustrated for any reason though, crew up in the ways mentioned previously and ask any questions you may have.

But seriously, I could go on...

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Yesss. Black. Also around that same time was the Burnout series. I 100% takedown and enjoyed every second of it, and it was a very linear game.

Also, dead rising was the same.. hell all video games are built on repetition. It's just how can that repetition spontaneously lead to a sense of variety that gives life to the gameplay.

For example, I just started playing battlefield 1 again. My first play through was for nearly five months with over a hundred hours of gameplay easily. Two years later, it's still fun as hell to me

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hell all video games are built on repetition. It's just how can that repetition spontaneously lead to a sense of variety that gives life to the gameplay.

If you have an Xbox or PC I highly recommend Sea of Thieves. The devs (Rare) understand this as well, and have created an Mmo lite in the world of pirates. It centers heavily on the dynamic and always unique player to player encounters, and they nailed it.

And that's okay. No one should shame you for having a preference different from someone else's. I'm going to wear a bra probably forever too (unless I can ever afford plastic surgery and have them perfect, always sitting up boobs lol).

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them perfect, always sitting up boobs

Only teenage boys and super old guys like those... Unless you're into those kind of guys... Not that your boob preference should have anything to do with that.

No need to denigrate other people's boobs just to make this woman feel better.

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I was more pointing towards bad bolt-on jobs. Denigrating the shitty plastic surgeons.

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*bus tables.

I totally agree with all of this though.

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I agree with that. However I have not seen any legislative action in my state to ban these, or heard about that happening at this point. But yeah seriously any vape store I have been to they are very strict about making sure you show your ID before you can buy anything. So if anything they just need to hold vendors accountable that are selling to minors if that is a problem.

That said where exactly are they trying to ban it and who? If public opinions are being considered I'd certainly like to say something about it. I mean vaping is helping me reduce my smoking so perhaps I can stop entirely at some I would like to say something to defend vaping to the people trying to pass those regulations.

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Call your state's congressional representative.

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See the thing is teenagers are always going to try to get things they aren't supposed to have. You can't just ban everything teenagers go after...they will just find new things to go after. I mean I am an adult now but I recall being a teenager.

But also considering teenagers who smoke cigarettes aren't doing it for the flavor. They are likely emulating what they grew up with, banning vape flavors will not fix that problem. If anything it provides a safer alternative...I mean there are people who don't smoke who could start vaping...but for people who smoke, switching over could prevent them getting as much health issues as traditional smoking can cause. Why does anyone want to make regulations that could make this less accessible to people trying to make a less damaging choice?

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Because the possibility that it's contributing to the degeneration of youth greatly outweighs any other points in their minds. Also the fear of the unknown.

I heard an analogy that I'll probably screw up, but it was basically saying smoking is like jumping out of the fourth floor window of a burning building, and vaping is like going down a dark stairwell of the burning building. We don't exactly know what's in the stairwell, but there's no smoke and it's not hot. But since we can't see the bottom of the stairwell yet, and there are some reports coming in about the stairwell that range from "people have twisted their ankle" to "Aliens are giving everyone anal probes in there" people are saying we need to cut off access to the stairwell. The fact that that means people will have to go back to jumping out the window is not part of the discussion.

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Depending on if there were any other surrounding items found it could have been from a burglary and items with no value were tossed after sorting. Probably a long shot but that might make someone’s day thinking they lost an irreplaceable item.

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Look at the side eye on that bride... And the face the groom is making. The flower girl is happier than they are. I doubt anyone wants reminders of that. They look like the photos they show in Forensic Files as soon as they reveal that all was not well behind closed doors.

I. Have. No. Words.

You. Have. Way. Too. Much. Time.

You. Make. Me. Jealous.

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You apparently have exactly 14 words.

If you're <50 miles from the eye of a devastating hurricane and your boss tells you you're fired if you evacuate, you're better off not working for him anyway.

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A guy I game online with was in the storm. He says to me "alright I gotta go. Gotta get some sleep before work"... I was like "yeah, ok no pr-wait what?!"

He works at Walmart unloading trucks. He's the guy they call in to work "even during motherfucking hurricanes because Walmart don't give a fuck". He said he makes $24/hr, so shit... I'd probably go too.

...should have taken you to angel fire. Unless there are pop-ups that are blocked by my network that you're getting and I'm not, I'm really not sure why you'd be seeing different scam sites.

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The introductory page is an angelfire site, but each and every link on every page (I found a list of the pages individually linked in this thread) redirects me to a bunch of different sites that load up in rapid-fire succession in my address bar before finally landing on the one other obvious scam site. This phone was already fucked but I'm positive that now I'm leaking all over the place

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He did, but they couldn't get him out. They had to leave his body in there when they sealed the cave system off.

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it probably will take at least 10 years for all the states to legalize it. My point is that is a long time to have a tab open, compared to a year or two years.

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.....That's what bookmarks are for. How many tabs do you constantly have open??

if only legalization was happening fast enough and in so many places that this website/map would be worth keeping in a tab. Let me be clear, I'm not criticizing the website or the idea. I'm criticizing stupid politicians and their antiquated beliefs.

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if only legalization was happening fast enough and in so many places that this website/map would be worth keeping in a tab.

It is though. It's increasing at a very fast rate.

I mean that's a zoo seems likely it's dependent on humans for food.

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Dependent on food from the trainers. Not the people on the tour. People are dumb and would definitely set off a big cat in the wrong way.

I hope this guy fed this sweet cats. Otherwise it was just inhuman ...

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That's absolutely backwards. I hope they didn't feed them so they don't become dependent on humans for food.

The one and only college party I went to (I was 23) was spent doing this but with a solo cup not a flask. Hydrate before, during, and after drinking! Eat before you fall asleep! Live to drink another day!

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Hydrate before, during, and after drinking! Eat before you fall asleep! Live to drink another day!

This doesn't rhym at all...

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Edit:. I think linking to subs is broken...

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Yet I haven't mentioned children/adults at all. It's an example of how dangerous ignorance can be with a mob mentality.

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Exactly. Plus, people will always assume the worst... "don't get PSVR for your kid. It's apparently not good for them. Plus it's expensive and has no games". "actually, PSVR has games and has gone way down in price"

"Hey, this guy argued against two out of the three points the other guy had... this guy forces kids to wear VR! Get him!"

-50 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

PS VR doesn't have many games

It has plenty of games.

it's fucking expensive

It's really not that expensive now.

Edit: wow. What's with all the negativity?

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After getting some more context, I don't think the downvotes are stemming from "You're wrong about PSVR. It is expensive and doesn't have games". I think it's more from "don't try to sell PSVR to this guy and his kid since Sony has teams of doctors as their lawyers so if they say not to wear PSVR at that age, DON'T DO IT!!1!"

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Random rolls make it less about the gun, and adds more RNG bullshit.

Say you want the raid HC, the HC itself already has a low chance to drop as is the nature of raid gear. Instead of just getting the gun to drop, you have to worry about getting a good roll, instead of some triple tap bullshit. And what should be the set roll for the weapon is an ultra rare drop, of an already rare drop.

It's a slap in the face.

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You're a man who wants what he wants and you want it now. There's nothing wrong with that (although it will lead to much disappointment in your life). But many players love the thrill of trying to find that God roll, and the rush you get when you finally earn that piece of armor or weapon you wanted is second to none.

Generating heat...and expending your reserves until you have no reserves. Not sure if moving your limbs is going to increase your rate of heat loss because you’re then creating and maintaining a turbulent flow of water around you as well.

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Not sure if moving your limbs is going to increase your rate of heat loss

What? Think about what you’re saying... your body warms up when you move, because you’re a living organism that is using the stored energy from the food you eat and converting it to kinetic energy that moves your muscles, which is then converted to radiant energy (heat) from the movement of those muscles (remember, energy is never lost, it can’t be created or destroyed, it just changes states). As long as you’re alive, you’re constantly converting stored energy into radiant energy. Kinetic energy increases your radiant energy.

And now think about what you’re saying.

If you remain motionless (let’s assume buoyancy isn’t the issue here) and the water you’re in has no noticeably large flow (ie a lake), the water around you is heating up thanks to your own energy being absorbed by the water.

If you now add motion to the mix, you yourself are stirring the water, agitating it, creating an area of turbulence.

Think about pouring milk into coffee. If you don’t stir it, it’s going to take time for that milk to spread throughout the coffee. If you stir it, bam, uniform milky coffee.

Or take the coffee example further. Say you want to make an iced coffee and you put an ice cube into your coffee because you’re inefficient and you just walk away. There will be cold watery coffee in one layer, and hot coffee. Then you stir it and the cup is now filled with liquid at the same temperature throughout.

But you carry on with inventing perpetual motion by saying that a human treading water will be eternally warm by the act of treading water.

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But you carry on with inventing perpetual motion by saying that a human treading water will be eternally warm by the act of treading water.

What the hell are you talking about? Is that what you got out of that? What does any of what you just said have to do with anything?

Moving your body warms you up. Your core temperature will be higher if you're moving than if you're not moving. Plain and simple. Environmental conditions don't change this very fundamental law of nature. If your environmental conditions are so extreme that they kill you, you'll still be heating your internal core temperature by moving right up until the end.

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It had some valuable stuff in it, but I just wandered off without it at some point...


It can show up when you use your analysis visor, but it doesn't always. It shows up as a greenish icon in the visor.

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