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I have been thinking about how kids get angry in pvp games whereas when we were kids pvp was you and a max of 3 mates at a time, on the same tv. You were way less likely to get upset at your mates compared to the hateful things people say online these days.

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Ikr? What happened to "haha! You suck!"

"Haha! I totally suck! Haha!"


Yesterday I was playing with a buddy of mine who I play with often. Normally, we do a great job hauling loot. Yesterday it was a shit show of constantly getting sunk before we had a chance to turn in. He politely rage quite. I quickly followed suit.

But I couldn't let failure be the end of my day. After some cooling off in Stardew Valley, I jumped back into a solo sloop, determined to weigh my boat down to the water line with loot (oh, if only!). I got lucky with a GH voyage of 8 chests on 3 islands, all on the first chapter of a multi chapter voyage.

[Side story. After collecting those first 8 chests consisting of a Grog and mostly captain's, a Galleon got the slip on me and got very close. They were determined. After about 45 minutes of persistent pursuit, they finally boarded me and stole about half my loot. Still couldn't sink me. After another 20 minutes of them still chasing me, I led my boat into the bloody fringe so no one could have the rest.]

Continuing on with my voyage, I finally stashed about 15 Marauder's, 10 Captain's, along with a few other random trinkets and skulls, all laid out across the poop deck, and spilling out over the stair case. By this time it was already way past my bed time and I decided this would have to do. Meh, but better than earlier. So a win.

I decided to make things go a little smoother from this point on, and open up my crew to have someone come in and help me unload and sell. Within a minute or so a kid joins (a "squeaker" as some would say, and boy did he prove why the title exists).

He shouts "Hey, man, so whatcha- OH MY GOD!" and he stops dead at the bottom of the staircase, with flashes of 'CAPTAIN! LOOK!' racing through my head.

"AH! What?" I yelped.


"It's just a GH voyage, my dude. I need you to help me turn in, then the ship is yours"

"OK! Holy crap! How long did this take you?!"

"I dunno, a couple hours" (taking into account my earlier scrape with my Galleon friends)


He went on to thank me profusely, saying I was the nicest pirate ("daw, you make me blush") and he was taking a screenshot to show all his friends. Apparently he'd never seen so much loot in one sitting.

"Do you just not turn in??" he squeaks.

"That's the trick..." I reply.

We unload, he bumps up a few levels, and I crest over to level 49 in GH. Before I leave I throw down a higher level voyage for him (about 15 chests across 6 islands) and he couldn't be happier.

I don't know if you ever finished your voyage, young pirate, but I hope the SS Rotten Banana brought you as much luck and protection on your voyage as it (mostly) did me, and that you got to turn in mountains of loot.

TL;DR: Let a random kid join my sloop to help me unload my haul and made his day with how much loot there was for him.


Not too long, but maybe 5 minutes? I was on a sloop with a friend earlier and after sinking a sloop, someone kegged us from below. We had a ton of loot. he took all three of us out and our ship sank. So we hauled ass right back to where we were, but by the time we got there (no later then 5 minutes), it had all sunk. No one got to cash it in. That just seems like a waste. Someone should get the chance to turn it in.

I think it is longer, today we were chasing a galleon in our sloop, the meg came and sank us both, I got the infinite loading screen and my buddy went to the outpost we were close to. I reloaded in and started sailing and by the time we got there the fort loot was still floating.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

We tested with a chest in the water. Started sinking exactly at 3 minutes.

Maybe it depends on if players are near it

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Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Maybe? I dunno. This is something that needs some more sciencing...

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Looks like sales were way up after the initial scare. We good. Besides, it's the same factory that makes Sweethearts every year for Valentine's Day, right?

Honestly, I figure it will be like just about every other brand these days. They might go out of business for a while, but someone will buy the name and rights/recipes and "revive" the brand.

Pretty much exactly what happenned with twinkies/Hostess. And Atari, for that matter.

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Motorola too, hmm this could be fun...

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Everyone views cosmetics as what this game is about and if you take it at face value like that you're going to be let down. This entire game is about the pirate experience. They're adding more content in the form of enjoyable boss fights, new ships, skeleton AI ships. Actual things to do in the world rather than just some cosmetics to buy.

Hence why I said they'll package all the ready made cosmetics they have with these future content expansions to make it seem as if there's more to the updates. It's how games as a service work. They can't just build the cosmetics all on the spot and release them at once, otherwise people are just gonna bitch about how there isn't any cosmetics being added.

They built a solid foundation to a game and over the next year they'll be fleshing it out, all it takes is a solid community to further it on.

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And patience. You forgot that they need just a smidge of patience.

One of the pirate rules is that any disputes will be settled on the waves, so I do believe that this is pretty shitty for players to do. At that point, I would've just stopped at another outpost cause of experiences like this.

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That rule is poorly worded. It means play the game if you have a problem with someone. Go after them or their ship in retaliation if that's your wish. Don't resort to name calling, or go looking for the person on the Internet, or something like that. It doesn't mean camping at [any location] should be frowned upon. As they say, #BeMorePirate.

There's gonna be a flag that stabs the skellies for you??
Sweet, backup for the solo sloops.

2 points · 2 days ago

I can relate to this 100%. My son is 8 years old and I’ve seen him get so sad because he’ll be trying to get a bunch of chests and get sunk and he gets sooo sad... me and him were attacking a sloop one day and stole everything... I could tell the player was a noob so we gave him everything back....

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I feel for your son. That makes me sad for him. Have you taught him that the times he gets sunk can be used as learning experiences? Maybe have him record the last 5 minutes of gameplay when he gets sunk and you can go over it with him, show him where he could maybe have done something different.

But my point is that it's annoying that people aren't doing their 5th or 6th voyage when I kill them. Always their first or second. Obviously if a ship has nothing they're going to an island to get some.

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It's just really not the norm... Whenever I play with randoms they're always trying to hit every outpost we're ever near. Thankfully I'm usually the one at the wheel, so we go where I say we go.

Could be the shadow of a cloud. Or the edge of a different sea's waters.

They said they heard us loud and clear with needing a way to more easily team up with other crews. They'll figure something out.

Lost ruined me for TV and movies. And I finished it pretty close to when it actually ended... I don't think I'll ever get into anything like I did Lost. I'm getting quite melancholy now just thinking about it. I always feel like Jack yelling at Kate that they have to go back. I want to go back to!

Right now I have a kanger protank4 with a 0.5ohm ceramic coil set at 34W. Also a dead rabbit dual coil Ni80 at 0.1 ohm at 90W 6mg juice

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You're getting thick hits with the DR? I immediately put that thing back in the box and haven't touched it since. I hardly got any vapor out of it. One of the worst vapes I've ever had. What are you doing with it?

Yes man it's pretty bad ass actually. What coils did you try on it?

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I can't remember... Ones that work really well on other RDAs. You know, staggerton fused flat blah blah blah whatevers, usually around .15 ohm, using the space I have to build.

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"Hello? Is this Helifax Insurance? Yeah, hi..."

23 points · 5 days ago

Chicken Butt

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Omg I'm fucking dying rn

Also Chestnuts. Make sure you cut them deep enough or they go boom.

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Same for emo kids.

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3 points · 5 days ago

Mine is the same. I think it's 50% she doesn't like video games, 50% she doesn't want me to be right about it

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More like 10%-90%

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Well I find discussion interesting? That's why I'm on the game's know...the forum where people discuss the game? I'm not out of place. Finding another crew member requires patience and free-time...but that's it. So I came on here to express my opinion of how the event utilized that requirement. Fighting the meg took skill and understanding of its patterns and even had some little challenges in it INCLUDING finding a crew in the same 10% pool you spoke of, only it was more gracious with how it spent my time and it felt like I needed multiple crews and so the time it took to find a crew felt like it mattered.

The whole argument you are having was in one paragraph of your statement and it is that you think the 10% chance is actually the whole challenge of the event. I think that's a bullshit way to structure finding a crew and a bullshit challenge as it only asks a player for patience and free-time to spend both doing the event and running around finding a crew each time you try to do the event. Without the +1 crew requirement the event would have been enjoyable to a LOT more people without the complaint that they couldn't find anyone and the same amount of people saying it wasn't fun or was fun. I REALLY haven't seen most anyone trying to say that the best part of the event was the time they spent before the event trying to find a player. I don't think that's a valid form of design that the devs should be embracing because it PUSHES OUT a very large sum of people who can't afford to use their time like that and player's are being attacked for not spending their time doing something they don't feel adds value. Whether or not how I value my time doesn't change the fact not everyone HAS time like you might and that will change how someone perceives the experience and what it is asking...but people are saying it's all their fault and assume SO much about their situation.

"But if you value your time so desperately that even that is enough to get you to now waste this much time bitching about it on reddit, maybe you shouldn't be playing in the first place."

Read what you say before you make someone else read it. We are on the same side here. I'm a fellow player with critiques of the game and you want me to leave for having alternative opinions about a subjective situation!? If you feel like having a discussion about the game on its subreddit is a waste of your time than don't come on here? I'd never actually say that if not to reflect the mentality you are coming at me with. If you don't want a discussion don't structure a comment like you are trying to have a discussion. Or did you just come in with an ultimatum and think I'd suddenly be turned and that was your only motive?

I'm stopping because you are crossing the line and you clearly feel that this discussion is bad for you. I'll stop commenting after this. Have a good one, I'm sorry this made you feel the way you do. I didn't intend it. If you attack me some more after this comment have fun with it I guess. If it makes you feel better to call people lazy when you don't actually have any context to their situation and simply assume they haven't done what you have you aren't going to find allies...then I guess I hope you find that confidence.

Final Remark:

You have just been over-simplifying my position, stretching a mile to defend the problems in this event for some personal reason, and tending to use hyperbole for effect or you actually are convinced of some pretty ridiculous points. You clearly are feeling this discussion is personal when it isn't and never was and I've noticed this for awhile. This whole time you've basically been trying to demonize me as not a true fan of the game and clearly I must hate the game and why am I here. I've been trying to pivot away from that but you double down. I kept having to ask myself if you are going through something irl? Why are you bringing this conversation to this level? Why are you question EVERY aspect of my desire for this game as a whole for one simple critique because I didn't enjoy how they executed the +1 event? That I didn't enjoy how the community was trying to diminish the efforts of people who expressed their experience differently? You've really put a bad taste in my mouth and if you want to have discussions you need to be a bit more civil.

None us are perfect. I'm certainly not. Please understand that everyone is trying to enjoy this game. Nobody is out to get it.

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Ok, dude? Maybe you just need to take a step back for a second. It's just a game, brosky. Not everyone can be pleased with every decision a dev makes.

As for whatever you said about how I'm coming at you and all that.... Just, no.

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Are you even reading what I've highlighted over and over "All you're accomplishing so far is letting Rare know that you won't even try". What I'm saying is that we tried, we tried for more hours than the event is worth or that justifies the structure of the event...just to even get to start the event. We gave up because they allowed the event to let some people fall through the cracks on a fundamentally ridiculous level.

IF the event gave us a structure to start with that allowed us to start the event, we'd all do it and not have anything to complain about other than the usual "this took me 4 hours to do, see you next week" meg style complaints. The Meg event allowed us to roll up to Merrick and likely find a partner. This event did not and that opened the void that this event felt like.

Some people only have 4 hours a week to play something, some have 8, etc. Some may be out of town until the last day. Will they get to try it? Probably not, because there isn't a structure to make getting another crew to join you in the game that doesn't ENTIRELY depend on luck. The father we get from patch day the less likely they will find a willing second crew.

You aren't even combating the point I'm trying to make you are just calling me a pessimist like that makes any sense in the context. Being critical doesn't make me a pessimist. I'm not saying "events will always suck because this event sucked" I'm not taking existing evidence and assuming that the game will be like this forever. I'm assuming the game will get better, this event was not good because of the STRUCTURE of it and that's a failure. They can and will correct that they just need to get the message that this was bad form and they should try and prevent it in the future.

"Yes even after this little back and forth"...are you saying that because we had a back and forth that we are less friends? That having a dispute about the situation means we clearly can't be friends? Discussion is key to friendship. Disagreement is key to friendship. If everyone agrees with you all the time you aren't living in reality. I've never questioned you as a person for simply defending the game I don't want to know why you question me as a person for simply disliking this event.

I finished the event. I'm not hear complaining that I didn't finish it. Everyone can finish this event fully as soon as they CAN find a second crew that sticks around if they have the time. I'm saying the amount of time required for some people to find the second crew in the first place IS WAY TOO MUCH to ask just to START an event this mundane. It's not like we are going on an epic quest to neverland and I need a competent pirate to take on the big We are just shooting ourselves at thrones in high places. Why do I need to spend 5 hours looking for a partner just to do that and why is it possible I can actively spend 5 hours trying to find a partner and not find one? That's a problem that simple game design can fix while not removing the aspect of finding a crew or the organic nature of the game. There are so many ways to make this more agreeable for EVERYONE and they didn't even think to address it at all.

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Some people only have 4 hours a week to play something, some have 8, etc. Some may be out of town until the last day. Will they get to try it?

Try? Absolutely, on those 4, 8 hours, that day... That's the point of a time limited event. Some people may not make it. That kinda sucks for them, yeah. But it makes other players feel really accomplished for having been a part. That's life. That's how it goes. This play structure is exciting to those that play into it instead of shun it.

doesn't ENTIRELY depend on luck.

It doesn't entirely depend on luck. Go stash 20k in loot somewhere and tell someone you'll give it all to them after they help with thrones. You think they won't?

You aren't even combating the point I'm trying to make you are just calling me a pessimist like that makes any sense in the context.

I am though. Because the event is not over yet, you cannot say you tried. You can only say you're trying. Only after the two weeks is over can you say you tried. Saying people won't be able to get it done when it's not over yet is the definition of pessimism.

"Yes even after this little back and forth"...are you saying that because we had a back and forth that we are less friends? That having a dispute about the situation means we clearly can't be friends? Discussion is key to friendship. Disagreement is key to friendship. If everyone agrees with you all the time you aren't living in reality. I've never questioned you as a person for simply defending the game I don't want to know why you question me as a person for simply disliking this event.

I'm not questioning you as a person. I'm extending my hand in friendship as a sign of equality and good nature.

We gave up because they allowed the event to let some people fall through the cracks on a fundamentally ridiculous level.

I finished the event. I'm not hear complaining that I didn't finish it.

Pick one. You finished it or you didn't. Either way, it's not over.

I didn't bother reading the rest of the same babbling. If all these people you're speaking for know how to get on reddit, tell em I'm here to help, as well as a ton of others. So it's not impossible or even hard to get it done.

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Hates subjective. Can mean anything. So tell me what defines hate. Id love to hear it

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That's not true at all. Here's Merriam-Websters definition:

a : intense hostility and aversionusually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury

b : extreme dislike or disgust : antipathy, loathing 

c : a systematic and especially politically exploited expression of hatred 

a crime motivated by bigotry and hate

 —often used before another noun 

 — see also hate crime

Definition of Hate Crime:

any of various crimes (such as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (such as one based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation)

Definition of Hate Speech according to Wikipedia:

Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.[1][2] The law of some countries describes hate speech as speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display that incites violence or prejudicial action against a protected group or individual on the basis of their membership of the group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected group, or individual on the basis of their membership of the group.

God, Google is hard, huh?

I asked you to define hate with examples not hand me a definition. I'd love to know groups or ideas that you find hateful and see if you can see hate on both sides and not just a book definition. I could look that up whenever I want easily. Im especially not interested in a website such as Merriam Webster which Classify's fascism as "right wing" which is incorrect because fascism is just fascism no matter what side it comes from or Wikipedia since any self proclaimed scholar can write in it. I doubt you can see any hate that stems from your world few, so lets start there, cause I know where it can stem from when it comes to mine. Also again hate speech is not illegal to use, you can be as prejudiced as you want and is not enshrined by law that you are protected from it, so again, show how this would be considered grounds to impede someone's right to speak. Also the fact that it has to add "protected group" is exactly why the constitution was written and what it aimed to avoid. The rules for thee, but not for me mentality. Also, hate is absolutely subjective. How do you determine that a crime is done out of hate. Isn't attacking someone who is religious a hate crime, or do you have to speak out against it before the assault. What about people who just have a funny shape head. What happens if I were to slander those with oddly shaped heads, is that a hate crime. Please tell me how something like hate is defensible in law when hate can be applied to damn near EVERY situation and insult that exists. It holds shaky legal grounds for a reason

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There's obviously no reason to continue this discussion since you clearly are not reading what I'm writing to you. You are inferring way more information than I'm giving up, and that will always be a losing battle. No matter what I say you'll infer twice as much. No thanks.

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Where are we you little shit?

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What? You are farmers?


I changed my coil, and now the vape is way different and I had to wildly adjust my settings. Before it was about a .21 ohm SS coil at 80w, 460° F, and even then it took a second to ramp up. Now it's a .17 ohm SS at 45w and 270° F and it's nearly instant fire. What gives?

Coil mass between those two coils is likely to be very different.

More wire mass = more heat needed

Less wire mass = less heat needed

Captain Obvious would say, uhm you changed to a different coil build type and were expecting to have the same settings as something also different previously?

No, electrons do not behave that way. Adjustments to your mod will need to be made in order to compensate for the different coil.

It's not a big deal at all, and a given if you change your build or coil, and literally everyone does this, all the time, and making such adjustments is perfectly normal.

There is no 'one size fits all' unless you are wearing polyester stretch-pants like the housekeeping ladies at a hotel.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

I just figured a similarly built coil made of the same material would vape about the same with the same temperature set to TC. Didn't think that was too far of a stretch.

Figuring is not knowing.

Unless you are building identical coils or buying identical coils, the use of the coil will vary as will the settings on your mod.

Go Here:

and choose CLAPTON and build your coil specs on that page, and then do STAGGERED CLAPTON (from the first pull-down menu in WIRE BUILDER section) and you will see in the end, if you look at the blue box area, where is says WIRE MASS, SURFACE AREA, HEAT CAPACITY and HEAT FLUX, all those values will change with different builds, and each one of those properties of your coil may require you to change settings on your mod, to YOUR preferences.

This is all normal and 'just how it works'. Yes, there is science involved, but you dont need a PhD in physics to understand it. Steam Engine is your very best friend here. I use it all the time. :)

You can educate yourself pretty easily, which will save you lots of time and frustration and help you to get the vape experience that you want.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Thanks. I've tried making heads or tails of the Steam Engine but it's all Greek to me. I know it's much more important to use such a tool with mech mods (even though I used one for a long time without knowing about such a tool or it's importance), but I don't really see the need with a regulated. More or less wire and more or less power to your liking and go. Not much else to it.

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Thanks for this! I love my Engine Nano. Will be thinking about this one...

0 points · 7 days ago

Your point aside, your basic premise of this game is about being a pirate and has nothing to do with the Thrones event because the event itself had nothing to do with being a pirate in the first place. If you design a non-pirate a non-pirate system to actually make it worth the time if you have to.

If this event was about actually being a pirate it would have actually been inherently fun and people would have actually wanted to do it.

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I thought it was fun and actually wanted to do it. So has everyone else actually playing the game instead of spending their time here complaining.

Oooo with the jab.

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Just an observation. Not trying to start shit. Calm down.

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