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They were very common, especially in middle school. Growing up, we had at least one per year, and more than that when a shooting had recently occurred. I still remember how one time, they called for a lockdown, then turned the fire alarm in order to trip us up. Of course, everyone went outside, and even the teachers weren’t sure what to do. The principal later scolded all the students and told us that the shooter would have been waiting outside the door.

In middle school, we would have active shooter drills, which were a little different. They would have someone pounding two blocks together like a gun going off, and the location of the “shooter” was announced on the PA system as the drill was happening. We were told to focus on blockading the door and disarming the shooter (if they make it inside the classroom) by throwing chairs, books, and anything else.

In my high school, they’re annual, and we just shelter under our desks, lock the doors, and turn off the lights.

Edit: we also have lockdown drills if there’s a bank robbery nearby, or any sort of crime, really. In elementary school we had one because of a man lurking on the property. The next year, they built a fence around the place.

Realtrain 1 point

They were very common, especially in middle school. Growing up, we had at least one per year,

Just to clarify, you're talking about drills, not actual active shooters.

nedaterranean 1 point

Yes, thank you. That would've been an awful childhood.

komaedanagito_ -25 points

are you fucking blind?

nedaterranean 17 points

Wow, someone’s angry today.

i_like_beluga_whales 24 points

You look like the chicken girl

nedaterranean 16 points

Now I want to be friends with her.

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It definitely happens, but they’re usually not brand new, top-of-the-line cars unless the family is extremely wealthy. Cars tend to be more important for daily life here, and a lot of cities don’t have amazing networks of public transportation.

A lot of times, the car that the kid receives is the parents’ old one.

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There are lots of bad drivers here. I’m not sure why, but the stereotype of Ohioans being shitty drivers is true.

Going to Hilton Head Island (or just South Carolina) at least once is like a pilgrimage for us.

In my experience, we’re pretty friendly, but feel free to argue against this one. People may not actually care about you, but they’ll usually ask you how you are or say hello, even if you’re just two random strangers in an elevator.

Ohio becomes a bloodbath during presidential election years. Seriously. Most of the ads on tv are for one candidate or another, and it’s just about the only time we’re paid attention to.

College football is really important to some people. There’s a big rivalry between the University of Michigan and Ohio State.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to add more :)

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Yeah, I had a similar experience. My mother used a donor egg to conceive me, meaning that I’m not her biological daughter. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I wish she would have been more honest when I confronted her about it. I found out about it through 23andme. After three tries of trying to get her to tell me, I gave up and figured out for myself that it doesn’t really matter all that much. How someone treats you and cares for you as a parent is much more important than genetics.

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The best advice I can give you is to wear layers. When you go outside, wear a good winter coat with a long sleeved sweater or shirt underneath. If you’re really worried about how you’ll fare in the cold, gloves can help, and make sure to wear long pants (which should be obvious). Check the forecast before you go—that’ll help you out.

I can’t speak from experience, because I’ve lived in the North my whole life, but I don’t think it’ll be as bad as you’re expecting.

As for packing, if you roll up your clothes, it’ll save space in your suitcase. Also, don’t overdo it. One good coat and a few sweaters will usually do the trick. Hope this helps!

TexLH 13 points

Thanks! We're visiting in-laws and they have a lot of stuff but I'm taller than all of them so I'm mostly on my own for clothes. I don't even own a winter coat!

nedaterranean 1 point

No problem! I hope you have a good time here in the Midwest.

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I think free speech is good, even if it kills me to see neo-nazis and hateful people have a platform. It’s one of the best parts about living in a democratic country. We’re able to say what we want about the political leaders and government here, as long as nobody is being threatened.

Free speech, when protected, prevents the government from punishing people for sharing their opinions and thoughts. At the same time, though, it doesn’t shield people from what others think of their opinions, which some people tend to forget.

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Christmas is the big one, and I’ve seen decorations for it go up as early as September. However, the New Year and the Fourth of July are huge celebrations too.

Easter and Thanksgiving are more for families, and holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day may have special events, but aren’t as widely celebrated. Mardi Gras might also be celebrated in various cities, but it’s best in Louisiana, especially New Orleans.

Halloween is one thing that a lot of foreign people find different. Trick-or-treating is something that every kid does. In the stores, there are costumes and candy, and many people throw Halloween parties and carve pumpkins.

Nothing really beats the scale of Christmas and the Fourth of July, but these are the most prominent holidays I could think of here in America.

Edit - here’s my ranking of most celebrated to least:

  1. Christmas

  2. Independence Day

  3. Halloween (this one really depends on age)

  4. New Year’s (again, depends on age; adults go out and party, children usually don’t)

  5. Valentine’s Day

  6. St. Patrick’s Day

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friedrs582 3 points

I think you have me confused with someone else. I've known I've "ope'd" for a while, and I just want to know why Midwesterners think they have a monopoly (And even from just the notification, I could tell a bit of the sarcasm from the italics)

nedaterranean 4 points

Hey, we don’t have much else in the Midwest. At least let us have the “ope.”

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nedaterranean 1 point

Weird, it seems that not many Americans go there. My family goes to Toronto a lot, though we do have relatives there, and I live fairly close to it. In fact, we’re going there the week after Christmas.

I think that the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is a popular destination. I know quite a few people who’ve taken trips there.

In general, many Americans don’t leave their country for trips, and as others have stated, Montreal is more popular than Toronto, though I don’t know why.

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majinspy -1 points

This is a bit offensive. Not sure if you realize it. "Not all southerners are backwards! Some even wear shoes!"

nedaterranean 1 point

I don’t see how it’s offensive. There tends to be a stereotype that the whole entire South is full of rednecks and racists; I was saying that there are backwards people everywhere, and that the majority of Southerners don’t fit into that stereotype.

majinspy 0 points

"Definitely not all completely backward" doesn't sound at all back handed to you ?

nedaterranean 1 point

Not really. Ohio’s got backwards people too. I can say the same thing about it. The same goes for other northern states.

I’ll say it: Northerners are definitely not all completely backward.

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It kinda depends based on where you're at and which school you go to, but most parties are super boring. They might look like they do in movies, but they're definitely not as fun. One cool thing -- we actually do use those red Solo cups that are always in movies.

School lunches here are awful. I mean, truly awful, at least at my school. It's always old frozen food with freezer burn that barely gets defrosted before it's served.

Best stuff: Pajama days, prom is fun, senior pranks (if your school allows them), no uniforms for most schools, and lots of different classes to choose from.

dontknow9921 1 point

Do you really use those red cups ? ahahah

nedaterranean 1 point

Yeah, they're everywhere. Classic. By the way, I forgot to ask. I heard that your high school grades go backwards, like 8th grade (when you're around 13) is called 4th grade, and senior year is terminale. Is that true?

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