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nedaterranean commented on a post in r/starterpacks
DailyPhly 653 points

For some reason my school had plastic milk bags. I think it was there attempt to save money, but for us kids we could squirt milk far across the cafeteria.

nedaterranean 249 points

Same, but it sucked when you accidentally punched the straw through both sides of the bag.

nedaterranean commented on a post in r/AskAnAmerican
nedaterranean 7 points

I don't think that Europe is homogeneous, per se. It's just that many Americans have this mental picture of a person from a European country and that's all they're able to envision. For example, they'll think of the typical person from Spain as a dark-eyed, dark-haired person, when this isn't necessarily the case. If you actually go to pretty much any European country, it's easy to see that there is diversity there.

In America, it varies from place to place. The upper New England states, like Vermont and New Hampshire, have a vastly white majority. Places like California are known to be diverse. When I try to think of a typical American of the 21st century, there's no singular race that comes to mind, so yes, I would consider this country diverse.

deuteros 8 points

Basing diversity on skin color is kind of an American thing. Europeans don't really see diversity that way.

nedaterranean 1 point

Sorry about that, I suppose you're right. I think a similar concept (where some areas have more diversity than others) applies to diversity in cultures, though perhaps to a lesser degree.

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LEbiffCHICK 1 point

im taking this fabrics and fibers class where we crochet shit so that sounds like fUN. AP chem doesnt sound like fun tho ;-;

nedaterranean 1 point

Yeah, I'm in it this year and it's kinda awful, but I guess it'll be worth it if I can manage at least a 4 on the exam. Good luck for next year.

nedaterranean 1 point

I'm excited for Global Issues. It's the post-AP history class at my school so hopefully it'll be more chill.

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nedaterranean 2 points

I’m half-Iranian (Persian)! I can’t wait to get the update. Where in Iran is your family from, if you don’t mind me asking? According to what I’ve heard from my relatives, mine is from Northern Iran and the Tehran area.

Congrats on the results—I suppose you’re truly an international person :)

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nedaterranean 3 points

The correct answer is C. What’s important to understand is that because m is smaller than n, mn is going to be less than n2, but greater than m2. That makes the square root of mn greater than m, but smaller than n.

Edit: E is incorrect because the square root of mn is not less than the square root of m+n. When in doubt, assign two random numbers to be m and n. Let’s say m is 2 and n is 3. With that in mind, mn would be 6 and m+n would be 5. 6 (mn) is the larger number, so its square root would be greater than, not less than, the square root of 5 (m+n).

Does that make any sense at all? That was the way I thought about it. Hopefully it helps.

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