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neozion2812 commented on a post in r/elixirtoken
daryan1 -2 points

I know, but try explaining that to people who bought in at $2+

neozion2812 4 points

Sorry but they now should learn that never FOMO. Once they FOMO, the only option is HODL

CashMeYo 7 points

End of 2018 I say $7-$14, could be more. As for the $100 it's very unlikely unless adoption goes wild.

neozion2812 3 points

Let targer 3$ our previous ATH first

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
herbalt420 9 points

As an idiot who all-in'd WTC at an average of 171k sats a couple weeks ago

I have watched as repeated pumps and MASSIVE buy wall supports get annihilated over and over again. The price just keeps dropping.

This morning, suddenly, MASSIVE SELL WALLS were placed, made me panic until I snooped around and found these FREC announcement threads.

It's obvious suppression so whales can accumulate for the airdrop.

For the first time since buying, I'm super optimistic about WTC and FREC! Still need to set the stop loss for the after airdrop dump, just in case!

neozion2812 1 point

If wtc backs to ATH, you are double in term of sats value, no worry, we will get there

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
vferr 3 points

we could go down more. i would look at 146k sats as a support line that if we fall below could mean trouble

neozion2812 4 points

How about 100k? Sad but the market really bad now. Even if market recovers, once btc breaks 12k then it will kill alts again

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
academycrypto 22 points

guys in 3 months of time walton will hit 80 dollars. just add a remind me to this comment and lets talk about how I made a wrong prediction as it will even surpass 80.

neozion2812 13 points

I think it's conservative prediction. But I'm happy with 80. 3 months = mainnet + mining + staking + some companies start using wtc + start chip mass production (??)

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
gmn-willy 38 points

Vferr, Yayoman, The Late Mercutio, Network Traveler, eric805, dlow_stacks, Dino, tranfixion, siafu4life. I’m sure I’m missing a few. (Please add your favorite posters here) The Walton community looks to you for guidance and safety, now is the time for you guys to shine. The community needs you. You guys are the best and you make me proud to be apart of this community. Im in Walton for years if not decades. I speak off the cuff and depend on you genius’s to put people in their place. Our community has been invaded recently and in the long haul we will prevail, we need to stay strong together. The fudders will fall off as Walton succeeds. In the meantime I ask you leaders to throw your knowledge at every fud post, don’t ban them just put them in their place immediately. I’ll try to but if I’m wrong then put me in my place. I love this community. Let’s turn these haters into believers! The truth is always the easiest sales pitch. True colors always bleed through.

neozion2812 9 points

tag them here to show we love them u/vferr, u/yayoman, u/thelatemercutio, u/networktraveler, u/eric805, u/dlow_stacks, u/siafu4life, u/dragonballaf, u/yayowam, u/StarlikeLOL

P/S: I can't find who are Dino and tranfixion

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
TheWolfofBinance 6 points

I don't hold any WTC anymore. I sold at 12 USD. Fuck my life.

neozion2812 2 points

Oh nooooo. It’s sad, please consider joining again

gjsmr2 28 points

Look at VEN :) KARMA

neozion2812 1 point

What happen with them?

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
CollegeStudentHere 12 points

I wanna know how you ogs found this project. I got in a bit late and been accumulating and idk if I would meet my goal of 1,000. Now I know there are other project that I might be able to get into nun like walton but maybe another grand slam project you guys could tell me about. I will do my own research I just wanted ideas because kinda don't think I probably be able to get to my goal on this one. As I see the price rocketing

neozion2812 11 points

I found out Walton by finding top gainer (yes, I was finding pump and dump coins on coinmarketcap)early September, at that time wtc reached all time high at 2.4$. After I bought it crashed hard due to China ban ico FUD. I have only option is hodling then the more I hodl, the more I believe on the coin

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
CollegeStudentHere 1 point

You right but I want that 1k lol seen like some happens every time I get close to my goals I might just see it I can raise money by asking my foster parents and see what they say. But I am determined to get there I have my goals.

neozion2812 3 points

Good luck bro. Hope u reach ur goal

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/elixirtoken
Guns-n-Tobacco 7 points

Buy confidently my friend.

Ask yourself why you bought in originally - Elixir was a fantastic buy at 1.50, and it's even better now. We get weekly updates, progress is marching along, and every day more people find out about Elixir. At least you know the next time it spikes it's really going to fly, eh?

neozion2812 1 point

I bought enough to become top 50. Am I confident? Just kidding, but I have strong hope on Elix than anything else belows 100 m$ marketcap

neozion2812 4 points

Hopefully we can go to top 100 - 150 with beta

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neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
decadura 14 points

Daily Discussion Thread adder: Please change all those events to Q1. Network traveler said it will all happen in Q1.

neozion2812 18 points

No worry, I found out NT's message on slack. Huge if true

neozion2812 2 points

Source please!

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/elixirtoken
neozion2812 4 points

Me, I keep most Elix on trezor, some on kucoin to do some trading

Guns-n-Tobacco 1 point

Works good for you? What PC interface did you use?

neozion2812 2 points

I use Myetherwallet to connect Trezor, worked pretty good

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
revanyo 2 points

So then why was the table updated?

neozion2812 3 points

We want to be safe, we don't want the team get burn (blame, FUD, etc.) from community in case they delay mainnet to Q2.

revanyo 0 points

Is not that just a bit dishonest?

neozion2812 9 points

That is the decision of the mod in this sub, not the team. I think our mod just has good intention to prevent FUD

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
neozion2812 35 points
  • The VEN's shilling level here is unbelievable. Now they are trying to shill us on our own sub.

  • Could someone please explain for me what're impressive things from their yesterday AMA ( ? Many shills shout we are losing our hardware advantages while I think they borrow many ideas from us

  • P/S: their FUD and shilling campaign looks like having effect on short term, VEN marketcap ~ 6x our WTC. HODL strong my friends

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/elixirtoken
BTC2018 1 point

Yes I am holding Elix. Still waiting for the new website, more details on the project, the loan app, and the team reveal before I can give it another assessment.. In the meantime, it appears to be progressing nicely.

neozion2812 1 point

Hello /u/BTC2018, now the team has revealed themselves, alpha app done, very close to beta now. I very appreciate if you can share your opinion/re-assessment on this coin?

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/Vechain
neozion2812 10 points

Hello my fellow walton hodlers, we have nothing to do here. Pls go back to our sub and just let our project, technology and business speak for ourselves

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