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neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
copharion 15 points

Dammmnn u/StarlikeLOL this is top notch stuff... between you u/thelatemercutio and u/Dlow_Stacks... ya'll are doing great things for this sub (sorry for the countless others I left off)

neozion2812 5 points

NetworkTraveler and Mr Laserman also, all of them are awesome

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
dodleif1 2 points

The planned airdrop in Q1 is just for GMN and MN.

neozion2812 1 point

Airdrop based on projected staking ROI (18%+) or what?

kidalive25 1 point

That would be incredible. Where did you get the 18% value from?

neozion2812 1 point

From the AMA, the return is better than Dash in first year (which was 18%)

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
onyxthx 11 points

Love this community and team, but im out guys. Sold my 3 GMN's, so the pot will be bigger for the stronger hands. Too much money to be made in other major exchange release coins in Q1.

At the end of the day, this is about making money. I guarantee you guys staying in are going to be rolling in it. Issue is, i can get there faster and with a lot less stress over this team in W AN or 100 other coins. God speed, and i have a feeling I will be back like a lot of others.

neozion2812 1 point

Good luck man, nothing wrong with making more money. I missed the train with Rai and Tron while keeping GMN :’(

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
neozion2812 7 points

Thank friend, you just save another gmn from being sold!!!

Dlow_Stacks 9 points

Damn didn't realize putting in all this hard work was gonna make me lose money 😉

neozion2812 4 points

lol. Let to da moon together

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
luminokiddo 13 points

On this final day of 2017, we lost two more GMNs...forever.

neozion2812 2 points

I think the tracker is incorrect somehow. The remaining GMNs number was 1987 last week. I guess the tracker didn't consider the fact - GMN status is unrecoverable. Therefore I strongly believe the total number much smaller than 1987 now

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
thewolfofbittrex 2 points

I’m 50/50 ven and Walton More bullish on Walton but absolutely no harm making money with ven in meantime Their marketing and hype are great People shouldnt get so emotionally invested

Will go all in Walton before mainnet release

neozion2812 1 point

I'm doing exactly the same. The only reason I'm buying VEN is to back to WTC with one more MasterNode

neozion2812 0 points

Will we have any news/events in Jan?

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Regula96 4 points

Pretty bad tbh. On paper it’s a 100% solid investment, but the price doesn’t reflect it whatsoever.

Could have sold my WTC at 12$+ for some 2$ XRB, 0.5$ VET or 0.6$ ARDR.

I start feeling uncomfortable when I buy something that by all means should be a top 20 coin and all it does is go down. Feel like I’m missing something critical. Because the market is acting like WTC isn’t worth it at all :/

neozion2812 2 points

I know the feeling bro. When hodling hurts, pls remmeber Vertcoin, its solid coin, active community, stayed low price for very very long time, but then finally 10x . I believe wtc can do the same thing

neozion2812 1 point

I was in since 2$ , used to be all in wtc then diversify 50% to other coins now. Im still happy with my wtc but there are a lot of investors get hurt when bought during the pump Sep/Oct, we only up 1 - 2$ since that :’( hope they hodl strong

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Age-Of-Kings 0 points

Can you elaborate on the "not really technically masternodes". Quite interested why that is? And I definitely agree with the rest.

neozion2812 1 point

Maybe something like NEO, you hodl NEO (Ven) to generate another token for ex GAS (Ven’s new token to be released in next 72 hours). Based on how many Vet you hodl, the return of the new tokens will be different

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
JCvalentyne 4 points

You don’t have to be aggressive, I still am holding WTC and I’ve been loyal to WTC since 1st September, probably longer than 99% of people here, been here before this sub was even created. I sold partial amounts back at 100k-70k Satoshi..

neozion2812 1 point

I was in since 1st Sep too. And I never sold a single coin. Recently, I increased my stack by 15% too

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Mr_Laserman 14 points

Actually the web wallet we tested in Alpha is exactly the same. The screenshots you saw were the desktop wallet/miner. It needs improvements. The web wallet can be viewed here:

neozion2812 6 points

Too much confusion, we should help everyone on the same page by some posts that we also have a nice web wallet, the windows one looks like more focus on mining

neozion2812 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
TheWolfOfBitfinex 27 points


  • In talks with Samsung, no partnerships confirmed.

  • Over 10 people in the application team, almost 20 blockchain developers, over 20 people in marketing and sales and a few doing finance and admin.

  • Currently looking at expanding in Japan and Russia.

  • In talks with Bithumb and Bittrex, hopes to be listed in the near future.

  • February 2018 will publish all source code (github).

  • Plans to implement RFID and blockchain system into the Chinese clothing company Kaltendin, and run a test pilot very soon.

  • Exact masternode reward figures will be released in February when parent chain is launched.

  • Waltonchain projects are strongly supported by the Chinese government.

neozion2812 1 point

Yo, so mainnet launch on FEB officially confirmed?

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