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wait for june they said, it will be fun they said

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When’s Joon? lol, sometimes we need to accept our time has been gone

6 months ago if you had told me waltonchain would be sitting in the Great Hall of the People talking to government officials about the future of blockchain I just wouldn't believe you. But here we are... huge things are coming

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I wonder when the bull trend will start. It's big news actually but no price action yet

Hi, is there anything to discuss? The reddit daily thread seems quite dead. Are all of you mainly on telegram?



I want to buy some MAN but IDEX crash at the moment. Do you know if requires verification (with passport) to deposit/withdraw the tokens (not fiat)?

0 points · 1 month ago

lol? mainnet is on sept. what do want to mine

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Nope, testnet on Sept and only a part of mainnet releases that time

2 points · 1 month ago

Way more likely for Matrix and Waltonchain to collaborate since they are both inherently related to OBOR and are the leaders in their respective spaces. Interestingly, they are also both hybrid chains utilising a variation of PoW+PoS.

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Amazing to see you here yayo, the matrix ai and wtc simply the best picks, they have too many similar things

9 points · 1 month ago

we're in a good spot. expect us to break this 170k sats wall within the next few days. after that it could spell moon.

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Re-testing 170k now, after that I can see strong resistance at 180k?

WTC with lower and lower volume for each day.... and still no listing on Bithumb. OMG and Kyber just got listed today. I’ve been hodling WTC since last year and I feel that the WTC hype is gone... most because of the marketing and tweet fiasco. What does it take to turn this downtrend around? Even a Microsoft partnership wouldnt fix it?

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The moon day for all altcoins has gone. Bithumb now or few months later just doesn't matter. I'm here not for 40 - 50% gain but for 10x. I expect there is no significant bull run till BTC breaks 12k again.


We reach 3k+ subscribers today after long time struggled at 29xx. Cheers. A milestone to the community

9 points · 1 month ago

if we can hold this 137k sats support line till the conference, we should be good.

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What is the agenda of the conference? You are expected a pump?

MSI GTX 1080 TI GAMING X TRIO - 864k - has been running for 8hours+ - no Overclock - 55oC temperature - 55% fan speed


Hi all,

I'm running my 1070 on my old HP Z600 Workstation server. The mining always stop after few hours of mining with the error message on the title

I plan to upgrade 1070 to 1080 but this issue makes me worried that the mining won't work as expected. Could anyone please confirm if the problem could come from 1070 or Z600?

Note: my 1070 not OC. Hashrate: 73278


Beta starting to roll out next week and the UI is looking very intuitive. Been seeing more discussion about it on other subreddits also so good to see some word of mouth reaching other communities.

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Will the team start the marketing campaign with the beta?


I wonder if both have the same mining odd? Or 600k machine is clearly better in any way

3 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Does GMN need to link erc20 address to wtc address too? (The pdf mentions MN only) if that’s the case then I think we should remind all GMN about this

Yes. Link your GMN address to the wallet you are mining to. After the token swap, the extra coins will be rewarded to you per block that you mined. From then on, you may mine to your GMN address instead.

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So we will need to link anyway?


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Wut, I think it’s deserved a seperate post to remind gmn hodlers about this. Even I miss the point @.@

14 points · 2 months ago

Thank you for posting an open and honest review of the Walton wallet. I absolutely agree with you. I still can’t believe how simple, slick and elegant they made this wallet - super easy to mine too. I’m really looking forward to the Android/iOS wallets as well, and from the pics in the wallet design doc, it looks as though we’ll be able to hold more than just WTC.

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Is the FUD true that the wallet is copy pasted from Geth

Not really.... the V word coin went up like 30% today. Last week icx 70%. All because of bithumb Listing. We are going in there soon too

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I’d rather wait the listing till btc recovers than now

Wow wow wow, can we have beta next week?

3 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

LOL who dropped a sell wall at this low of a price? If it's still there tomorrow afternoon I may be tempted to gobble it up.

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No worry, I just destroyed them, lol

12 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Don't feel so bad. I didn't have access to my coins during ATH, If you only knew how much I was up from Elix and missed out on you wouldn't feel so bad LOL. I'm not too worried about it though, I know this project will get back to where it was and exceed the ATH numbers, Just be patient.

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Let me guess, you are in the top 50 address

What are GMN holders doing. Are they all waiting for Walton in instructions on how to proceed?

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Some of them waiting to sell in next jump

I would laugh if they sold after all this time. quite literally selling low, even tho they are still in profit. Good luck, not missing the start of the bull run, buying into another coin & doing better. If they are selling at the next run up, its almost guaranteed they are no successful investor.

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Even if they want to sell, only sell at ATH, not now. The selling time had gone

I’m not a big holder of this coin and I haven’t never planned to be. I bought some hoping main net would create a pump but it didn’t. I am going to hang on to what I have in hopes it goes up some. I will probably get trashed on here for this post but weren’t you guys a little upset it didn’t do anything but fall in price. I know bitcoin is shit right now and that has a lot to do with it but it has nothing to do with being in the red everyday. I’m just curious if y’all were upset at all.

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1 word: dissapointed. But I have no option, I can only hold. The selling time had gone, if u want to sell , sell at ATH (46$), not now

I actually dont think so! I immediately sold at 0.03 ETH. It is the same shit like a few hours ago. One huge pump and then dump hard again.

5 Minutes later and I can already increase my stack by 3%. Thats crazy Oo

The volume is so low that whales have an easy playground here.

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I hate what you are saying but looks like it’s true

Nothing to worry about man tough part is over. Mainnet is coming price will rise upcoming days slowly. Better to rise slow.

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I just afraid we are losing momentum, too much FUD before prevent new investors come to us. Our mainnet post on CC reddit has lower upvotes than normal news of other coins

I haven't seen any info on pools yet. As for mining on a VPS, and I have no experience with this: from my Googling it looks like in theory if you pay for a dedicated core/thread then the VPS doesn't really care what you do with it since you aren't bogging down other users' processes. Whether it will be profitable or not is another question.

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Afaik, VPS like Amazon aws not allow mining

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