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neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/TopMindsOfReddit

The whole Elenor Roosevelt thing was a bit shocking, but in context it makes sense.

neverthelessspersist 5 points

It's all a word game.

Call it a seance, and she's working with Satan. Call it prayer, and she's working with Jesus. It's a great way to demonize people for expressing the same values you support. Doublespeak, if you will.

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Sidbob 4 points

TIL today isn't actually a day until it's tomorrow.

neverthelessspersist 3 points

We wait for tomorrow, but then tomorrow comes and it's still today. Tomorrow never gets here. It's a relative term.

Makes Annie a lot more sad.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/politics
kristamhu2121 0 points

How do you know I’m not being sarcastic?

neverthelessspersist 1 point

Because you're not.

And if you are, your sarcasm has no purpose and is ineffective. Ineffective sarcasm should be treated as a stupid statement.

kristamhu2121 -1 points

I live in a red state, sorry but I respectfully disagree with you. It’s hard to weed out sarcasm.

neverthelessspersist 3 points

I live on the mason Dixon line, in an area that is inching toward red, but grew up in an area that is now red despite major union presence. I lived in a diverse city, in a state where "diverse city" meant "place where 'hooligans' live" according to most of the state. I went to one of the most liberal schools in the state, but I grew up in a family where my grandmother threw the n-word around like she was having polite conversation with the fucking queen.

So yeah, maybe my experience with both extremes, as well as a lot of jaded people prepared me for this more than others.

But there comes a point when a reaction is so obviously sarcasm that you cannot believe it's real. It would be like seeing the original Bob Loblaw commercial and thinking "oh my god, these writers think people should get away with crimes they committed!!" No. That's not the case.

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neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/SubredditDrama
rolfbomb 27 points

I mean, if you were in a church and a Jew pretended to be a Christian priest, then maybe that would be malpractice. I guess? But at a hospital? Nope.

Edit: I'm well aware there isn't really any malpractice legislation for priests.

neverthelessspersist 55 points

I work in hospice, as a music therapist in a relatively religious section of the country. Fun fact: I'm an atheist.

But for many families, my role is to provide spiritual comfort, in a similar way that chaplains do. Fyi, your chaplain may not follow your sect either, but it's their job to explore your beliefs and fulfill your spiritual needs, regardless of those beliefs. In the same way, I am often in homes where people want me to come sing hymns, and then they want me to pray with them as a family. Worse, they assume that knowing 8 verses of Amazing Grace means I also know how to lead a prayer.

My chaplain gave this advice:

  1. Try to deflect to family. "It would be more meaningful from you," is my go to line, and it's not a lie--religion aside, a prayer from cousin Jeff is probably more personal than one from the guy who is rarely around.

  2. If they refuse, keep it vague. If you know their religion, maybe invoke pieces of their religion that are big--Jesus, Allah, whatever.

  3. As you keep it vague, ask for three things: Strength, peace, and comfort. That's all anyone really wants, regardless of religion. And finally,

  4. "Listen. I know you don't believe it. But I don't believe a word of Zoroastrianism to be literally true, and I still am able to provide spiritual guidance to people who do. Even if you don't believe, you're connecting them to their own faith, through comforting rituals and words. Ultimately, if they have a relationship with god, it's not because they have rituals, it's because those rituals make them feel close to him. Some people might think it's hokey nonsense to wash their hands after they use the bathroom, but they're saving real lives in the process every time they wash them. All you're doing is helping them wash their hands, and them feeling connected to God is the removal of dirt and bacteria. Whether or not it's real isn't actually up to you."

I could tear apart that last statement a lot, of course, but that would be to miss the point entirely. I'm not an operator connecting them to God when they call. I'm their mother passing along the phone number so they can call. It's ultimately on them to make the call. I'm just there to facilitate in the most basic way.

Olookasquirrel87 15 points

This thread went from arrested development referenced to this. I think I have whiplash - I'll take my $600,000 now please!

(Seriously that was a beautiful thing you posted).

neverthelessspersist 6 points

I demand half.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/SubredditDrama
HissHissSneaky 88 points

I mean, these are the same people who threw a fit when a black queer lady talked about the problems of being a black queer lady. They've been toxic for years now.

neverthelessspersist 22 points

As an RT fan since before RT,

Mica was one of the most relatable people they had ever brought on, at least for me. Granted, I'm from Michigan and, despite being a straight white man, had grown up in many diverse communities and regularly marched for LGBT groups before I was 16. I also didn't really know her dad, which I'm sure helped for reasons I'll get into.

Basically, she was a ypung, excited millennial who wanted everyone to be happy, and seemed uncomfortable being an asshole. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the stuff Achievement hunter puts out, for example, but they seem like entirely abrasive personalities. Burnie seems manufactured, Gus seems unpleasant, Matt is barely ever public, Ashley seems like a stereotypical lady version of Burnie...

Then along comes Mica, and I just thought "I know this girl. I know at least 5 friends who are just like her. She has a nice voice and is fun to listen to. I'm back on board!!"

And then I read comments, and saw one of two responses.

  1. "OMFG who cares ur black, stfu that affects nothing" even though most people reading that would see "I'm black in South Texas" as an obvious danger. A few podcasts I watched at the time even unironically said "listen, I live in South Texas, if you were here maybe u could talk but GUISE RACISM IS NOT A PROBLEM!!!"

  2. People whining that the only reason she got a job was because her dad was famous. Like... yeah. It got her opportunities. She is also a talent in her own respect, and if you can't deal with that, fuck off. You think Michael Jones had a chance at a multi-million dollar movie, with his less-than-high-school education and barely any work ethic? Of course not. He got a job because people noticed a grumpy dude from New Jersey was grumpy. That got his foot in the door, then he flourished. She did the same. Get over yourselves. What, you think we should give your lame ass a job, if you keep crying about Ray being gone despite him adding fucking nothing to the team for YEARS?

As a company that talks about how great their site and community is, that's the number one thing that keeps me away. Fuck your community.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/iamverysmart
AhButThen -5 points

Incels do not actually crave sex in itself, but love and validation from the opposite gender.

neverthelessspersist 6 points

And when they fail to get it by being toxic shitstains, they cry about how rape should be okay.

Fuck you very much for trying to humanize them. They're human, technically, sure. They're also actual garbage as far as humanity goes and I have zero sympathy for their failings.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/funny
Thorebore 3,267 points

"He's going to live, lets fuck with him!"

neverthelessspersist 69 points

When mine was taken out (I was 22) my brother (he was 15)posted passed-out pics of me with the caption "This dumbass couldn't figure out how to operate an appendix. Most of us don't even need a tutorial, dipshit."

Tbh I love him but I hope his bursts just for tweets.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
JamesMathewsBand -6 points

We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.

neverthelessspersist 7 points

Imagine how much of a pedophile you would have to be to hear that someone else likes kids and you immediately assume that means they're fucking those kids.

Stop projecting.

JamesMathewsBand 0 points

They like kids like Creepy Joe Biden?

I was molested as a kid so I'm protective. You sound like a pedophile or very naive. I hope you don't plan on having kids. You think sending them unsupervised to someone else's house to be used as entertainment is a good idea? Maybe you were never molested as a child, good for you.

neverthelessspersist 2 points

Are you an actual retarded person?

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/politics
nixonrichard 11 points

I don't think death is really viewed as a horrible punishment in religions where those who die are granted eternal happiness.

neverthelessspersist 2 points

You mean like christianity?

nixonrichard -4 points

Not quite true. Most killings in human history are warfare deaths, where people kill others they do not know at all.

neverthelessspersist 1 point

I accidentally hit "post" too early before.

Let's pretend for a minute you're correct (you're not) and say war deaths are the biggest cause of death.

How does pulling out of the Iran deal fix this? How does tweeting about how big his dick is fix the north Korea problem? How is any of this positive.

Of course, it's not. But you're a fucking moron.

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neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/gaming
mistershoe88 4,918 points

I once had a guy add me on Steam after I left his heist in Payday 2. He messaged me something like, "Sorry dude I wasn't telling you to fuck off I was talking to my little brother on mic."

Little did he know I always have mics muted, he was just being sincere and wanted me back, but I was going to bed. 3 years later and I still play games with him, mostly BF1 and what not. Sometimes you just get that rare buddy online who shows you mutual respect.

EDIT: Holy shit this comment's points skyrocketed. Thanks for liking my little anecdote guys!

neverthelessspersist 1 point

I almost never play with anyone, but sea of thieves has changed me.

I make buds with anyone I pass who is willing. Often they fix my ship, and I help them get achievements and such.

Gaming is fucking cool when people try to be nice.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/TopMindsOfReddit
finfinfin 5 points

That's not too bad. At least they're not chaotic neutral.

neverthelessspersist 1 point

Chaotic neutral is bullshit and you know it!

neverthelessspersist 3 points

Literally half of the population is mind controlled.

Makes sense.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/SubredditDrama
FoximusMaximus 65 points

Way to get rude. You lost the moment you started throwing out insults and anger like that. But let's continue.

If reddit actually somehow implemented rules of formalized debate these wankers seem to so desperately want, with judges and oversight, the resulting explosion of drama from exactly these self important jackasses would drown the world in butter.

neverthelessspersist 32 points

The entire concept of it just made me so hard. Help

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/politics
neverthelessspersist 2 points

I grew up near Lansing, went to WMU, and then immediately evacuated the state after graduation due to increasingly toxic political atmospheres which I could not in good conscience raise a family in.

My company has a branch in your district. I would love to be close to home and spend time with my niece as she grows up. I hope you can be a part of that change.

No question, just a former resident hoping you can be a part of the change I always hoped for. And if you can, you can bet I'll be petitioning to move back--and to help with your next campaign.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/politics
Apkoha -2 points

Sound pretty racist yourself if you don't think a Hispanic kid can be named Dmitry. Protip: You can name your kid whatever the fuck you want no matter what color he is.

Sounds like you're not as enlightened and you think you are. Better turn yourself in for some tolerance training.

neverthelessspersist 0 points

Can't tell if you're trying to make a joke, or you're actually an idiot.

Either way, consider not posting because neither looks good for you.

Auszi 0 points

Are you talking to a mirror?

neverthelessspersist 1 point

I know you are but what am I?

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neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/politics
keepitrealcodes 317 points

This is so frustrating to me that I paced in circles for like 20 minutes after I read about this. Planned Parenthood was ALREADY forbidden from using federal funds it receives toward abortion!! FOR YEARS!! Trump is making a PR move to engage his ass-backwards base (and it's working) and I'm tired of being diplomatic about it and trying to find common ground with them.

I interned at a PP in a poor neighborhood years ago. I've never met a more compassionate, empathetic group of people. One of my colleagues at the time said something that didn't mean anything to me when I was 20 but speaks volumes to me now: "I'm 25 and I'm tired. I'm just tired of fighting them. They've worn me down." For her, I'm going to keep fighting.

neverthelessspersist 3 points

I've met exactly one more empathetic and compassionate group, and that was hospice.

It's almost like difficult health decisions attract people who care and want the best for everyone?

But you and I will be "murderers" in the eyes of know nothings who are "never wrong." Thats where I stop being empathetic.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/woahdude
bubliksmaz 10 points

Yeah I think that only happens irl under artificial lighting in tunnels which actually is actually flicking on and off at whatever the AC frequency is

neverthelessspersist 1 point


The human eye doesn't perceive "frames" the way a computer generates them, though there is a cutoff where our eye is no longer able to discern motion in a meaningful way. As such, things moving faster than our eye's "framerate" will not register as still images, which can translate to motion, but as blurs of color.

It's kind of like digital audio. Technically, digital audio can never create the exact same sounds analog can, because digital audio is necessarily "boxy" due to the limitations of ones and zeroes which create digital audio, especially due to the shortcuts our brains take with audio data. You can approximate, and even get close enough that 99.999% of ears can't tell the difference, but it will always be slightly different by nature.

Visual data has it's own shortcuts, but they're much different than audio ones, due to human focus on visual data and our evolutionary cling to sight as a primary information source.

TL;DR people are weird and cool.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/politics
NatsPreshow 185 points

I dunno, theres also a significant number of people who only care about abortion. They'd vote for a ham sandwich if it promised to overturn Roe v. Wade.

neverthelessspersist 3 points

It has been 45 years.

They have been in power numerous times.

It's never happening.

I know you know that. Just remember that the next time your pro life friends spout off about it.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/TopMindsOfReddit
jerkstorefranchisee 4 points

I wonder how many are actually the huge gym rats they claim to be

neverthelessspersist 4 points

I said gym memberships, not gym habits.

Mysteriagant 261 points

We are men going our own way by forging our own identities and paths to self-defined success; cutting through collective ideas of what a man is.

Wtf is that sub hahaha

neverthelessspersist 44 points
neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/SubredditDrama
ABKC 9 points

I always forget that Bill Simmons isn't Bill Simonson, a hack with a sports radio show in West Michigan, who is most notable for getting beat up outside a bar in Chicago 20 years ago (seriously, he's been in radio for 30 years and him getting beat up decades ago is still a first page google hit for him).

neverthelessspersist 6 points

You know, I left Michigan and tried to leave most of my grievances behind, but now I'm irritated just reading about Bill Simonson.

If I saw that fucker's name next to an MLive article again, I was going to hit something.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/aww
miumiumules 100 points

oh for sure! i had a chihuahua who lost her vision and she was the happiest thing in the world. just ran into walls a lot. its just sad for us to see our happy kids declining physically.

neverthelessspersist 1 point

Hospice worker here.

Just... consider it training, fam.

The only thing every single person can agree with is that everyone dies. Even a B L I N D B O Y E is getting some love that (s)he needs, and that's the important part. Everyone and everything must go, eventually, but you made the time between coming and going cuddly and fun. That's something to be proud of <3

And then, remember your human loved ones the same way. And make sure you can at least make them happy in the end, if that's possible. If not, 1. It's not your fault, and 2. Send me a message. I'm sure we can talk about it anyway.


neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/dogswithjobs
fighterace00 648 points

Freaking I Am Legend. Screw you.

neverthelessspersist 280 points

Probably because the filmmakers robbed you of the real ending.

Seriously. Find the original ending. Then come back if you're confused by it because it's the kind of introspective shit everyone needs.

SPOILERS and Edit that you hopefully see, because I don't want people to miss out, but that spoils the ending:

So this is the alternate ending.

Why is that significant?

It kind of falls back to the novelization.

Dracula is a legendary vampire. Frankenstein('s monster) is a legend. Werewolves are legends. They are all creatures that go bump in the night. But what is Will Smith here?

He only comes out when the creatures are vulnerable. They cannot fight him in his element. And if he finds them in THEIR element, he throws them on ice and injects them with a thousand needles and substances, hoping some day they will be just like him.

How is he not a werewolf? Or a vampire? How is he not the legendary beast, to this creature who just wants his girlfriend back?

The answer is, of course, he's not. He's someone who doesn't understand the beast he fights, and thus is approaching with the wrong ideas, the wrong questions...

But those creatures... do they give him the same respect?

The whole point is, there is a lot to be said for cultural understanding and communication, and no answer is easy.

But instead, will Smith grenades them and everything's fine.

neverthelessspersist commented on a post in r/politics
daner92 -3 points

While I agree, I have no idea why CNN is so focused on his meanness and his being a big mean bully.

It seems to be a feature and not a bug for him with Americans. 7 days of he's "mean to mccain" while Trump just empowered Israel to murder people seems a bit strange.

Funnily enough, one of these things will have long term ramifications one will be forgotten in a month.

Maybe they should cover that thing that could actually further destabilize the middle east and create terror and then lead to further fascism from dear leader?

Nope. But a staffer was mean to mccain.

neverthelessspersist 6 points

They are covering that.

It also happened yesterday. Did you expect that they would cover the riots and killings last week, before they happened?

daner92 -4 points

They have dedicated untold hours to the trump is mean narrative. White men think we apologize too much. And demanding insincere apologies does nothing to change minds.

It is just not very effective.

As far as Israel, I have seen very little commentary on cable news pointing out that Trump destabilized the region. This destabilization is intentional and further to vilify Muslims which will in turn lead to greater terrorism. And yes, when there's terrorism Americans decide liberty isn't as important as a strong authority to protect them, i..e trump.

If you have some sources, I'd be happy to see them.

I can link you about 100 videos where they talk about trump being mean to mccain.

neverthelessspersist 1 point

Omg. Are you telling me that something with like 10 days of coverage has more articles than something with less than 24 hours????

Holy fuck, those libcucks ARE wrong!!

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is talking about the Gaza problem. If you aren't seeing it, that's your fucking problem--i see it hourly, if not more often. That's because IT HAPPENED FUCKING YESTERDAY.

You want me to blow your mind more? I bet you I can find more videos on Watergate than I can the Hawaiian volcanoes. Holy shit dude, fucking conspiracy amirite?????

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