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Technically, a chord name is a matter of function more than it is a label for a shape.

It seems to me like that would usually be described as a Dadd9(add4), but as in all things, context may change the way you label a chord.

In this case, if you were writing a part, I would use a chord diagram if that specific chord and voicing was what you wanted someone to play, since Dadd9(add4) is not a very intuitive marking to read. This chord is more about color from the dissonances, so the label may not even be functionally correct even if technically so.

He is known to slap a peepee on occasion.

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As somebody who is pretty up on pop culture but has certainly never heard this name, I've chosen to believe that Jack Eichel is the kid you sit next to in Spanish class who always slaps other dudes dicks and you just didn't have the perspective of the wider world to understand that we wouldn't get the reference.

I'm sure he's part of some niche something or other, like a bit character in an obscure indie movie or the worlds greatest field hockey goalie or whatever. But I like my version better.

Oh damn you are pretty close. He is the GM of the Buffalo Sabres..

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No, no

He is your friend in Spanish class.

I thought I was pretty clear about that.

Depends heavily on the stool, but I've never seen anything like that in real life.

Do you have the video still? I have seen a few prank videos where people pretended that happened for a joke--sometimes very convincingly so--so it's very possible that you saw something totally fake.

Depends on what exactly you classify as "recent pop music," but almost definitely. It's a very common form and cadence. Hell, Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid is in 12 bar blues form.

I don't have any super modern examples off the top of my head, but I'll keep it in mind this week and get back to you.

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The audio where she is laughing about getting a child rapist off the hook when she is pretty sure he did it?

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Go ahead and post that clip. I'm sure you're being honest.

There are a lot of parts happening at once there. You'll have to be more specific.

One guitar is playing the same notes as the singer, and it sounds like there are two notes that happen in quick succession. Is that what you're talking about?

All of these comments you're using? Those are where you would have written a good point if you had one.

What makes me think you're shaking with rage is the constantly throwing out of irrelevant insults in place of reasoned arguments. My position is precisely as far away from yours as yours is from mine. Why can one of us handle that, yet the other can't?

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You could also have written a good point which I could have responded to, but since you're not really comprehending some of the most basic facts being given to you, I am stuck making the same basic point while you shout "NUH UH, TRIGGERED LMAO GOT U I AM THE ADULT."

It's... special.

I'm gonna go to bed, because I have to go to work in the morning. I'm going to wear a tie, because I care what my boss thinks about me, and whether she thinks I want to keep this job. Bye!

I wasn't joking. I'm genuinely sorry I wrecked your feelings this easily.

I care what my boss thinks about me

This makes sense. I don't have a boss, I don't need one, because I'm independent. Having to wear a tie to suck up to some cunt would definitely fill me with a rage that would boil over whenever things like a tiny benign challenge to my world view happen.

I can see now that you're not an idiot, you're just stuck in the situation of having to appeal to a more successful person for your income, and that's dulled your critical faculties.

You have my sympathy.

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Okay, after this cringefest I DEFINITELY know you're not done with high school.

Good night. Don't let mom catch you up this late.

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Did all the actors from the office just use their real names? Lol

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In addition to the below, their comments in the last episode about Creed being "Creed Bratton from The Grass Roots" are totally true. Guy was a guitarist and singer for a pretty popular band in the late 60s, toured a lot of the world. He's gr8

She starts off meh on the Office and gets hotter and hotter as the show goes on, until her eventual decline into Oscar's closet

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She was at her peak when she was buttoning her shirts wrong.

But you see, your friend is attractive.

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A lot of attraction is psychological. You literally perceive peoples attractiveness differently based on how you view them socially. It's why the actress who plays Dolores Umbridge looks like a toad in the Harry Potter films, but out of that context is one of the sweetest people. Same for Geoffrey from Game of Thrones. Same for that girl you met the first day of 10th grade and you really liked her until she asked why we never see cat eggs but there are kittens around, Janet you dumb idiot.

Not to act like a braggart, but I've always dated out of "my league" because I'm a hospice music therapist--generally helpful and good in difficult and emotionally taxing situations, good at listening and helping people with problems, highly skilled musician, able to use that musicianship to actively reduce a person's stress and reduce rate of breathing in real time to help them relax.

I'm also pretty well overweight and not too great looking, and god knows I'm nowhere near cool. All those negatives don't matter if you make someone feel good. You should like... try it.

Seriously, you're kind of right, I bet that friend is attractive--for a lot of the reasons listed above. Maybe they're physically attractive too, and that's fine if they are--you know, you could ALSO be physically attractive if you dedicated some time to it. The question is, if you're NOT physically attractive, what ARE you bringing to the table?

The question is, if you're NOT physically attractive, what ARE you bringing to the table?

Why is it that every time somebody disagrees in this sub people try to "set them straight" or give advice?

My comment was completely unrelated to me or my own experience. I'm commenting on a crucial detail that's probably true, but the OP left out in his story that would he an alternate explanation top what he said.

Also, your generalization doesn't always hold true.

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Because guys like you are the point of this sub.

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Thanks for the outside(probably) older perspective. Also I should have said I was from Owasso Oklahoma. And yeah I do go more for attention the more that I think about it(sadly).

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Nothing wrong with wanting attention. We all want recognition for our hard work, and that's okay!

But you'll get a lot more respect just being sincere and doing things you care about. Don't stress it, dude, just do you!

Yes. Most people in high school level bands are not ultra-dedicated, and will never pick up their instrument after their last ever band class. Further, Oklahoma is not exactly famous for their excellent high schools, much less arts-oriented education, so you likely don't have tons of competition in the same way schools in New York or California do.

The fact that you're attending these events if you "don't care" is the most puzzling part to me. If you don't care, why not try another hobby or elective to learn something you care about?

I'm going to level with you, because I'm sure I was similar in high school. I know the "I don't care" thing is about getting praise or attention, and not about you not actually caring. It's okay! We all want that attention, and I'll say it--good for you for for doing your best to immerse yourself in an elective so much. But approaching it in this way does not get you the kind of praise you think it should, and is very transparent. Just say "I'm doing alright as a high school musician!" and you will get so much more respect.

Don't ask people online to do your music theory homework. Just learn the material.

Original Poster2 points · 2 days ago

Oh my god, that was possibly the best answer I could've imagined. I was really hoping there was a real reason rather than "idk, it's a pretty common progression I guess?" or something along those lines. I don't have much music background other than listening, if you couldn't tell :P

But that was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for your in-depth explanation!

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My pleasure!

Sure thing!

I can definitely see why you get those stadium country vibes for it. I'll break down the elements that are most obvious to me.

Most modern, so called "stadium country," includes a "breakdown" chorus/verse/bridge, where most of the instruments drop out and the singer sings their part somewhat softly, followed by re-singing this same part with full instrumentation and more energetic singing. The one thing country tends to do more than other genres is include a driving bass drum. This breakdown has all of those familiar elements. I don't listen to much modern country anymore, so I don't have tons of examples to prove my point, but Keith Urban does something similar in this song, starting just after 2:40.

Furthermore, the contexts of the other choruses in this song change the context for us. The vocal part includes a relatively static harmony in 5ths. This is deeply rooted in country music's origins, which includes a lot of use of violins/fiddles and similar stringed instruments, which have strings tuned in 5ths. This tuning means that if you lay one finger across 2 strings and play them both, you'll get the same kind of harmonies you hear here, and is a staple of the style as it was generally performed by self taught, poorer people who saw this as an easy gimmick to increase the harmonic intrigue and presence of their instrument.

Additionally, the drums in the chorus alternate between a very common rock-style of drumming, and a very common pattern used in country drumming--a syncopated 8th note pattern on an open hi-hat, and a snare drum on 2 and 4.

Put it all together and you get a chorus that could easily be reworked into a song from someone like Keith Urban.

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Tom Morello

Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave for anybody else who needed a second to get the reference.

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Thx bb.

Genius in so many ways, love him.

6 points · 5 days ago

Oh no absolutely, his cadence in the delivery is succinct and sharp, just like a nice murder by words should be!

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Tom is a rare human. Genuinely creative, even in ways where I think "bruhhhhhhh fucking chill, that sounds shitty," but also in political and social ways that impress me daily. Go tom!

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I honestly don't recommend it. I've never achieved it, but it requires a perfect spawn, a perfect run, and a perfect knowledge of an entire moving city which moves beyond your actions. It basically requires perfection in not only you, but the randomness of the world. Far as I know, 100% is functionally impossible. Anything over 95% should be considered total victory.

You can't do it all--I've reached over 99% multiple times, but that's just how the real world works. 99 means you're fucking good at this. You were never meant to hit 100.

If it helps at all, the box it was delivered in (according to your pictures) is from Lowes. I have never once in my life received something from a store in a Lowe's box, aside from when my mother was sending me care packages.

Part of me thinks you made this yourself, but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, so here is my suggestion assuming you're legit.

It seems you ordered it from Amazon. Send them a pic of the box and supplies, the seller, and info about the purchase. This is, at best, from an independent seller who sells via Amazon's storefront. Amazonwill likely hold them accountable for shipping this way--if it's a common problem, Amazon doesn't want the affiliation, and if it's not a common problem, they will put pressure on to assure good customer service.

Amazon may also decide to just fulfill the order themselves for no extra charge--especially because things like notebooks and school supplies tend to cost pennies per unit when bought from the distributor by the pallet as Amazon does. Fixing this issue by sending you all of this without charge would, for them, likely recoup its costs by keeping you as a customer while costing them about 10 dollars in material. It's one of the few undeniable perks of megacorporations.

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This, but also when I'm trying to pass a semi, and I refuse to move back to the right lane until I'm at least 3 car lengths ahead, just to ensure that, JUST IN CASE I suddenly need to stop, the semi has a fighting chance of not putting his engine into my car's butthole.

I swear, people who drive like this always think they're the "best" drivers, as if not being considerate of other vehicles is effective driving. We are all driving 1-4 ton steel death machines. Wait 6 seconds. My indicator is flashing. I'm going to get out of your way soon. I'm not such a dipshit that I think passing 3 cars at once with less than 2 inches clearance on each side is the epitome of good driving.

Good driving, like good being-a-positive-force-in-the-world, is all about understanding other people around you and their specific situation.

I have never once met one of these people who I would ever consider a "good" person. Driving this way shows your lack of knowledge as much as it does your indifference to other people's abilities.

"I'm sure someone will take note of your accomplishments, eventually."

Oh god no

Exactly why I don't think about certain things for too long. Like that unite the right rally that's happening in Washington.

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The real world is scary enough, even though we pretend its just. The moments where justice is absent are the ones which bring us real world, actual horror. But ultimately, we control much of our world. The second you remove that and make it feel truly random, truly full of powers we can never hope to control, is when it starts to feel like we are nothing but toys for petulant toddlers.

THAT is when the universe switches from being "fun" scary to being "fuck, kill me" scary.

Holy shit, you really do know what makes people scared. Just a stupid suggestion, but if you have the time, you might want to try writing short scary things. Or not, y'know? Anyways, have a nice day! :)

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Something something modern politics, am I right??

Nah, I work for hospice, I just try to make people not be afraid of these things anymore and grasp control when they can. It has given me insight into some extrawordly horror for sure, but I have no interest in developing the genre :)

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He should have had Spiderman web him up so he can't move or something.

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This is legit, but it comes down to the difference between Marvel and DC so much. If you've never heard it, Marvel is all about humans becoming gods and coping with that, and so much of DC is gods becoming humans, and coping with THOSE flaws.

So much of the marvel universe comes down to basic human qualities.

Parker is so stuck on removing the gauntlet that he doesn't think about his other powers. Reminder--he's one of the strongest, most insightful and powerful humans in existence. He used to wear ACTUAL BLINDING GOGGLES so that he wouldn't have too much sensory input to be effective as a superhero. He isn't a god--he's a high school kid whose skin crawls a little bit every time someone gets stabbed within 100 miles of him.

Tony has SO MUCH LESS. He's a very smart autistic man with a super robot suit in space who is ultra focused on taking of Grimmace's glove.

A few seconds of thought could have stopped it in a perfect universe. But saying "yo, chill, you can kill him in 20 seconds" probably doesn't occur to someone with about 30 minutes of experience with Quill. In fact, doing so may enrage Quill and his team and make them incredibly unpredictable. That's the horrifying part of diplomacy--essentially knowing nothing, and hoping you're not an idiot. This is some of the realest shit in real life.

Everyone thinks they can talk everyone down by saying "LOL WAIT WE R SAME SIDE," but the whole narrative is based on you having less context than Tony, and not being able to make this agreement. Most films take place over a dozen or so days. Infinity war arguably happens in less time than the film requires to watch, which is why the snap (which should be instant) is like 5 minutes long. Plot holes are easy when you assume everyone has months or years to think about things. Marvel Comics are ALL about real life humans making snap [lol, snap] decisions trying to do the right thing, while actually doing something foolish in the process. That's the whole point. It's like looking at Challenger and saying "WHY DIDNT THEY PUT MORE SHIELDING ON THE BOOSTER!?!?!?!" You're right, that's a good idea that would have made for a shit narrative and ignores your own essentially omnipotent knowledge.

Did you just say Tony is autistic?

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I mean,

He's either on the spectrum or he is a sociopath who can't relate to people very well. One might lean toward sociopath, except in Civil War all he has to hear is "my son died when the entire planet was threatened by Ultron, and FUCK YOU FOR THAT," and his takeaway was "wow, I DO suck..." rather than "I tried to save the world and I failed."

His empathy here tells me that he relates to other people--just not as easily as someone who is neurotypical. If you look at many CEOs, they will lean closer to the autistic end of the spectrum, because there's a lot to be said about not relating to people, when it comes to profits.

I think it would be stupid not to put Tony, and Elon, and Gates, and Jobs, and basically every modern "genius" somewhere on the spectrum.

Further, think about his reaction to a kid telling him his dad left--"Which happens, no need to be a pussy about it." Who would think that's okay, except someone okay with disconnecting from reality?

Tony is either on the spectrum, or he's actually a piece of shit. I gave him the nice version of reality.

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If you had bothered to check you’d notice the person before my first post has called out the edits that changed the context of the conversation. If it wasn’t funny to you then downvote away and move on, but only you decided to invest the time and energy to each out and then bring nothing other than negative energy to this conversation. I don’t t care don’t care if a joke flops, but I want you to avoid mistakes I made. Ditch that negativity before it consumes you and realize that 99% of this shit just doesn’t matter.

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Nothing has changed since my first post here. But cry more about it, its helping your "lol downboats dont hurt me lol lol lol :((((" persona a lot.

0 points · 5 days ago

Sounds good. Ciao

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Thanks Gabe.

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I told you why you were wrong, but feel free to complain more.

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Breaking sub rules is not mutually exclusive to telling you you're wrong. I can tell you you're wrong and then also call you names and I would get called out by the mods.

I know what you're doing. You're trying to get people to kick you so you can report them and get them banned. Bud, its pathetic enough when you find a sub where mods abuse their power, but I can't imagine getting off on the power of being a dickhead so that other people can use their power for their entertainment. That's on a level I can't even imagine. You're saying stupid shit. End of discussion.

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He's right. The music on Venus blows hard, it's all bluegrass covers of Megadeth songs and volcanos. The music on Mars is sweet, though, because it's just Megadeth covers of bluegrass songs and the sounds of your own thoughts.

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I knew you'd do this 6 moves ago

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Lmao but


What did u just say to me u little pawn?

I'll have you know I've engaged in 1 whole less-than-half-assed attempt at Navy Seal copypasta which I immediately gave up on, so...

  • prawn


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Do u even chess

Which piece is a prawn, u fucking pawn?

I'm a bishop, and ur the fuckin timer we keep slapping, bitch sit down, be humble, #diagonallife

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Was hoping someone posted this, thanks.

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Honestly, just glad someone noticed. I feared I was too late to have my nonsense comment acknowledged.

Orner corb.

This makes me uncomfortable because I feel that it is true.

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18 points · 6 days ago

If it makes you feel any better, there is a difference between an artist expressing themselves in an unusual way and a 13 year old kid who just discovered absurdist humour. Even if they end up with almost the same result, one is the product of a person's personality and the other is the result of a lack of one. I don't think Bill Wurtz displays anything other than who he is, regardless of how other people might perceive it.

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Thanks, you made me think about the spork copypasta a bit.

I think we all just sort of collectively agreed it was cringy because it's so unfunny, but I guess thinking about it, it's really more about providing insight into our own insecurities. It just screams "insincere" the whole time--like, you know the person typing it was trying very hard to create a persona that people would like, and if I believed for half a second that she was sincere, I might find it obnoxious but I wouldn't find it so offputting.

I think it's sort of a reminder of every insecure moment you've ever had, where you tried to be "cool" or "interesting," without ever actually putting in the leg work to be those things. It's a reminder that insincerity is much louder than insecurity, and that insecurity hurts.

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