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78 points · 7 hours ago

Easy to do if you are a bachelor. Having a wife and esp. kids will make it very hard to have a "small" apartment.

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Small wife

Did he take time off school to play? Because he's 20 years old

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Sounds like he might have completed high school in 4 years instead of the more typical 3. It's not uncommon for eg athletes, and basically boils down to a reduced courseload for 4 years.

Edit: Apparently he graduated at 19, which is the norm for Finns.

3.9k points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Stop eating out a lot.

Also little things add up.

For example, last year, I easily spent over $2000 in red bull. That number is convincing me to quit caffeinated drinks all together.


Off topic but fun fact.

Something people don't realize.

A 20 ounce Starbucks blond roast has 475 mg of caffeine in it.

2x12 ounce cans of red bull only totals about 240 mg of caffeine, less than half that of the equivalent size of starbucks. An 8 ounce cup of coffee can have anywhere from 70-140 mg of caffeine.

Red bull is no worse in caffeine content than coffee.

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That number is convincing me to quit caffeinated drinks all together.

LPT: Coffee in a thermos is dirt cheap

6 points · 4 days ago

As much as I hate paying for prisoners, we might as well let them free if they continue to be criminals the second they are released.

every day a serial killer spends being unable to kill people is a win

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On the other hand, serial killers are rarely limited by time alone. They can kill several people at once, or they can go for weeks, months or years without killing anyone. Keeping them in jail for one year more or less, by itself, is unlikely to have any impact on the total number of victims.

18 points · 5 days ago

So the whole point of prison is to get revenge?

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This is exactly the way many people feel. They don't care about fixing the problem (i.e. reducing the crime rates of ex-convicts) and mostly want to get a revenge. It's all part of the macho culture that is unfortunately very prominent in several places.

Native Americans in Iberia? Elves in Kola Peninsula? I'm confused by the choice of basemap here.

5.7k points · 7 days ago

I have taken a lot of cabs and lately a lot of Ubers and taxi cabs can fuck off. Uber is a superior service in every way.

An Uber driver has never thrown a giant ass fit and acted like a dick because I wanted to go a short distance from LAX.

An Uber driver has never had a car that reeked of cigarettes.

An Uber has never been almost an hour late and almost made me miss my flight.

An Uber has never refused to go to a certain neighborhood.

Fuck taxis.

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Taxis in the US seem pretty awful and it's no wonder uber became so popular. Where I'm from taxis are all highend cars and drivers are very professional.

40 points · 8 days ago

Step 0.5: bust your ass for 20 years

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It's still better than a PhD. Bust your ass for the same duration, make 50k after.

229 points · 11 days ago

It turns out that, like anything in life, there are no perfect solutions. Any system can be gamed, but a system that relies on a few unreliable data points is going to be gamed pretty easily. That's why you often see college admissions boards turning more towards "holistic" evaluations of candidates instead of narrowly focusing on GPA and SAT scores, which tell only a very limited picture about the applicant.

If test scores are so easily gamed, why don’t black and Hispanic people game it more?

This is probably way too deep of a topic to get into here, but I'll note that a lot of this is rooted in the cultural history of standardized testing in Asian countries. For instance, in China, there is a long history of giving standardized exams for entrance into civil service. This was great because previously government jobs were handed out based on family connections; using standardized exams was a step towards having more of a meritocracy.

Nowadays there is the Gaokao, which is a grueling 9-hour exam high school students take that for the most part entirely determines where they will go to college. However, the reliance on this single standardized test has reached the point where cram schools and a test-prep cottage industry are the norm for college-bound students, and high school students focus nearly all of their studies on rote memorization of topics that will be covered in the exam instead of actually actively learning.

This is all a roundabout way to explain that, culturally, many Asian families in the US (especially first-generation immigrants) carry this same work ethic and approach to school admissions here. It's not uncommon to find middle school students already preparing to take the SAT.

And this is OK. There are pros and cons to instilling a strong work ethic towards scholarly activities from a young age, I don't want to make a judgment one way or the other about it. But you have to expect that any metric that is used in a competitive admissions process will be gamed by good portion of applicants. So if the goal is to design an application process that is more resistant to gaming, then we should probably focus on more holistic assessments instead of more narrowly-focused assessments.

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Nine hours over two days ? Ours was 24 hours over four days at minimum, often more.

250 points · 13 days ago

It really is.

Went to the sub the other day and here's an excerpt, paraphrased because I don't quite remember the wording.

"americans should be drinking american milk anyway. canada is such a piece of shit for putting up tariffs on dairy and not drinking american milk"

so americans should drink american milk, but fuck canada for wanting to drink canadian milk instead of the lower standard american milk.

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This really is interesting. Many Americans don't know how terrible the quality of many "Made in the USA" products is. They simply assume it has to be the best in the world.

What's the nuances between intra and inter?

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Intra means within, inter means between

So you support raising American wages and eliminating prison labor to end worker exploitation?

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heads exploding

116 points · 16 days ago

Get ready for the NK and Cuban style 'they are all against us, because we are so great' retort.

Sometimes, when you think they don't understand you becuase you are so great it's really becuase you are just an asshole and unlikable.

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"They hate our freedoms"

Original Poster2 points · 16 days ago

I just can't deal with looking down and seeing nothing but blue. It's a bit terrifying

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In many cases you can start in shallow water and just follow the bottom wherever you need to go.

This! Seriously, it's kind of like climbing a ladder when afraid of heights, just don't look down. Just focus on the ground and searching for minerals or whatever. Also, I found that feeling gets better once you have the seamoth (personal submersible), since you are mentally 'less exposed'.

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I second the point about seamoth (and especially colossus). The concept of not running out of oxygen makes it mentally much easier.

Assuming the rent prices don't change (which won't happen of course) i would earn about 50000 EUR in rent after 10 years. Can anyone offer a way to invest 80k that will yield a higher return after 10 years?

On average, many stock market indices would generate more wealth than that. A commonly used average is 7% returns annually over inflation, which would mean your 80k initial principal with dividends reinvested would yield around 77k in 10 years. This is by far the most common recommendation you would get, especially if you want to avoid the hassle of being a landlord.

On the plus side, stocks (including mutual funds and ETFs) are much more liquid and it's vastly faster and easier to sell them compared to real estate. However, with real estate you get immediate cash flow as well as potential value increase, which might mean your wealth grows faster than when looking at just the rental income.

Puts a fresh glass of water and 2 ibuprofen on the nightstand

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Pro tip: taking ibuprofen before going to bed does wonders. No need to wait until the morning

I hope I'm not out of bounds with this question, but assuming you've done it before, how would you describe the experience of giving head to someone circumcised vs. someone uncircumcised?

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Assuming you roll&hold the foreskin back when giving head, there is no meaningful difference. The largest difference is with unlubed handjobs or masturbation.

5.3k points · 17 days ago · edited 17 days ago

It's for real. Here's the video of his statement. And, a transcription:

You can call it anything you want. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what you call it. It used to be the G8, because Russia was in it, and now Russia's not in it. Now... I love our country. I have been Russia's worst nightmare. If Hillary got in I think Putin's probably going "Man, I wish Hillary won" because you see what I do. BUT, with that being said; Russia should be in this meeting. Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting? And I would recommend - and it's up to them - but Russia should be in the meeting, it should be a part of it. Yaknow, whether you like it or not - and it may not be "Politically Correct", but we have a world to run. And in the G7 - which used to be the G8 - they threw Russia out. They should let Russia come back in, because we should have Russia at the negotiating table.


BONUS: Trump saying he'll probably pull the USA out of NAFTA, which I transcribed below as well:

Trump: We're going to deal with the unfair trade practices. If you look at what Canada, Mexico, the European Union, all of them have been doing to us for many, many decades - we have to change it, and they understand it's going to happen.

Reporter: What are you going to do if they form an agreement without you?

Trump: We are going to do very well. Now, if we're unable to make a deal we'll terminate NAFTA, we'll have a better deal. If we're unable to make a deal we'll be better off. Right now we are not going to live with the deals the way they are. European Union treats us very unfairly, Canada - very unfairly, Mexico - very unfairly. With that being said, I think we'll very probably - very easily - make a deal.

Gonna post this in a couple spots so that people see it. Sorry for the repost if you've already seen it; I just wanted to make sure other people do.

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Trudeau gave a statement that he would be fine with G6



I recently reinstalled SC2 and playing seems impossible. I get 2-3 fps in the different menu tabs, and around 7 ingame with minimum graphical settings which obviously makes the game unplayable. This is on an Asus ROG laptop with GTX 980M. All drivers and updates are current and I have no such issues with any other games (including other Blizzard games like HotS). Fullscreen or Windowed Fullscreen makes no difference, nor does Vsync. No other programs running on background.

I have an older, crappier laptop with SC2 installed, and it runs it fine with 30fps on medium settings. Does anyone have good ideas on how to fix the performance on the gaming laptop short of straight up re-installing the game?

3 points · 20 days ago

PC was probably using integrated graphics instead of your dedicated gfx card.

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Original Poster1 point · 20 days ago

I forgot to mention this, but the graphics card in the SC2 graphics menu definitely showed the dedicated card, not the integrated one.

Original Poster5 points · 20 days ago

Eh. After a third reboot of Windows, the issue is gone and I get a good FPS at high settings. Who knows what was up with that.

Milfordian checking in. They have a couple of these stealth cruisers here, too. They are used almost exclusively for traffic traps. It’s not surprising since the primary mission for cops is revenue generation with a sprinkling of citizen intimidation.

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Our State's highway patrol cars are also black with dark decals. Really hard to recognize from far away.

8 points · 22 days ago

Father Christmas lives there!

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And he's called "The Christmas Goat" there.

14 points · 21 days ago

That was ofc meant to be a joke, i've no proof that Serral isn't emotional at all. It might be very well hidden. Even if he's not emotional, it doesn't mean he's not full of life. Just kidding, man, just kidding.

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Finns are according to some studies[citation needed] the most introverted people in the world. We just don't express emotions as easily to strangers as many other people do.

I think I may have presented my question poorly... I wasn't being critical, I was genuinely interested in hearing a positive take on the game. Most remaining opinions of Fallout 4 that I see out there are of people saying it's a strong departure from the series. That it's basically just a Fallout flavored FPS, which doesn't really appeal to me.

I haven't played the game personally and since you liked it I was curious if the reasons you liked it would sound like reasons I'd also like it.

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I also liked Fallout 4 a lot. I'm a sucker for a survival/crafting FPS with RPG elements, and FO4 definitely scratched that itch. The plot wasn't all that great (roughly equally bad to FO3), but I really loved the weapon crafting and customization. Definitely has room for improvement and the DLC's weren't very good, but hour-wise I believe it's my most-played Fallout to date.

This still blows my mind. I was 5 the first time my parents left me home alone (with my 7 year old brother) for about 20 minutes. I'm sure it was based on how they assessed that my older brother could be responsible but the fact that the author was nerve wracked to leave a 9 year old home alone amazes me. By 9 parents left me home alone for multiple hours at a time without thinking twice.

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Yeah. When I was 9 I walked to and from school alone (sometimes with classmates) and hung around at home watching TV or playing Nintendo for hours before my parents got off work.

8 points · 22 days ago

The second game, she was disadvantaged in every possible way and especially in ZvZ that piles up. I don't blame her.

It was weird for the third game, but I think she expected nerchio to only have ling bane muta, and then her reaction makes sense. I don't think she scouted the roaches, but I agree having something that deals damage, even if unupgraded makes sense with that push.

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The second game, she was disadvantaged in every possible way

Yet when you watch pro games it's not all that unusual to see games that start disastrously for one player, then that player manages to hang on and get back into the game. In a single-elimination format quitting before your enemy is actually destroying your base is simply not rational.

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