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Im specifically worried because metroid 5 is my most anticipated metroid game ever, being the sequel to fusion, a game that my neighborhood collectively put thousands of hours into as a child (speedruns, secret finding, we fucking love that game). Fusion was all about being scary, isolated, almost Dead Space ish in atmosphere. Samus needs to come to grips with what has happened to her body as a result of the suit fusion, and i really think metroid 2's remake is not a good indication of their ability to get it right. The d-pad abilites actually felt like they pulled me out of the game immersion wise as they seemed incredibly op, fully optional, and invasive to the usual feel of samus. Couple that with the fact that there were basically no enjoyable enemies to fight in the game and im really worried about metroid 5 in their hands (especially since they didnt even design the level for metroid 2 and so i dont even know if they can make a good vania).

Sidenote out of hype, from metroid 5 onwards samus will never again be able to use the ice beam, only ice missles or Diffusion missles if they make a comeback

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At this point, we can only hope. Thanks to opinions like yours, it seems that us diehard Metroid fans are in agreement on what makes Metroid "Metroid". But Nintendo does perhaps not see this, as seen in Prime 3, that fucking metroid ball galaxy force adventures or whatever it was and the Metroid 2 remake.

I am pessimistic until Prime 4 comes out and proves us wrong.

Edit: meant Other M, not Prime 3

Honestly? I still really enjoyed prime 3. Even if its the least good prime game. It did a really good job keeping the atmosphere of metroid, revealed the origins of phazon, and gave us an amazing new control scheme.

Prime trilogy is probably my favorite hard copy of metroid material I own

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Ah, wrote that late at night. Meant to write Other M. Prime 3 is great despite a few missteps!

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First of all I don't shout, second I never said "you are an oppressor" Thirdly, I just tried to educate you but you are so busy trying to defend your flawed logic and your micro aggression that you are failing to see that. If I wanted to be offensive I would have #woofed at you and called you a #colonizer but I didn't. But I will thank you for proving my point because that is all you have done here today. Once again if a POC tells you that what you are doing is racist than it is. POINT BLANK. You, a non POC, don't get to say otherwise. Let me put it in a way you can relate; A heterosexual can not tell a homosexual wether or not something is homophobic in other words "An oppressor can not say when they are being oppressive"

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Exactly, POC are justified literally all of the time. Thank you for educating. Did you go to Twitter university?

This just happened to me today, was in Greenpath when I decided to quit in order to go back to a bench. I had just gotten to 100% completion since my last time exiting the game. Is this a common link between the occurrences?

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It happened to me too, in the Greenpath stag station, after having recently finished the White Palace. My file was around 90% completion or so.

le woofie doggo: grr ur lucky i just heckin ate a toddler!!

le cat: lets play lol xD

le woffie hekkin doggo xD: look up pitbull statistics

le cat: xD

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One of my favorites used to be to crack a quails egg into a hot bowl of consomme - it poaches at the table. Or some small cubes of cheese that go stringy in the heat, serve with bread, butter and roast garlic.

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Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

Ooh, this sounds great. Gruyere and roasted garlic!

Italian beef sandwich

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I don't have enough stock to cover my grandmother though

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Reminder that it’s a word that’s tons of black people are allowed to say without criticism, and saying it in itself is not illegal. No one admitted it was okay or valid to say it either.

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B-b-but black people say it! Thank you for the hilarious comment.

wah daddy da google doodle won't change for me!!! wahhhh!


Look at this twinks post history..... Pathetic

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UM sweaty try lookin at yor own :) nice try

She can't even properly draw the Amnesty International logo.

Cry more about your Sprepper contestant losing.

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I laughed harder at when Jin revealed his stupid “nothin’ personnel kid” fanfiction powers. It was so fuckin’ dumb.

Edit: Criticism of XC2 characters not allowed, especially if it’s Mr.”I can go to the speed of light and make the temperature go down to Absolute Zero, and stop your fucking attacks because I’m half human!”

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Stop criticizing my anime daddy! Xenoblade 2 is the pinnacle of storytelling! Now excuse me while I watch eighty hours of cutscenes with fandub-level voice acting!

Mommy I want milk, mommy please give me more animilk, I love the character designs there is nothing wrong with Pyra some girls naturally just have enormous titties MOMMY MORE MILK GLUG GLUG

Grrrrr how dare he make fun of my video game girlfriend's boobies!!! Some girls just naturally have big ole milk jugs!!! You take back what you said about my favorite hentai game!!!

Uuuaaa internet people don't wike my favowite anime game >:(

This photorealistic image of a scantily clad woman is great! I like the boobies! Now I'm off to make some pixel art of Game of Thrones characters!

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Wait. There is something eatable on that? What?

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The rim of the pot has a shallow indent where some green tasty goo is filled, topped with toasted rye. There are also mush, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and deep-friend moss.

Hammer is my go-to solo weapon.

While soloing, the behavior of the dinosaur is more predictable, so you can superpound/triple-pound after each dinosaur attack with practice. Each combo has high motion values if the prime hit connects, the combos are simple, I get a half chub each time some asshole dragon falls over from a golf swing, so nice.

Beginner hammerers need to know:

-often times you shouldn't focus on the head

-certain hits prioritize either KO or exhaust

-if a monster is immobile, triple pound is best(unless striker)

-ALWAYS superpound unwashed masses away from your head if they try to hit it, disregard anyone who says otherwise (superpound LS users regardless of their positioning)

-you can sometimes lock players in the stun of your superpound if you correctly time another before they get up -practice solo to get good

-use adept if you are cool your weapon glows blue

-some nip on youtube will always be way better than you will ever be at this game

Wow! I'm famous! ~Jemima~


ID: 51-7158-1035-5635

Password: 4444

I'll be available for a few hours now to help anyone do any JP DLC they might need! Also hanging out on the Teamspeak server.

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Any spot?

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Original Poster0 points · 3 years ago

Full at the moment, sadly :(

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