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symes 7 points

One of my favorites used to be to crack a quails egg into a hot bowl of consomme - it poaches at the table. Or some small cubes of cheese that go stringy in the heat, serve with bread, butter and roast garlic.

nigrhomoteddanson 2 points

Ooh, this sounds great. Gruyere and roasted garlic!

Cutoffjeanshortz37 12 points

Italian beef sandwich

nigrhomoteddanson 0 points

I don't have enough stock to cover my grandmother though

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nigrhomoteddanson commented on a post in r/nintendo
headsetdude1 1 point

Reminder that it’s a word that’s tons of black people are allowed to say without criticism, and saying it in itself is not illegal. No one admitted it was okay or valid to say it either.

nigrhomoteddanson 1 point

B-b-but black people say it! Thank you for the hilarious comment.

nigrhomoteddanson commented on a post in r/milliondollarextreme
nigrhomoteddanson -30 points

wah daddy da google doodle won't change for me!!! wahhhh!


VirtualWrongdoer 3 points

Look at this twinks post history..... Pathetic

nigrhomoteddanson -2 points

UM sweaty try lookin at yor own :) nice try

nigrhomoteddanson commented on a post in r/Xenoblade_Chronicles
Staarbits -2 points

I laughed harder at when Jin revealed his stupid “nothin’ personnel kid” fanfiction powers. It was so fuckin’ dumb.

Edit: Criticism of XC2 characters not allowed, especially if it’s Mr.”I can go to the speed of light and make the temperature go down to Absolute Zero, and stop your fucking attacks because I’m half human!”

nigrhomoteddanson 1 point

Stop criticizing my anime daddy! Xenoblade 2 is the pinnacle of storytelling! Now excuse me while I watch eighty hours of cutscenes with fandub-level voice acting!

nigrhomoteddanson commented on a post in r/MonsterHunter
nigrhomoteddanson 21 points

Hammer is my go-to solo weapon.

While soloing, the behavior of the dinosaur is more predictable, so you can superpound/triple-pound after each dinosaur attack with practice. Each combo has high motion values if the prime hit connects, the combos are simple, I get a half chub each time some asshole dragon falls over from a golf swing, so nice.

Beginner hammerers need to know:

-often times you shouldn't focus on the head

-certain hits prioritize either KO or exhaust

-if a monster is immobile, triple pound is best(unless striker)

-ALWAYS superpound unwashed masses away from your head if they try to hit it, disregard anyone who says otherwise (superpound LS users regardless of their positioning)

-you can sometimes lock players in the stun of your superpound if you correctly time another before they get up -practice solo to get good

-use adept if you are cool your weapon glows blue

-some nip on youtube will always be way better than you will ever be at this game

GaleWindscar 1 point

I'm not familiar with JP DLCS except for the Garuga Mask. What are notable DLCs that are popular? :D

nigrhomoteddanson 1 point

Can't seem to find a list of all the DLC and rewards online, but I have at least tried:

A. Kecha/E. Conga/F. Rajang - GX Hunter's armor

Gogmazios - GX Tempest

Apex Jho - GX Esurient

Giant A. Kecha - Fan Club newsletter

White Fatalis

G Dalamadur

GaleWindscar 1 point

Is Dalamadur hard? I'd love his IG. Anywys, how do you guys download JP Dlcs?

nigrhomoteddanson 1 point

More of a damage sponge than difficult, though his big blue beam generally one-shots everyone. I downloaded the JP DLC after finding a post on /r/monsterhunter a couple a days ago, but to be quite honest, I was pretty drunk when I did it and now I can't find the post that detailed it. The morning after, I found SKFU proxy on my computer. It might have been patched by now, as happened the last time.

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nigrhomoteddanson commented on a post in r/MonsterHunter
laharre 2 points

My HH set looks pretty epic. Zin helm, garuga mail and vambraces, rath legs, and deviljho coil (all G-rank) equivalent. I built it entirely for skills (razor sharp, maestro, critical eye +1, evasion +2, HG earplugs), but I look pretty badass with a cloud hair helmet, a black cape, and a WWE belt.

nigrhomoteddanson 1 point

My set is identical except I prefer CE +3 and Evasion +1 and the Lunastra helmet. So fun with Seregios', Gogmazios and Rusty Daora's HHs. I look like a super kawaii caped priestess swinging around a dragon femur shaped like a guitar

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