Gotta draw the line somewhere by vo_xv in facepalm

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I go on revenge missions John Wick style if they hurt my dog.

“Chasing Cars” Snow Patrol [Smule cover] by Pancakebooty in pianocovers

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Great work! What is that on? I want to learn, and I'm very much a visual learner. That looks amazing.

After months of work, I finally finished my Master's dissertation! by ashortfallofgravitas in happy

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I'm sorry for stealing your thunder. :( I was just reading, very into this entire thread, and just saw the opportunity.

Congrats brother. It's quite an accomplishment.

Why do they always do this? by revnhoj in fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Remember that movie All Dogs Go To Heaven (via jetpacks)?

My coworker is trying to sue someone for sayin his band sucks. by Pizzalord19 in answers

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Countersue for whatever the price of a 12-pack of beer is.

After months of work, I finally finished my Master's dissertation! by ashortfallofgravitas in happy

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AstonSAT - Attitude Determination with Coarse Sun Sensors and Sensor Fusion with Extended Kalman Filtering

Just moved to the area - anyone want to hang out? by SpringHeelJack in vegaslocals

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Outside of the global meetup coming up in June, maybe we organize a meetup?

First Time in Vegas! by thissauceistheboss in vegas

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When I first moved out here, I became a public-drinking pro - but learned lessons the hard way. I don't go out anymore outside of like, a local pub once or twice a month; but I think it's time I bestow some vegas-drinking-wisdom upon others. :P

First Time in Vegas! by thissauceistheboss in vegas

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If you go to the stratosphere, don't get swindled into paying an admission fee, if it's after 4pm just tell them you're going to the bar. They'll escort you. From there, wander!

Call your bank and let them know you're going to Vegas. Debit and credit cards get flagged often, and it's awkward when you get declined trying to close a bar tab.

Don't jaywalk, no matter how clear it is. We get a death a week from jaywalkers. And if caught you may end up in jail. It's pretty serious.

If you're drinking on a budget on the strip, there are small liquor stores/gift shops next to Chili's that sell tallboys, and regular 12oz cans. They're MUCH cheaper than anything you'll find in a casino or the ABC store. Bring a backpack.

Uber/Lyft places. It's cheaper and faster than a cab.

Go to Fremont Street. It's more fun than the strip. You can drink, but only out of a plastic cup.

Uhm... that's all I got for now. Those are my go-to words of advice to friends that visit.

Edit: Plastic cups are at the side entrances of every casino on Fremont Street (not their main entrances). Carry your beers in a backpack, then grab at least two cups, for the sturdiness factor. When you're drunk, you're more prone to spill beer in just one flimsy plastic cups.

Backpacks also come in handy when you inevitably drunk-buy one of those giant margarita things in a huge plastic novelty cup. Carrying that thing around turns out to be the most annoying part of the night. I've thrown away a few just because it annoyed me, and I drunk-thought "Eh, I'll just buy another one next time..." since I live here.

But when I do, I end up throwing it away too. It's a cycle.

What’s up with the negative stigma about shooting defensively in bars and pool halls? Also need tips for a tournament. by Mac2663 in billiards

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I've always asked my opponent if they play by league rules, or bar rules. Followed up with ball in hand or kitchen. Bar games with folks are supposed to be fun, and it's a good way of gauging their preferred playing style.

I, personally, dont care either way when I'm just shooting for fun at a pub with other drunk blokes.

Need some assistance by [deleted] in payitforward

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Er, your account is too new. Are you on facebook?

Need some assistance by [deleted] in payitforward

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Post in /r/borrow. They're much more helpful.

Kayak recommendation for fishing locally. Already downvoted in /r/vegas...... by jeepdays in vegaslocals

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I really liked the Ascend sit-on kayaks when I lived in MN and Northern CA. Even took it it on the ocean a few times, without issues. On a lake, they're great.

This seems like my kind of place. by Cat_Mouse_Dog in Cultofnix0n

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Join if you'd like! You're in control of your pub related destiny. :D

Are John Wick and John Wilkes Booth related in any way? by spiritualpunk in answers

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One is a fictional character, and the other is the guy that assassinated Abraham Lincoln. So, no. Keanu Reaves is not related to John Wilkes Booth.

Has Cox internet been terrible for anyone else lately? by MarigjeArriens in vegas

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I mean, I haven't noticed anything. I work from home too - so I run Remote Desktop via VPN, an xbox, and always uploading/downloading large schematic and pdf files from noon to 9.

I've had down time once, at like 6am, but only noticed that because my thermostat disconnected and I couldn't turn the AC down via my phone (I know, first world problem).

Wait for it by dalai_llama_ in WTF

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