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_Mephostopheles_ 1 point

Fuck, I wish I had the body to pull off this style. But alas, I'm too chunky to do it. Maybe one day.

nochorus 1 point

No way! I've seen so many bigger girls rock it.

HeavyWater20 8 points

Indochino sells bespoke vests. They're advertised as for men, but since they're custom made to your measurements, I don't think it'll matter too much for a vest. They have some neat customization options and there are pretty easy to find coupon codes.

nochorus 4 points

THIS looks like a winner, thank you! Seems like they'd last a while too.

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jedwar05 1 point

Yeah, you can get liquor (select brands) with a general admission ticket. Watch out though, it's pretty expensive. They can add up really quick.

nochorus 1 point

Thanks! Say I averaged 5 drinks a day — is it safe to say I'm better off with VIP's "discounted" drinks?

[deleted] 7 points

Who will pay for it? Where would you like to put it?

nochorus -1 points

Cuomo already proposed an airtrain from the 7 train, but all the transit experts/blogs have shot it down: []

So it'd be a matter of moving funds to this cause and showing people in Astoria that it'd be worthwhile for them.

piratetone 2 points

My CPA is a fella named Seth Kamens - he works with a lot of start ups, web freelancers and just general technology focused individuals. I actually met him at a WeWork early last year and he's doing my taxes again this year. Highly recommend him.

nochorus 1 point

Thanks! Does he have an hourly rate or minimum or anything?

nochorus commented on a post in r/DesignJobs
unpass 0 points

True..but i am already have gotten tons of mails. my budget is max 200usd. i have very little knowledge of typical prices but after a google search 200usd seems not this a fear price?

nochorus 1 point

No. It's on the low end even for a logo alone. There's a chance those designers might not be that good or simply desperate for work.

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