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Drumscorch 12 points

Hey! I'm a female to male transgender runner! I understand your worries, but honestly you'll probably be fine. Unless your upper thighs together a lot (no thigh gap) then the extra fabric doesn't make any difference. I would suggest boxer briefs, or undies like those, to any runner regardless of gender because, in my experience from running in female and male clothes, mens clothing is all around better for running. Hope this helped!

nochorus 2 points

Thank you! A little more confident about dropping them $$$ now =)

_Mephostopheles_ 1 point

Fuck, I wish I had the body to pull off this style. But alas, I'm too chunky to do it. Maybe one day.

nochorus 1 point

No way! I've seen so many bigger girls rock it.

HeavyWater20 9 points

Indochino sells bespoke vests. They're advertised as for men, but since they're custom made to your measurements, I don't think it'll matter too much for a vest. They have some neat customization options and there are pretty easy to find coupon codes.

nochorus 4 points

THIS looks like a winner, thank you! Seems like they'd last a while too.

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jedwar05 1 point

Yeah, you can get liquor (select brands) with a general admission ticket. Watch out though, it's pretty expensive. They can add up really quick.

nochorus 1 point

Thanks! Say I averaged 5 drinks a day — is it safe to say I'm better off with VIP's "discounted" drinks?

[deleted] 7 points

Who will pay for it? Where would you like to put it?

nochorus -1 points

Cuomo already proposed an airtrain from the 7 train, but all the transit experts/blogs have shot it down: []

So it'd be a matter of moving funds to this cause and showing people in Astoria that it'd be worthwhile for them.

piratetone 2 points

My CPA is a fella named Seth Kamens - he works with a lot of start ups, web freelancers and just general technology focused individuals. I actually met him at a WeWork early last year and he's doing my taxes again this year. Highly recommend him.

nochorus 1 point

Thanks! Does he have an hourly rate or minimum or anything?

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