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They really are just slowly going more and more insane. By the end of 2024, leftists might all be dead from suicide.

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You know, I'm starting to think that I'd prefer them to be that passionate. 90% of these idiots are slacktivists at best, or have made a pitiful click-whoring career off of Trump. The illness of our time is the willingness to divide the nation as hard as possible for tiny drops of social status.

I think this is where I draw the line


Would really like to go to see JBP while he's on tour in September, but...

I've got no one to go with, as few of my friends are into that sort of thing, and those that are can't make the commitment. I was thinking of purchasing a VIP ticket too. I suppose my question is how weird would it be to go by myself? Anyone else go to these sorts of things alone?

It wouldn’t be weird at all. I’ve seen plenty of people who went alone to his tour

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Thanks man, that settles it. And thanks to everyone else, too.

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Why a bad idea?

Trump is an infant brain. He can't read or retain information well.

He only knows TV and ratings. What a stable genius.

We should all want to help retarded old men like him.

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He is a multi billionaire and president of the United States. I'm not a fan of his, but to think him stupid is a huge mistake that the left will pay for in the next election. Your attitude towards him is why he won.

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Being mean to the billionaire narcissist is what made him our president huh, sounds like right wingers voted for him out of spite to own the libs

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Yup, you're almost right on the money. They watched the left tilt away from the working class and into identity politics and so they voted for someone they believed would shift the tide. Hasn't been working great for all of them. I'm laughing at all these comments, I don't give a shit about Trump. It should just be obvious to y'all that if you underestimate people they will have an advantage. And rich, leftist late night talk show hosts calling him an idiot gave him the win. There's no arguing that.

This comment is in reply to duskman, but the boost app keeps putting it in the wrong place and it's driving me nuts

Ornaments on the back of your shoes tend to keep them away. Especially if it they jingle. Or jangle. Or both.

Serious question: what is there to do in Pensacola aside from visiting the naval museums? Passed through there and it felt incredibly barren for a coastal town

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See this is why this bot is BS.

"We are here to celebrate Desi culture" etc etc.

But we're not. The commenter isn't either so why tf do we still have this bot? Was legitimate racism ever present, or encouraged on this sub before?

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We gotta appease the far leftists by adhering to their rules man, it's 2016

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They used Sony Vegas for Seasons 1 and 2, but the heavier glitch-effects were made for Season 3, in Adobe Premiere. You won't find glitch-edit tutorials on YouTube that match how Troy made them in Marble Hornets, because it's not a plug-in.

Their glitch effects were made by chopping up the video into frame-by-frame edits, then layering on different effects (mosaic, frame-expansion, posterization, Overlay Blending) on top of each other, and occasionally stacking video layers on top of each other. So it's not a plug-in, or a simple button you press, but video layering.

You can try YouTube tutorials, but most of what you'll learn comes from playing with the actual video editor, and experimenting with what it can do for you. It takes some time, but making it is creative freedom at it's highest.

Edit: An example I made for you, to help demonstrate what I talked about. I mostly only used Mosaic, Overlay Blending, Brightness/Contrast, and a Distortion stock sound effect on camera audio (all in Adobe Premiere).

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You are the coolest person in this sub lmao

Honestly it loses all creepiness by offering different kinds of milk.

ITT: Redditors thinking they're anywhere near qualified to analyze the Bible

The most ironic thing is that the MDE subreddit agrees about almost everything JBP says but because he doesn't acknowledge a grand Jewish conspiracy he's a tool and an idiot.


Also, funniest place on the internet, hands down.

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I frequent there too, and while I don't subscribe to the identity politics they sometimes engage in, I definitely think the core idea of the group is heavily aligned with the sorts of things JBP talks about. The Jewish conspiracy stuff started as a pseudo-joke about the fact that Jewish elite do in fact have a disproportionate amount of sway in big US business affairs, but has gone a bit off the rails since. All that said, it's way too entertaining to ever leave

2070: State enforced homosexuality

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Say what you will about Sam, but seven years ago he introduced teenaged me to the idea that maybe today's brand of Marxism mixed with consumerism is heavily flawed and potentially even dangerous.

Something about babies adorned with heavy political opinions and/or whatever the fuck this is strikes me as truly disgusting. I look at that baby and see a person who is completely trusting, vulnerable, pure, and yearning for meaning and purpose. He or she likely won't ever find it.

I mean she's not asking for that much.

I can't remember. I still haven't 100% it, I just remember reading about that happening when I was trying to 100% the first time I played. Sorry I can't be more help.

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Isn't it the killing of Edgar Ross? I thought that was technically a strangers mission

Colleges have justified using race based criteria for admissions on the grounds that, “diversity makes a better campus” and allows people to be exposed to other races/cultures.

Never in my life have I ever heard, “I went to College X because of its diverse campus.” People go to school to get an education and land a job. They don’t do it to expose themselves to other cultures.

Admitting people on anything less than their academic merits is a crime against society.

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I still cannot figure out how an institution with that much sway was strong-armed into adopting this garbage

if you think he's actually a leftist and a marxist just lol, you probably watch too much JBP vids

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Only thing I know for sure is that "bleeding heart liberal" applies to very, very few people anymore. You're either balls deep in neo-marxist ideology (or you're a coward who might as well be balls deep in it) or you're a halfway decent person

as far as i know he's a hardcore democrat thats it, he probably supports capitalism too

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I'm sure he does, but it's endlessly frustrating that he has to defame someone he finds funny so that he doesn't incur the wrath of the leftist portion of his fanbase. It's not enough to say "I find him funny but sincerely disagree with his views".

I've never disliked the dude and I think his reviews are pretty good but I really hate when people cower to the ideologically possessed.

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Moderator of r/trashy, speaking officially198 points · 1 month ago

By walk, what I really mean is rides on my two-person Rascal scooter.

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Two person


Pick one

What a tragic waste of childbearing hips

My mom is sick, catastrophically low platelets and the results of her abdomen tests come back tomorrow. I don't know what I would do if she were to pass.

Why are Indians so obsessed with trickery and thievery

According to New York, there are nowhere near enough sections. Should look a little more like the Wheel of Fortune

I had someone tell me a couple days ago that Marx was right, that I was brainwashed by an ideology that "fetishizes" the individual, and that collectivism and identity politics were the real pathway to human happiness.

After reading this, I can only be angry. Fuck this, fuck the guy who told me that, and fuck neo-Marxism. THIS is where it's gotten us. We need to make absolutely sure that it ends, and soon.

I have one that is incredibly similar, but the collar isn't Sherpa, just the inside on the torso but not the arms. The hood zips completely off.

Edit: I think I found it

It's the same exact style, but it's not corduroy.

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