Nick Offerman as "Karl Weathers" in Fargo - Drunken Rant by n_that in television

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I wouldn't be bothered at all by it either, but it hinges on Hanzee's story which ruins it. He should have just continued being a shadowy mercenary type with unspecified intentions, not changed completely for no reason.

Shoutout to Epic Games! by Sunhat-sandwich in gaming

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It was Murder House before the change, then it became Neutered House.

A Petscop video I have found by ArsDev in Petscop

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The first shitpost I've actually laughed at

Nick Offerman as "Karl Weathers" in Fargo - Drunken Rant by n_that in television

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Oddly enough I was okay with the UFO. It was real wacky but didn't hurt it for me. I can see why others were bothered though

Nick Offerman as "Karl Weathers" in Fargo - Drunken Rant by n_that in television

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I agree, but the shoehorning they did with the ending to tie it back to season one was sloppy and still bothers me.

MDE Waifu before and after makeup by xxxMAGAxxx in milliondollarextreme

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If you're picking up girls in dark clubs then you deserve to get this chick

MDE Waifu before and after makeup by xxxMAGAxxx in milliondollarextreme

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Even on the right you can see obvious signs of fuckery; the eye creases, the nose, and the area around the lips give her away. I've never seen makeup successfully raise a girl more than maybe two points. Use your eyes, boys

Sigourney Weaver on the set of the movie Alien, USA, 1978. by SueBid in OldSchoolCool

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Yes, but not by most people's modern standards. Also younger people are used to seeing her as an older woman so it's hard to think of her as hot

Reddit. by cody_cigar in milliondollarextreme

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Wearing a hat in your own dirty house because your wife doesn't want to see the scalp grease

Reddit. by cody_cigar in milliondollarextreme

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Don't compare them to spiders. They're more like bedbugs or lice

BYYYEEE, BYE BYE!!! by Cat_Waffles in milliondollarextreme

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This will still be considered the fault of white guys and "rape culture", guaranteed.

7-11 Robbery - "Am I shot?" "Oh, f*ck yea." by cmdertx in videos

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Clearly those two hooded men were helping that poor clerk reach the cigarettes they wanted, that's why his hands were up! But it was too high even for them so they used their firearm to try to get to it. They were even doing him the favor of putting their money in the register. Simple misunderstanding, I can't believe that monster came in and shot them.

Ohhh SHIT...That is my bad Karen. by Jamtonisalon in WTF

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This image reappears at every key turning point in my life

These are all the mirrored character movements that I know of throughout parts 1-12, side-by-side with time codes. by pushtheboxes in Petscop

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Exactly right, it's always bit of a slippery slope when you start looking TOO deep for clues. The series has demonstrated to us what syncing is defined as, we need to stick to it. Also your English is great.

IT'S JUST A COHENCIDENCE GOYIM, WE'RE NOT PUSHING AN AGENDA by cubev10 in milliondollarextreme

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Great explanation. I sincerely give a fuck about the environment and it pisses me off when leftists use it as a tool to demonize conservative people. They should read some right-wing hunting magazines and see how important the issues of pollution and conservation matter. And the fact remains, the fewer people immigrating from low-pollution-per-capita countries, the better.

Somehow I doubt this was necessary by AliYaHaydarYaHussein in milliondollarextreme

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People keep saying "face fat" but it's much more likely that they've never been confident with their smile, so they subvert it entirely with a "silly" face because it makes them look funny and sociable and it's a whole lot easier than smiling. I'm not comfortable with my smile either but I at least try.

Shark fin soup now illegal in Nevada by QuietCakeBionics in news

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This is the answer, and the fact that it isn't painfully obvious to people bothers me. We aren't being racist for prioritizing sharks, we're trying to keep them from dying out.