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the hours wasted arguing with antenner i was very good at spending time

is he dead yet

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/u/antennanarivo respond binch

Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

That wasn't a troll so much as dave sperging

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I mean that he was epicly trolled

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Do you mean Jordan Peterson? If you watched it then you'd know he said that he wasn't recommending it at all, it just works for him in some weird way.

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No, was some other dude whose whole reason for being there was to recommend it and talk about how great it is

Well, why does it feel right to you? It feels right because you know it is wrong to harm and kill other beings without a need for it. That's a pretty damn good reason I'd say.

Didn't Andy Murray, arguably the best male tennis player, say that he wouldn't play Serena Williams because she'd kick his ass?

When even the best men in the sport are saying a woman is better than them, maybe, just maybe, women can play the sport hella well.

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Nah, Serena said she doubts she would win a point against Andy Murray. It is pretty indisputable men compete at a higher level, but that doesn't mean that women's competition can't be exciting and fun to watch -- just like college football is still fun and exciting even if all of them would get destroyed by any NFL team.

I made my own body wash recently using hemp and lavender castile soap, vitamin e oil and olive oil


67 points · 1 day ago

You see guys, the Holocaust would have been okay if the Nazi's treated their prisoners with respect before killing them. As long as they lived a decent life before they were murdered, I'm sure we'd look back on that part of history with a smile on our face. ^_^ <3

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The obvious solution here is to only support local humane concentration camps 😊😊😊

I'll gladly go vegan when it requires me to change literally nothing about anything in my life. Please upvote me for what a great person I am

praise the Lord,,

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Lord hold Me Up in your Holy Light . . !!

5 points · 1 day ago

Go all activists, not just the ones that spend the majority of their 'activism' time on growing a social media following and earning 6 figures a year from donations.

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Maybe they are able to pull in a lot of donations because they are legitimately doing a large amount of good work

I have a prescription for triamcinolone cream which is synthetically derived. I only need to apply it a few times a month to keep my skin eczema free (you aren't supposed to use it constantly). I only have it on a few small areas though, not sure how it is for you. It works far better than any kind of lotions I have tried, though of course I still moisturize and whatnot normally.

No meme I have been told it tastes better since I went vegan by multiple people

Original Poster515 points · 3 days ago

The story is even more terrifying, and also translated from Spanish so not perfect,

“The following preparation recognizes the history of romasanta, the first serial killer in Galicia, who in the mid-13th century agreed to have killed 13 women, but indicating at the same time hat he was not responsible, because he suffered from a care that turned him into a wolf, which eventually caused queen elizabeth ll to commute his death sentence, to give scientists the opportunity to investigate the first case of clinical lycanthropy, from which he remained known as a Werewolf of Allariz or sacamantecas, because he defatted his victims to make soap. In hands made of wood, rests a bread of rice that incorporates blood instead of water, filled with an intense stew of the hearts of the same rooster.”

At 1 Michelin starred restaurant in Spain, Pepe Vieira.

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That is one long run-on sentence

That's different, my pleasure is more important!

25 points · 2 days ago

Or restructure the American agricultural subsidies

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Or both. Industries like animal agriculture which produce a significant amount of pollution should be taxed to help pay for the cost of their pollution. Otherwise they are artificially cheap on the market because they are able to externalize the costs of their production onto the general public, giving them an artificial advantage over less polluting competitors.

That overlay is absolutely awful. They added so much shit... I guess that white box and cross hair in the center with the red dot and REC isn't enough to let you know it's being recorded so why not add some red text saying "CAUGHT ON CAMERA." Then they added a 'loudlabs' watermark in big letters across the middle and 'loudlabs' stamp in top right. They didn't even record this video but they are going out of their way to let people know it's only their video, even tho someone just sent it to them. Then for some reason they link the same video in its own description, almost like they trying to trick you into clicking the video again for more viewtime/views. Cool video, but absolutely garbage scummy youtube channel.

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I think it's intentional so people don't rip the original video

Planning on checking it out in the future, cheers :)

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There is a remake from the same developers called Oddworld: New 'n Tasty you might be interested in

Why isn't he in the bike lane that is directly next to him? Not that it justifies hitting him but that's a pretty dick move too

They're often full of potholes and glass, and they usually require cyclists to yield to every single road, no matter how minor.

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That is true of lanes that are just painted on the side of the regular road, but not usually dedicated bike lanes that are separated

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I mean its nice to have the option, but Mexican food isn't like McDonalds, you don't need fake meat to have a good vegan option.

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It doesn't, but it's nice to have more options and variety. I really like soy chorizo for example and am happy it exists.

36 points · 2 days ago

C# and Java are extremely similar languages. Java and JavaScript are two very different things though. I’d say it’s probably easier to learn JavaScript if you already know Java than it it to learn Java when you only know JavaScript. At least in terms of basic ideas (JavaScript doesn’t have explicit types like integer, string, boolean, etc) but Java does. Interestingly though, PHP and HTML do mesh together. It’s perfectly valid to write HTML in your PHP file and mix PHP/HTML to generate a page.

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Interestingly though, PHP and HTML do mesh together. It’s perfectly valid to write HTML in your PHP file and mix PHP/HTML to generate a page.

This is true of other languages too. With Java for example you can use JSP in a similar way, and C# has .NET.

8 points · 2 days ago

This. I equate The Valley floor with Disney World. Don’t get me wrong, the backcountry is incredible and there’s still 100’s of square miles of relatively untouched beauty and wilderness there, but get ready for a shit show if you wanna see the ‘main attractions’. I won’t go anywhere near the place on a weekend or basically all of summer. Imo, winter is the best there anyway and keeps the hordes at bay.

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Yeah I went there earlier this summer. Had some awesome, secluded time on some of the trails off the beaten path (highly recommend Sentinel Dome and Taft Point loop), but when we went to places like Glacier Point it was a circus. We decided against doing the Mist Trail because of the sheer amount of people around. It is just not enjoyable for me to experience nature packed in and surrounded by people like that.

Meme is accurate- Vegan doesn't equate to wellness, and many vegans eaters I know are the so called "junk food" variety.

They happily scarf down oil heavy fried foods high in PUFAs and eat other chemistry lab abominations. Fake meats, fake cheese, oreos, sour patch kids, etc. Sure, there are no animals in these edible products. They still should not be consumed by humans imo.

Vegans who are whole food plant based rarely have this problem unless they are addicted to peanut butter and pure coconut cream 😂

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Good thing we have you around so people can be told what to do with their own bodies

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