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not_patty commented on a post in r/DDLC
FiggerNaggotTheThird 33 points

Nobody really give's a shit about natsuki's gender or if she is or isn't LGBT, people like to meme and some people think it's offensive so they use it on purpose because of how little they actually care. but there's literally nothing to it, it all stemed from an image of natsuki and pointing out how her face is very masculine, which it isn't at all in the slightest, because again. it's just a meme and nobody really cares about it, the whole point of the meme was just to stir shit because she obviously doesn't look male or act male, so she isn't male, which should be obvious.

not_patty -2 points

Yea you wanna take it down a notch? This meme most likely originally came from the are traps gay meme which was no offence on the actual traps, it was trying to figure out at what point something would become gay. The meme also has no real answer because everyone sees the line at different points, like if you were interested in a girl only to find it was a trap and lose interest or is it just being interested in a trap that makes it gay wether you knew or not. The reason this spiralled into a meme is because it sounds like a stupid question and when taken to an extreme it becomes really funny.

FiggerNaggotTheThird 4 points

You tell me to take it down a notch and then go on a rant about the true meaning of the meme, it's just a meme, there is no real meaning behind it and nobody cares if they are actually gay or not, you don't need to explain a meme this shallow. relax.

not_patty 1 point

"are traps gay?" is like the "if you replace a ship with a new piece untill you have enough parts to make another ship is it still the same ship?" Question where it is easy to say the completely replaced ship is a new ship but when it becomes a new ship is the problem.

If it's shallow tell me when it becomes gay.

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not_patty commented on a post in r/mildlyinfuriating
not_patty 1 point

Actually this was meant to stop people claiming to have 100 kids for tax purposes. It was very much discouraged (if not illegal) for bankers and businesses to use them but This did not stop people who saw an easy (yet very unsecure) to attach numbers to people.

not_patty commented on a post in r/gaming
not_patty -1 points

Don't want to be that guy but isn't that a bit young for fortnight? (I played sly Cooper at that age if anyone cares)

Stumbows 1 point

The worst part about fortnite is the language of the other online players. I make them go into their own party chat so they can't hear the other players. It's worse than the "no-gore-cartoon-violence".

not_patty 1 point

I was comparing it to him playing pubg just with a different art style but I'll take your word for it and admit I was wrong

Molten_Nutz 1 point

Use adblock ,these ads are so annoying. I block ads only for this website but not on other websites you can only imagine how annoying these ads are.

not_patty 1 point

Hey what Adblock do you use I've been looking for a good one but haven't found any. (Also looking for one for my phone)

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