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Why tf does he look like one of Santa's elves

this circles back to my question about waiting until someone gets hurt before you intervene

you know what their endgame is. the question is how far you let them go before acting

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Well I need to see proof that they will attack. I can't attack someone with no proof

their ideology is enough proof for me

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That's where i do not agree, because if someone has a bad ideology we should be able to prove them wrong with ease. We should never need to use fists to counter words.

Edit "do the agree"-"do not agree"

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At least your not a Slytherin Also get a number pad (Actually love it it looks great)

Where is Canada's chait? If our pm isn't in one of those he will make a mess (of our country).

Not my story but my friend got heavy into one open world game kinda like rust but no building and he got to the point where he had a guilds worth of materials and gear to himself. One day he joined a guild and started leading them through the raids when he wondered if he could lead the boss out of the dungeon... He could, After leading a boss that could one shot most high gear players out of the dungeon he lead it to the spawn village. The result was at least a hundred noobs dead and ether an admin intervention or a raid guild Stepping in to deal with it he didn't know because he got the hell out of there before the ban hammer came.

This was all planned by her friends to be able to touch her and be thanked for it

Do you intend to actually do what you say or are you going to wait 4 years then realize you need to do something to be re-elected?

Do you intend to actually do what you say or are you going to wait 4 years then realize you need to do something to be re-elected

Cut the kiwis in half then use a spoon to scoop them out then you don't waste as much

I was really hoping you rolled joints with Trident papers

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

... I did

My dog hates dog food and is a picky eater so when we first got him we tried everything to get him to eat it. Eventually we tried shoving one of the pellets into a piece of hotdog, he took it and a few minutes later we found he had gotten the pellet out of the center somehow and left it on the floor while he ate the hotdog

This did happen once (that I know of) but it was because the only option was an untested treatment in America (this was happening in Europe) that would have bankrupt the couple. While I think there is some reason for this they also refused to let them be with there child because they thought they might run away with him which is stupid.

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I Hadn't thought of cat for meal prep before do you know any good recipes?

In a robotics class we needed to find a block on a platform without falling off or pushing the block, the rules were it can't be bigger than a 30cmx30cm square so we couldn't make giant arms to use our touch sensor over a giant area (this rule may have been made because of me). So I made giant arms that would bend back and have a motor release them, on event day pieces flew off the arms when they flung around and hit people. I still got an A.

Because maybe killing around 10,500 innocent civilians just to kill 10-20 militants and causing the area to become so irradiated to the point that it is uninhabitable for decades puts a bad taste in people's mouths.

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Just don't use dirty bombs and you can call me an asshole but I don't care about people I will never see or meet

You're right. You are an asshole.

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Well why should I care about people that don't effect me?

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Answer: yes I know teenagers that can both do her job and clean the computer

I don't have a full response but as computers and tvs became more popular children Started spending more time inside there vision started to degrade. This caused an increase in sales in glasses and an increase in poor vision compared to the past where it was very rare for people to have glasses.

This meme can't be right it implies that everyone is on the far left.

(Although the left has these the right also has anarchy which is just as stupid but hasn't had leaders to do what Hitler and Stalin did)

I got 2 of those one for the front side and the other for the back

I was expecting to see it try to dip the milk in the cookie

You could have blocked his name so he didn't get any promotion you know?

All of it should be elevated off the ground. The bark needs to be up to stop the rain.

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If you're going to buy something to elevate it why not just flip the wood and put a tarp on it

A tarp will block the airflow and it will keep the wood from being seasoned as well. It won’t be as dry as if wind is constantly blowing through it for weeks

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You block the top not the sides

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Unfortunately I don't have a PS3, but I do plan on playing Ni No Kuni 2 :).

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I haven't tried Ni No Kuni 2 but the first is worth playing imo

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