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That's entertainment post-internet!

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I'll say. I'm in bed right now wishing my phone was a tire.


And Karma

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To true

Play School's Crafts Segment has really lifted its game

This looks straight out of Life of Pi

Not if you're playing Diablo III exclusively.

Did a Mentos drop in there?

When did 'awkward' radio become a good thing?

I was trying to do the same sort of thing today and resorted to using a VLOOKUP and MATCH.

As soon as his wife was an acceptable age, he relapsed. Interesting.

Try contacting the advertising team instead saying you have a campaign planned but can’t proceed until this issue is resolved. It’s worked for me in the past and always is much quicker than going through the customer service team.

Weird part is GS went 7 years without giving a game a perfect score

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 clearly set the bar too high.

Glitch in The Matrix

Or is it the best pool filter in the world?

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No one is upvoting this because of the plane...

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It's certainly no Shakespeare

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As an Aussie, this pie looks as foreign to me as the butter chicken inside it.

I've had no issue between my 620 and Strava. My android phone though will sometimes unpair itself on bluetooth. Does yours do that?

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