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lm Muslim and quite frankly l don’t care if someone eats infront of me lve been doing this fast thing for many years for lt to bother me. Also in my work experience lve never expected someone to not eat infront of me because I’m fasting but if they chose to do that l had a lot of respect for them because it’s a kind gesture.

dbmamaz 1 point

Make a spreadsheet of the courses in each one and rate how well you think you already know that subject, and choose the one you already know the most of. Thats the main way to get through things faster, is if you already have working experience in the subject area.

But yeah, ppl i've seen go fast do more than 15 hours, often the study 2-3 hours in the day (including morning or late night, and sometimes during work) plus full days on the weekends

nuztayn123 1 point

Sounds good l will consider that thank you

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nuztayn123 1 point

Thank you sir for the feedback

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nuztayn123 2 points

if you’re gonna take the CCNA+ you shouldn’t do N+ bc CCNA has all of N+ certs information and more. Your idea is good but however you need to realize that CCNA will take a couple months not just 30 days .

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nuztayn123 2 points

l was just talking to my fiancé about this yesterday. We both agreed that no way in hell are we going to have a kid unless we have a big house good card and a solid saving already then we will think about having a child. There’s no point in having a child while you just started off and you’re making just 50/60k a year. It’s going to be a struggle for you and your child and lts just silly.

randomitguy42 1 point

CCNA is good for pretty much anyone. Beyond that, it all depends on the job or what kind of admin. If you want to do Microsoft stuff, get MCSA. If you want to be a Linux admin, get Red Hat certs. "System Admin" can mean a lot of things but usually means a wide scope of knowledge.

nuztayn123 -1 points

l was told l could get a 60k job lf l learn more about data bases which one would that be ?

szymanskii 1 point

>useful skills
>like how to build a business
Yes, because most people will build businesses and become business owners. There’s totally a place in the market for all of them. What a useful skill! Totally something that everyone will need, and not just a relatively small minority.

nuztayn123 1 point

That was only an example, there could many skills the student could choose from the point ls not to waste time learning things that won’t help post high school.

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nuztayn123 0 points

That’s good that you got your associates but to be frank experience with Walmart even as a supervisor l don’t see that as very helpful for an lT career path. lt companies are looking for people with experience specifically in IT. Now, with your associates and customer service experience that could probably help you land a help desk job. Help desk jobs are the first step into the IT career world. If you’re having trouble getting a position with your skills as a help desk try studying for the A+ certification which will highly increase your chances of getting a help desk job.

PudgeHug 1 point

The work experience is to more show that ive actually done something more than just sit on my ass and go to school the last 5 years. Not to mention shows im capable of showing up to work enough not to get fired and such.

nuztayn123 1 point

l understand where you’re coming from but in the end , all companies will look at is how much IT experience you have, that’s lt.

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nuztayn123 1 point

Here’s the thing, people nowadays are less antisocial and friendly with each other(stranger wise). Because of that, l never approach anyone 100% about their form. But for me if someone saw me doing something right l welcome the constructive criticism. lt really depends on the person it’s say people can’t take normal criticism for their benefit but what can you do

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nuztayn123 1 point

You’re really just at the mercy of the interviewer , depending on his point of view about this subject. At the same time most tattoos are easily coverable so you could just wear a long sleeve. Also l think that it’s 2018 it’s not a cultural taboo as lt was along time ago so lts becoming more natural in society to have a tattooo and work. If I️ were a boss and some guy had a full sleeve tattoo if he’s impressing me with his skills in IT or his personality, then idc about his tattoos.

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