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oGsBumder commented on a post in r/China
MecatolHex 1 point

"Just because you are assuming"

I wouldn't be so certain about my thought processes above.

oGsBumder 1 point

If you weren't assuming that then your mind wouldn't be boggled because you'd realise there is nothing weird about them using 外国人 to describe us even in our countries.

MecatolHex 0 points

I think you may be having trouble with the meaning of the phrase 'boggles the mind,' which can mean to

'bewilder or astonish with complexity, novelty, or the like,'

Thus, it could 'boggle the mind' as to the sheer novelty of the cultural presumption of a China-born individual calling a white person the closest word (in general use) to foreigner even while he is in his land of birth.

oGsBumder 2 points

I know what boggles the mind means. There's no reason to be boggled at a Chinese person using a word in the correct way according to its definition and common usage. Your mind would only boggle if you translate it to the English "foreigner" and then think to yourself "he's calling me a foreigner in my own country! Ridiculous!". He's not calling you a foreigner he's calling you a 外国人 and they don't mean the same thing.

It's like being shocked that Chinese people call themselves "China-man" (中国人) because Chinaman has racist overtones in English.

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oGsBumder commented on a post in r/Android
ClausClausClaus 1 point

Yeah you're right, i heard about Nexus throughout on this subreddit, sad to know it doesnt last forever.

What about OnePlus 2? Specs mentioned plastic body with aluminium frame, is it good?

oGsBumder 2 points

Nah the OP2 was a lemon. Thicker and heavier than the OPO with worse performance due to overheating issues. The industrial design was nice though, retaining the sandstone back but having a metal band all round the sides.

Edit: I thought first of the OPO cos I personally own one, whereas I've never owned a OP2. But looking at the images of the OP2 I think that actually the casework design of the OP2 is superior.

ClausClausClaus 1 point

It's fine but you're right, OnePlus 2 did have overheating issue, and i'm not sure whether it's settled.

I think i'm gonna stick OnePlus One as everybody suggested throughout this thread. It's nice to have it as collection and aesthetic.

oGsBumder 2 points

The OPO really was revolutionary in many ways. I bought mine about 10 months after release, and my only regret is that I didn't get it sooner. One of my friends who I hadn't seen for several years and doesn't know anything about phones saw me using it in late 2017 and made a casual comment about my "fancy phone".

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oGsBumder commented on a post in r/europe
dancedor 12 points

Also, shouldn't have become a country of pure evil obsessed with German racial superiority at the same time. Maybe Poles wouldn't had hated Germans that much then.

oGsBumder 1 point

Don't be silly, they weren't a country of pure evil. They were just people like you and I.

sqn420 -6 points

Oh those poor nazis

oGsBumder 0 points

Only some of them were Nazis and many among those Nazis were only Nazis because they fell victim to propaganda and brainwashing. They weren't all evil people. They were as human as you and I.

oGsBumder commented on a post in r/europe
Im_no_imposter 18 points

My guess is that we would have a population between 25-30 million, would still speak predominantly Irish and We could be allies with the UK as we would have had no reason to despise them. Although, This is assuming our new found power wouldn't cause us to become historical rivals. Which is likely given the fact that in reality Ireland had historically sided with France over England.

Saint Patricks day would have never been a thing though, and Irish culture wouldn't be known much outside of Europe due to the much lesser degree of emigration compared to reality. With this in mind, our relationship with the US and Canada would be infinitely less prominent. Ireland itself probably would have colonised other continents and In general we would have been more militarily involved in Europe, especially in world war 1+2.

In recent history it's possible we could have even fought in Iraq and Afghanistan due to fact that in reality Irish anti-militarism and pro neutrality stems from our history with the malevolent actions of the British army.

We would have been a more important ally to France and I'd reckon modern Ireland would class England as their closest ally. (Oh how I wish it were so cries )

It's also worth noting that women likely would have had equal rights far earlier than reality based on how fairly women were treated during the Celtic era.

All in all though it's virtually impossible to predict how different Irish society, government and culture would have been, given the fact that we were entirely moulded by the hardships of our real history. One thing's for sure, that Ireland would be completely unrecognisable compared to the Ireland we have in our timeline.

EDIT: Spelling

oGsBumder 2 points

The impact on America of Irish immigration was huge. It'd be interesting to consider how the lack of that would change the way America developed, and as a result have big global consequences.

I'm British and I'm pretty sad about what my ancestors/their countrymen did in Ireland. It'd be nice having a larger and more friendly neighbour and the Irish language is cool.

Regarding the topic of your comment, I'd say there's a good chance that Ireland would still be a part of the UK if it had been treated better. It'd be a home nation like Scotland, Wales etc. Or do you think Ireland would've fought for independence even if they had been prosperous and viewed as an equal part of the UK?

oGsBumder commented on a post in r/ChineseLanguage
oGsBumder 7 points

Depends on the context. Any of the following:

顺便问一下,… or just 问一下
对了,… (if you just thought of something you'd been meaning to say/ask)

Often the bit following the … ends with a particle like 吧.

I also had a Chinese friend who used 白的位 but I think she was just taking the piss.

Mickeyyyyy 1 point

I feel like you can just say, 想问..., instead of 想问你一个问题

oGsBumder 1 point


oGsBumder commented on a post in r/worldnews
nobadabing 1 point

Drop the trolling act buddy. There were many accusers that came forward and said that Roy Moore tried to groom and victimize them. That’s acting on it.

oGsBumder 0 points

I didn't say anything about Roy Moore. I have no idea about him. If what you say is true then yes he's a scumbag but not because he's a paedophile. He's a scumbag because he molested people.

nobadabing 1 point

You were replying to a comment about the Alabama Senate race lol

oGsBumder 0 points

Saying that if someone says "there's nothing wrong with being a paedophile" then you should not vote for them is implying that that statement is incorrect. I replied because I do not think the statement is incorrect. Paedophiles are just people who have had the awful luck of being born with or developing a fetish that they can't act on. We should pity them not despise them. They're still human beings and if they do not act on these feelings I have nothing against them. I don't see how any reasonable person can disagree with me on this. I'm being down voted but no-one has given any reason why. Except you who seem to have somehow interpreted my comments as a defence of that specific politician which they clearly are not.

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oGsBumder commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
papasmurph -2 points

"you cannot say "this galaxy is rotating clockwise"" Actually that's what the discussion is about. Also, if one galaxy's plane is perpendicular (or thereabouts) to the other, there's no notion of them rotating in the same or different direction.

oGsBumder 2 points

Actually that's what the discussion is about.

....what? Go back and read the chain. This is your own comment that started the chain:

Same direction? There's no reference point in space, so what would that mean?

The conversation is about the statement "are they rotating in the same direction" and you are for some reason continuing to claim that this statement is not possible to make.

if one galaxy's plane is perpendicular (or thereabouts) to the other, there's no notion of them rotating in the same or different direction.

This is completely incorrect and seems to indicate you either didn't read my last comment or maybe just failed to understand it. To be clear, when we are talking about the "direction of rotation", we are not talking about clockwise/anti-clockwise. We are talking about the direction of the rotation vector as described in the wikipedia link I posted in my last comment. Any object rotating about any axis in any reference frame has an associated rotation vector, which is just an arrow pointing in a certain direction with a certain length (the length scales to represent the speed of rotation). All we have to do is look at two galaxies and calculate where their arrows are pointing, and then compare them, to see if they are "rotating in the same direction" or not.

With your example of two galaxies rotating about perpendicular axes, they are clearly not rotating in the same direction. They are rotating at 90 degrees to each other.

papasmurph 0 points

OP hints at determining the rotation direction of a galaxy. I claim correctly that's not possible, because that requires a reference point, and galaxies rotate in any plane. There's no reference point in space.

oGsBumder 1 point

I claim correctly that's not possible, because that requires a reference point

You keep insisting this but I have already explained very clearly why this is not the case. No reference point is required. OP said nothing about determining the rotation of a single galaxy, what he said and what and the entire subsequent conversation has been about is comparing the directions of two or more galaxies. I'm getting bored of trying to convince you of basic and easily verifiable mathematical facts and responding to you while you seem to not even read the conversation so I'm just gonna give up. Have a nice day.

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oGsBumder commented on a post in r/Chinese
meansofsomething 5 points

You’re fantastic. Thank you so much. That’s what my girlfriend intended it to mean originally. About 11 years ago, when a lady saw her foot in a store she said, “it says something about stop.” So she has thought that every since.

oGsBumder 9 points

止 by itself means stop. But the character in the tattoo just uses 止 as the phonetic component. It doesn't carry the meaning of stop.

oGsBumder commented on a post in r/Amd
INITMalcanis 2 points

No one does. if you have an 1800X you have a beast of a CPU and shouldn't need to even start thinking about upgrading for at least a year.

oGsBumder 12 points

A year? More like several years dude.

oGsBumder commented on a post in r/ChineseLanguage
IcyCurrency 1 point

Just to clear my paranoia, I'm meant to be starting a chinese evening class in the UK soon at a confucius institute - there's nothing too dodgy about them right? At least to start learning some chinese - I don't want to get all involved; it's just the only place around here offering lessons as part of the university.

oGsBumder 3 points

They're fine for language learning and there's nothing "dodgy" about them in relation to your experience. The problems with them are described excellently here by /u/americarthegreat

oGsBumder commented on a post in r/europe
BusyPedro 75 points

Sorry Germany and Netherlands but Northern Ireland has been without for 431 days

oGsBumder 34 points

Not really comparable though, since NI is just a devolved region and in global terms basically irrelevant. (not meaning to be rude lol, I love Belfast)

stio89 0 points

Isn't Taiwan just a region of the PRC?

oGsBumder 4 points

No. They are entirely independent with their own government, elections, passports, laws, military etc and the PRC has no jurisdiction over them.

The PRC wants to make Taiwan a region of itself. The PRC argues that's how it should be. But the actual situation is that it is not, and the Taiwanese people would never accept it. The only way this would change would be if/when the PRC invades and conquers the island, which would risk igniting world war 3.

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King_Bernie 5 points

两个都是 is alright,but changing the verb to 想 or something similar sounds better.



oGsBumder 1 point

Interesting, but presumably I am constrained to reply using the same verb that's in the question? Or do you mean that the phrasing of my question was itself weird? (I wrote what I remember my friend asking me but I'm not sure those were their exact words)

King_Bernie 1 point

The question sentence is perfect. If both parts of the sentence use the same verb, then yes, you have to use the same verb in your answer. But since here we have different verbs, we can just use a generic"做," or just leave it out.

For example, if the question was "你是学生还是老师" then you could answer "我两个都是"。

oGsBumder 1 point

Awesome, that makes sense, thanks :D

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oGsBumder commented on a post in r/ChineseLanguage
OKC89ers 1 point

Can confirm, no idea what 刚 is. However, I never really learned 学习 just 学. What's the usage difference?

oGsBumder 2 points

At this point in your studies you can safely regard them as meaning the same thing. Whether you use the single or double character version in a sentence is determined by the length and rhythm of the phrase and the formality of the situation. My advice would be to let yourself gradually pick up a feel for this naturally (that's what I did), but as a starting rule of thumb, use 学 if the surrounding words are mostly single character words, and 学习 when they're mostly two character words. This is a general rule you can apply with most Chinese two-character verbs, not only 学习.

As for 刚, it's very useful and Chinese Grammar Wiki have a good article on it, but I'd recommend working through all of their A1 level grammar points first as they are more critical to know.

lihingokole -1 points

What is your definition of beginner? A beginner should be familiar with it.

oGsBumder 2 points

My definition of beginner is someone at or near the beginning of their studies. If in your opinion knowing 刚 is a requirement to be classified as a beginner then I'm curious what category you would place someone in if they do not know it? "Sub-beginner"...? How can someone be below the beginning level of study?

oGsBumder commented on a post in r/ChineseLanguage
tidder-wave 1 point


这可怎么办? seems more like a contraction of 这可以怎么办?

No, that doesn't make sense. Translated, the sentence says: "I need to go to the embassy to apply for the visa next week, how the fuck am I gonna do this [given this shit that just happened]?!"

oGsBumder 1 point

Hmm, ok. I've just never seen it used with a question word before. I'll keep my eye out for it.

How about the 3rd sentence? If 可 isn't emphasising 不少 then what role is it playing?

tidder-wave 7 points

Chinese Grammar Wiki只是说起强调的作用。有没有更好的更具体的解释和来历?

Yup, 可 is used in the following for emphasis:

  • 这可是个大问题,我也不太清楚。

  • 下个星期就要去使馆办签证了,这可怎么办?

In the sentence below, though, 可 isn't used for emphasis:

  • 我办了一张那个理发店的会员卡,理发可节约了不少钱: I've got a membership card from that salon, which allowed me to save a lot of money when I get my hair done.
oGsBumder 1 point

Are you sure? To me, it seems that it is indeed used to emphasise 不少 in the last sentence, whereas in the second sentence I don't think it's used for emphasis. 这可怎么办? seems more like a contraction of 这可以怎么办?

oGsBumder commented on a post in r/China
KirkBL 3 points

Because FB is a time robbing machine. For me the cons trump the pros, sorry.

oGsBumder 3 points

Reddit is far more of a time robbing machine.

KirkBL 3 points

Maybe. But on Reddit you can have civil and interesting discussions. It's less stupid and Pavlovian.

oGsBumder 1 point

Still don't see why facebook should be banned. You can just choose not to use it. If other people like it, who are you to stop them using it? A large chunk of the population is not interested in having "interesting" discussions.

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oGsBumder commented on a post in r/europe
CirqueDuFuder 1 point

It is strange Russia can use this argument for Crimea and not their own country. They only care if it means more land to grab.

oGsBumder 3 points

Yeah I agree Russia doesn't actually care about self determination or apply it consistently.

CirqueDuFuder 1 point

Plus that land is land that was ethnically cleansed by Russia and I sincerely doubt Tatars there are happy to be under Russian rule once again. Russia uses Russian ethnic people like a geopolitical weapon against their neighbors.

They show what they think of determination by leveling entire countries worth of people inside of Russia when they try to break free on top of running a dictatorship for everyone else in the country.

oGsBumder 1 point

The ethnic cleansing was a long time ago though. It was shitty but what's done is done, you can't deny the modern population of the area their right to self-determination just because they grandfathers or great grandfathers did some bad shit. Otherwise half of Turkey should be given to Armenia and half of Poland to Germany. The best way to deal with the history of ethnic cleansing is to implement policies protecting/promoting the Tatar language and culture. Other than that there's nothing that can be done.

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oGsBumder commented on a post in r/ChineseLanguage
oGsBumder 3 points

I so often get caught up in the grammars I have trouble understanding and how much farther I have to go that I forget how far I've come.

Definitely. If I get frustrated I've found that it can be really motivating to go back and look through old materials that I used to struggle through. Realising that I can now read them easily is a nice way to remind myself that I am making progress even if it sometimes feels like I'm not. Or for example I went back and looked at some HSK4 past papers recently and found them really simple, whereas 18 months ago they were intimidating.

The key to one day mastering Chinese is accepting that it's a long-term task and making short-medium term measurable goals. Like "this year I'm going to read one graded reader per month and X new vocab words per week from Y source, hand-write at least a page of characters and watch a Chinese Zero to Hero video each day, and at the end of the year take the HSK level Z test".

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