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An hour a day for 2 and a bit years gets you to a total of around 800 hours. For comparison I've put about 2000 hours into Mandarin so far and definitely would not feel comfortable using it in a professional context. So I'd say your goal of selling in Cantonese is impossible in that timeframe. However, your other goal of simply learning enough to impress her family is definitely possible. You can be somewhat conversational after 800 hours but only in a limited range of topics and only if your conversation partner deliberately simplifies their speech to accommodate you. Native content like movies etc will still be mostly beyond you. However, in my experience the level of Chinese required from a white person to impress native Chinese speakers is quite low.

Congrats on the engagement btw :D

格立佬扳ご闷恏,偶系蕞斤材闓⑩敩忠紊ㄉ,濄鸡忝僦腰烤HSK巴鸡(給紫及+u!)···箐达傢茤茤旨∠! (๑╹◡╹)ノ"""

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格立佬扳ご闷恏,偶系蕞斤材闓⑩敩忠紊ㄉ,濄鸡忝僦腰烤HSK巴鸡(給紫及+u!)··· 箐达傢茤茤旨∠!

First bold part is 最近才开始学中文, second is 天就要考HSK8级(给自己加油!), third is 请大家. But I don't understand what the non-bold characters have substituted for.

nice! you got most of it :)


ご is hiragana 'ni' ㄉ is bobomofo for /d/, a common shorthand for 的 in Taiwan ∠ is 角, often used as a replacement for other homophones (e.g. 焦、叫、教等), similar to how ↓ is used for 下、嚇 etc.

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Thanks for the breakdown side :D Mixing in bopomofo and hiragana is some next level shit.

Definitely. I loved the design of the OnePlus One and still miss it to this day. I like it even more than my S7 or OnePlus 3.

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OP2 had the best design of all OP phones imo, aside from being a bit too thick. It's a shame the SOC sucked and it was abandoned by OP in terms of software.

I like the X better. It just looks elegant.

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Yeah you're not wrong, the X is one of the sexiest phones I've ever seen. I'd buy an updated version in a heartbeat.

When will Ukraine recognize Kosovo?

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Never because that would make their position on Crimea massively hypocritical.

Don't know where you are though, or if they do international shipping.

Score hidden · 11 hours ago

But, wouldn't brushing with warm water be Better, because it would be more effective at stripping away bacteria, oils etc?

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Score hidden · 10 hours ago

Unless I've been doing it wrong my whole life, one doesn't use enough water while brushing one's teeth for the temperature to make any difference. It's just a few drops which will equalise to body temperature after only a second or two.

Could you please translate this conversation? Thanks in advance. "Why didn't you ask him earlier?" "I didn't want to know."

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OP said that HSK 1 was his end-of-year exam which is weird, because I got 287/300 on HSK3 after one semester of studying

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He studied less than 2 hours per week as an optional course. If you aced HSK3 after one semester you must've been studying Chinese full time.

I was generally surprised and curious. It's sort of like finding out there is a JLPT N8 or something.

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21 points · 1 day ago

If you were surprised that a series of qualifications that tops out at level 6 includes a level 1 then you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed are you?

So basically this guy murdered the girl and hid her body somewhere (within a 2 hour period), drove back home and washed his car, then when the parents came round later he couldn't face what he'd done, slipped out the back door and went and killed himself?

Modern ones don't get any scratching because the outer glass is made out of the same material as phone's screen. You'll have a hard time scratching it even if you use a knife. It's just inconvenient to wipe off the smudges every time.

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In many cases the camera glass is harder than the screen.

I think it's even better than the original name.

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27 points · 1 day ago · edited 10 hours ago

Nah. It's too generic. The fact that the movie is about lions/animals in Africa is a pretty huge part of its identity and marketing appeal.

"Is a duck a fish?"

"Is blu-tac a metal?"

"Punctuality…is that like when you're late and stuff?"

All asked by the same girl.

6 points · 1 day ago · edited 13 hours ago

Can't really answer your question but I do have a tip, which is that 经验 is used for "experience" as an uncountable known, like "he's very experienced" 他很有经验 (in the workplace), or "do you have experience in this area?" 你有这方面的经验吗?

The appropriate word for your sentence is 经历, which is a verb and countable noun. 经历一件事 To experience something, 这个经历 this experience, 一样的经历 the same experience.

6 points · 1 day ago

Wasn't he Austrian?

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4 points · 1 day ago

At that time the word "German" mostly referred to the ethnic group, not the country. All Austrians were German.

2 points · 1 day ago

I don't believe it's possible except on desktop anki. The mobile app is perfect for doing reviews and adding a handful of cards here or there but for doing any real processing the desktop app is essential.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

So you're saying that it's grammatically fine if it were to be said in Mandarin as 'YOU, NOW, LIVE, AT SHANGHAI, WHERE'? But you can put the 'AT SHANGHAI' at the beginning if you want to emphasise it?

I'm doing the Michel Thomas course on Mandarin and they emphasise the elegance of the sentence structure, but they deviated in this instance without explaining it.

Another example from online is the following:
A:为什么 学 中文?Nǐ wèishénme xué Zhōngwén?
Translation: You WHY study Chinese?

B:因为 我 在 中国 工作。Yīnwèi wǒ zài Zhōngguó gōngzuò.
Translation: BECAUSE I at China working.

I can't understand why the above question is not written as 'YOU, STUDY, CHINESE, WHY'? which would then give a nice symmetrical reply of 'I, STUDY, CHINESE, <BECAUSE ... (reason)>'.

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1 point · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

So you're saying that it's grammatically fine if it were to be said in Mandarin as 'YOU, NOW, LIVE, AT SHANGHAI, WHERE'? But you can put the 'AT SHANGHAI' at the beginning if you want to emphasise it?

No. You can't say 在上海你现在住在哪里, it's wrong. The most natural phrasing is 你现在住在上海哪里. By looking at the similar sentence 我现在住在上海南部 "I live in the south part of Shanghai" it's clear that between statements and questions, the word order is preserved unlike in English. You can regard 上海哪裡 as a set combination meaning "where in Shanghai". The same structure can be seen in sentences such as 你喜欢中国哪里 etc. Splitting up the 上海 and 哪里 would normally feel weird because they function together to communicate a single unit of meaning "where in Shanghai"/"some place in Shanghai" (if you're confused by that last part read this.

However, the sentence 你在上海住在哪儿 does seem OK. Grammatically I would regard it as a contraction of 你在上海的时候住在哪儿. You could use it when you are asking someone where they lived when they were/when they are in Shanghai (maybe they split their time between two locations or whatever). This is what the other poster meant when he said it emphasised the location Shanghai. It's like "where do you live when you're in Shanghai, as opposed to the other places you live".


为什么 means "for what". You could regard it as a pairing of a verb 为 and noun 什么 to form a verb phrase 为什么. When a series of verb phrases exists in a Chinese sentence they are just chained one after the other, so you get 他 为什么 学中文. Again, by examining the similar sentence 我为你学中文 "I study Chinese for you" we can see that the question word 什么 is simply swapped out for the noun 你.


因为 is a conjunction. The full sentence would be 我学中文是因为我在中国工作 but since the first part is redundant given context, it's omitted. Alternatively you could regard it as a contraction of 我因为我住在中国学中文.

Whoa, that's a lot of cards, especially considering you made them yourself! My method was to only make a card if I didn't know how to pronounce a character. I'd write down the new word and find and example sentence for it (or use the sentence I found it in). Most characters only have one pronunciation, so you'll have around 3000 cards or so.

New words in Mandarin are (most of the time) very easy to learn if you know the meaning of the constituent characters. My difficulty was always just remembering how to pronounce the written word. The meaning is not a problem as much.

Another important Anki practice is deleting cards. Don't be a slave to Anki. Some cards are well known already. When I saw a card's review time at ~1+ years, I'd usually delete it. Or if I find the card too mentally draining, it's also good to delete. If I really need that word, I'll encounter it again and make a new card that's better. Don't be afraid to delete! It's better to have a smaller deck that you actually review and leaves time for learning other things than a huge monstrous mess of stuff that leaves you discouraged and saps your time spent engaging in the language.

Edit: I personally have ~1800 cards in my Chinese deck after 7 years. I can understand most any spoken or written language barring very technical stuff. Don't be afraid to cull some of your deck!

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Another important Anki practice is deleting cards. Don't be a slave to Anki. Some cards are well known already. When I saw a card's review time at ~1+ years, I'd usually delete it.

I'm curious what the logic is behind this - why is it important to delete cards that you won't see again for years anyway? It's not like they take up any significant amount of storage space on your device. I don't see what you gain by deleting them.

Well, another way of thinking about it is, what do you gain by keeping those cards? Honestly, they're just going to waste your time in the future. Every time I've seen a card with a review time that long (I think I saw one today where the next review time would be ~6 years from now) I realize just how thoroughly I know that word. I've seen it hundreds of times in native media since I last saw it, so my immersion environment is reviewing vocabulary for me all the time. That card is just taking away future time/reviews I could be using to learn new things in Chinese or another language.

I'm also a fan of just keeping the essentials. My home mostly just has stuff I use very often. I try not to have too many extraneous things. That attitude probably carries over to my studying, too. The thought of having an Anki deck of 10,000 cards or something is stressful to me, so I trim it down pretty consistently. That way, the things I'm reviewing are interesting to me and a good use of my time (i.e. relatively new things that I'm learning).

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The time you spend deleting the cards is quite similar to the time you will spend reviewing them. By keeping them you gain the ability to see, at a glance, a good estimate for the size of your vocabulary (by the number of cards in your deck/s).

2 points · 1 day ago

I wish they made sandstone ones.

Now if people could just agree on what the Monolith is supposed to represent...

I thought it was literally an artifact left by aliens that somehow augmented the thinking of the apes. Is there some symbolic meaning people give it that I never knew about?

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2 points · 1 day ago

I've no idea, maybe the tablet with 10 commandments? Something religious like that, maybe.

-1 points · 1 day ago

Mao is your favourite? The guy that is responsible for tens of millions of deaths and the destruction of much of traditional Chinese culture…?

Does anybody know how these guys actually get to the tops of these buildings?

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Don't do it man.

i had to check your profile to make sure it wasn't another sexpat or streamer question.... >_> instead, you're a fellow Expanse fan high five
your post will get removed though. post in the pinned weekly thread for questions.
holy crap, you posted a bunch of 1 question posts on r/taiwan... you gotta learn to use the pinned weekly thread dude!

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you're a fellow Expanse fan high five

Me too :D I've watched every major scifi show of the last 20 years and I think The Expanse may well be the best.

That northern tip has a population of almost 300 000. 10% of the entire country.

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5 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Yeah, I don't mean the whole tip, just a bit of it. And some central areas too. Map here from 2011.

Edit: could the people downvoting me have the courtesy to say why? The downvote button is for stuff not relevant to the discussion. This whole thread is about partitioning along ethnic lines.

The north is central, what seems central is mostly a backwater where wolves go to fuck.

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That's not how it works. These are geographical terms regardless of the population density. The centre of America is Nebraska/Kansas even though they are not very populated or noteworthy.

I have every sympathy for their families but not really for these three themselves. Have to be a real pillock to be hit by a train without meaning to.

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