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MrFluke 24,821 points

We were naked on the couch, she was sitting on my lap facing me. I reached to throw a pillow off the couch... When I was half turned she blurted out "snail trail" while she propped her self up and dragged her cooch from my armpit to my hip.

oakbones 95 points

Yep she sounds like a keeper

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Elysianreverie 1 point

Was it good when you were in it?

That genre sounds more akin to what we play. I’m glad things are getting better; maybe we could be a part of that? Kind of sad it’s so into funk and jam though, that’s really weird and unexpected.

Also I just got the offer so if we move I’m up for starting an indie-band clique :D

oakbones 2 points

I'll second that Burlington is very into jam band-y funk and psychedelic stuff. Its because about half of Burlington's population are into weed and just slightly fewer are into acid.

It's not all bad though, if you play indie or folk. I live with an indie band who have gotten pretty popular over the last year or so and they play around town and in Montreal at least 3 or 4 times per month. You definitely NEED to be a networker to play paying gigs, however.

Elysianreverie 1 point

Ok, that’s super helpful!!! It’d be so awesome to play in Montreal. And the weed/acid situation isn’t really a turn off for us lol, I guess it just has downsides in this case.

My fiancé isn’t a networker but I am, so I think that will work out.

What’s the band you live with? I’ll check them out.

Also we are officially moving at the end of March!!!

oakbones 1 point

They’re called Gestalt! They have a facebook page with a few recordings but they’re waiting to put most of their stuff online until they finish their album.

And congrats on the move!

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oakbones 21 points

Sounds to me like she wants to be intimate with you but is hurting and confused. Your support so far has been great, just let her lead the way. To take the pressure off sexsexsex, let her know that you want to be with her no matter what amount of sex y'all have (unless you do care). I would definitely encourage therapy if I was in your place. Talking to someone once or twice isn't really enough for healing usually.

Mootjuh0 1 point

I'm not really an expert but this is something I never understood. You pay so much for rent and your phone etc. Why not live with your parents for a year(assuming you'll have a similar paying job there) and you'd be paying off most of your debt quickly?

oakbones 1 point

because i now live a blissful 15 hours away from both of them and I am entirely unwilling to go back into that nightmare.

DeathBlackWish -10 points

Honestly, you're fine. Stop worrying because there are those of us who couldn't fucking imagine having a whopping $10,000 in savings. Some of us are actually struggling not just "how do I invest" It gets me mad. Fuck this sub

oakbones 3 points

lol bruh im sorry about your situation but you don't gotta get salty on me about it. instead of getting mad why don't you use some of the advice in this thread? the best time to start is now.

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oakbones commented on a post in r/aww
jenthewen 54 points

Has this sweet dog ever been trimmed?

oakbones 40 points

This type of dog (looks like a malamute?) is designed to live in a huge amount of fur. Shaving it could wreck their temperature regulation and give them other issues too. They just need a massive amount of brushing!

jenthewen 9 points

I just checked and malamutes look like huskies and not like this though

oakbones 54 points
oakbones commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Jynku 1,454 points

When I was ten I woke up around midnight to severe pain and crawling sounds in my left ear. I yelled for my father but he wasn't around. He had gone out to a bar with a friend after I went to sleep. I spent a long time screaming in pain and trying to look into my ear on the mirror and pouring water into it. Turns out a cockroach had laid an egg in my ear and they were hatching that night. The empty egg came out about a week later. I had roach legs come out of my ear for years while cleaning it with qtips.

oakbones 1 point

why the FUCK didn't you immediately go to the ER or ENT??

good god man

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oakbones 2 points

Good on you for keeping motivated!

Something which helped me was to just throw out/give away all the food in my house that wasn't whole vegetables, proteins, and whatever else I felt was a "healthy" thing to eat. All cookies, chips, frozen foods (aside from deli fish/chicken), soda, beer, etc, gone! It really helps when you have a sugar craving and the only thing you can do to satisfy it is to make beet chips (which are tastier than potato chips anyway).

Also, cooking all of your own meals helps you to see what your eating and what goes into it. Satisfaction increases because you're eating what you made with your own hands and you can be sure that it's balanced!

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oakbones 3,474 points

That expression that guys make in photos where they worry their brows excessively and squint their eyes and smile like this or this

Also when guys take selfies with their shirts lifted to show off their abs.

Maybe it's just me, but vanity is such a turn off. Whereas confidence in yourself and how you look is totally different and actually a turn on, images like the above just scream self-centeredness. It also speaks to some level of attention to celebrity fads which is a personal no-go.

Edit: punctuation

oakbones commented on a post in r/todayilearned
DJCherryPie -12 points

Yeah, terrible shit. I'm glad institutionalized racism isn't a thing anymore, at least not in America.

oakbones 7 points

Institutionalized racism is still very much a thing in the U.S, it's just not as overt as it used to be.

oakbones commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
oakbones 2 points

I'm not a linguistics expert, but I did spend a few months in Beijing. When I spoke to a friend later, she commented that I had a Beijing accent and she could tell because I added an 'r' sound to words that ended in a vowel (or something to that effect, it was almost 10 years ago). So I'm guessing it has a lot to do with new sounds rather than the intonation.

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