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Leftalonecup 2 points

Is u/ObviousPlant and Jeff Wysaski AKA Pleated-Jeans the same person?

obviousplant 2 points


satanicpuppy 4,028 points

I was like, "Man, this is just like something u/ObviousPlant would have done..."

Glad to see you're still active.

obviousplant 249 points

Since a couple people asked, here is the printable file for anyone interested:

obviousplant commented on a post in r/funny
Chezzik 15 points

Credit to /u/obviousplant

obviousplant 23 points

I didn't take this pic. OP found it in the wild!

MacieTheBulldog 8 points

You really leave these around town? I always assumed you made it look like they were in public. Can I ask what city?

obviousplant 13 points

Los Angeles

RamsesThePigeon 41 points

Oh, god...

Jeff, I'm sorry to do this to you, but "awhile" is actually an adverb that means "for a while." As such, "for awhile" would actually mean "for for a while," which is exactly the sort of thing that stresses me the hell...

... actually, can I borrow that sword?

obviousplant 39 points

Maybe I messed up on purpose to sell more swords.

obviousplant commented on a post in r/funny
ProgramTheWorld 33 points

Quit your bullshit OP, this is one of Obvious Plant's work.

obviousplant 66 points

This flyer was included as a page in a book of tear-out street flyers that I made. So, someone who bought the book put it up. OP likely does not know this.

ProgramTheWorld 12 points

Oh shit /u/obviousplant actually responded! And there's a book that can be bought too?

obviousplant 10 points
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