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MrRed311 17 points

All rectangles are squares but not all squares are rectangles.

obviousplant 1 point

read the fine print, my dude.

Chezzik 7 points

Serious question:

You used to post information about what you did with these after you made them. I considered that to be part of the gag.

You've changed the way you do the titles, so it seems like you just print them, take a picture of it, and then throw it away. Why is this?

If you do still leave these in public to be found, you really should set up a hidden camera so you can get some of the reactions!

obviousplant 6 points

I do leave them up. I got tired of saying "I left this blah blah in a blah blah." Also, I figured enough people were familiar with my work by now that I didn't have to explicitly say that. This one was left in a Best Buy.

obviousplant commented on a post in r/funny
Chezzik 8 points

Wow, I wonder if /u/obviousplant knows who copied him?

EDIT: It looks like the sign was first posted here:

Still no indication of who made it.

obviousplant 12 points

Someone sent me a pic of this sign a few months ago. I am flattered and honored to have been ripped off.

obviousplant commented on a post in r/Vaporwave
catcoins 5 points

Yes! I actually made an album last november just using Gloria Estefan samples :)

and for those interested on the topic of Sandrawave, I did a podcast about the cassette if anyone was interested

obviousplant 1 point

Great album! I especially like Grasp On You.

And yeah, Sandrawave is one of my fave vapor albums

obviousplant commented on a post in r/funny
I_need_a_grownup 10 points

Its pretty much this. In the past he hasn't seemed to mind being posted to reddit, as long as he gets credit somewhere in the comments. He seems like a chill dude.

obviousplant 26 points

This is true. I am a CHILL DUDE! (also, yeah, reupload whatever you want. I don't care)

obviousplant commented on a post in r/AskReddit
wholemilkisbestmilk 11 points

S'gotta be u/obviousplant. I am in literal awe of this person.

obviousplant 3 points

how dare you compliment me!

wholemilkisbestmilk 2 points

Careful, you might just make me want to compliment you more. I'm only semi-joking, tbh. I've half a mind to write you a flowery sonnet or some shit with ye olde english sprinkled here and there and like 2 tablespoons of undying love and eternal admiration minus the creepiness, 5 shots of 'oh my god pls stop it huuuuuuuurts mercy MERCY' cringe and a pinch of wholesomeness to make it less painful to read. (For real though, I love what you do and uh, yeah, you're fucking great.)

obviousplant 1 point

Haha well thank you! That might be a little much, but thank you.

obviousplant commented on a post in r/NotMyJob
anth 3 points

u/obviousplant did you really? Your stuff is genius. Did you do this to a lot of hotels or just this one?

obviousplant 4 points

I didn't actually put this up. They apparently printed it from the internet and put it up themselves!

anth 3 points

Yes but then I noticed It looks like someone taped it on top of the frame (top right in particular)!

obviousplant 1 point

ah yeah. you may be right.

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