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basilarchia 1 point

You have raised the bar. Blender3d?

offshootuk 1 point

Yeah. Nearly all done in blender.

ThtDAmbWhiteGuy 1 point

Thus is amazing work. And I agree with Besuto, this encourages me to give Blender a whirl as well. Did you do this solely in blender? Or were other programs involved?

offshootuk 2 points

All done in blender. Just some colour correction done in photoshop

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palepelican 1 point

Thanks for the reply! Is it sort of a hobby or can you actually sell this somehow? How could you make a living doing this? Is it possible

offshootuk 1 point

Well the hope is people like these animations and they hire me to do similar ones for them. Its definitely possible.

MGLLN 1 point

you do this professionally?

offshootuk 2 points

No just in my spare time with the hopes of making it my full time job one day.

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randomgunhunter 1 point

at 13s of the gif, the number five was cut as the back portion of the phone opened

offshootuk 1 point

I’ve never noticed that before. Have no idea what caused it

madeInNY 2 points

Is this a commentary on the excesses of notification? I don’t get it!

offshootuk 1 point

It isn’t. There’s no underlying message apart from I thought it was a cool idea

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illogical_cpt 0 points

Wow, I have been watching this for a while. Correct me if i'm wrong, but the screen seems to be the only CG element, and then the way you got it to loop with real footage is by ping ponging your video. That makes me curious, did you have to track twice as much of the same footage, or just use the same track mirrored? This is awesome!! I love your phone animations!

offshootuk 3 points

It’s all cg

MainSailFreedom 1 point

Which one was more difficult to make? This or the Pool Party one?

offshootuk 2 points

The pool party one definitely. There’s no good way to get objects to float so that made it difficult. Working with the particles in this one was a lot easier

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offshootuk commented on a post in r/Art
antonegorov 4 points

Hi, everybody! This is my first personal project, so I'd be happy to get any feedback!

offshootuk 2 points

This is fantastic. I really love it. If you are looking for critique i feel like you are wasting too much of the image on the general clutter round the table. I understand you probably spent a lot of time on them but I really want to see the details on these miniatures! You could probably crop out half the coffee mug and the left hand side of the box and still convey everything you want to convey but give the image more focus.

Personally i also find the mars one the least interesting sweet and it doesnt really fit as well as the rest. It feels lie a bit of an odd one out.

Overall though i really do love it.

offshootuk commented on a post in r/blender
NekoMadeOfWaifus 2 points

Well you could have an object in front of the camera that would portal (or something, not very good with more difficult things in blender) so that it renders transparent, and then have a circular hole in the object which would render. Or could you not? Again, not good with blender, just starting really. Since I don't believe image files can have a circular resolution.

offshootuk 3 points

you could definitely do it that way. Create a circle in a plane and place it in front of the camera. Then just make the plane a mask layer so it renders transparent.

offshootuk commented on a post in r/photocritique
offshootuk 17 points

I would say that while the framing is good the foreground takes up a bit too much of the frame and you could probably crop it a bit whilst keeping the depth.

Also the focus of the picture is in the shade. Maybe shooting at a different time of day so you get the sun hitting the building and it would really enhance what you’ve got.

offshootuk commented on a post in r/blender
dobbelE 3 points

Some additional renders

I really enjoyed working on this. I had started working on the wasp model last year, but my skills wasn't that good at the time so I stopped. For the contest I then finished up the model and rigged it (not a very good rig). You can check it out if you want with the blend file

Mostly used procedural textures since I didn't want to spend to much time on this :/ The humans are made in MakeHuman with small modifications, but the most out of focus ones are just 2D image-planes.

offshootuk 1 point

The 1st additional render looks better to me than your OP. The composition is way more interesting. I think its slightly let down by the wasp pose just as its not clear vs the background and the silhouette is confusing. I like it though.

offshootuk commented on a post in r/blender
offshootuk 3 points

composition wise its far too busy. Theres nowhere to rest your eyes. No real focus for the scene. Also despite being a low poly style the scaling feels off. The trees are too small if you compare them to everything else in the scene.

My advice would be to figure out what the scene is about. It feels like it should be the boat, but the boat is barely noticeable.

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