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offshootuk commented on a post in r/photocritique
offshootuk 2 points

Honestly. You want a better picture you're gonna have to make the effort. Line up all chairs properly and space them equally. Ditch the red chair. Actually find an interesting angle. Its incredibly boring to shoot something like this from head height. Get down in the sand. The line of objects calls out for symmetry but the photo has none so taking a bit of time to frame the shot would really pay off.

offshootuk commented on a post in r/worldnews
VaultDweller161 -23 points

because he worked for this company for a while and it took him this long to say something. Im sure he was part of all sorts of shenanigans and knew the firm was shady from the start. He was very well paid.

offshootuk 8 points

I mean what you’re describing is 90% of whistleblowers.

offshootuk commented on a post in r/Miniworlds
redditnathaniel 113 points

I feel so bad for artists who make stuff like this. Nobody even knows them, everybody reposts their work without credit, all until it's watermarked by somebody who didn't even make it

offshootuk 7 points

Once I put it out there I know people will do what they like with it. I like when people link me to it being posted though so I can read the comments and make sure whoever posts it credits me.

offshootuk commented on a post in r/blender
offshootuk 16 points

what can be learnt from a timelapse video though? Its cool to see the final product but i dont get who wants to watch 20mins of sped up action trying to figure out what the hell you did, rewinding it constantly, slowing it down. If you actually want to educate ,as making a tutorial suggests you do, do one like Blender Guru's last tutorial. Focus on the parts or problems which are difficult and explain how you solved them.

tmrteckk 1 point

More fantastic work, what is your background out of interest? Like do you work as a vfx artist and how long have you been using Blender for? I’ve seen a few of your posts before and I’m continually blown away. Keep it up :D

offshootuk 2 points

i just do these in my spare time. Ive been using Blender for a couple of years now.

tmrteckk 1 point

Wow I’m even more impressed. Any tutorials or resources you’d recommend for getting started with Blender? :)

offshootuk 2 points

Just watch all of blendergurus videos on YouTube and go from there.

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DontCallMeSurely 1 point

How much rendering time did this take?

offshootuk 1 point

I used a renderfarm. I think about 5 hours

peepeeonthepoopoo 0 points

Mind turning that sound down 90%?? Blew my ears off. Nice video and nice work. But wow, extremely loud.

offshootuk 3 points

Sorry I didn’t even realise.

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offshootuk commented on a post in r/Simulated
ultek 60 points

Nope.. Should I? :)

offshootuk 77 points

Absolutely. There’s a big audience for this kind of stuff there. I have seen people posting your stuff already.

ultek 81 points

Ok.. posting @ultek85 now :P

If you have any advices how to post stuff efficiently/tag/etc. would be great :)

offshootuk 30 points

Follow me! Same name as here. I follow lots of 3d artists so you could look through them and also tag in accounts which feature 3d work when you post. Like #plsur #mdcommunity #howiseedatworld etc and you will build up a following in no time.

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BimboDickins 3 points

The very first strong kick is so satisfying

offshootuk 3 points

Feel free to post it on r/oddlysatisfying !

offshootuk 55 points

Made this also to show a bit of the process. Rigid body balls on top of cylinders which are triggered by the songs frequencies. You can do this using animation nodes in Blender...

offshootuk 24 points

What do people think of this kind of process video. Interesting? Not enough info?

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fuzzynyanko -1 points

It's cool, but I can't tell if the balls are moving to the beat or any drums

offshootuk 1 point

explained in this version...

MinRaws 6 points

How did you achieve this effect, the jumping of balls I mean. Falloffs to add random(music based) force towards some direction.???

offshootuk 6 points

This shows some of the process and how the ball bounce.

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Heisenberg1848 1 point

this is not live photo.

offshootuk 1 point

It’s on my Instagram. Same name as here

thyforce 1 point

This is certainly possible, as someone actually made it possible for Android with a different wallpaper.


Would be great to see it as a Cydia tweak, I would definitely pay for something like this, even if it costs $10, you should definitely do it.

offshootuk 1 point

Wow that video is really impressive. I could achieve that effect quite easily but I don’t have an Android phone so have no way of testing it.

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tompz 1 point

pretty please on the livephoto version for iphone live wallpaper?

offshootuk 2 points

It’s on my Instagram with instructions. Same name as here.

basilarchia 1 point

You have raised the bar. Blender3d?

offshootuk 1 point

Yeah. Nearly all done in blender.

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