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excellent work. Cant really fault it.


Looking for someone to model a car interior

Hi I have a project I’m working on where I have a car model, but only the exterior, and would like the interior modelled. It doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed. Just good enough that it could pass from a distance. If you like modelling cars and fancy the challenge I will pay you for your time.


i really like it. Well done. As far as critique the most obvious is the bed sculpting could be better.

looks great. I would really highlight the car though. Pump up those lights and get some nice reflections bouncing off it. Maybe have a bright light behind it to highlight its silhouette better. Great composition though.

I edited the contrast and colors a little bit(not an expert at all just did what looked pleasing to me). I hope you like it

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just to add to this when you have a busy scene its good to give it some depth. The best tip is to make the foreground darker and the background light as things further away will look brighter naturally. It also creates a plane of focus in the middle ground to highlight the subject better. I did a quick paint over to try and get across what i mean...

not a bad effort. original concept is really good aswell. I think you should model the whole thing.

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I really dig the camera work. Looks very unique.

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i like it as well. I just wish the horizon stayed straight though! Having it slightly off in some of the keyframes makes it look a bit clumsy rather than slick.

This is great. Are you going to rig it? Ive been looking for a decent rigged hand for ages.

Original Poster2 points · 11 days ago

I might try to rig it, what would you need it for?

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I was just going to use it for some animations of using a phone. Nothing complex. Ive tried to do it using my real hand and camera tracking to add elements but it really limits how i can move the camera. I also tried with MakeHuman models but the hand didn't look real enough.

This looks amazing well done. I was trying to figure out what felt a bit off about it and i think its the lack of small objects! Empty tables and bare walls make it feel unrealistic.

Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Yeah you're right i wasn't able to add the small details because my computer couldn't handle this scene as it is. I wanted to make a lot of changes and add a lot more details but it was not very fun to work with a file that barely opens up. Couldn't preview the render either.

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I have ran into similar problems. My solution was to give up on interior renders so well done for persevering.

Great work with all the tools. My only critique is your bricks looks quite small in comparison to everything else.

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Oh Ive seen some of them before. Looks great!

The coin on the phone, is that for tracking purposes?

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Original Poster12 points · 14 days ago

Its just something to focus the camera on so i would be able to match it up right in Blender.

Question, while you were in the modeling phase did you just import your whole video in so you'd know where the phone is in relation to the camera? Or did you just move it all in after effects/mocha/etc?

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

for the pool footage it was just a photo background. I set it as the background, get a plane with the screen dimensions and get it to line up and start modelling.

for some of the other videos i object track the phone screen. Which is a nightmare. Even for simple tracks like i do. I hate it. I hear after effects is much better for camera tracking so i need to get that.

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Technically sound. My tip would be to avoid going for wide shots for interiors like this. We don’t really need to see the whole room. The left side is way more interesting.

Original Poster1 point · 29 days ago

An attempt at something that could be used as a stock photo.

IMO opinion you would get a better result masking out the buildings and copying them to a separate layer then clone stamping them out of the original layer before applying the motion blur.

Great work. Presentation is everything and you nailed it.

Love it as a stylised run.

Iwould maybe tone down the doorway light. It really attracts the eye. I didnt even notice the character at first. Good job though.

Honestly. You want a better picture you're gonna have to make the effort. Line up all chairs properly and space them equally. Ditch the red chair. Actually find an interesting angle. Its incredibly boring to shoot something like this from head height. Get down in the sand. The line of objects calls out for symmetry but the photo has none so taking a bit of time to frame the shot would really pay off.

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because he worked for this company for a while and it took him this long to say something. Im sure he was part of all sorts of shenanigans and knew the firm was shady from the start. He was very well paid.

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I mean what you’re describing is 90% of whistleblowers.


How do i stop live photos from zooming in when played?

I have a custom wallpaper i want to use but dont want it to zoom in when played, anyone know how to prevent that?

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Just do it. Download blender. Decide what you want to make and google “how to make —— in blender”. These type of questions always feel like procrastination to me.

16 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

what can be learnt from a timelapse video though? Its cool to see the final product but i dont get who wants to watch 20mins of sped up action trying to figure out what the hell you did, rewinding it constantly, slowing it down. If you actually want to educate ,as making a tutorial suggests you do, do one like Blender Guru's last tutorial. Focus on the parts or problems which are difficult and explain how you solved them.

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