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ontemu commented on a post in r/MMA
_A_Day_In_The_Life_ 30 points

very weird smolka faced a 0-0 fighter in his last fight. that's a serious fight for ur first fight. that's basically like gabby vs all the people she fights minus the weight difference.

ontemu 12 points

FYI that's Gladiator Challenge in a nutshell. They basically pick up people from the street to fight.

On the fight card that Smolka was on, 19/22 fights ended in the first round, and like 15 of these inside 90 seconds.

ontemu commented on a post in r/JoeRogan
Free_Wheel 4 points

Beware if you watch Meateater on Netflix, that shit is addicting.

ontemu 2 points

It's a great show, atleast the first few seasons. Something about watching people hunt for meat, and then watching them prepare/cook it is oddly satisfying.

Shame I'd have to illegally download the episodes as we only get like 10% of Netflix US shows here.

ontemu commented on a post in r/JoeRogan
rikety_crickets 32 points

I’d be happy for him if he wasn’t a “yes” man. Anything rogan says he goes in on “balls deep”. He’s become that kid in school that is just dying for everyone to like him, but puts up the front that he doesn’t care. So, no, I can’t be happy for him.

Also, don’t name your son something stupid like Tiger. I bet he did that to impress rogan too.

ontemu 7 points

I dont remember Bryans kids name (it's a basic white as shit, rich kids name), but it's not nearly as bad as "Tiger", and Brendan used to shit on Bryan for naming his son that.

Bryan, being the geniunely good friend he is, hasnt even once teased Brendan about "Tiger"...

ontemu commented on a post in r/thefighterandthekid
The-Faz 18 points

Hahaha this guy took a couple of fat lines of Colombian Marching Powder before going in to this.

The classic signs of can’t stop talking, talking quick, running hands through hair and can’t sit still. Probably had some bowling ball pupils as well

ontemu 12 points

Oh u thom ba da devils dandrif?

ontemu commented on a post in r/Vechain
tedgruf 0 points

Serious Dilemma fellow Vechainers! Current portfolio of VEN, ICX, REQ, WABI, COSS, MSP. If I sell all other holdings I can scrap together enough for a Strength Node. WHAT DO I DO?!

ontemu 0 points

Wow, I have almost identical holdings, even MSP. Instead of COSS I have MOD, LIF and FUN.

I've been wondering the same thing too, but I just cant justify selling any of my smaller holdings. I wouldnt suggest going all in on one crypto, even if it's Vechain.

ontemu commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
HiderDK 2 points

and looking isolated at one league is also very misleading. look at all their average online results over the past few months instead. they are good but not the best in europe. Astralis is by far the best team over the past 30-50 days.

Looking isolated at league standings and contrasting that with the results of one tournaments is another huge fallacy in those arguing that certain teams are online vs offline.

If you do proper data-based analysis, you collect as much information as possible and compare average vs expected values.

if you do this, you realize that there is no contrast between space soldiers online vs offline (souce: did it). This whole online space soldiers is just a huge result of human bias and narrative-based analysis.

ontemu 3 points

What are you talking about? They've been absolutely ridicilous for "the past few months", regardless of which league you look at. 32 wins to 6 losses since Feb 19.

I agree that Astralis has been the clear number one, but there's nothing "average" about SS performance in the last few months.

ontemu commented on a post in r/Music
UnraveledMnd 17 points

Ghost recently dropped their new single "Rats!" which has a new front man persona in Cardinal Copia replacing Papa Emeritus III. The lore of the new album - Prequelle - seems like it's going down the path of having Cardinal Copia be a plaguebringer with plenty of references to the biblical horseman of the apocalypse Pestilence. Rats seems to have a slightly more modern musical influence behind it than earlier tracks like Secular Haze, and there is also a fairly significant difference in the mannerisms and behavior of the younger more vibrant Cardinal Copia than his typically older more reserved Papa personas that came before him (Papa Emeritus I, II, and III).

The above probably means absolutely nothing to a solid 95% of Cardio B fans, I would guess.

Beyond that I like a lot of rock/softer metal (at least by reddit's standards in my experience). For example, I've got a playlist right now consisting of a bunch of new stuff from Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Godsmack, and Shinedown. I also like stuff like Seether, Disturbed, and Nothing More. Late in the year last year I was on a bit of a Sabaton kick. My best concert experience came from sitting in the lawn "seats" at a Slipknot concert in the middle of a downpour. My first concert was Megadeth and Lamb of God.

I could go on, but that's probably the most mainstream of the music I listen to, and in my experience with people that would run in circles that like Cardi B they'd be at best vaguely aware of some of them.

ontemu 2 points

The first concert I attented was In Flames warmed up by Trivium and Ghost BC. I had never heard of Ghost before, and was thoroughly confused by their act/costumes when they showed up. I didn't find them very good back then, but stumbled upon their last album when it was released and absolutely fell in love with it.

In Flames and Trivium were insane live.

ontemu commented on a post in r/soccer
ProfnlProcrastinator 1,026 points

You should read the first reply to the girl

"You are a dirty woman, Mo Salah have a good wife and never need any as youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu fuck off !!!!"

lmao I love how involved some people get in these footballers life.

ontemu 1 point

He was just going to write "you", but then he started falling

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