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Anybody know how the start corrals work with 'over seas' entry? I'd be looking to run sub 2:30 and would want to start up with others doing likewise.

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Seeing as you can't qualify for Good for Age as an overseas runner, you'd end up in the Blue start with all other ballot runners, but based on your predicted time you'd undoubtedly be in Wave 1, and could work yourself to the front. After 3 miles or so runners from all start points converge, and you'd be able to pick up a larger group, although I have no doubt there will be other ballot runners to run with off the line.

Wow, incredible improvement - congratulations!

A couple of questions for you - looks like you were running 40-50ish miles per week, was that a significant increase in your load up to running 20:26? Would you say the biggest improvements have come from running with power data, or from the expertise of targeted workouts from your coach?

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Great work in that heat, and congratulations for finishing no matter what drove you to the line!

I managed to miss my target by 40 minutes (1:42 through halfway, 2:17 to the finish...). You're right about feeling sluggish, my heart rate was through the roof for what should have been a totally comfortable pace - the body was just incapable of thermoregulating.

It's reassuring to know even the good runners struggled! Actually, thinking about it, seeing the 3:30 pacer at the side of the road receiving medical attention says it all.

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Ah yes, I didn't even mention that the 3:00 pacer pulled out too around 30km I think!

Well done for getting to end :)

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Says it all!

Thanks, looking forward to seeing what i'm capable of in sensible conditions...

45 minutes off my already lenient goal for me. That heat was atrocious.

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Ouch. At least you did manage to finish, that's what I'm holding on to. There were far too many people receiving medical attention out there for my liking. It was unbearable at times.

Yeah, I decided at about mile 9 it was going to be about finishing instead of time.

I think there was someone getting help at every other aid station starting with mile 2. A guy was being wheeled to the finish line after falling down in the last km when I went past. Absolutely awful all around, and even worse with news of Matt Campbell dying.

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I heard of plenty of people that made the same decision by mile 7. I stupidly tried to hold on until 14, and then crashed hard.

It somewhat detracts from the whole enjoyment of the race to see it all unfold, and like you say, to hear of the news.

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I ran London. I missed my target time MASSIVELY (40minutes) but still squeezed in under 4 hours. I've never had to fight so hard physically and mentally, the heat was utterly brutal and relentless. All said and done though, I finished, and the beer tastes so good. I'm inclined to write a race report in due course...

So the London Marathon is meant to be much warmer than average this weekend (up to 23deg C and high humidity). All the advice I'm reading is to slow down and adjust goals accordingly, but nowhere gives much indication of by how much. Am I just going to have to go by feel?

You probably should do it by feel. There are studies about how temperature affects performance, but a lot is about how accustomed you are to running in that weather. And the studies aren't very accurate for amateurs because they don't have a lot of experience in different weather races.

Here is an example: The study says that elite runners slow down 1 % by each 5 C WBGT*, a 3:00 marathoner would slow down 3.2 % by each 5 C increase. Feel free to extrapolate as you wish.

*WBGT is an adjusted temperature measurement, which takes into account humidity, sunlight, and wind speed. Kinda like the heat index.

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Thanks. Gives a good indication of what to expect. I'll pray for a freak change in the forecast...

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Complaint: My garmin has said my estimated Vo2 max has dropped to pre training cycle levels during my taper. I know it's based on HR and likely meaningless, but it's kinda disheartening to see.

Complaint: The weather forecast for London this weekend.

Confession: I ate way too many cakes at a charity bake sale


Good luck! Watch out for Mo out there!

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Thanks! I'm hoping I'll be able to see the race leaders at some point out on the course.

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I've got a question on pacing - I'm aiming for 3:20 in my (first) marathon in a couple of weeks, and ran a 1:30:41 HM in my only tune-up race 6 weeks ago. Training has gone pretty well and I've completed all my long runs and stayed injury free, including 16.5miles at 3:18 pace, which felt relatively comfortable.

Basically, I don't know If I should stick to targetting 3:20, how to pace myself on the day, or when to pick it up if I feel like I'm running within myself. I realise this is pretty subjective and difficult to answer, i'm probably just lookingforsomeself-affirmation

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My major accomplishment today was NOT laughing. So I am a bit odd and won't run outdoors without gloves (regardless of temperature) and I forgot them. So I decided to dreadmill instead, because running indoors without gloves IS allowed.

So I thought I would do hill repeats. .25 mile 3% .75 flat, then 4% then 5% etc. I say etc I only got to 6%...

Anyways, so I am running and get a new neighbour on the left. He started with a huge amount of fanfare and messing around stuff here, water bottle there, messing with the TV, towels here... no here, no there. Stretching... noisey noisey stretching. Then he starts the dreadmill at EPIC speed. He jumps on runs for less than 10 seconds...

...and that was it. All the stuff was packed up and he was gone.

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Wait... even when it's super hot and humid? What makes running indoors without gloves okay? I'm fascinated!

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Yes even when it's hot and humid. As to why indoors is allowed I have tried to reason it out and I think I have an answer, sadly it's fairly dull. I got into the habit of wearing gloves outdoors simple because its easy to wipe away sweat, wipe stuff off glasses etc.. and I just like wearing them, indoors at the gym I have easy access to a towel for the wiping AND the controls on the dreadmill are harder to use when wearing gloves.

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Huh. Well, fair enough then!

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Been focusing on shorter distance these last couple of months, and my new PB is 2.4 km in 8:51.

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Good work! But why 2.4km...?

Had a 15 miler scheduled in for yesterday's long run. Felt good at the start and ended up running 16.5 miles at MP. Big confidence boost!

I'm heading to the Lake District to do some walking and mountain biking.

I also happen to have my first 20miler in the training plan, which I'm extremely tempted to sack off as it might just be a bit too much... I didn't think this one through.

I love running in the lakes! Just try and plan a route without too many hills and you'll be golden.

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Just got back from an 18 miler! Got a lift to Thirlmere, ran 10 there and then back to Ambleside. It was tough but so scenic!

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Sorry I can't help, but I have the same wear pattern on my shoes too. I've tried landing more midfoot/forefoot, but I can't seem to do that and keep an easy running pace. I have tried to take and host a picture of my wear pattern, hopefully it works.

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I also underpronate, but am a mid-foot striker: My wear pattern

The only negative effect I've noticed is that I get through a pair of shoes super quickly as I'm not evenly distributing the force of each foot strike. Do you have the same issue?

Sure it's cross training...but it all depends on how you do it. Would you do a long hard tempo five days before a marathon? If no (which is the right answer), then don't do the equivalent on the bike. Say a 100km bike at a relaxed effort takes you 3 hours (I have no clue how fast you go), that's probably like a 2-2.5 hour long run effort. Would you do that before a marathon?

And as /u/josandal said, are you trained for it? If this is your first bike ride in two years...I might pass.

If you want to do it, I'd it at the same effort as a regular run and make sure to bring some supplementation (food/gel/gaterade/etc) if it's going to be over two hours.

GOOD LUCK in your marathon!

Let me know how it goes, Christo

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It'll be around a 4 hour ride, which should be pretty comfortable. It's not so much the cycle itself as I'm on the bike a lot, it's more a concern of recovery and if it will negate the effects of a taper, which I really know nothing about.

I think regardless, nutrition, hydration and stretching are a must.

Thanks! I'll no doubt post a race report (hopefully not detailing how tired and heavy my legs were on the start line...)

Eh.... Are you racing it? Will there be tons of climbing? Are you reasonably well trained for it?

If you're doing it fairly casually and you're up on your biking fitness, you'll be totally fine. If it's going to be either a stout route or you'll be really crushing it in terms of pace then it's close enough that it could impact your performance in the marathon.

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Certainly won't be racing it - probably around 25km/h average speed (plus a couple of stops as we'll be in a group) and around 650m of climbing, so nothing really to worry about there.

My biking fitness is good, but as it's my first marathon I really don't want to do anything too detrimental.

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It's always a good day when I get to update the board: New HM PB

That looks great. Did you make that?

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Thanks! Yup, just glued a couple of old shelves together, painted them with chalkboard paint and added a few hooks.

Probably not something anyway can answer, but I'm going to ask anyway :)

What is a "normal" level of tired that you all deal with on a regular basis. I juggle my half marathon training with crossfit. Generally I run 3-4 days a week, with crossfit 4-5 (some days are double). I love the strength and physical progress I'm seeing.

I'm still making progress on my runs, but I always wonder if I'm not making as much progress here because of the "extra" activities. This morning was a scheduled 3.5 mile run. I felt tired so I took it all at an easy pace and still completed it. I'm still following my training plan. But if I'm supposed to putting more effort/speed into the runs then today I may not have been on my "A" game.

Long winded post, but I hope someone has advice from a similar situation.

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I run 5 times a week and cycle to and from work every day, so I guess for me the answer is pretty tired.

I'm not sure you'll get a specific answer on what constitutes as a 'normal' level of tired though - I technically have no rest days if you include the cycle commute, but will take public transport the day after a run if my legs feel heavy and my pace is considerably slower for the same perceived effort/average heart rate.

Thanks. This is the type of feedback i was looking for.

I believe my routine is working me. I just need to take the slow runs slower

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Most likely. If the slow runs feel tough, it's time to rest.

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Mixed bag. Only managed to run 14.5 out of 16 miles on Monday as I bonked hard, but ran 5x600 + 5x400 + 5x200 all at 6min/mile pace on the track last night. I'm no good at the long stuff. Gentle 8 miles tonight, another gentle 6 on Friday and a HM race on Sunday.

Wrong side of the Atlantic!

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Question - how many 2+ hour runs have you done? I used to bonk on every run past the 1 hour 45 minute mark on my long runs when I first started running longer distances, even if I did carb loading + gel + hydration on every run. Looking back, I realized it had less to do with hydration and more to do with my legs not being used to that mileage. Now I can do 2+ hour runs in the morning after skipping carbs the evening before and with no breakfast and no hydration during the run.

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3 in a row that I've felt like this now. I can spend 4 hours on the bike and I can race for an hour and a half running without issue. I guess I had just figured, perhaps naively, that running for 2+ hours wouldn't be too drastically different..

If you're bonking at 2 hours at an easy pace, you should probably look at what you're eating day to day, and before the run. Nothing wrong with eating on a two hour run, but you shouldn't need to, in order to prevent bonking.

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I had suspected this could be an issue. I only have 9 weeks so I need to make some changes immediately.

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I just realized I have zero friends on Map My Run :(

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Get on Strava and join the Reddit club. You can pretend you have friends all across the globe!

Wait, there’s a reddit club in strava? ....

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Yup, just search for Reddit Running in the club section

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Half Marathon: 25th Feb

Marathon: 22nd April

M - Rest

T - 6.8 km

W - 12.4 km Tempo

T - Rest

F - 16.1 km MP

S - 5.1 km

S - 0.02 km

I had a sharp shooting pain in my foot/ankle yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. I thought I could run through it but no such luck. Absolutely fine this morning so i'll be out for 16 miles after work tonight, which i'm really not looking forward to!

Complaint: Every run seems to be in the wind and wet at the moment.

Complaint: I'm not as fast as I hoped to be at this point in my training cycle.

Complaint: Including cycle commuting I've only had 3 days of true rest this year, I need to spend more time resting...

Complaint: I'm British and I complain too much.

Uncomplaint: I'm excited for a relaxing Friday night with a few beers, a round of golf on Saturday, and 16miles on Sunday.

Uncomplaint: you are British

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Hear, hear!

How bad of an idea is it to only do three days per week of running to train for a marathon? I’m trying to balance running and CrossFit and swimming and I don’t want to give anything up, but I’m stressed that trying to do everything is going to leave me in a place where I’ll end up doing everything poorly.

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I have no experience myself, but fellrnr highlights the pros and cons of the First 3 day a week plan here: I'm not sure what your running level is, but it seems like it could work if you like speedwork and have a good base.

I joined a local running club. I've always done my own thing in the past, but I feel like I could use some company on my long runs. A little apprehensive as I don't really know what to expect!

How accurate do you think running watches - Garmin in my case - are in their race prediction function? Just looked at mine and don’t feel I am nearly as fast as it says I am. All of its race predictions are well under my prs.

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Anecdotally, not at all. Mine predicts a 17:01 5k, whereas I'm only really around the 20min mark. It's calculated based on your estimated vo2 max, which again I don't think is accurate, but I do find increases as I get fitter and decreases after time off.

People who have a Garmin or other HR/GPS device...

Is it worth it? Do you use it all the time/ would you give it up now you have one?

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I have a Fenix 5x with HR strap. I use it for cycling, running, swimming and golf. If I had to surrender all but one piece of tech, I'd definitely hold onto my watch. I find the HR strap very useful for making sure my easy runs are in fact at an easy effort, and I find it great for tracking fitness levels long term.

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Last bit of Parkrun with finish line in sight, I got a second wind and bolted it, overtaking a few people. I got chided by one of them afterwards and he said it was rude of me. Did I break running etiquette? I gave all of them a wide berth when overtaking...

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback everyone, glad I'm not going crazy.

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Absolutely not. Sounds like you damaged his ego more than anything.

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