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orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
stephnelbow 1 point

Probably not something anyway can answer, but I'm going to ask anyway :)

What is a "normal" level of tired that you all deal with on a regular basis. I juggle my half marathon training with crossfit. Generally I run 3-4 days a week, with crossfit 4-5 (some days are double). I love the strength and physical progress I'm seeing.

I'm still making progress on my runs, but I always wonder if I'm not making as much progress here because of the "extra" activities. This morning was a scheduled 3.5 mile run. I felt tired so I took it all at an easy pace and still completed it. I'm still following my training plan. But if I'm supposed to putting more effort/speed into the runs then today I may not have been on my "A" game.

Long winded post, but I hope someone has advice from a similar situation.

orangecrush1k91 2 points

I run 5 times a week and cycle to and from work every day, so I guess for me the answer is pretty tired.

I'm not sure you'll get a specific answer on what constitutes as a 'normal' level of tired though - I technically have no rest days if you include the cycle commute, but will take public transport the day after a run if my legs feel heavy and my pace is considerably slower for the same perceived effort/average heart rate.

stephnelbow 1 point

Thanks. This is the type of feedback i was looking for.

I believe my routine is working me. I just need to take the slow runs slower

orangecrush1k91 1 point

Most likely. If the slow runs feel tough, it's time to rest.

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orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
orangecrush1k91 6 points

Mixed bag. Only managed to run 14.5 out of 16 miles on Monday as I bonked hard, but ran 5x600 + 5x400 + 5x200 all at 6min/mile pace on the track last night. I'm no good at the long stuff. Gentle 8 miles tonight, another gentle 6 on Friday and a HM race on Sunday.

adisappearingguy 1 point


orangecrush1k91 1 point

Wrong side of the Atlantic!

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orangecrush1k91 11 points

I keep bonking at the 2 hour mark on slow training runs, which isn't inspiring confidence for my marathon. Clearly my nutrition is totally wrong. How often do you guys take on food/hydrate on your long runs? I've tried gel after 60 minutes and then 45 after with not much luck..

VinLi11 3 points

Question - how many 2+ hour runs have you done? I used to bonk on every run past the 1 hour 45 minute mark on my long runs when I first started running longer distances, even if I did carb loading + gel + hydration on every run. Looking back, I realized it had less to do with hydration and more to do with my legs not being used to that mileage. Now I can do 2+ hour runs in the morning after skipping carbs the evening before and with no breakfast and no hydration during the run.

orangecrush1k91 1 point

3 in a row that I've felt like this now. I can spend 4 hours on the bike and I can race for an hour and a half running without issue. I guess I had just figured, perhaps naively, that running for 2+ hours wouldn't be too drastically different..

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orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
BasketCaseSensitive 9 points

I just realized I have zero friends on Map My Run :(

orangecrush1k91 21 points

Get on Strava and join the Reddit club. You can pretend you have friends all across the globe!

RideRunner 6 points

Wait, there’s a reddit club in strava? ....

orangecrush1k91 1 point

Yup, just search for Reddit Running in the club section

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orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
orangecrush1k91 1 point


Half Marathon: 25th Feb

Marathon: 22nd April

M - Rest

T - 6.8 km

W - 12.4 km Tempo

T - Rest

F - 16.1 km MP

S - 5.1 km

S - 0.02 km

I had a sharp shooting pain in my foot/ankle yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. I thought I could run through it but no such luck. Absolutely fine this morning so i'll be out for 16 miles after work tonight, which i'm really not looking forward to!

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
orangecrush1k91 7 points

Complaint: Every run seems to be in the wind and wet at the moment.

Complaint: I'm not as fast as I hoped to be at this point in my training cycle.

Complaint: Including cycle commuting I've only had 3 days of true rest this year, I need to spend more time resting...

Complaint: I'm British and I complain too much.

Uncomplaint: I'm excited for a relaxing Friday night with a few beers, a round of golf on Saturday, and 16miles on Sunday.

richieclare 2 points

Uncomplaint: you are British

orangecrush1k91 1 point

Hear, hear!

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
MissMagpie84 5 points

How bad of an idea is it to only do three days per week of running to train for a marathon? I’m trying to balance running and CrossFit and swimming and I don’t want to give anything up, but I’m stressed that trying to do everything is going to leave me in a place where I’ll end up doing everything poorly.

orangecrush1k91 4 points

I have no experience myself, but fellrnr highlights the pros and cons of the First 3 day a week plan here: I'm not sure what your running level is, but it seems like it could work if you like speedwork and have a good base.

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
Garndtz 6 points

How accurate do you think running watches - Garmin in my case - are in their race prediction function? Just looked at mine and don’t feel I am nearly as fast as it says I am. All of its race predictions are well under my prs.

orangecrush1k91 2 points

Anecdotally, not at all. Mine predicts a 17:01 5k, whereas I'm only really around the 20min mark. It's calculated based on your estimated vo2 max, which again I don't think is accurate, but I do find increases as I get fitter and decreases after time off.

RideRunner 4 points

People who have a Garmin or other HR/GPS device...

Is it worth it? Do you use it all the time/ would you give it up now you have one?

orangecrush1k91 1 point

I have a Fenix 5x with HR strap. I use it for cycling, running, swimming and golf. If I had to surrender all but one piece of tech, I'd definitely hold onto my watch. I find the HR strap very useful for making sure my easy runs are in fact at an easy effort, and I find it great for tracking fitness levels long term.

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
seperationsunday 24 points

Last bit of Parkrun with finish line in sight, I got a second wind and bolted it, overtaking a few people. I got chided by one of them afterwards and he said it was rude of me. Did I break running etiquette? I gave all of them a wide berth when overtaking...

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback everyone, glad I'm not going crazy.

orangecrush1k91 5 points

Absolutely not. Sounds like you damaged his ego more than anything.

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
Darksummit 42 points

Started running for the first time this week!

Struggling real bad with pain around my shins and upper ankles. I’ve bought some compression straps as I’ve read these can help.

Monday I only managed 1.4 miles and Tuesday I did 2.2miles but after my first mile I’m halving to walk for a bit, a lot more often than I’d like.

I find it embarrassing to say “I’ve been for a run” and when people ask me how far I can only answer 1-2miles. However, I’m going to keep at it and hopefully I can stretch these runs into something bigger!

orangecrush1k91 12 points

Don't be embarassed. Running is a very personal sport, and ultimately you are running for yourself. It doesn't matter what others think, and all personal achievements should be celebreated. Good luck to you!

orangecrush1k91 3 points

Spot on. I'm into week 6 of my 18 week marathon plan and have hit 212km for January. Still a long way to go, but I've made good progress so far!

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
Rickard0 7 points

Oh man, I haven't ran in about 5 days. When will I get back to previous fitness levels.

/fingers crossed.

orangecrush1k91 9 points

Oh man, there's little hope for you. Calculations are suggesting early 2021 at best...

Rickard0 4 points

oh man, time to just give up.

orangecrush1k91 3 points

I'm happy to accept your now defunct kit!

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orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
Startline_Runner 1 point

Make a circuit that is 5-10mins long and then do it 5-7 times per week.

orangecrush1k91 1 point

I was way off the mark then. Would you couple that with drills, or would a wider gait come naturally?

Startline_Runner 2 points

Well... it comes down to more frequently being better at this stage! Cross-over gait (usually evidenced by low space between the knees or the classic mud marks on the inside of the calf after a trail run) is due to lack of strength at the joints of the low back, pelvis, and femur. Starting these exercises will improve the strength, but your motor pattern (natural way you move) is programmed to cross-over at this time. Drills and practical application to running will create the "wider" gait. Over time you will be able to drop to only 2-3 times per week of either this circuit or drills, more-so as maintenance.

In my opinion it should go: Strength -> drills/application -> maintenance

orangecrush1k91 2 points

I've picked up scuff marks on my ankles for as long as I can remember, but I've never really taken any notice of it prior. I've just started a marathon training cycle so this is all very useful info, hopefully, i'll be able to make some strength improvements before it's too late! Thanks for the help!

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orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/london
ultra_casual -7 points

Well how about:

  1. This is r/London and not "99.99999% of the country"

  2. The article clearly spells out that bus usage has dropped due to congestion, and that it's partly caused by the fashion for cycle lanes, as well as more delivery vans from online shopping/services and more roadworks.

  3. I certainly see this in my local area as well. There's a vocal cycle lobby that has influence with the council, as well as local residents groups that seem to believe that any road that isn't an A-road should be for local residents only and shut off to through traffic. As a result the local high street (not even a major A-road or any big cross-London route) is so clogged up that it's often quicker for me to walk 10 minutes to the station rather than take the bus that stops virtually outside my door.

I don't even drive, I'm not a militant motorist. I do use buses though, and I am getting rather fed up with the amount of time and resource that is spent catering to a pretty small minority of fit young people who want to cycle and bugger the rest of us.

orangecrush1k91 13 points

I'm not sure the statistics indicate that we are catering towards a small minority of fit and young people. Fewer than 20% of commuters are aged 50+ Source. Investment in the cycle infrastructure certainly encourages and increases the number of cyclists on the roads, for example by 73% over vauxhall bridge Source

In the year 2000, motorists entering central London during the AM peak outnumbered cyclists by more than 11 to 1. By 2014, the ratio was 1.7 to 1. We are trending towards more people using bikes as a primary mode of transport and I for one think that is definitely a good thing.

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
Rickard0 3 points

Smashrun: My recent marathon doesn't show up on the main page fro Personal Records. Is there a trick to get it to show up? All other PRs just appeared? Figured I would ask here before I reached out to them.

orangecrush1k91 1 point

Have you tagged it as a race?

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
joet10 2 points

Yeah, with 30 weeks you have plenty of time to build a nice base and get in a quality 18-week cycle. I haven't actually used one of JD's plans but I have the read the book and I know a lot of people have had great experiences with his plans. I'll go ahead and give another plug for Pfitzinger, I'm about halfway through one of his marathon plans, and used one of his 10k plans last spring with good results. His lowest mileage plan starts around 40mpw and peaks at 55mpw. I don't have the book in front of me, but I think he has a 10-week base building plan that starts around 25mpw and goes to 45mpw. It looks like you're in a pretty good place fitness-wise to do something like this, just a matter of getting the consistency down.

orangecrush1k91 1 point

Definitely inclined to use a lower mileage plan for my first one. That sounds like it will fit in well with the time frames I'm looking at, I'll be sure to check it out - thanks!

overpalm 1 point

I will 2nd the Pfitz 18/55 plan. I have done it twice; once at a base of about 25mpw and this most recent with a base of 40mpw.

I will leave it to you to decide which was the better starting point :).

In your case, you would have ~3months to work your base up to 40mpw. You don't want to rush this build up but the higher you can get the better.

I survived the first cycle with the low base but it wasn't pretty and I really think I was lucky to escape uninjured. This time around, everything went much smoother; still hard but definitely less concerning aches and pains.

orangecrush1k91 1 point

I think I'd be unlikely to be able to reach 40 as a base without putting myself at risk of injury, but I feel I should be able to come close.

The plan looks tough, I need to learn to embrace the pain!

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orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
boom_meringue 3 points

Ran this particular race last year in 2:03 with virtually no training so sub 2:00 would be nice. It's a flat one.

Hoping it proves to be an ignition spark for full marathon training for April

orangecrush1k91 1 point

Should be a walk in the park then! I don't suppose it's in Kew? That's where I'm running and it's as flat as a pancake.

boom_meringue 1 point

Bristol; would love to do a race round Kew gdns though, whats your race like?

orangecrush1k91 1 point

The first few km are in Kew Gardens, which is lovely, although I've gotta say I'm normally too focussed to be looking around at the sights. Out along the Thames towpath to Teddington, a short section on the roads, then follow the towpath back into Richmond. It's a nice race - They've got a marathon there now, which I may consider next year if i'm feeling brave..

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orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/triathlon
orangecrush1k91 6 points

I've always cycled and have been running for the past 3 years so I'm in good shape, but recently made the decision to give a triathlon a go next year. Managed to swim 100m non-stop which pales in comparison to my running and cycling abilities, but is an achievement nonetheless! I feel like this could be my biggest challenge to date..

varydarrison 2 points

Definitely look into getting lessons (or have an experienced swimmer watch and give you some pointers). Swimming is like 95% technique so general fitness doesn't transfer as much as it would from running to biking. Once you get that down it becomes much easier and much more enjoyable.

orangecrush1k91 1 point

I'll go for a few in due course but want to try and figure out as much as I can on my own to begin with. I'll get there eventually!

orangecrush1k91 commented on a post in r/running
orangecrush1k91 3 points

Uncomplaint: After 6 weeks of pure cross training thanks to injury, I'm back running pain free.

Complaint: I now only have 7 weeks until my HM and I really have no idea what to do with the time.

Confession: On my third run back I may have raced a 5k quite hard. My quads are not thanking me..

DLev45 1 point

+2 with 14% FIR and 41% GIR? Buy a lottery ticket on your way home.

orangecrush1k91 1 point

I sometimes feel like I'm cheating the game..

[deleted] 1 point


orangecrush1k91 1 point

Never before, and probably never again!

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