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Bushydoofus 2 points

LOL, this title has to be bait.

ozark_scaler 2 points

It isn’t lol. Almost every freshman I know has a full-page resume with extensive extracurricular experience. I was just wondering if this sub has any advice on how I can further build my resume when I’ve already joined the only accounting-related org on campus and will likely be rejected by any leadership programs or internships I apply for.

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Bosco2002 26 points

ITS FOOTBALL YOU LIBTARD XDDXDXDXDXD LOL LE EPIC LE FOOTBALL LE STYLE this is so sad, please lets hit 50 karma thx guys

ozark_scaler 1 point

You realize that Tweet isn’t the reason this was posted right?

NumbOfLife 15 points

what does this have to do with politics tho

ozark_scaler 18 points

A good rule of thumb for Reddit is that you will find at least one comment mocking either right-wingers or incels on your feed every day, even if all your subs are non-political.

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/exmuslim
ozark_scaler 13 points

Lol finally a post I can contribute to. Hopefully you all will get a kick out of this.

What I used to do is drop my brother/Muslim neighbors off at the front of the mosque and tell them that “I have to swing around and park in the back”. Then I would straight up just drive away and go eat somewhere (non-zabihah of course). I’d come back right before the prayer was finishing up and stake out the mosque from the parking lot. When people started exiting, I’d get out of my car and just disguise myself in the crowd, so my brother/neighbors would think that I got out before them and was just waiting for them.

I’m sorry, but I haven’t listened to a khutbah in YEARS, and have no intentions of subjecting myself to that backward cultish nonsense ever again. Luckily I’m in college now and don’t even have to think about the mosque anymore and can just text my mom “yeah I went to jummah” hahaha :D

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/iamverybadass
AmIFr 4 points

I just checked the /r/politics thread on this. At least there are a couple of comments calling Biden out (i.e. ). I agree that this was a stupid remark, even though it's still a bigger story that the current president of the US retaliates like a High School freshman.

ozark_scaler 1 point

Showing class is what caused this shit to continue.

This was a reply to one of those comments. My god, these “Resistance” loons are as much of a pack of mouth breathers as Trump supporters.

“HAHAA yeah you go Daddy Biden, a 75-year old former vice president behaving like a high schooler and threatening to beat the hell out of a 71-year old sitting president is ackshully necessary to fight this administration”

smittyDX 28 points

I love the double standard on this. When Biden says it, no one cares. When Trump retaliates, Trump is the fool. How about they both look like fucking pathetic idiots who are "very badass".

ozark_scaler 5 points

This. They’re both being prideful dumbasses, but of course armchair Redditors will cheer on Biden and only mock Trump’s response. This post only has a few hundred upvotes, while the screenshot of Trump’s Tweet has forty-four fucking thousand lmao

ClosertothesunNA 1 point

This shows that the cheaper cars are 10-years used:

When you're buying a cheaper car, it's not valuable to insure it to the nines with comprehensive and collision, so in that case, you likely want to pay cash. But there are circumstances were you might not want to (0% financing, bad driver, other personal considerations).

But it sounds like you're looking for newer cars. Typically the opposite is true.

Other posters are right that this is vague, like asking "Should I always rent or always own?"

ozark_scaler 1 point

Sorry, would you mind clearing up how one would be more likely to finance if he/she is paying more for insurance? Wouldn’t it be a better decision, then, to buy with cash so you pay less in installments?

abdada 2 points

Oh I try to be helpful even when I'm a total dbag, lol.

If you're in college, you do not want to finance a car, period. What you want to do is make friendly with a local mechanic or two. Invite them out for beers after work. Become friendly for real. Then ask them for help in finding a $1500 beater that you can learn to maintain.

Your brain is still in learning more, so learn to fix a car. Learn to replace a head gasket now, or learn to remove a cylinder head. You'll thank me in 20 years.

ozark_scaler 2 points

Thanks for the advice, but I currently drive a leased car - courtesy of mom & dad lol. My question was for when I (hopefully) have a stable job and am starting the accumulation phase.

I have a lot of friends who are absolute car fanatics, some of whom have even interned with mechanics or work at car dealerships. I’ll definitely ask them to teach me the ropes.

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kyliewylie81 3 points

What do you mean by vouching? The way to gain the most comfort over AR/Cash/Debt numbers is sending confirmations to those 3rd parties. Validating the address that your client gives you before sending the confirmation ensures that it's actually going to a 3rd party and not the client's beach home in FL.

ozark_scaler 2 points

I partially asked this question because I know that the vouching stage of an audit is what has the potential to be transformed the most by automation in the future. If I understand you correctly, blockchain technology could make this “3rd party confirmation” unnecessary, correct?

doitforthedebitsyo 1 point

If you are worried about auditing being automated that topic is discussed on this sub a good bit if you search for it. 3rd party confirmations are a really basic procedure. There are articles out there that say accounting will be all AI in 10 years blah blah. I tend to see these authors don't understand the depth of auditing/barriers to this currently

ozark_scaler 1 point

I'm not worried. Just curious about automation's impact on this specific facet of auditing :)

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Rumba84 63 points

Thank you! i've been here since January never seen a green day on my portfolio ever. this comment helped.

ozark_scaler 1 point

I bought in January as well. I had a brief stint of green early on and was up 40%. Ever since then, I’ve been hitting new lows every week hahaha

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
ozark_scaler 33 points

Has anyone noticed that not only has the general sentiment of this sub done a complete 180 since Dec/Jan, but the strategic advice, rules of thumb, and philosophical outlooks being thrown out there that garner the most upvotes are entirely different as well. “Set stop-losses every time bro”, “How are people actually proud of holding through 70% losses lolol”, “Going against the tide is SUICIDE in this market”, “HA crypto is so pathetic it relies on dumb money to gain value”, etc. I’ve even seen several posts parroting the “buying crypto is not investing, it’s gambling” & “crypto is a ponzi scheme” talking points and getting the most upvotes in their threads. Are you fucking kidding me, people? It’s only a matter of time before “Actually, crypto fanatics are delusional and centralization is good” takes start popping up and people start making fun of “libertarians” and “muh free markets” or whatever.

Granted I’m a 3-month newbie to crypto, so maybe this is an annually recurring theme on this sub that most users from the old days just ignore. But it’s funny how a sub that prides itself on acting rationally in an irrational market is actually just a perfect reflection of the market itself. When times are good, the consensus is “DYOR, invest in good projects, and HODL”. But I guess when push comes to shove, this place devolves into a toxic cesspit of hysterical, paranoid babies.

And I’m sure those same people are going to accuse me of being blindly optimistic now. Except I’m not. I readily accept that we might be entering a multi-year bear market given that this last bull run had a magnitude not seen since the late-2013 pump (although at the same time, the cryptosphere is inherently different today from what it was in 2014; the difference in development activity and mainstream awareness between then & now is night & day). But the fact that the entire “state” of this sub seems to be tied to the conditions in the market, and not the progress of the actual fucking technology, is antithetical to what I thought r/CryptoCurrency stood for.

psyfox1919 6 points

Thanks!! This has been going through my head for the last few weeks but I lack the writing skills to get a point across as efficiently as you just did. It's extremely hard to watch people being this pessimistic without realizing that this attitude is holding us back right now.

ozark_scaler 1 point

I don’t think they’re holding us back at all tbh. To say that would be to overstate their significance. The people who are going to determine the future of this industry are people who don’t even know that this sub exists. The incessant whining is just day-to-day noise – whether it goes away in a few months, by EOY, or a few years remains to be seen lol. It’s just unfortunate how emotionally driven this sub is, and how poorly it follows through on its own principles.

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/ethtrader
TruValueCapital 12 points

They are buying high and selling low. Golden rule I have is never invest into a hyper bull market. If sentiment is at ATH, that's time to think about selling a portion, if sentiment is at ATL then that's time to be buying. Now is the time again. The Whales play this cycle ever time.

ozark_scaler 5 points

As a 3-month newbie who made the mistake of getting in on the action at the height of the last bull run, I wish someone had simply told me: “Don’t buy now, give it a few months.” The crypto market is (generally) a cycle after all. All I heard was that if I do my own research, invest in good projects, and hodl I will see immense profits down the line. While this is true, waiting for the market to crash before buying is simply the most optimal strategy for maximizing your returns. I researched crypto for weeks before making a move, and this basic piece of advice somehow didn’t come up once.

Not trying to make excuses for my individual poor timing of course. Oh well. Lesson learned the hard way. Hopefully a gargantuan bull run will bail me out hahaha

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/ethtrader
kadauserer 0 points

You're right. I actually fully expect another bull run, especially for altcoins. This will also be the bullrun where I will exit a large part of my crypto position.

ozark_scaler 1 point

Same. I’m invested in some amazing long-term projects, but some shitcoins as well (EOS, BNTY, & VOISE). I’m a 3-month newbie. Mistakes were made. Lessons were learned.

kadauserer 1 point

Ah, VOISE. I flipped that for a 20% profit when they announced kucoin. Guess you got stuck and it never happened, right? Man, I know a few friends who share the same fate, and they are old schoolers, don't beat yourself up.

ozark_scaler 1 point

Not only that, but they’d been hyping up a top 5 exchange listing for months, and kept delaying it with a new excuse every time. I honestly loved the concept, and the fact that they already had a working product in its alpha stage. But yeah, with the way the team communicates and leads investors on, it’s pretty clear that it’s a failed project at best and a scam at worst. Lesson learned the hard way. Hopefully a bull run bails me out now haha

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ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Toyake 59 points

Bubbles to bubbles. Obviously not a 1:1 comparison, it's to illustrate the point that saying something isn't a bubble because you can point to a bigger example is a fallacy.

ozark_scaler 2 points

I understand the point of your comment, but the validity of its logic depends on whether or not you believe that blockchain technology will have the same level of societal impact that the internet did. If you don’t, then yes, OP’s post was stupid. If you do, then measuring the size of the crypto market relative to that of the dotcom bubble is perfectly valid (although comparisons to the entire Japanese asset & U.S. housing markets are idiotic regardless lol).

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/comedyhomicide
jackman220 1 point

Carol being the stereotypical white Aunt name as well

ozark_scaler 1 point

Yeah I hate jokes like this. They usually involve a conversation with someone with a name like Carol, Becky, Janice, etc. who plays the trope of a middle-aged, judgmental, bigoted white lady. Yawn...

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/Accounting
Baron-of-bad-news 2 points

Would you classify Attlee's Great Britain as socialist? Because if you wouldn't the problem is with your redefining the word socialist.

ozark_scaler 1 point

Not pure socialism, but I think Attlee’s UK was a sort of socialist-capitalist hybrid, much like many Middle Eastern & North African nations during his time.

Baron-of-bad-news 1 point

What proportion of the economy would you wish to be publicly managed, either through direct control (as was the case with pretty much all heavy industry) or through indirect allocation (as was the case with rationing for food and household goods) before you call it socialism? Attlee and his ministers believed themselves to be socialists. And not in the Bernie Sanders Scandinavian way.

ozark_scaler 1 point

Sorry for the late reply, it was late and I just crashed lol. I think at least 50%+1 of a country’s economy has to be publicly owned for it to be considered a truly socialist state. Even at the height of the nationalisation movement spearheaded by Attlee’s Labour government, no more than 20% of the UK’s economy was nationalised. Rationing during this time period certainly made the UK more socialist in nature (hence why I’d call Attlee’s Britain a capitalist-socialist hybrid), but I think this had more to do with the fact that many men were still deployed overseas, worker strikes were becoming more prevalent, and the country’s capacity for food production & construction had been decimated during the war.

I have no doubt that Attlee and his ministers were full-blooded socialists who hoped to place the entire economy under central management. But I wouldn’t say their ideology fully lined up with their real-world results.

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ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
ozark_scaler 3 points

Serious question: what do you guys think of the possibility that we might be entering a multi-year bear market? BTC hasn’t lost this large of a share of it’s value since...gulps...2014-15. Obviously back then, Bitcoin was essentially the entire crypto market, but Ethereum has lost over half its value since its ATH as well. Those two alone still determine the direction of the crypto market, period. I mean a long-term bear isn’t going to scare me off my any means, but what are y’all’s thoughts?

abbeyeiger 6 points

I dont think a multi year bear is in the cards or even possible unless the whole world economy goes into a serious recession. Back when crypto was bearish for that long it was still very unknown and the market was much smaller than now.

I am confident we will see new ATH's this year.

ozark_scaler 1 point

Yeah I think/hope this is the most likely outcome as well. I was just basing my skepticism on the BTC price movement from 2013-16. But yeah, on a purely practical level, I can’t fathom the market not pumping again this year given how (relatively) widespread blockchain tech is becoming, and the fact that everyone seems to be talking about crypto these days and trying to get in on the action.

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/waltonchain
ozark_scaler 24 points

Holy shit. I had a comment in the daily discussion thread outlining how laughable the idea that they faked this partnership is, and I hadn’t even thought of this angle. These people are completely blinded by...I don’t even know what it is...rage, self-righteousness, their desire to feel smart?? It blows my mind

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/waltonchain
ozark_scaler 45 points I to understand that the FUDers are claiming that the partnership was faked? I...I don’t...what?? My initial assumption was that people were losing their minds just over how idiotically amateurish the Walton PR team was in handling that deleted Tweet (which it absolutely was, and this issue needs to be addressed ASAP), but people actually think there’s no Alibaba Cloud partnership. Lol...not like there have been rumblings about this for weeks. Not like Alibaba has already signed an agreement with the Chinese government committing to realize President Xi’s goal of a smart city and declared its intent to utilize the exact same technology that Walton is based on. Not like there’s a literal picture of Walton’s project director and the Alibaba Cloud business department head shaking hands. Nope, it’s a SCAM people open your eyes for fuck’s sake.

Bless your hearts lol

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
invisibo 7 points

What are you talking about? My $450 of VOISE was a solid choice. It's only down to $45. Not doing as well as my XP coin...

ozark_scaler 1 point

Lol, I kind of hope this is true just to give me solace. But you’re probably not a dumbass like me

ozark_scaler 54 points

Jesus fucking christ, I’m a 3 month newbie to crypto, and I think the most important lesson I’ve learned so far is to never EVER invest in low cap coins in a bull market. Only buy them on the cheap in a bear market. Even if you’re confident in the tech, it’s just not worth the risk buying at such an inflated price. I’m taking heavy losses on BNTY & VOISE rn because I bought them on a dip, but not THE dip :(. Most of these shitcoins fail within a year of launching.

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dubbelgamer 0 points

O yeah, Barry Cooper and Jan Swafford, along with a number of 19th century Beethoven scholars, such as Dr. Kalischer, and A. Thayer have looked deeply in to this question.

As it turns out, Mozart actually played a lot of muzak at the reception, muzak is almost always in a major key. Beethoven on the other hand preferred to play heavy metal which is in fact almost always in minor. On top of that Mozart's receptionists were very joyful as they could work with Mozart who was like Justin Bieber is now. They thus associated Mozart with happiness. While Beethoven's receptionist were often very depressed, you would be to if you were working for Beethoven. His demands were very difficult and many, and god knows what happened if you did something wrong. And at the end of the day you would get payed only a few thaler. That is partially the reason why Schindler, his secretary, portrayed Beethoven as this stoner in the first pulication of his biography.

ozark_scaler 2 points

Sorry, I’m not too knowledgable about classical music. What are “receptions” & “receptionists” in the musical context?

dubbelgamer 8 points

Alright here is an actual answer, without any jokes and mumbo jumbo :D.

I'm guessing your professor meant it all has to do with the pieces people are first introduced by. With Mozart you have these happy major scale pieces such as Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, La Ci Darem La Mano, Piano Sonata No. 16 etc. These are some of his most popular pieces.

While people who first hear Beethoven are always introduced by minor scale pieces, Für Elise, Symphony No. 5, Moonlight Sonata etc.

This is not at all coincidental as Mozart produced more major than minor works and Beethoven wrote more minor works than was normal at the time(but not more than major works). But that does of course not mean that both were specialized in one scale.

Judge for yourself Mozart's Mass In C minor has one of the most striking and refined melodies ever written. Meanwhile Beethoven composed some of the most festive and joyful music ever conceived.

ozark_scaler 3 points

Wow, this is all truly fascinating, and stuff that I didn’t know about at all. Thanks for taking the time to write these replies! :D

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/waltonchain
ozark_scaler 10 points

sigh I will say, though, that all of this has really opened my eyes to how many emotional children there are in r/CryptoCurrency

They can go ahead and “never touch WTC again” or whatever, feel smart for a couple of days I guess. I, on the other hand, will never take crypto advice from someone on that sub ever again.

ozark_scaler commented on a post in r/ethtrader
ozark_scaler 18 points

Please tell me there are others who bought into some low cap coins during the bull run that are reeeeally taking some years off their lives rn? I do truly believe in the tech behind mine, but man...

defectivekill 1 point

NEBL holder here. Soon though....Soon

ozark_scaler 1 point

Yeah I really hope we’re not in a long-term bear market lol

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