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Dark Fantasy is my favorite song on MBDTF


So I was first introduced to Abel’s music through BBTM and fell in love on my first listen. When Starboy came out, Ioved it even more as a cohesive body of work - even though my favorites were still on BBTM (In The Night, The Hills, Acquainted). Unlike most of his newer “mainstream” fans, it wasn’t that I didn’t know about Trilogy & Kiss Land – I listened to both all the way through dozens of times. I just for the life of me couldn’t get into those projects (I know I know, that’s blasphemy on this sub). There were some exceptions. I loved High For This, House of Balloons (didn’t like Glass Table Girls), The Morning, Live For, and Odd Look. But for the longest time I just couldn’t get into the rest of the songs. I didn’t think they were bad. Just mediocre.

Fast forward to last night, and idk wtf happened. I decided to give both albums another listen because for some reason the chorus from The Party was stuck in my head. It was almost like something just “clicked” in my ears. EVERY FUCKING SONG is a masterpiece. I finally heard what you guys have been hearing on the second half of Kiss Land. That’s some of the most beautiful shit I’ve ever heard. I think this is a result of the fact that I’ve recently been listening to music that - while still having masterful production - doesn’t necessarily have the hardest beat drops or catchiest choruses. That’s what I’d been used to listening for in Weeknd songs from BBTM & Starboy, and I guess I initially wasn’t able to appreciate how beautiful his first two albums are.

Anyways, tl;dr: this sub was right about Trilogy & Kiss Land. I’m sorry guys...


This makes me so happy, honestly I fell in love with most of trilogy on first listen but some songs ok me longer to vibe with, kissland did defiantly take me a longer time to like, but once I knew both albums off my heart, I couldn’t skip any songs

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Original Poster2 points · 29 days ago

For some reason, everything just clicked all at once for me for both Trilogy & Kiss Land. I went from “ehh” to “THIS SHIT IS BEAUTIFUL” within the span of a few minutes haha

Were you listening with headphones? Cause I always find his music is 10x better with headphones

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Original Poster2 points · 4 days ago

So sorry for the very late reply haha, but no. I listened to it that night the same way I listen to music when I’m not walking around campus or in my car: through my phone’s speaker lol.

I think what actually allowed to be finally recognize the greatness of Trilogy & Kiss Land is - as I mentioned in my original post - the fact that, in the weeks prior to giving the two albums another listen, I had been listening to more melodic music with more subtleties in its production than the catchy, beat-oriented sound that predominates in BBTM & Starboy – and in most mainstream music today (not that I don’t love that type of sound as well). I specifically credit Kanye’s ye & Kids See Ghosts for helping me finally see the beauty in The Weeknd’s old work.

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Although not a big sum of money my friend once borrowed my other friends money so he could order a soda at Boston Market. He then went to the soda machine and proceeded to fill his cup up with water

Edit: sorry for those who don’t know in the us you can order a water cup from any restaurant/food chain for free

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Lol I sometimes do this when I’m ordering a food-drink combo at a fast food joint and am just too lazy to go through the whole “Will I get a discount if I swap out my drink for a water cup?” routine

but didn’t mike dean mix & master kanye’s album in like a day ?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

I don’t think so. I read that he was putting the finishing touches on the mastering the day of the drop, but I highly doubt he did it all in one day. A process like that should take AT LEAST a few days. I think the earliest we could get it is next week.

Broken Whiskey Glass. That unexpected beat drop is orgasmic

This snippet was one of my favorites. I feel like this sub slept on it.

Damn I’m 19

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Fellow 19-year-old passing through

Thursday in general is so criminally underrated on this sub. I like it better than Echoes of Silence. I mean come on...Lonely Star, Thursday, The Zone, Rolling Stone, Heaven or Las Vegas, etc. It was phenomenal.

Make Her Say & Father Stretch My Hands too

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Don’t forget All of the Lights, Welcome To The World, and Ghost Town. Fuck they’ve made so many classics


Even though every Kanye album is a masterpiece imo, there’s always that one song on each album that’s just...perfect. For me, I’ve already firmly decided on my favorite songs from 4 out of 8 albums:

Late Registration: Roses Yeezus: Hold My Liquor TLOP: Ultralight Beam ye: Ghost Town

But for The College Dropout, Graduation, 808s, and MBDTF I just can’t pick out that one track that resonates with me more than everything else simply because these projects are just so sonically & thematically cohesive – and the production on every song is so damn good.

So what would be your pick for Kanye’s masterpiece track on each album?


As a fellow Kanye fan, I’m right there with you. My favorite albums from 2018 so far are ye, KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Scorpion, and beerbongs & bentleys (although the first two are on a whole other level of course lol)

Ye, KSG, Scorpion, Die Lit, Testing

Thats a top 5 in no order. Its all love uk

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I forgot about Die Lit. That’d definitely be at my #5

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As someone who frequents r/Kanye, the constant, overbearing, irrational Drake hate is definitely the worst thing about that sub. I honestly don’t get it.

I personally like Kanye much more, but Drake’s great too. ye, KIDS SEE GHOSTS, and Scorpion were all amazing imo. Why can’t everyone just appreciate all the phenomenal music we’re getting and respect differences in music taste lol

the thing that I don't get is they make fun of Drake fans for being teenager white kids......while that sub is 99% teenager white kids

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I loved it.

I’m not the biggest Drake fan but this album was phenomenal to me (by the standards I have for him at least). I fell in love with the R&B side instantly. The rap side took a solid day to fully digest and grow on me, but now I love that too. To me it’s his 2nd best project after Take Care EASILY, and possibly could’ve been his best if it had more features. I always felt that NWTS & IYRTITL were extremely overrated – especially IYRTITL (I hope no one on this sub gets offended by this, it’s just a personal preference).


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The Cobain sample was absolutely mesmerizing, and the combination of Cudi’s hums & “wooowoooaaahh”s and Mr. Hudson’s voice in the chorus always puts me through an indescribable emotional cocktail of nostalgia and peacefulness. I can’t explain it. I imagine myself drifting through the same supernatural realm in the cover art.

And am I the only one who’s in love with the sound of the guitar perfectly synchronizing with the beginning of Kanye’s verse?


Btw, I thought this was Kanye’s best verse on the album.

Although I have this as my third favorite song on KSG after Freeee & Reborn, it’s still a 10/10.

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This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m actually shocked at the disparity in quality between the A side & B side. The B side sounds like a damn near classic. But the A side...did him & 40 just slap that shit together over the past few weeks to boost their streaming numbers? It was just so incredibly boring. In my opinion, if he’s gonna have a “rap” side he should’ve gone the I’m Goin In, Headlines, HYFR, She Will, Jumpman, Versace, Summer Sixteen, Hype, Look Alive route instead of this shit.

That being said, the B side is his best work since Take Care.

the B side is fucking amazing

i think the A side is a grower though, it already sounds better on the second listen

but damn the B side is absolutely out of this world

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LMAO yeah I spoke too soon. Just started my 2nd listen of the A side and I’m kinda starting to feel it lol


I like to listen to this song whenever I’m feeling anxious or stressed out because it always calms me down, but if the “angered kids” he’s referring to in the song are supposed to be school shooters or something whom he’s trying to empathize with or rationalize the actions of then I can’t fuck with it. I’m not sure what to make of this verse in particular:

No remorse, no remorse Got a couple bundles of dynamite And some hand grenades No remorse, no remorse You never should've angered the kids


I really hope so. The two songs Abel & Travis have made together have been absolute magic

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This comment section just proves no one in this sub is actually an ex muslim.

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Original Poster12 points · 26 days ago

Lol how long have you been holding that one in?

Jeebus she’s beautiful, what mad man would make her hide this behind a hijab. It’s an affront to beauty

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Original Poster10 points · 26 days ago

Judging by the picture, her husband seems to 100% support her taking it off. They probably both despise their government’s hijab policies

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Not Violent Crimes, but I’d argue that Ghost Town could possibly be BETTER than Runaway. It’s just a personal taste I guess. I know it was the favorite track from ye of most of this sub, but I loved it so much that it singlehandedly propelled ye in my album ranking from second-worst to fourth.

no. that might be the case for some, but if i know that i have my life to myself for a couple weeks after a particularly stressful time, i completely rebound. it's amazing.

after christmas, in particular, when there are a lot of social engagements, i actually tell my friends to please not call or come over for at least a couple weeks so that i can regroup. and literally, the first morning of that time period, i feel way better, just knowing that i won't be interrupted with any kind of social obligation.

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I think this is a distinction between introverts w/ anxiety & extroverts w/ anxiety (I personally fall under the former and completely recover with just a little bit of alone time and alleviation of social pressure).

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Ay so I'm new to this I allowed to openly be a Taylor fan (not a diehard fangirl, but someone who appreciates her for what she is) here or should I keep that on the down low?

EDIT: Think I got my answer

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She makes generic pop music and I have no problem with that tbh. She’s good at it, and has a great voice imo. I’ll listen to songs of her’s if they absolutely blow up and smash the charts.

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My second favorite musical duo after Kanye/Cudi. I know they’ve only made those 2 songs together, but damn are they beautiful.

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